Moving house,took time.


This was a chance not to miss.

My wife and I had talked sexual fantacies since early in our marriage. From the start I realised the tales that really got her hot was the one's about her having two men at a time.

I also found the thought of this very appealing and by the time I'd finish relating them my cock was spewing out precum at a very desirable rate as was her pussy slick with her own love juice.
Pushing back the envelope I mentioned this to her and her reply didn't shock me,it was more a case of acceptance. "I know it does,I can't help it! Trouble is,its never going to happen for real is it! But it doesn't stop me dreaming it might"
That was enough for my brain to go into overdrive. I agreed it couldn't but all at the same time reasoned it was up to me to give her the impossible. So this is that tale!

Having watched a mate of mine, - A toucher - take every opportunity to touch my wife suggestively, - this never ceased to twing my cock - and in the light that all her response was,was a familiar smile and a gentle removal of the offending hand. I concluded he was what could give my wife reality. Problem was, How? Where? and when?
The answer came quite out of the blue. We were moving home and I mentioned a couple of extra hands would be a blessing in our move. "Always ready to lend a hand mate" came his response,- "When's the big day?"
Having told him the time and day,he arrived promply,unfortunately the removal van didn't,so we were left twiddling our thumbs waiting. Several cuppa's later up comes the van with the self-hire driver and a return van and driver all a blow with excuses. "Don't worry mate,because its so damn late,providing we get no extra charge because well be struggling for time to get the thing back to you,alright if we bring it back tomorrow? It'll be well into the night before we're done now I'm sure,here,grab a couple of cups of the vital. (Hot Tea)

"Yeah! Yeah! No problem. No extra charge it was us that were late" - "Yeah! Okay mate,see you when we see you" - Then the two were gone.

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   Meanwhile my mate had taken every opportunity to enjoy my wife's ass as well as her tea making skills. Whispering in her ear, "Wet are we? bet your ass cheeks got bruises" - An elbow wedging into my hip was her response,coupled with - "You shouldn't look if you can't handle it" - A wry smile crossed her lips as in a flash she had a grip on my hardened cock. - "Made you horny though,didn't it?"
"How about Vic,he's had to rush off up for a piss. - Or a wank!" I added - "Dirty bugger,he's on his way back down,he couldn't wank off that quick?" - "Might have already cum off playing with your ass" - Just a leering glance that time. Cutting to the chase,the move went well considering,but as predicted,it was a very late finish and we all felt knackered. By the time we ate something and had a sit and a cuppa, it was so late I said to my mate,what do ya think about staying the night, - innocent at that moment, but with the tea reviving my brain I had a sinister thought, - we could both fuck her - 'course I said nothing other than,course there's only the settee,but we've got plenty of extra blankets.

In mock dismay,my wife reacted, - "Jules,you're so unkind,Vic must be just as exhausted as we are,fancy telling him there's only the settee! I'm sure we could all squeeze into our kingsize" - I wasn't sure whether she was ahead of the game or just being a caring host,but who was I to argue. Vic said nothing and I again noticed he'd had a few more grasps at her hips and under her breasts,tired or not.
"Sorry Vic,I never thought,you be comfortable? you know all squeezing together in the one bed" - He just couldn't hide a glimmer of a smile being at his lips, - "Mate,right now I could sleep on a clothes line" - adding, - "Mind you,if you feel something proding in your back,don't get alarmed,I'm only a front door man myself" - We laughed at the inference, - "OH NO! You're not letting him have the middle and I wake up freezing because you've both stolen all the bed clothe's. I'M IN the middle!"
I shrugged, - "She's in the middle,no point in arguing with a weary woman" - "Chavanist pig" - Then a burst of energy, She shot up the stairs and into the bathroom making no secret of what her bladder was doing. In moments she reappeared, - shooting past me and Vic waiting outside, - like a school girl having fun. Her clothes came off like a flash, - she seemed imune to the fact that we could see the flash of tit and bum thro' the partly closed door, - "Too late,I'm already in the middle. Ha! Ha! You lose" - We looked at each other shrugged and stood either of the pan pissing in unison.

"Fuck Jule's I didn't bargain on this,which side do I take?" - "Grinning, - unbeknown to him in my expectations - "Which ever side her ass is facing too" - I also noticed despite the piss his mind couldn't hide his cock no more than mine could. We were both rather stiffish.

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   "Come on lets put her out her misery and get her in the middle"
Just before we got to the bedroom, A whispered, - "I ain't got bedwear" - "Me neither,I always sleep in the raw,summer or winter" - "I'll keep my boxer's on,don't want a scene" - In that I felt for the poor bastard. He knew she was going to feel his hardon pressing into her back. What he didn't know was I had every hope of seeing her having him pressing his hardon into her front,In fact right deep into her cunt!
We found her huddled deep down into the bedclothes and curled up on her side. As we got in each side of her,all was well,she had a negligee on and it was long enough to cover her ass and pussy although I knew as the night went on it always finished up above her middle but below her titties.

She snuggled more as we got in beside her and her eyes looked up at me with a dirty grin,she had taken an opportunity of that I was now convinced. She had her wish of a double cocking and she knew it. - In fairness in no time we had all fell asleep,exhaustion winning over excitement. Then in only a couple of hours as my wife made to turn over I was wide awake wondering if I'd missed the big moment. Letting her settle again,I gently felt for her pussy,in what light was available I looked to make sure I wasn't disturbing her. As I managed to get a finger by her vagina's entrance I felt well pleased,although warm and wet,there was no feeling of sperm. I'd missed nothing.

I felt her open her thighs very slightly and became aware she was no more asleep. With an eye looking at me,she opened her legs a bit more,just enough for me to feel her clitoris. She became much wetter as I fingered her. - Almost silently I whispered, - "Are you going too?" - Her hand touched mine and moved my hand onto her hip,the skin was bare,I took it on myself to feel farther towards Vic's side,her ass was naked also.

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       - Keep going" -She whispered. I did and low and behold,I felt Vic's hard cock nestling nicely between her ass crack. - "My ass is soaking with his precum,he's been wiggling it up and down the crack for ages,my pussy wants it so bad" - "Push your ass back at him then,he'll slip up you like I do" - I couldn't stop doing what I did next. I gently caught hold of Vic's hand and pulled it over her hip and into her pussy's slit.

    Awake or asleep it done the trick. I felt his grip tighten into her groin and he started to girate to and fro against her ass. It occured to me,I felt no sign of his boxer's. To be doubly sure I put my hand back over and felt again! No,no boxer's his bushy pubes were pressing against my wife's bare ass. In that same moment I felt my wife arch slightly and give a satisfactory gasp. I knew he'd got her. - Looking at her face,her eyes was gently closed as a look of pleasure curled the sides of her mouth, Putting my hand to her belly,I felt her pulsing in time with Vic's pushing. She lifted from the bed and Vic's other hand came under her and then they began in earnest.

    There was no secret now she had his cock and she was enjoying having it as she uttered, - "harder Vic, Fuck it in me harder!" - I had every reason to think my mate was awake because,he upped the pace until with several harder slower thrusts she made the sounds of her orgasm meeting his pulses of cum as he emptied his balls deep into her vagina. With his cock still up her,she lifted her torso, - "Hang on, I'm melting,let me get this off" - "FUCK! Its come out" - That was Vic robbed of my wife's quim. - "Hold on,I'm only taking my nightdress off!" - She flopped back down and I knew as she got hold of my cock that she was also getting hold of Vic's.

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       Led on her back now,she let out a cooing girlish giggle. - "This is the life,two all of my own!" - A further giggle acompanying a squeeze,which I assumed was done to both our cocks.

    "I'm ready for some more now" - My foreskin was being slid up and down my shaft. I moved over on top of her and placing my cock at her quim,I felt fingers already playing there. - "Fuck her Jule's push it in as I finger her clit" - I let my cock slip into her spunk impregnated vagina as with a gasp she responded to the fingering of her clit' - "I'm going to cum quick,do you think you can do me again when he's finished?" - "As much as you want,Wendy" - The fingering and my horniness brought me off far quicker than I wished for,but having added my sperm to her gluepot I got off and unlike I suspected,she rolled front first towards Vic's cock and he pushed back up into her. - "Get behind me and slide along the groove,I want to feel you both at the same time"

    In no time my cock went back to a full stiffness as I heard and felt their runting,then as she went into orbit and squeeled at the fucking she was getting my cock with a mind of its own,sneaked back into her insides,with the thrusting of three bodies I wasn't even sure which slippery hole I had. It was very tight,but after us all cumming,I was wrong,we both had her slippery cunt,giving the impression of a very tight ass ring. It was as Vic slid from her cunt that the sliding effect told us that his cock was touching mine.

    She giggled, - "God I bet you think I'm big down there! I'm not am I Jule's,it was because I was so worked up and full of your cum that it slipped in me so easily" - I let my cock slip from her vagina and again she played with our now failing hardon's. "I need some sleep" - "Me too" - We fell off to sleep with her still holding on to her prize's. The last I heard her say was, - "I'll hold on to these for the morning" I/we woke to the sliding of her hands up and down our cocks. - "Hello you two,I'm ready again,both have a pee and lets get back to it!"
    We did and she did,we finished up apologising for getting the truck back so late. Well wouldn't you?