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"How is it going?" I asked Marie. "Fine, how about you. ""Same," I said. We continued to watch the movie when, out of nowhere I reached over and placed my hand on Marie’s leg and started rubbing it. Marie panicked and asked, "What are you doing?"I said, "Marie I love you and I can’t hide it anymore. "She pulled me closer to me and started to kiss me and she reached down and felt a huge bulge in my pants. She got up off the couch and told me to come with her to her bedroom, so I followed her. When I got in there she was completely naked and grabbed me and threw me on the bed. She unzipped my pants and gasped when she saw the size of my huge cock. She licked her lips and started to rub and spit on my cock getting it all wet. She licked the top of the head of my cock, and suddenly my whole cock disappeared in her mouth. She started sucking my cock and it was the most incredible blow job I have ever gotten before, up and down her head bobbed a reached around and started banging her wet pussy while she continued to suck me off. After about 10 minutes of this, I turned her around so I could eat her out while she sucked me off, in other words a 69. I licked all over her clitoris and sucked all of her juices out of her while she continued to suck me off for about a minute and then I couldn’t hold it anymore, I blew my first load down her throat. She must’ve known I was going to cum because right before I did she shoved my whole cock down her throat and let my warm cum ooze down her throat. She got off of me and told me that she wanted to fuck me for a very long time now.

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   And I told her that I did too. I than picked her up and laid her on top of me with just the tip inside of her tight and wet pussy, I asked her, "Do want me to fuck you hard and fast or slow and soft?"She replied "I want it hard and fast. "So I immediately slammed her down on top of my cock and she let out a cry that was part pain and part pleasure. She started to scream, "Fuck me, fuck me hard Martin. "I continued to slam her up and sown on my cock while she screamed and my thick cock spread open her tight shaved pussy lips and bring her nonstop pleasure. Suddenly her whole body started to shake has she had a ground breaking orgasm. I looked down and I could see her cum ooze down my cock as I still was pounding it in her. After about five minutes of fucking this way, Marie had another orgasm and again started to shake. Now we were both covered with sweat and her cum. I told her, "next time your going to cum give me a warning, ok?""OK"While I continued to pound it in her for another 7-10 minutes I could fell myself ready to cum, and Marie said, "I’m going to cum. "And when she started to shake again I let my second load go and I started to blow load after load in Marie while came all over me. She then collapsed next to me in the bed and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. In two hours I started to feel like someone was sucking me off, and I awoke to see Marie between my legs reviving my limp cock. I asked Marie, "Have you ever been fucked in the ass?"She said, "No, but I have always wanted to try it.
    "So I got up and told her to bend over the bed.

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       And she did, I told her to spread her legs as far apart as she could and to spread open her ass cheeks, and she did. I came up behind her and licked my finger and stuck it in her ass, she let out a little moan and I said, "if that hurt then I am going to kill you with my cock. "But she still wanted to fuck, so I made sure my cock and her ass were both dry and I slowly started to push my cock in and it was too tight so my cock couldn’t go in. So after thinking for a minute I bent Marie over more and said, "This might hurt a little. "And I rammed all of my cock into her ass and she screamed so loud that it could have woken up the dead. But she told me to keep going, so I kept fucking her tight ass fast and hard making her scream louder and louder. While I was fucking her she turned her head and told me to torture her, so with my left hand I reached down and started to bang her with 4 finger and with my right hand I started to pull her hair. I kept doing this for about 10 minutes until I blew my final load into her ass. We continued to fuck for 2 months without her boyfriend finding out until her came home early once and caught us, but instead of getting mad he joined us for some bisexual fun, but that’s a whole other story. .
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