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I was hitching home at the middle of my first term in university. It was pouring, I hadn't got a lift and it was now getting late enough that I was not likely to, I was soaked and pissed off. A smart new car screeched to a halt down the road and I ran to it before the driver changed his mind. He said he could take me within about 10 miles of my home and at that time of night I wasn't going to say no. The driver was a smartly groomed, well spokenguy of about 50 I guessed. He hardly started driving when he put his hand on my thigh and remarked that I was absolutely soaked. I wasn't about to push his hand away even though in those days I was pretty straight, although I was too shy to have had much success with girls. I'd had a few mutual masturbation sessions with school mates and I'd been picked up several times waiting for the bus home after rugby matches. These guys usually just wanted me to let them play with my cock. I should say that although I played rugby I'm quite small and look younger than my age so guys seemed to fancy me and if it got me a lift home so what!

This guy was smarter and I guessed richer than any guy who'd picked me up before and he seemed obsessed with checking how wet I was, each time sliding his hand a little further up my thigh. He was obviously encouraged by my not pushing his hand away and he suggested that rather than drop me off to walk the rest of the way, or chance a very unlikely lift, I could stay over with him and he would run me home the next morning as he had some business in that direction. I was shivering by this time so it seemed an easy choice to make. He drove to his place, a large old remote house, opened the gates and garage doors with a remote control and showed me through a very elegantly furnished hallway and stairs to a large bathroom. He started running the water and suggested I leave my wet clothes over the radiator to dry and soak in the bath to get rid of the chill. He nodded to a towelling bathrobe hanging on the door that I could put on when I'd finished. I half expected him to watch me undress and was almost disappointed when he went out and closed the door behind him.

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  I did notice that there was no bolt or lock on the door.

I guess I'd soaked for about 20 mins when I heard him come upstairs and knock on the door to ask if he could come in. I said okay and he entered dressed in a similar robe and carrying a tray with two mugs of steaming hot chocolate. He said he had showered in another room to warm up himself and then decided the hot drink would be a good idea. He handed me one mug and perched on the edge of the bath to drink his. I sniffed the thick creamy liquid and realised it had a generous measure of some kind of alcohol in it. He looked alarmed and apologised for not asking if I was teetotal but I assured him it was fine. In fact a combination of the hot water and the fumes from the drink were already producing a mellow glow. I had a few sips and said I thought I'd better get out as the water was cooling. He stood up and fetched a large fluffy bath towel from the heated rail and held it up for me to step into. I stood up and must have blushed a bit as he grinned and asked me if I was shy. I stammered that I was quite used to showering and changing with other guys after games. He just grinned some more and stepped back so he could look me up and down admiringly which made me blush even more. As I stepped onto the bath mat he wrapped the towel round me and rubbed my back through the soft cotton telling me what a good looking boy I was. I thought he was going to touch me sexually but he just stepped back and told me to come downstairs when I was dry, then went out closing the door behind him again.

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  My heart was racing by this time and I'd started to get an erection. I dried myself hoping it would go down before I had to go down stairs but the more I thought about it the worse it got. I eventually put the robe on and tied it loosely hoping it would camouflage my obvious arousal.

He motioned me to sit beside him on a settee in front of a roaring fire and pulled up a little coffee table to set down the, now almost finished, mug of chocolate. I was feeling pretty mellow from the alcohol I'd had in the hot chocolate so I didn't make any protest when he put a warm hand on my knee and slid it slowly up my trembling thigh. I did stop him as he got close to my firm cock that was now growing by the second but he just checked for a moment and then slid his hand all the way up till his fingers brushed my member which by this time was straining against the bathrobe. He smiled and said "well, well you really are quite a big boy aren't you?"I was struck dumb but he just undid the towelling belt round my robe and opened it fully allowing my cock to spring up like a flag pole. He sat there a few moments admiring it and brushing it softly with his fingers whilst he kissed first my cheek and then my lips, the first time a man had kissed me like that. While he was kissing mehe took my hand and slid it under his own robe where I found him in a similar state of arousal. His hand slowly teased my cock till it was so hard I thought it would burst while he took my hand and moved it slowly up and down his own member as it grew to what must have been a good 8 inches. I couldn't take my eyes off it and was starting to gasp and moan a bit from the effect his hand was having on my sensitive tool.

He asked if I had ever been sucked andwhen I shook my head he said that it was about time that my wonderful little cock received the homage it deserved. When he lowered his head and took it into his soft hot mouth I moaned and had to bite my lip to stop myself cumming immediately. He realised I was very near so he said we'd better take turns or I'd cum too soon and that would spoil the fun. He sat up, pulled my head across onto his lap and for the first time I experienced the wonderful sensation of feeling and tasting a man's dick in my mouth.

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  He told me to slow down as he wanted to make my first time last and when he got close then we swapped back so he sucked me again. We took turns several times until finally he sucked me a little harder and I grabbed his hair to say "stop, stop, I'm gonna cum!". He just smiled up under his eyebrows and pumped his head a bit so I just let out a scream and shot my load into his mouth. He sucked every last drop from me and swallowed it all. I just lay back on the settee exhausted and I guess the alcohol finally overtook me because I don't remember any more.

The next morning I woke up in his bed. My mouth tasted foul and as I turned over I felt a burning pain in my bottom. He was awake already and smiled at me as I turned to him and groaned saying how bad I felt. He just lay me on my back and fondled my cock causing me to realise for the first time that I had a rock hard erection again. He told me I sucked like an angel and I had the sweetest tightest little bottom that he'd ever had. Before I knew where I was he had my cock in his mouth again and I was groaning in ecstasy once more. I bucked and writhed as I came more explosively than ever before. This time he held it in his mouth and slid up the bed till our lips were touching. I felt his kiss and could not stop my lips parting to receive his tongue and then the salty taste of my own juice.

After we'd showered and breakfasted he honoured his promise to run me home but not before he'd got me to promise that I'd let him pick me up again Sunday afternoon to run me back to university.

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  As I left him he pressed something into my hand and I found it was £50, as he put it, to keep my mouth shut just as well as I'd opened it for his cock!He picked me up on Sunday as arranged and, as by this time I expected, asked me if I'd like to earn another £50 by sleeping with him before he took me back in time for my Monday morning lecture. This time I didn't let him feed me anything (I'd guessed by then the chocolate had been drugged) so when he slid his cock into my, now not quite virgin, hole it hurt like hell. He came almost immediately saying that hearing me squeal like a little virgin drove him over the top. Once he'd relaxed a bit I got him hard again and this time he fucked me for a long time before he finally shot his hot load into my belly.

He ran me back the next morning as he'd agreed but arranged for me to visit each weekend. Perhaps I'll tell you more about that in future as I discovered that it wasn't going to be just him who would be paying for my services. I found that I enjoyed what they asked me to do and if you can be paid for what you love doing then it cant be bad can it!.

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