Topic: MY DESTINY 3/1  More facts? Maybe.
 Adulterous? More like TLC to my friends mind.
 Just some more background to the anticipated broke the news to my husband Richard that my friend Moira although apprehensive, was willing to give it a try. Telling him he would be on holiday the next day to do her. "Just like that" was his response. "What if they wont give me the time off?" Rich,don"t tell me you"d prefer a day in a smelly old workshop to an afternoon of sex with a virtually unused pussy? "Well putting it like that,I"ll catch the boss early so he knows it wasn"t just a hangover on a Monday" Come Monday,he had it sorted,not as holiday but a days compassionate leave to console a distressed relative. Great!
 Just a little more detail,being the imaginative DIYer that my husband was,he had unobtrusively set a full length mirror to our lounge wall which I found handy to check myself out when dressed as we women often do. On the other hand Richards motive for the mirror was altogether different. His aim was to be able to sit comfortably in one club chair while watching my or for that matter any one else"s thighs. His favourite was watching me masterbate while he had a perfect view via his mirror handywork. Horny bastard!
 Also although I didn"t find out this till later on this day,it was surprising how it enhanced the view from outside looking into our lounge through the lounge window. Cunning fucker, my Richard!
 The horny bugger spent most of the morning making my pussy wetter and wetter by mucking about with me while pleading for a fuck. No,you save it for Moira,I kept insisting while fighting to hold my shirt down. I bet you"ve made your cock all sticky with love juice you randy bastard. In an instant he had it out before me while grinning like an idiot and making that pleading sound a dog makes when it wants something. No! you"re not getting it till this afternoon.

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   I didn"t realise at that moment,just how providential my utterance as though he was a dog was to be!
 Petting his now exposed nob like the nose of a dog and saying,look its all wet but warm,I expect its sickening for something. Ha!Ha! put the damn thing away you swine you"re making me even wetter. I admit I was sorely tempted to jump on my husband and ravish the swine and he knew it,as he"d worked me up like this many time and got his way in the end. But NO today was for my friend!
 . . . Then,Knock,Knock, come on in, I knew you"d be here about now. "Yeah,that old Dragon is watching her crap TV program at this time. I still feel all panicky doing this. Oh!" Moira"s face dropped on not seeing Richard here. "Didn"t Rich manage to get that day off?" Never fear Mo,he did,he"s out back,I"ll give him a shout in a bit. First,I forgot to say yesterday in our secret excitement. Den isn"t Richards brother,he"s his cousins husband,don"t let on mind,but he finds himself short of pussy he claims because Ginny,that"s her name has stopped tap,reckoning he only needs to look at her with his cock in his hand and she"s pregnant.
 "Fuck,do you use a skin with him?" No. "Fuck,what if he knocks you up?" Well it would be Richards fault,after all he said I had to fuck him.

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   "God,you"re so necky,I just can"t believe you at times,I"d be shitting myself" Didn"t I tell you,I love being pregger"s. "Yeah alright with Rich"s but with a bloke not your husband? Rich might bin you. No,he knows good sex when he"s got it,you"ll see what I mean in a while,Don"t get on edge when I disappear to let you two get it on. I just got to do something,I wont be long and promise you I wont interupt what you"ll be doing although I"d like to peep. "You wont will you?I"m fearful he wont like my pussy already" No, course not,but you never know in the future you might demand an audience like I love. Oh! and dont forget to flash mind.
 Rich,Tea and crumpet for you in here.  I may add the crumpet was not made of flour in this case, more to my husbands liking,it was all flesh and blood. In he came having picked his tea up from the kitchen. High Mo, oo my favourite dress and all. Feed the wild animal Mo,pull your front out and let him see your milkers I reckon he"s thirsty for more than tea, Going bright crimson,Moira hesitatingly and coiyly pulled the front of her dress forward,my Rich,being at the side and to the back of Moira"s seat visibly trembled,saying lovely,lovely and with purple rapping"s. Moira,couldn"t burn up more so moving uncomfortably in her chair said, "Oh god,I"m blushing like a school girl,its giving me butterflys in my belly. Sorry Moy, said Rich sorry but what"s a man to do when confronted with four gorgeous breasts on two equally gorgeous young women"s bodies. Take no notice Moy.
 He goes on like this all the time with me and it never fails to finish with me against the wall or on the bed harpooned on his beast as he calls his nob,don"t you Rich? Well yeah! I love sex don"t we? "You two are so open how you talk,I must admit I"d love to have my love life open like you,but my old man just couldn"t go there.

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   Mind I would,its just so relaxing I feel at home already,gosh if everyday was like now,I"d think I was dead and in heaven" Heaven is just about to sit in that chair aren"t you Rich,don"t get a big head just because I said you have heaven hid in your trousers,big head!
 As usual his eyes went to where I expected. Using the mirror I could see nothing was on display,clearly after somewhile chatting about all and nothing,Moy had forgot or was too shy to flash. (Plan required here) Moy, I like those shoes you"re wearing,new? "No, I"ve had them since,Oh I don"t know" Lets see,as she went to lift and cross her leg to take one off for me,realization or shyness wore off and she placed her leg across to me over the two arms. This had the effect of being even higher than if she"d just crossed her calf part over her other knee. My Richards eyes glazed over as I"ve noticed when I show him something particularly dirty.  
 Using the mirror I now could see what Richard had invented for his benefit. Moira"s snow white thighs were now naked up past her bum cheek line on the side her leg was up while her purple knickers were so tightly into her pussy crack while dragging her bum cheek on the same side nearly naked. Everything on that side was showing especially her pubes. Her vulva was so puffy under the panties that had they not been double in the gusset he would have seen right up her cunt. Even I was feeling hot for her humility. (I"m sure I"m no les" mind)
 Now taking her leg back off the chair arms, a wider expanse of upper thigh became visible with the tan tint of womanhood on her inside thigh skin, for just a short time and her knickers being loosened slightly I spotted what could only be a love juice damp spot. Plus more pubes out through her other knicker leg. Fuck,she had a mass of pubes under there, with my husband loving lots of pussy fur,so much so that if he gets me really pissy I threaten to take mine off and he submits to my wimb immediately I produce a shaver.
 Time to go" I"ll be back in a while,don"t get up to anything while I"m gone mind or I"ll have to smack both your bums when I return from my visit to higher altitudes. This last comment being lost on Moira but not Rich, Mind you don"t land on something sharp if you fall from that height you teaser! Then I was gone through the door and intent on two things.

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   One getting horny while prick teasing Richards step dad! Two getting back to watch my husband and friend have a fuck. I did feel a bit guilty watching their first go as I done mine in secret. Still I am a woman after all. All"s fair in love and war!
 Later eh!


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