My Little Fantasies


I’ve been thinking of you all day. I love fantasizing about you. Sitting at my desk, coming up with scenarios in my head and wishing I was home in bed with you. Normally I refrain from touching myself in the workplace; I like to build up the anticipation until I get home and can jump on you. Today, however, I am feeling particularly horny. Maybe it’s because we haven’t been able to have sex in about a week, both of us being rather busy. In any case, I simply can’t control myself. I slip my hand around to the back of my pencil skirt and unzip it about a third of the way. I then slide my hand down the front of my skirt and over my bare pussy (I decided to go commando today). My juices are already dripping down my thighs and making a small wet spot on the backside of my black skirt. The merest thought of fucking you has a huge effect on me. I can’t help but think of your perfect cock thrusting deep inside me. I start softly rubbing my clit until it is fully erect, day dreaming of your body pressed against mine. I slowly slip one, then two fingers into my tight cunt, wishing for your masterful fingers. As I fuck my self with those fingers, paying special attention to my illusive g-spot which you always manage to find, my other hand reaches down and starts vigorously rubbing my clit. Just thinking about fucking you has already brought me so close to climax that it doesn’t take long for my fingers to push me over the edge.

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   I sit here, in my chair, panting and basking in the afterglow of my orgasm. Sadly, though, I am quite insatiable today. There isn’t a very good chance that I will get to see you tonight, as you have been very busy the past few days. The rest of the day passes excruciatingly slowly, and all the while I am growing more and more frustrated. I can’t get you out of my head. My thighs are thoroughly soaked in my juices, which are making their way further down my leg. I need you. Only you can give me the release I so greatly deisre.
Somehow I make my way home. My head has been so filled with fantasies of you that I don't know how I made it through the rest of the day.  I  lie on my bed nude (I’ve always had a bit of an exhibitionist in me) and try my best to read a book, but everything reminds me of you. I finally give up and just lie there, on my stomach, and fantasize. My hand wanders down and starts lazily rubbing my clit. I’m so lost in my myriad fantasies that I don’t even hear you come into the bed room and undress. Suddenly I feel you move my hair aside and kiss the back of my neck.

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   You grab my waist and turn me over, facing you. I can see the hunger in your eyes mirroring my own. You need me as much as I need you. I also see a hint of mischief playing behind that hunger. You are up to something, and I don’t have to wait long to find out what. I see you reach over me to my bedside table and open the drawer in which I keep my toys and scarves. You pull out the silky scarves and quickly bind my arms and legs, spread eagle, to the bed. I am in your hands now. You love the power you have over me. You don’t blindfold me because you like me to watch helplessly as you ravage my body. You start to kiss my lips, softly at first, but then more insistently. You kiss down to my neck and start to bite at my neck and collar bone with vigor, not enough to draw blood, but enough to hurt a little. A little pain can be a good thing. You continue kissing down to my milky white, double D cup breasts. You love my tits.

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   You lick them everywhere and start to suck on my nipples, hard, alternating between the two until they are completely erect and a little red. Then you kiss down the soft skin of my stomach to my navel and continue to play with my bellybutton, causing me to squirm. When you finish toying with my bellybutton, you travel downwards still until you reach my beautifully bare pussy. I am so incredibly wet with my yearning for you that you can smell my scent throughout the room. Tantalizingly slowly you start to tease my sensitive clit with your tongue and run your fingers up and down my slit, not entering me. You do so love teasing me. You are driving me wild. I can’t help but moan and beg you for more. You start sucking on my clit in earnest, and slip two fingers into my well lubricated slit. I love when your fingers fuck me. It drives me mad. I start bucking my hips in abandon. GOD, I am so close! Then you stop, reminding me that you alone hold the power over my orgasm. You straddle my waist and trail your perfect cock up my stomach to my mouth. You lift my head to your dick, so that I can take you more easily.

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       I suck your cock with relish. I love sucking your cock. I love the way it feels to have you in my mouth. God, it turns me on. You hold my head to your dick as I suck harder and faster, and you start fucking my mouth. You hold my head still and thrust deep into my throat. Mmmmmm.   Your cock tastes so good. I can tell that you are getting close to your first orgasm of the night. Suddenly you pull out of my mouth and shoot your load all over my heaving tits. You let me suck the last couple of drops from your dick, which I swallow completely, savoring the taste of your cum.  You proceed to slide your dick between my tits while squeezing them around your cock. My tits feel wonderful around your throbbing member, and I can tell by the look of bliss on your face that you are enjoying it, but you stop and slide back down between my legs, dragging your cum all along my body. My orgasm has receded a little, but, with a little coaxing, I’m sure you could push me over the edge. There is a noticeable wet spot growing beneath me as you slide you cock in between my lips and along my slit, teasing me.

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       I beg you to fuck me…please? Please fuck me. I need to feel you inside me. I start to thrust upwards with my hips in an attempt to force you inside me, but you always pull away just in time. You are driving me insane. I am crying out for you, begging, pleading with you. Finally, ever so slowly, you slip your dick inside my tight, hot pussy. OH GOD YES! This is what I have needed. You start picking up your pace, slamming your hard, throbbing cock into me over and over. I can feel your balls slapping my ass. I am getting so close to my release. So fucking close. I am moaning and screaming your name. You are so fucking good! GOD, YES! OH, YES, FUCK ME! I’M YOUR LITTLE SLUT, FUCK MY FUCKING BRAINS OUT! You suddenly stop and pull out right before I climax. No, please don’t stop! You untie my legs and throw them over your shoulders and pound into me. I scream my climax as you cum inside me.

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       OH, GOD! I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR COCK! My pussy clamps down on your cock and milks you dry. Or combined juices flow out of me, on to the bed. You sigh and settle onto me to catch your breath. Then you reach up and untie my hands. I relax my aching muscles and wrap my arms around you as you lay your full weight on top of me. You are absolutely incredible, you know that? We lay there, basking in the glory of the night, both finally satisfied.
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