WOOOW. what a night to remember. my wife Debbie, and her best friend Mae. went shopping one saturday afternoon. after shopping, the two of the stopped at applebee's and had a big ice cold margarite. after they had finished. Debbie called me and said, they were stopping at the store to buy stuff to make margarites at home. and did I need anything. I said no. and be carefull. and I went back to watching t. v. . I was just kicked back on the couch, with my feet up on the coffee table. and was just waring a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. well about 8:00 p.

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  m. , the two of them come in through the back door in the kitchen. I called out and said hello. then Debbie come into the living room and gave me a kiss, and ask how my day was. I said good, and how about yours. and about then. Mae walked in and said it was a good day. but it's about to get better here. because I don't drink. I could see this was going to be fun watching the to of them get drunk. after making there margarites. the two of them went out back to sit and drink. after a while. I could tell they were starting to get happy. I could hear them laughing and giggling, and carring on out there.

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   about 9:30 p. m. , they both come in to whip up some more. while Debbie was making up the drinks. Mae come in and flopped down next to me. and when she did. she layed her hand on my leg thigh. before long. Debbie come in and gave Mae her drink. and then sat down in the chair across from us. well I could tell the two of them were starting to feel real good by now. and when Mae starts getting happy and loose. she also gets dirty minded. and starts talking naughty as well. and the thing she loves to talk about.

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   is just how good she is at sucking cock. so the two of them are sitting there talking naughty. all while Mae is stroking my leg. and my cock is about an inch from poking out the bottom of my short. and I'm doing all I can to keep my cock from getting hard. about then. Debbie gets up to go in the kitchen. and Mae pops off and said. so, when are you going to let me show Bill what a real blowjob is like. Debbie stop and looked at her, and just started laughing out load. then said. you better call in some help then. and then they both got to laughing. now mind you. Mae and Debbie have known each other for ever.

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   and Mae has always talked naughty to Debbie about me. now let me tell you a little about Mae. she 45, and about 5ft. 3in. and a little on the chubby side. and has small tit's. she's not that bad looking though. and loves to suck cock. as Debbie was walking into the kitchen. Mae looked at me and smiled, as slipped her little hand up under my shorts just enough to feel the tip of my cock. then she pulled her hand back out. when Debbie walk back in the room. I said. well girls. I'm going to bed.

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   and as I stood up, Mae slapped my ass and said. when you going to share him with me. when I was in bed watching t. v. . I could hear the two of them laughing and giggling and talking. after about a half an hour. Debbie called out. Bill, Bill are you still a wake. I said yes. what do you need. Mae said, we need your help. I got up and headed for the living room. the whole house was dark. all but some candles burning in the living room.

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   when I turned the corner into the room. there was Deebie and Mae. both were naked laying on a blanket on the floor. Debbie was laying on her back. with her legs apart, and rubbing her big tits. and Mae was laying on her side. and had her head laying on Debbie's belly just inches away from her smooth shaved pussy. and her one hand was stroking Debbie's inner thigh. and the other was rubbing her own tits. and with my heart just pounding in my chest. I just stood there looking at them. both naked, and both shaved pussys. about then, Mae said. are you going to join us. or are you just going to stand there.

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   as I started walking to them. Mae got up on her knees. and then pulled my shorts off. and took my cock in her warm mouth. she was sucking and licking my cock. I could feel my cock getting bigger and bigger, and harder and harder with her mouth. all while watching Debbie laying there fingering her wet pussy. and rubbing her big tits. Debbie said to come lay down with them. and when I did. the two of them started taking turns sucking my cock. stroking my cock. Debbie would hold my cock while my was sucking it. we must have fucked each other for about two hours. and then I Debbie said.

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   I want you to fuck her tits. so Mae layed back. and I got over her. and Debbie pushed Mae's tits together while fucked them. my cock was ready to cum. and Mae started saying cum on my face. I want you to cum all over my face and tits. I said I 'm starting to cum. and then Debbie grabbed my throbbing hard cock. and started stroking me harder and harder, and faster and faster. untill my throbbing hard cock exploded all my creamy hot cock cum off all over Mae's face and tits. Ilayed down on the floor. and the two of them started sucking the last cum drops from my cock. Mae and Debbie were two party fuck toys sluts that night. and yes.

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   Mae can fuck cock with that cock hungary mouth of hers all night. .

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