My Dirty Little Secret


My husband and I began dating in 1993 when I was only 23 years old. We were married in 1996 and soon after decided to begin a family. He is ten years older than me and as a result of his age he has a low sperm count and a diminishing sex drive. Those facts created a two fold problem. On the one hand, my sex drive was only increasing with age and he often left me unsatisfied or was unavailable altogether which meant that I had to rely on my own devices. On the other hand we had been trying for two years and I had yet to get pregnant and I really wanted that family.
In the summer of 2000 I took a night class in computers at a local college to help me with my job. There were about twenty-five students in the class and the class seemed to be fairly evenly split as far as gender goes. I couldn't help but notice that the males in the class were very sexy and about ten years younger than me. Some of them became the objects of my fantasies on the evenings that my husband caused me to resort to self-gratification.
Now I'm not at all a vain person but I am realistic and I know that men find me attractive. I am five-foot four-inches tall and only weigh 112 pounds. I have very shapely legs that, in the summer, I enjoy showing off. I will often wear shorts or mini-skirts without my panties when the weather is warm. I love to feel the warm air on my exposed pussy lips. Having an entire class full of young hunks gave me even more reason to want to wear clothing that was revealing.

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   With my undies at home and my pussy almost exposed to a dozen college guys my pussy was perpetually wet during the entire class, three evenings a week.
It wasn't long before I gained an admirer. The second week that class was in session a young guy began to sit at the computer next to mine in the lab. He was everything that my husband is not. He was just over six-feet tall, short blond hair and muscular. He also had the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. At first our conversation was confined to talk concerning the class.  But I just couldn't help but flirt with him. I had never before considered cheating on my husband; at least not in the physical sense. I'd often cheated on him in my fantasies but fantasies were just that; fantasies. Making them reality was something totally different.  
But making my fantasies a reality was not what I had in mind and thought that a little flirting wouldn't hurt and I could use the flirting to help fuel my fantasies later that night. The young stud and me began to hang out together on class breaks and, of course, our conversations turned to the more personal. I discovered that his name was Rob, he was 19 years old, lived out of state, had a fiancé at home and was majoring in Computer Science. He stayed at school during the summer semester to take this brush up course for the fall.

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After about four weeks into the course it happened. On this particular night I was really horny. I dressed in a sleeveless, light blue, summer dress with a short skirt. I wore regular flat shoes and nothing else under the dress. During the class I noticed that Rob was struggling to understand some of the evenings subject. Near the end of the night I asked him if he was okay and he said that he was having a difficult time grasping it all. Then he asked if I would mind helping him and that maybe I could explain it so that he could understand. I told him I'd love too. Then he placed his hand on my bare thigh and said, "Great! Would you mind spending about thirty minutes with me after class?"
Under my short skirt, just four inches from Rob's teenage hand, I felt my pussy begin to get hot and flood with my juices. I then realized that my ability to resist those fantasies was wearing down. My mind was telling me not to do it, to just tell him I'll meet him in the lab before class tomorrow but my long neglected pussy was telling me to go for it. So I told him we'd talk about it after class.
When class ended I called my husband and told him that I was staying later at the lab to do some of my homework there and he said to have fun and that he was heading to bed and would see me in the morning. After I hung up I walked back into the lab and Rob was sitting there behind his computer and still struggling to understand. He looked up and asked if everything was all right and I said, "Yeah, I'm just tired of being stuck in this room.

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   "Would you like to go back to my dorm room and work on this?" Rob asked. "My roommate has gone home for the summer so no one will be there to interrupt and we can get out of this room. "
Amazing. That was the exact response I was looking for when I made that statement. Ten minutes later we were walking into his room in the student housing area of the campus. It was a typical teenage college boy’s room; two twin beds on opposite walls, two desks with computers, books were lying everywhere, the beds were unmade and sports garb covered the walls. Rob reached into his small dorm refrigerator and pulled out two beers. "Sorry," he said, "this is all I have to offer you. " I assured him it was no problem and took the beer.
As I sipped I asked him which bed was his and he indicated the one on the left. I kicked off my shoes and sat down on his bed folding my legs and feet under me. He looked at me questioningly and then asked what I was doing. So I told him it had been a long time since I had been in a college boy’s bed. He nervously chuckled and then half jokingly told him not to even kid around about that because it had been months since he had been with his fiancé.
   "Oh, so you're horny," I teased with a laugh.

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   "More than a little," he replied.
   "Can I help you with that?" Again I teased with a sly grin. Rob was wearing a T-shirt with the sleeves cut off and a pair of gray colored gym shorts on this evening and through the thin material of the shorts I could see a bulge beginning to grow.
   "Are you just teasing me?" He asked returning my grin.
   "Maybe," I replied. To tell the truth I was really having an internal conflict at the moment. My conscience kept screaming at me to stop but my hormones were screaming to my conscience to shut up. As I let out a little giggle I was sure I blushed.
Suddenly my mind was made up so I stood up and faced him saying, "Do you want to?"
   "What about your husband? My fiancé?" Rob asked, clearly getting more nervous.  
 "Who's going to tell them?" I asked him as I put a gently hand on his forearm and caressed it lightly. At this point I noticed his bulge was positively pushing the front of his shorts away from his body and so I let me hand drop from his arm and began to caress his cock through the gym short. He let out a long moan and a silent curse as my hand made contact with his cock. Then he made his decision and bent over and put his lips on mine.
We locked in a passionate kiss, our tongues tasting each other's sweetness. As we kissed I removed my hand from his crotch and we began to press and grind our bodies together.

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   I put my hands down the back of his shorts to feel his buttocks and was both surprised and pleased to find that he too was not wearing underwear.
I broke the kiss as I squeezed his ass and began to kiss his neck and he nibbled and sucked on my ear lobe. My pussy was no longer tingling it was vibrating with excitement. I could feel my own wetness leaking out and dribbling down my inner thighs. Rob reached around to my back and unzipped my dress and placed his hand inside, noticing the lack of a bra strap no doubt. His hands then slid down the inside of my dress to my bare ass.
   "No panties?" He asked in surprise.
   "I could say something similar about you," I replied as I squeezed his butt like I was kneading bread.
   "Let's take off the rest," Rob suggested.
Now I only had on one article of clothing, the summer dress, but I don't think that a suit of armor would have prevented me from getting naked as quickly as I did. I slid the straps off of my shoulders and let the dress drop to the floor then I stepped out of it. At the same time he was pulling his shirt off. He didn't quite have it over his head when I was completely naked and so I stepped forward and tugged his shorts down as he pulled the shirt high over his head.
A huge, thick, nine inch cock (at least it had to be nine inches. I'd never seen one that big before) sprang free from it's confines inside the gym shorts.

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   "Whoa!" I exclaimed in an unbelievably excited state. My eyes were positively transfixed on that big, young cock.
  "What's wrong?" He quickly said in a tone that indicated he was closing in on something close to panic. He clearly didn't understand that my "whoa" was pure, excited pleasure.
   "That is the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. You are a good third larger than my husband and it has been years since he was that hard. Your girlfriend is a lucky gal!" 
I meant every word of that as I looked at his big, purple head glistening with his sticky precum. At the same time I noticed he was now staring at my neatly trimmed pubes.
   "I've never seen a woman with hair there. At least not one in person. " Rob admitted admiringly. "I've never been with anyone other than my fiancé and she completely shaves.
I don't completely shave but I do keep it clean around my pussy lips and above my clit I keep it trimmed in a short "Mohawk" style. He seemed to be delighted with it. Then he suddenly looked into my eyes with worry again.

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   "What's wrong?" I asked.
   "I just remembered. I don't have any condoms. I've never cheated on my girlfriend before and since she is always at home, I never saw the need. "
I thought for a minute about that. I hadn't given it any thought and I should have. I've been trying to get pregnant with my husband. I can't let this guy cum in me unprotected. I can't even let him risk putting it in me without a cover. Then I thought, "Why not?" I have been trying to get pregnant. My low sperm count, do it once a week husband had been unable to knock me up, why not let this guy do it? No one will ever have to know it wasn't my husband, not even my husband.
   "Don't worry. I'm on birth control. " I lied.
   "Wow! I've never had sex without a condom!" He said hardly able to contain his excitement.

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I could no longer wait. I sat on his bed, lifted my legs and spread my thighs. I took his two pillows and placed them between the wall and my back so that I could remain upright and then I spread my pussy lips open for him with my fingers from my right hand. He just stood there staring at my leaking pussy hole so I coaxed him a little with a smile as I said, "Go ahead, and put it inside. " Then I winked at him as he looked up at my face.
Rob was standing between my thighs, a half second later, and aiming that sticky purple head right at my slit. He rubbed it up and down on my pussy lips a couple of times and then I saw that purple head disappear into my body. Then he got stuck.
   "Shit you're tight," he exclaimed.
   "Work it slowly and my barriers will slowly break down," I told him.
He did work it slowly in and out and I helped out by having an orgasm right away. I've never cum that quickly before but then I've never done anything quite this naughty and exciting. Soon he was all the way in and I could feel his ball sack resting on my ass. I could see his blond pubic nest and my brown ones entwined and, for the first time in my life, I felt completely filled with his huge cock stretching me farther than I'd ever been stretched before.
   "Fuck me," is all I could say as I gazed with lust into his eyes.

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   Then I felt the anguish of being empty as he withdrew only to be filled again with the pleasure of being refilled. Soon the room was filled with the sights, sounds and smells of sex. As I watched his cock going in and out of my belly I could see the thick discharge from my pussy slicking his shaft. I could smell the pungent aroma of my own pussy juices and our thighs slapped continually with his thrusts. I was moaning with delight and as he fucked me harder the moans became screams.
I came twice before he did and when he did he filled me with more cum than I had ever felt gush into my belly before. He thrust all the way in and held it tight as I felt his shaft grow even more rigid and begin to pulsate. Then came the spreading, warm sensation as he filled my belly with his seed.
When he was finished, he pulled it out of me with a "plop" sound and I felt a river of his cum run out of my opening and down my ass onto the bed sheet. I immediately sat up and sucked his withering cock in my mouth to taste his cum and my pussy juices together. After a few minutes of sucking and licking he was hard again. So we did it again, this time in doggy position.
We fucked a total of four times that night between eight o'clock and midnight. We tried out many positions and performed oral on each other. My pussy was filled time and again with his cum and I had never felt so satisfied in all of my life.

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It didn't end with that one night either. We began to go back to his place after ever class. We even started to meet when we did not have class. He met me on my lunch hour at work one day and we fucked in the back of my car. We took a blanket into the woods near a local park one other day and fucked right on the ground out in the open where anyone could have happened upon us. I even took a vacation day once and we spent the entire day in his bed and fucking like animals. I never tired of watching and feeling that teenage cock filling my thirty-year-old pussy.
By the end of the summer I was pregnant. He never knew about it. When the fall semester began and his friends and roommate returned, we said good-bye and knew at that moment that it had to be over. I never saw him again and eight months later I had a beautiful baby girl. She looks nothing like my husband but she doesn't look like anyone other than me except that she has blond hair and blue eyes.

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