my brother


This story is about my gay sex with my cousin brother.
It was my habit while sleeping I used to play with my ass , putting my hand inside my pants behind, and
then smelling the ass smell. I loved my smell. Actually my ass looks very beautiful with a mole on it.
I used to sleep with my brother in a separate room , and while he used to sleep I use to tickle my ass,
bringing down my pants. One day when I was sleeping suddenly I felt his hands trying to go inside my
pants. I acted as if I was in deep sleep. I dont know what he was searching for.
The next day he crossed the limits ,while I was lying on my stomach my ass facing the ceiling fan and
he was talking to me, he put his hands over my ass touching it and keeping his hands there. I asked him
to remove his hands but he said what is your problem, u sleep. I told hi again to remove but he replied
the same. Then I threatened him that i will tell the elders he removed his hands. I dont know why he did
thisbut thinkmay be he saw me playing with my ass earlier.

Then after that day I never spoke to him for 2-3 days. But something was inside me which wanted him to
do . .

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  . . . . . . .

One day I went to sleep with him not wearing the under wear only the pants. After lying down for
sometime I told him today is very hot and humid so I am wearing only the pants without Chaddi. He said
thats good,and seemed happy.
After sometime I turned and was lying on bed on my stomach wanting him to do something. And he did the
same ,slowly he kept his hands over my ass. We were like that about 15 mins both not talking,suddenly
he slipped his hands under my pants touching my ass (I loosen my pants).
My heart beat increased , I asked him wat do u want. He was silent.

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  I again asked do u want to smell me.
No reply. Do you want to tickle me.
    He smiled.
    I asked him to remove my pants. He said u do it.
    I removed my pants,then I asked him to tickle my ass slowly. He was master in that. I put my finger in
    my ass and kept it over his nose . He went mad sniffing it and licking it.
    He did lots of tickling that day. I had never imagined this can happen to me.

    Second day I felt awkward to go and sleep with him. But then I saw he was in deep sleep. I lied down
    beside him.

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       After a long restlessness i shook him awake asking hi to do some gudgudi (tickling on my
    ass)and he responded lazily , by keeping his hands slowly on my ass, tickling and fingering it from
    above the pants,suddenly thrusting inside his hands inside my pants and again under the pants lazily he
    will finger me ,again suddenly he will aggressively pull down my pants as something was obstructing
    him, and start his lazy process again. All the time I will be smiling and enjoying his playfullness with
    my ass.

    see u again

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