my situationand my wife


This one of them things that happen you never plan them a year ago my wife lost her mother and she never took it very well it took months for her to get over it I did my best to help but she seemed to struggle with the situation
After a few months things did seem to be getting back to normal our life picked up a little I thought we where back to our old selfs
The only thing was we got her mothers dog it was us or put it down and no way was she going to do that so I gave in and we now got the thing living with us
Any way this thing gets a hell of a lot attention from Jean always walking it she takes it miles in her car to walk it I can put up with that I am used to it now it seems part of life
Thing changed this summer at first I never noticed any thing different it was by chance I answered a call on Jeans phone it was a male vice he hung up when I spook I looked in the phone that number was called lots of times
All I said was some guy called and hung up Jean went red and said I get calls like that some times and surged it off you know I was not surprises at all at that time don't know why I should of been
It was about a week later I got home early late afternoon which seemed to surprise Jean and she looked flushed and her heir was messed up I did say about thather answer was its hot and she been doing houseworkthe place looked much the same as it did when I left any way at that time the dog wanted to go out so she had to take it out to the parkthat was funny I thought she walked it most afternoons when she gone curiosity got the better of me and I had a look round the apartment
Me coming homehad court her on the hop the bedwas not made nor was it the same as it was when I got out of it the covers where messed right up a pillow at the bottom the lining basket had stockings and some very small panties in it on top I picked them up and the gusset was wet not piss this was sticky
I never been one for looking in her drowses where she has her things never had a need to one was full of sexy underwear and at the back under them was a few sex toys I had never seen any of this I never thought she ever entertainer the toys or wear things like that
I tried to actnormal but it was hard for the next few days and it was getting to me so the next weekend I came out with it she denied it all in the end I came off the worse I think I had cold shoulder all that week and her dowers where locked after that
Things settled down after that she sniped at me a few time things about trust but I was not happy nor was I saying any thing about it but I was eating up inside
At work thing got slow so I asked my boss it I could have some time off a day some times and the odd afternoon he was happy to let me do that with out pay
So I took to spying on my wife it soon payed off I parked up about midday not long after her car came out I was going in to have a look around but instead I fowled her thinking she was going dog walking we ended up well out the way in a wooded area she pulled into a little car park I stopped down the road in some trees and walked back she was sitting in her car but no dog then a B.M.W came in and parked next to her a dark looking young guy got outand they chatted for a short time before walking off down a path in the trees
With me behind so I was not seen we got quite a way in the woods and they left the path heading into the trees I followed and found them in a little clearing with bushes all round I was quite close to them but hidden
They where sitting on a blanketkissing he was feeling her breasts then his hand went up her dress her legs parted I could see stocking tops he was moving his arm he must of been fingering her she lay back and lifted her knees and opened them wide her dress rode up I could see he was fingering her and she was liking it
She unbuttoned her blouse as she lay there she had no bra on she was aroused her nipples where stiff
Jeans hand had move to his crouch and was rubbing along his inside leg at this time she arched up moaned out loud next she pushed him onto his back he pulled off his top he was quite dark skinned she had his trousers undone now and was pulling them off he lay there in boxes she kissed his tummy and pushed them down then a rather black cock popped out semi hard he kicked his boxes off his legs parted and I could see what I can only describe as a huge black sack hanging there he had the balls of a donkey by now Jean had lifted his meat with one hand it got bigger and longer she got hold of it with the other hand and pulled the foreskin back a pinkish mushroom bell end was out in the sunshe licked round it then over it tonging the eye then her mouth opened and covered it the shaft was hard now both her hand on it one on top of the other her fingers wouldn't quite meet round it it was so fat she wankedit with both hand sucking on the end I could see vanes running over it sticking out the one at the back was bulging
He pulled her over him into a 69 poison he must of got it right she soon lifted her top half up shill holding his cock her tits swinging the nipples hard and sticking outshe gasped a few times as she climaxed
He rolled her onto her back and ended up between her legs she had her legs bent at the knee and well apart he was holding him self on one arm and the other was between themlining his cock upI could see his balls hanging under him hell the look even bigger hanging like that he must of found his mark she cried Jesus his hips moved then stopped he leaned more over her with his body that made him snick in further she moaned and said fuck thats big he was sinking into her all the time she cried out a few times there was a long AH AH then Christhe must of got there at last they where both still he pulled back then jaded back he repeated this coming out more each time her legs round his back he must pulled backa fear wayand slammed it back in she screamed out he start to take his ride now building up pace her legs had gone up in the air and as far apart as she could get them he was slamming into her now she whimpered and gasped and bucked under him trying to meet his thrust taken all his cock in her white pussy
He flipped her over so she was riding him she got so she sit over it on her feet and bounced up and down
I could see how stretched her cunt was it was almost foaming with white juices from her climaxes her tits bouncing and swinging as she movedher head back mouth open
She couldn't take it any more she slid down his cock ending up ball deep on it laying over him he pick the pace up from there making her screamand lifting her at the same time
They rolled over Jean still impaled on his meat I was wondering how long this could go on for
He started fucking her this time like a mad man his balls had gone tight up I could see her stretched cunt lips round his shaft they moved with his thrusts it all looked a stickymess he was pounding her his arose was almost a bluer this mustbe it he slammed into herand jerked lots of times his bum nipped up he groaned and panted as he shot his load as deep as he could get it inside my wife letting his seeds fill her
The locked together no way was he going for seconds after that performance
I slipped back to the car park and used my key to unlock my wifes car I swapped the plug leads over and locked it not long after that they walked back kissedand got in there cars her drove off straight way she was alone there her car wouldn't start I went back to my carand left not to long after that my phone rang I looked it was Jean I left it she rang five time before I picked it upshe was up set on the other end and told me her car would not start and where she was I when out to heran hour later I got there and asked what you doing here not dog walking you slag in the end she told me she seen some onethere it came out she admitted itI had the upper hand now
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