My Friends Mom Can Squirt?!


It all started when i was 17. I used to be at my friend Christian's house all the time. He had 2 sisters, one younger and one older. He was my age (older by a couple  months), his younger sister was something like 7 or 8 years younger than us, and then his older sister, Lizzie, was 3 years older than both of us. They all had blonde  hair, just like the mother. She was in her 40's still, maybe 47, and she brought cougar to another level. The misses wasnt who i had my eye on though; it was  Christians sister. Lizzie was about my height, she had a petite figure with a perfect little bubble-butt of an ass, and a pair of perky C-cups that i couldve sucked on  for days. Whenever i showed up at Christians, i would always see his mom, and she was always make me feel at home, very polite to me, always complimenting me, and  always seeing how my health was; almost like she loved me like her own son.    
    I overlooked all of that for many years as i was always thinking about Lizzie, being 3 years older than me i figured she was more likely to want my cock, but  she always had a boyfriend. So since i couldnt ever get in her panties, i took them. Anytime Christian wasnt around i would always look at the laundry to see if there  was a pair of her panties laying on top. I even went through the laundry baskets when i went to the bathroom sometimes, usually finding his little sisters panties (who  was 8 or 9 at the time so i felt perverted taking those), but rarely i found a pretty fresh pair of Lizze's. Soon i was addicted to her scent and started to take any  pair i could get my hands on. I would see Christians sister and instantly think about the last pair of panties i took a whiff of, and immediately stare at her pussy.   After a year or so i had collected almost 20 pairs of her panties and i figured she would start getting suspicious of something, so i stopped for about 6 months.

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    Though i was still at Christians almost everyday, his sister didnt seem like she suspected me of anything during those 6 months. I took one more fresh pair on my 19th  birthday when i was drunk and we ended up at Christians for the night. I was half hoping she would catch me or something while i was looking through the laundry at 4  in the morning, but i didnt care because that was part of fetish with her; i wanted to fuck her anyway.    
    After taking that last pair i stopped taking them all together for another 2 or 3 years. By now i was 22, but still Christian was my best buddy. I would go out  to the bars with him, we would pick up a couple chicks and have them bring us to the movies sometimes, and we were even working together here and there over the years.   Then one day right before my 23rd birthday Christian called me and asked if i would want to dog sit for his family. I didnt mind especially since i loved his dog, and  i knew they would pay me (which i didnt even really need them to do). They were going away for a week and needed someone to come over to feed the dog and let her out.   Christians mom called me a week later asking me to come by to get the house key so she could go over what needs to be done for the dog while they were gone. i forgot  to stop over after work for the rest of the week so i just went over that sunday when we both had time and i would be seeing Christian that day becasue they were  leaving in 2 days. I stopped by and got the key, Christian and i hung out for a bit and right before i left his sister came walking in and looked better than ever,  like she had grown into a more mature woman and filled out slightly. She still had her perky C-cups and that tight little ass, so she got my mind racing again. After i  left and got home i took out one of her old pairs of panties and jerked off into it thinking about how she looked earlier that day. The next day Christian had work,  and i figured there would be no one home, so i took a trip over fairly early the next morning with Lizzie hot on my mind.

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   I really went over to make sure i could get  in with the key because his mom had told me it gets stuck sometimes and doesnt work right. I figured before they left would be the best time to figure out if it worked  right, and while i was there why not look for one more fresh pair of panties for my collection? I walked in with no problems so i knew the key worked,and then i went  right away to find out if anyone was home (though there were no cars in the driveway, not everyone that lived there drove). The house was empty so i then proceeded to  go searching for the most full laundry basket i could find. I headed right to the bathroom where i used to find all the goodies i had at home, and all i found was his  little sisters panties that had some piss stains in them so they wouldnt cut it.
    After searching downstairs for a good 25 minutes, i went upstairs to the other bathroom to check my luck up there. I didnt even think to go straight to Lizzies  room where there would have to be clean fresh pairs for me to put my seed into and everything. I struck gold in the upstairs bathroom, except i didnt realize it at  that moment. I had never thought about taking his mothers panties and using them to get myself off, partially because his mom never appealed to me as much as Lizzie  did; until i actually took a whiff of her scent. I knew the panties belonged to Christians mom because they were a few sizes too big to be Lizzies. I then had a nasty  idea, that, again, i never wouldve imagined doing until i got that whiff of mommas pussy. I figured since everyone was out at work and such that i had a few hours  until anyone would be home, and even if anyone showed up and i was there they are so accustomed to me being there, they wouldnt think twice. I decided i would take the  pair of panties i had just found, put them on and make my way into his moms room. I was already so horny, my mind was racing with dirty thoughts about his mom and  Lizzie at the same time. I looked through her nightstand drawers, just to see if i was lucky enough to find her vibrator, which i was sure she had. What do you kno she  had 2! She had one that looked like a cock that vibrated and a silver bullet that she must have used to shove up her asshole.

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   i took out both of them and licked the  silver bullet clean. It tasted amazing and i just imagined her letting me eat her asshole out. It made my cock throb harder than ever, just because it was my best  friends mom. I took the silver bullet and put it right on my asshole inside her panties. I started to dry hump one of the pillows she uses to sleep just so if she laid  down on it later she might smell my balls, and just my sex in general.
    I was humping away for about 6 or 7 minutes when i got the surprise of my life! I didnt cum yet, actually i was pretty far from it when i heard the side door  being opened and in walked his mom! She had no idea anyone else was in the house, so i froze up and stopped humping her pillow so she didnt hear the bed rocking from  downstairs. I was practically naked in her room, in her panties, humping the shit out of her pillow!! I was very quiet for the next few seconds and i heard her talking  to someone so i thought she was with somebody. I quickly realized she was alone and just talking on the phone. I heard her say she wasnt feeling good and she had just  gotten back from the doctor who said she had strep throat. My luck! The day i decided to go over and search for panties, i not only find hers but, she walks in while  im trying to get my nut off in her room! All of the sudden she starts coming up the stairs, still talking on the phone, and goes into the bathroom. Im still in her bed  not moving because i dont want her to hear me. At this point im just hoping she doesnt come walking into her room for any reason! She must have been taking a shit  because she was in there for almost 7 minutes, either that or changing her tampon. As soon as i thought about that, my cock started raging again, and i thought to  myself, i was already this far into some deep shit so why not let his mom just catch me with my cock in my hand and let her decide what she wants to do. I was so  nervous i didnt know what else to do so as she flushes the toilet, i took my cock out of her panties i was wearing and started rubbing it gently, almost teasing  myself. She walked out of the bathroom looking directly across the hall into her room at her bed, at me.

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   As she realized what she was seeing, she started to ignore the  person on the phone and told them she would have to call them back. She was staring directly at me and my fully erect cock; something she may not have seen for quite a  while. I stopped stroking as she walked towards me looking astonished that she was seeing me in her bed with my cock out. Sue was her name. Sue asked me "what are you  doing here?", and i explained i wanted to make sure the key i had worked on the door. Sue said "No! I mean in my fucking bed playing with yourself?!"
"Sue, its not what it looks like!"
"Well im pretty sure it looks like your jerking off in my bed wearing my underwear!"
"Were you planning on finishing in my underwear too?!" Sue said.
    I told her that was very sorry and i hoped she could just forget what she saw and i would leave immeadiately. I even told her she didnt need to pay me if she  still wanted me to watch the dog for the rest of the upcoming week. Sue laughed at me when i offered to do it for free, and she said "You think im going to let you  come back to my house if this is what i catch you doing the day after i give you the key?!" I agreed with her because i knew she was angry and not feeling good and i  told her i would do anything for her to just forget about all of this and not mention it to anyone because now i was embarassed and felt like a pervert. She sat down  on the egde of her bed, almost in tears now, telling me she didnt feel good and she just wanted to come home from the doctor and try to relax and go to sleep. I still  had her silver bullet on my asshole, so i took it out and asked her if this would help her relax. she half smiled at me and proceeded to ask me if i really had to go,  or if i had some time to stay and keep her company. She said "she had some questions for me anyway". At this point im horny but im a little scared of what Sue is about  to ask me (or force me) to do.
"So you like my panties do you?" Sue said.

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I began to explain to her i actually had never done this before, and i had no interest in her panties up until today. She cut me off halfway through my explanation and  said:
"Ohh, so your the one that used to take Lizzies panties then?"
"She had told me she was noticing her panties dissappearing from time to time, and asked me if i was losing them in the wash. "
    I started blushing really hard apparently because Sue smiled at me again and said "Dont worry its natural to want older pussy, boys your age fantasize about  older wome all the time". I studdered for asecond trying to think of a response that would make me out to be less perverted than i currently seemed, but she cut me off  again and asked if i wanted her help. I was shocked when i heard those words come out of her mouth, but right away i was with it. I started asking her when everyone  else was getting home and what i could do to make her feel better. She told me to take her panties off and put them over my head. This was so i could smell her scent  the whole time during our encounter. She told me that it would remind me what im doing all of this for, her "fuck box" as she called it. She asked me how bad i wanted  to cum for her and i told her i would if it was the last thing i did. She told me to get on all fours on her bed and reched inbetween my legs to grab my cock. As she  started stroking slowly, she dug her toungue into my asshole, which was already loosened up and relaxed from the silver bullet. I felt her tongue go deep into my  asshole so i pushed out like i was trying to shit so she could go deeper. She started stroking me harder and asking me if i liked her tongue in my butt. I told her i  never felt so good so she continued to do it.

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   I felt her starting to play with my balls too, so i asked her to swallow them. She took them into the back of her throat  and it felt sooo great, like nothing iver ever felt before. I told her i would cum soon if she kept it up and she giggled and told me i shouldnt have told her that.   She stopped playing with me and told me that it was my turn to make her feel better.
    She laid down on her back and told me to give her the dildo that looked like cock, "she needed a nice hard one". I laughed a little, handed it to her and told  her that was nothing like what i got for her. She let out a loud laugh and told me to prove it. So i did. I took the cock-like dildo out of her hand threw it on the  floor, took the silver bullet and shoved it up her ass. She immediately told me she was ready for my cock inside her. Boy that was easy! I took my cock in my hand and  slapped it against her pussy lips rather hard a few times. She let out a moan each time and finally told me that was enough she needed it! I shoved it deep inside of  her in one thrust and she let out a loud yelp, i guess she wasnt ready! I worked her pussy vigourously for about a minute, and then she told me to stop and take the  silver bullet out of her. I took it out and put myself back in, and she gasped again. I humped her pussy for another 20 minutes before either one of us spoke another  word. Sue was the next one to speak and she seemed like she was hurting or in pain.

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   I quickly realized i was about to give her an orgasm, unlike anyone she had had in  a while. I slowed up my pace a little bit, put pressure on her clit and asked her if she was close. Gasping for air inbetween breaths Sue said:
"I need you to pull your cock out of me very slow and put your mouth over my clit and dont stop sucking".
    I wasnt sure what this was going to do for her but she insisted i do it for her. I had my tongue on her clit and in her pssy for no more than 30 seconds before  she started to groan louder and louder until it grew into a scream. Thats when i felt her pussy start to contract and she started peeing in my mouth! Or so i thought.   She shoved my head into her fuck box as hard as she could and asked me if i liked her squirt! I had no idea she could squirt, but she was telling me what to do like  she did this on a regular basis and knew what she needed for it to happen. After she was done shaking and spraying her fem-cum down my throat, she let me go and i  asked her knew what that was. She laughed at me again and told me that happened to her once before, and it was when she fucked her husband and got pregnany with  Lizzie. Just the thought of that running through my head was enough for me to get my pervert on again. I asked her if she made her husband drink it like she did to me,  and she told me she thought she was peeing on his cock so she was more embarassed than anything.
"Your special baby, youre the first man to taste my squirt straight from my pussy!" Sue said excitedly.
"Can we do something else now Sue?" I asked her.
"What more do you need hun?, I just gave you everything i had and then some!" Sue said laughing a little bit.
    I asked her if we could make her do that again or if it was a one time thing, because i told her i wanted my cock in her when that happened again, that way her  husnad wasnt the only man to make her pussy do that.

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   She giggled and said:
"Well im not sure i have it in me to do that honey, so why dont we work on you for now?"
"Well will you let me finish this time, because now i kinda have blue balls" I told her.
    She asked me what would she could do to make me do some squirting of my own. I asked her if she could just stroke my cock until i blew my load onto her  panties, right into her gusset. She said she would love to see young cum again and do anything for it. This made my cock spring to attention and i asked her if she  could get pregnant still. Sue knew exactly where that was going and said:
"If you want to finish inside of me your going to need to wear a condom because i dont know if i can get pregnant but im not taking the chance!"
    I was dissappointed to hear that come out of her mouth because i thought she was too caught up in the ecstasy of the moment to care if we fucked raw and i came  inside of her. Inspite of what she had just told me i took her hand and put it around my cock and set the pace for her. Sue started making conversation now that she  had released all of her stress and was relaxed. i just wanted her to get down and dirty and get me off now. I was too hot to be bothered with any stupid conversations  she wanted to have, so i budded in and asked her what she was sick with. She told me she had strep throat and her throat was really sore.
"Shouldnt you limit your talking then? Maybe get down to the dirty work?"
    Sue looked at me in shock, stopped stroking my cock and asked me if i wanted to leave. I felt as though i offended her but i didnt care because by now if she  didnt finishe me off i wouldnt have left the house until i got off. I was actually pretty rude about it and said just that to her.
"Sue, one way or another im gunna bust my nut before i leave today and theres not much you can say because you just made me drink your squirt".

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"You have some nerve coming into my fucking house, masturbating in my bed and making me cum harder than i ever have, and then treating me like a just some 24 year old  slut".
    Now she actually seemed mad at me so i asked her if we were done and she told me to get the fuck out of her house. I told her i would be gone in 15 minutes as  i took her panties off my face and put them on under my boxers and shorts.
"What the fuck are you doing with my panties? I didnt tell you they were yours to keep" Sue said.
"Im taking them so i can remember the day i made you squirt all over my face Sue, thats what im doing" I told her.
    I walked out of her room into Lizzies room and got naked again. Sue followed me and stood in the doorway and watched me as i got naked again. She asked me what  i was doing now. I told her if she wastn gunna let me cum in her i would cum in her daughters panties and leave them for her. Sue told me that if i was going to cum in  her daughters panties it would be because she made me. I liked the sound of that and asked Sue if she would help me then. She agreed to give me a handjob and finish it  but then i had to leave. I agreed and she came into Lizzes room stripped completely naked and sat down on the floor with me with her legs over mine facing me. My cock  was so close to her fuck box that i could feel how hot she still was. I didnt last very long this time because Sue had started and stopped a couple times before so  this time i was almost too easy.

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   Sue looked at the clock and told me we were running out of time because her younger daughter would be home from school soon, in 15  minutes as a matter of fact! Without hesistation Sue showed how flexible she was and slammed my cock deep down her throat, gagging hard. She came up after about 30  seconds with tears in her eyes and her face red as ever, smiling. She asked me if i liked that. I laid back onto a pile of dirty clothes on the floor and told her not  to stop. She continued gagging for the next 10 minutes holding me off everytime when i got too close. We finally heard the school bus pull up outside and a group of  kids got off the bus. She looked at me as i sat up and told me her daughter was home. Sue's little girl came running into the house yellin for her mom because she  wanted to show her something. Sue yelled back downstairs that she would be down in a minute she was just helping Christians friend finish something quickly. Now she  looked back at me, and almost angrily, worked my red, throbbing piece of monster meat until i was ready to finally cum. She took a pair of Lizzies panties fresh from  the top of the hamper and slowly drained my balls onto the gusset of her daugthers underwear. They were stained with sweat and piss from Lizzie, and now they were full  of what seemed to gallons of my man-cum. Sue looked at me, let go of my cock, stood up, and told me to clean up, get dressed, and get out of the house in 5 minutes. As  Sue left the room to go downstairs to greet her baby girl, she poked her head back in the room and asked if we were still on for the rest of the week for me to dog- sit.
"Of course!" I told her.


"Good" said Sue.

"Ill leave you a present before we leave tomorrow, one for each day of the week so you dont get bored"  as she winked and walked downstairs.


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