My first time


It was the day before my birthday, and my friend, Taylor, and I planned on going to a party at her friends house to celebrate. As we opened the door to the house, I immediately knew a headache would be fully in tact before the night was over.

"Holy shit", I said to Taylor. "Is it necessary to have the music so loud?"

She flicked her long brown hair to the side, and laughed. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it", she walked towards the hallway. "Follow me".

The music faded out a bit as I followed her into the hallway, many guys whistling along the way. "Nice ass", one shouted to Taylor, as she smiled and knocked on a black door. No answer. She knocked again.

"The parties in the other room", a male shouted from inside the black doored room, followed by a glass breaking in the party room.

"It's me", Taylor yelled to the door. "Open up, I got a friend. "

Aguy with long brown hair (which I later found out he liked to flip) opened up the door, squinting his red eyes, "Oh, hi. I thought you were another lost guest, come in. Who's your friend?"

"Alli, meet Jake.

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   Jake, meet Alli. I'm gone to get some booze, I'll be back later. " She walked out of the room, looking back and laughing.

I was going to follow her, considering I met the boy not even 5 minutes ago, but she shook her head. "No, stay there", she said. "I'll be back in literally 5 minutes. "

So I plopped on the bed, preparing for an awkward 5 minutes until Taylor returned. I didn't understand why I couldn't come with her, for all she knew this guy, who I might add was clearly on some drug, would kill me. I looked at him, and found him staring at me.

"What?" I asked, getting annoyed. I really didn't appreciate her leaving me here, with this. . Oh. Wow. He was actually gorgeous.

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   I looked at him harder, and found that he had brown eyes, which were really dark and that besides his red, stoned eyes, he was actually -

"Nothing", he said, smiling, breaking my cloud of awe. He stood up and plopped down on the bed next to me, stroking my cheek. "I just find it amazing how flawless you are. "

I couldn't help but smile. Here I am, in a room with this complete, gorgeous, stranger, who is stroking my cheek and telling me that I am flawless. "Y-you're pretty flawless yourself", I muttered. Great. I fucked it up, once again.

But he didn't seem taken away by my dumb remark. He just laughed, and moved closer. He was now rubbing my arm, and said "Alli. . . what a pretty name. I feel like I known you forever.

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In all honesty, I was shocked. Did he do this to everyone? Did he just start rubbing peoples arms, and tell them they had pretty names and were flawless. He was now smiling, and closed his eyes as I felt our lips meet softly. He started kissing me softly, but continuously, and pulled me closer to him. "Jake", I whispered, ready to protest, but he kissed harder.

He softly hauled me down, so that we were both on our sides, and forced me into a wet, rough kiss. He grunted, kissing me roughly again, which this time I returned. After 2 more kisses, and a squeeze of my ass, Jake sat up and smiled. "You're a great kisser", he said matter of fact.

Before I could reply, he started sucking on my neck fiercely. A pang of pleasure exploded through out my body, and I realized where this was leading. I was about to refuse, when he put his hand under my shirt and started up my chest. "It's okay", he whispered into my ear, and removed my shirt.

I led down, exhausted and ready. After all he was gorgeous, and Taylor still had no sign of showing.

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   He raised my shirt and started licking my chest, unhooking my bra to reveal my breasts. A bulge grew in his Gray shorts, and was pressed against my side as he knelt down and started licking my nipple, which I felt get hard as he continued licking it in circles. Another pang of pleasure exploded through my body, this time causing me to give a short moan. I reached for the bulge in his pants, wanting it to be my turn, and he knelt up and removed his shirt, showing off a 6 pack of abs.

I sat up, melting in a wet, rough kiss, and went down licking at his nipples and abs. He was SO hot. I moved down, tracing his hips with my hand and slid off his shorts. The bulge in his boxers was so sexy, and when he removed those I melted completely, seeing the restricted erection which turned me completely on. I automatically put the perfected penis in my mouth, giving the beginning of a epic blow job. Gagging on the long, wide cock as he thrusted his hips, I closed my eyes and felt his dick with my mouth. After feeling some more, he lifted me up and moved me away and I lid back, feeling exhausted again. 

He started licking my breasts, in short little circles again, and felt another pang of pleasure. This time I rubbed his bare back, up and down, as he licked my perky breasts, and made his way down to my belly button, which he licked and sucked as he fiddled with my jeans button. I sat up, helping slide them off. At this point, I wished I wore my good underwear, but decided that it was no big deal when he put his hand down them and rubbed my pussy with one hand, and rubbed side with the other.

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   He started rubbing harder and faster, and I felt an orgasm, and started thrusting my hips for more. I moaned and grabbed his hair, thrusting harder. He slid down, and removed my panties, licking my clit and fingering me. I spread my legs wider, and started moaning harder and harder as I felt the cum outburst. He licked it up, and I started rubbing his head, so that it was into my pussy, moaning harder as I felt another explode, followed by another licking of it up.

I pulled him up, and sat on his lap, kissing him vigorously, wanting more. I felt his rock hard chest as we made out on the bed, and he lifted me up and inserted his dick in my pussy, and started grinding his hips as we moved together. He was inside me, and I felt his dick go in and out. In and out. In and out. We were both moaning, and I felt him get tense and moan louder, until it got to a scream, and felt an explosion inside me. .
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