Modda lu cheekay Kojja


Modda lu cheekay Kojja
Na peru Vishnu (changed), age 21 height weight average body ,na modda size 7 inches poduvu 3 inches lavu ga untadi, nadi Hyderabad. Yes, nenu oka kojja ganni, magallamodda kudvadam ante naku bale istam.
Na chinnapati nunchi naku notlo yedo okati petukovadam alavatu, first finger ,taruvata lollypops, next pens aaaa taruvata moddalu, notlo yedo okati lekapothe naku time pass kadu.
Nen 8th class chaduvthunapudu ,oka senior anna nen eppudu na finger ni chikutundatam chusadu, okasari nannu dorm room ki teeskelli adi manchi alavatu kadu ani chepadu, kasepu taruvata tanu BF lu chudatam start chesadu, nakuda chupinchadu nani em arthamkale,apatiki nakem telyadu, so nen kaliga pakane kurchuna ,atanu tana sulli ni baitaki teesadu ,nen chi chi shame anna, apudatanu figure ni kadu ra eedi chiku juice vasthadi ani chepadu, nenu sare anna ventane tanu pantand underware teesesadu, atani modda 7 inches undi chala lavuga undi nanu tana moddani kiss cheyamanadu nenu kuda kiss chesa taruvataballs chikinchukunadu juice akade untadi baga chuku annadu nenu kuda alagay chesa, motham balls modda anni ventane gattipadai. taruvata moddani kindanunchi paiki nakinchukunadu next.
Modda paina toolu ni venakkannadu, atani modda neelam yerraga lollypop la undi, ventanay notlo peteskunna. Lollypop ni yela chikuthano same alagay chikamanadu, naku bale time pass avuthundi nenu kuda enjoy chestunna tana modda ni chikadam.
Ala oka 5 minutes varaki baga chikina atani modda ni, tana modda nunchi yedo uppaga , juguruga yedo karadam start avindi adi naku nachaledu ani chepanu kani tanu adi kuda tgithey taruvatachay sweet juice taganista annadu, ala oka 10 minutes athani modda nunchi kare dravanni taganu, next second tanu kallatho nannu gattiga lock chesadu kadala kunda chesadu , next minute tana modda paiki na head ni gattiga rendu chethulatho vothipetadu, apudu atani modda na gonthuloki digindi naku oopiri adatledu mukku ,noroo rendititho gali pirchukodaniki try chesina labam ledu , na gonthu athani modda chuttu biguskapothundi ante, ala chala time cheyatam valla athani ram karindi ,notlo postey oosesthnemo ani gonthulo karchesadu vadu.truvata ventane pant veskoni vellipoyadu.
Kani vadu anthati tho agaledu, roju night natho ala chikinchukune vadu, kani oka roju ma dorm incharge ki dorikipoyadu , incharge vadni full ga kottadu, nannu inkepu ala cheyodannaku.
Kani naku apatike modda chikadam paina chala istam perigipoindi,
Ala nenu 10th class ki vache varaki inakepudu yevaridi chikaledu, na 10th class lo oka friend (rishi) ki ee vishayam telisindi, vadidi chikamanadu, So ala vadidi chikadam start chesa, first lo vadiki sperm padedi kadu and nenu yeppudu sperm taste cheyaledu , aaaa anna eppudu gonthulo ne karchevadu, kani rishiki karadam ledu yentha chikina, konni roju ala gadiche time lo mellaga rishi sulli podavu mari lavu avata start ayindi alagay thoolu kuda tegatam start ayindi, konni rojulaki thoolu motham tegindi, aa taruvata konni rojulaki , first time rishi tana sperm karchadu , taste koncham uppaga , cheduga undi , jidduga undi, kani bagundi.
Sperm kanna ekuvaga nakunachindentante , adi karchay appudu rishi ichina expressions, sounds nakipatiki gurthunai alagay vadi modda spermni na notlo ki pump cheyadam vibrations and pulses anni na lips, tongue ki teelusthunai avanni chala bagunai.
Ilagay inko 3 friends vi chikanu and problems lo paddanu, andaru yekkirinchadam, kojja anadam start chesaru chala perlu petaru , jokes veskunnaru , konthamandi vadukunnaru kuda.
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