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It was a warm Friday night in Jacksonville, Florida. Derek was exhausted from his week at work and couldn’t wait to get home. As he pulled into his driveway, he saw a white car that he didn’t recognize parked beside Sunny’s car. He could hear faint laughing as he was walking up to the door and as soon as he walked inside he noticed the smell of burning incense. Now Derek was really curious at who was in his house and where his wife was. The noise coming from the bedroom got louder as he walked closer and he could now hear a little moaning that wasn’t his wife’s. Derek’s heart jumped as he thought of the possibility of catching his wife cheating on him with another man. He quickly walked the rest of the way to the bedroom and flung the door open ready for kicking the man’s ass that was pleasuring his wife in his imagination. As soon as he opened the door to his room his eyes opened wide. He was surprised to see that his wife was definitely not with another man, but instead she was with a woman. A tall blonde with a slender body and perfect plump boobs being caressed by Sunny’s hands. He stood still and watched the two of them become more intimate even as his wife turned her head and smiled as her hand started down the stranger’s mid section. Sunny’s hands slowly pulled off the other woman’s panties, dropping them to the floor. He noticed the woman’s shirt on the floor with an id pinned on it that read the name Jennifer. He looked back at his wife and watched as Sunny’s hands went towards Jennifer’s legs and slid toward her inner thighs and up making the woman wet as her legs opened wider. Derek’s cock became harder as he watched his wife’s fingers slip deep inside of Jennifer’s tight pussy as she let out a long moan.

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  As Sunny’s fingers worked faster and deeper, Jennifer grabbed the back of Sunny’s head and pulled her mouth up to hers. He watched Sunny pleasure Jennifer more and more as they gently massaged their tongues together. When Jennifer had had enough pleasure she pushed Sunny gently to the floor and opened her legs. Derek could barely take watching anymore without getting involved. But just in time, Sunny motioned for him to come join them. He caressed his wife’s tits and watched her face twist in ecstasy as Jennifer licked and sucked on Sunny’s wet pussy. Finally, Sunny grabbed Derek’s belt and quickly undid it and pulled his pants off, exposing his rock hard dick. He sat on the floor and pushed his wife’s head down toward his throbbing cock. As she put it in her mouth and began licking and sucking it, he could feel a little vibration on his dick as Sunny started moaning when Jennifer began fingering her and making her cum fast. He couldn’t believe how amazing it felt when his wife was sucking his dick hard as she came more and more. When Jennifer was done Sunny laid Derek down on the floor and climbed on top of him. She took his dick in her hand and slid it deep inside her wet tight pussy. She thrusted her hips back and forth making him even closer to cumming. He grabbed her hips and guided them up and down faster as he thrusted his hips along and went deeper inside of her. She began moaning loader and loader as she came all over his hard cock and Jennifer joined in by massaging Sunny’s clit and sucking on her tits.

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  Just as Derek was about to cum, Sunny slowly turned around and began fucking him harder with her back turned away. As Jennifer pleasured Sunny along with him, he slapped his wife’s plump ass and grabbed it more as Sunny moaned and slid her hands all over her naked body, grabbing her tits hard and sliding her hands through her hair as her head fell back in pleasure. Just as Derek thought he couldn’t go any longer, he felt his dick throb even more as cum shot out of his hard cock and deep into his wife’s tight wet pussy. As he was cumming, he grabbed her hips hard and thrusted up making Sunny cum harder than she had ever cum. As they came, Sunny let out a scream of ecstasy while Jennifer sucked Sunny’s tits and Sunny moved her fingers back and forth on Jennifer’s g-spot, making them all cum together. .
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