My trip to Ohio


   It was my first time vacationing, and I was visiting my paren'ts friends in Ohio. I was a little nervous, being 16 and not travelling before. But once I reached Ohio, everything seemed so much better - the state was beautiful, and even just in the first few minutes landing, I realized this would probably be the time of my life. Little did I know, I would be right about that.

I reached my family's friends house, and it was huge! It looked like a mansion you saw on a movie, so surreal. We went on inside, trying to find our way to where the family actually was. We walked into the living room, to see a teenage girl lying on the couch, talking on the phone. She looked about my age, and was she ever hot! She had long, straight, brown hair and was wearing a tank top and daisy dukes. I didn't mean to be staring, but she looked at me and smiled.  

"Anyways, I have to go. Company's here, kisses!" She said, and hung up the phone. "Hello. . you must be the Johnsons?" She said smiling, looking directly at me. "I'm Andrea. My parents are gone up the road, but they said that you could pop up whenever you are ready.

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"Oh, okay sweetie," my Mom said happily, clearly happy. "We just want to get our bags settled in and everything, then maybe we'll go. Do you know how long they will be?"

"Probably until later this evening. . . but I can show you around if you'd like?" Andrea said.

"Absolutely!" Dad said. "Just show us to our rooms, then you can direct Austin to his room, if you could. "

"Sure thing. Your room is just right there," she said pointing to the door up the stairs, to the left. "Austin, is it? I'll show you yours now. "

Andrea held my hand, hauling me up the stairs. My parents didn't seem to notice, they just went to their own rooms. We reached a big room, with a double bed. Convenient.

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  . . I thought, immediately wondering what I was thinking.  

"This is yours," Andrea said, raising her eyebrows. "I might come visit you a few times, if you don't mind. "

"Umm. . I don't?" I said, stuttering slightly.

She laughed, "What? You expect me not to visit a hot guy like yourself?"

"Umm. . thanks, I guess. " What was I doing?? A hot girl, with an amazing body was complimenting me, and I'm being stupid? This was my chance.

"Honey, we're going up the road to see Mr. and Mrs. Lively, you get settled and get Andrea to show you the way up when your ready, okay?" Mom said, tapping on the door. 


"Alright! I won't be long. " I said, quickly stepping away from Andrea, who was slightly giggling.

As soon as Andrea heard the front door shut, she ran to the window to see that my parents were gone. "Or maybe I don't have to wait. . . what do you say?"

"I uhh. . I don't know. I don't really know you. "

"That's never stopped me!" She said, sitting on the bed. "We got two weeks to get to know each other, I think some hot sex will get us started. After all, I need to know how good you are in bed if we're ever going to really be serious. "

"I'm a. .

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   uh. I'm a virgin," I sputtered out, feeling stupid.

"Aw! How cute. But that's fine, I'll take you easy. " She said, winking and patting the bed.

I went over there, feeling anxious. I sat on the bed, and she started kissng my neck. "Andrea. . . " I said, feeling like this was wrong, but she simply shushed me and rubbed my back as she kissed my neck. She moved closer and closer to my lips, before she pushed on my chest, forcing me to lay down, and started kissing me. She kissed me softly first, then harder and harder until we were making out intensely.  

She bit my lip, and leaned up to remove her shirt. Her tits were perfect - atleast a D cup.

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   She didn't waste any time, and as soon as she removed hers, off came my shirt. She kissed my abs, licking her way down to the edge of my pants. She unhooked the button, and slid off my jeans. My dick popped up in my boxers, growing larger as she touched it.

"Oo, I like. " She commented, as she took off my boxers. She started giving me a handjob, slowly massaging my dick. It felt amazing, and I could tell she was super experienced. Then she slowly put her mouth around my dick, slowly going in and out.

She started going harder, and I could feel my dick getting bigger and could tell she was going to make me cum. She went harder and faster, until I couldn't hold it anymore. "Andrea, I'm gonna cum!!" I panted, and she stopped and took it in the face - licking up the remainder of the mess.  

I sat up, feeling a little more ready now. I started kissing her chest and her cleavage. She leaned her head back in pleasure, which is when I unhooked her bra.

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   I licked her nipples, feeling them get harder as my tongue made circles around them. Once they were hard and perky, I kissed my way down to her belly button and took off her daisy dukes.

She had a black thong on, which was really easy to remove. I licked her tits, while I fingered her clit. She started panting slowly, and I could tell I was doing it right. I slowly traced my finger down to finger her, and started licking her clit. Harder and faster, I licked and shoved my finger in. She started thrusting her hips. "Ohhh Austin," she put her hand on my head and shoved my face in her clit. I ate her pussy so hard, and she started moaning pretty loud. "Awww yeah," she repeated, "just like that. Ohhhh, oh. I'm gonna goo," and as she said that she squirted directly in my mouth. I licked her juices up, and asked her if she was ready.

 "Aw yess," she purred.

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   I brought my dick to her pussy, and started thrusting slowly. She hauled her head back and started moaning, and I went harder. "Ooooohh" she started "AWWW AWWW YEAHHH, faster Austin. Fuck me harder," and she closed her eyes. I pulled in and out as fast and hard as I could, and she started squirming and moaning so loud I swear they could hear it up the road "OHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHH,YEAH, YEAH. KEEP GOING. OHHHHHH. IM GONNA CUM, OHHHH" and I felt it on my dick. The juices turned me on, and as I went harder I knew I was going to cum and pulled out. I came all over her stomach, and she giggled.





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