Mr. Dixon


There I was, having just gotten out of my clothes and standing there naked.
Somehow Mr. Dixon, my neighbor, and who's 58, had managed to talk me in getting naked and messing around with him. I'm 28, not gay, but for some reason I was feeling in the mood to be uninhibited, I guess is what it was. Mr. Dixon is nice enough, and doesn't come off as this flaming gay type, so I suppose that's what made me feel more relaxed about doing something like this just for fun.
Mr. Dixon had already gotten his clothes off first, and had a hard-on. His cock wasn't all that big, but it was stiff, with a swollen red tip bulging out. He was all grins as he watched me get undressed. My penis was hanging down, but getting naked encouraged me to start having an erection, too. He liked what he saw, as he watched me having a boner. Which, in spite of whatever hesitation that I might have had about doing something like this with another guy, felt good to be getting. I liked the sensation of my penis stiffening and sticking up, and it was fun to have it doing that in front of another guy, I must admit.
I grinned kind of shyly, but never-the-less proud to let him see how big my dick could be.

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  . . a real stallion here," Mr. Dixon remarked.
He reached out to feel my stiff length, and I liked the firm grip of his hand on my boner.
I stood there letting him do that.
I was a little surprised when he leaned forward to take it into his mouth. The warm, wet sensation was stimulating, and I felt his hand playing with my balls.
"Oh, man. . . " I breathed, and he kept going, his head moving up and down.
He pulled away, smiled at me, and then stood up. He ran his hand over my nipples, then kissed them both. The next thing that I knew, he was kissing me, fully, on the lips.

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   I was unsure about this, but I slowly let myself kiss him back, finding it quite pleasing and exciting to do. Especially as our tongues came into play.
After a moment of Kissing, I let my hand slid down to feel his boner. I had never felt another guy's dick before. The skin felt incredibly soft and the skin moved easily up and down the rigid core beneath. It was wild actually handling another guy's boner like this, and it excited me more than I was expecting it to. Feeling daring, I leaned over to try sticking it in my mouth. Once I had actually done that, I was amazed by how easy it was to be sucking on his hard penis. I felt his large hairy balls and heard him moan just a little, telling me that I was succeeding with him.
Finally I pulled my mouth away and stood back up.
We kissed some more, slipping our arms around one another. I felt him start to fuck his boner up against mine. I liked how that felt, too. Again, it was wild have this contact and the male intimacy. While we kept our mouths wetly working together, our erect penises continued to slid and rub up against each other.

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   I found myself moving my hips, fucking his boner back with mine. Suddenly I heard him grunt and he tensed. I felt this surge of wetness and knew that he was ejaculating. The excitement made me breathless. I gasped and was ejaculating at the same time, my semen pulsing uncontrollably out. We tightened our grip on each other as we endured this intense moment of mutual pleasure. As it concluded, we slowly continued to move together, mixing our male liquids.
"Oh, yeah. . . " I moaned slightly.
Then it was finally over.
Mr. Dixon grinned happily. "How did you like that?"
"It was great," I said, drawing in a deep breath.

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He gave me this pleased look, and already I knew that we would be doing this together some more, and I would be thoroughly enjoying the satisfying pleasure of male-friendship in a way that I had never dreamed possible. Oh, yes, I would definitely be enjoying more of this!.