My wife Jan part 2


The days following our deck party Janet was moody, she swung from happy and loving to quiet and brooding. Janet was not interested in sex Saturday saying she was still sore, I offered it must be from the hot tub chemicals and I would adjust them. We had sex again Sunday night and she was very into it, moaning softly as she gave me a super blow job and grinding her hips onto my manhood while she rode on top of me. Even though it was easy for me to tell she had been with someone else, someone bigger than me, I still came quickly as I pictured her struggling to escape Jerries thick cock as he entered her for the first time. I was embarrassed I came so quickly leaving her frustrated so I sank down between her thighs and brought her to a wild orgasm with my mouth, Janet went wild when I sucked on her clit, she grabbed me by the hair and held my head in place against her sloppy wet slit. My wife ground her hips against my lips to the point I was worried she would bruise them. Janet talked diry to me the whole time I was licking her wet cunt, asking me if, "Do liked it, do you love the taste of my creamy pussy, can you taste the cum you left in me?" I was so horny I didnt realise I had been grinding my cock against the bed until I exploded a second time just as she came.

Monday after work I asked Janet if her friends from work enjoyed the party and she said they all were talking about what a great time they had and how nice a place we had, she seemed really proud to have had such a popular get together. I asked her if Jerry got home ok after the late night and she kind of wrinkled her nose and said she hadnt seen him and that he worked in another part of the building, but she was sure he was ok because he was a big boy. I couldnt help it, I added "He sure is". Janet giggled and smacked me, saying "You pervert! " On Wednesday there was a message on the answering machine from Jerry, I called him at work and he wanted to know if I was going to listen to the game again Friday. He said he tried to call Janet but it seemed she was never at her desk. I told Jerry I was sure we would and he was welcome to drop in and listen, he said he would do that. When Janet got home from work, I casually mentioned Jerries call and that I invited him over Friday evening. Janet got a worried look on her face and said " oh. .

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  . ok", but then she was back to normal. Janet surprised me in the during the night, I awoke to find her rubbing my half hard cock through my boxers. My wife giggled and went under the covers to suck me, I was pulled back the covers to watch as she greedily sucked my cock in and out of her lips. Once again I was plagued by the sight of her stretching her mouth around Jerries thickness and when she looked up at me our eyes met, I exploded into her mouth and she took it all making Mm Mm sounds. Janet slid up to me and planted a kiss on my lips, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, I could taste my cum on it and I pushed my tongue back into her mouth and was rewarded by a even stronger taste. Janet moaned and when we broke the kiss she started sucking at my lips and then down to my nipples. My wife looked up at me and asked wickedly "Could you taste that? , Mmm I love the taste of it, do you?". With that she curled up to me and we drifted back off to relax.

Friday I had to work over a couple hours and when I got home I found Janets car in the garage and Jerries in the driveway, inside Jerry sat on the couch with that smug smile of his, he was already wearing my yellow shorts and sipping one of my beers. Janet was wearing a new bright green bikini top that I had never seen, she had a green flower print sarong around her waist, her hair was down and a bit tossled looking. I went upstairs to change and found her clothes in a pile on the floor, the bed looked hastily made, more like the coverlet had just been pulled up into place. I pulled them back and found Janets panties under the covers and large wet spot on the sheets. I was suddenly mad and almost turned to scream at Janet when I thought to myself, " This is why you asked him over, isnt it?". I was disappointed to have missed a chance to see him and Janet doing it.

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   I heard the patio door open and close, then someone coming up the stairs. I quickly pulled the covers back up, just as my wife came in the bedroom with a worried look on her face, she glanced at the bed and then back at me. I smiled and pulled her close for a kiss. Janet stiffened when I ran my hand up her thigh and toward her sweet mound, she pushed it away before it got there and wispered, "Honey we have company you know. " I shushed her and undid her sarong letting it fall to the floor, underneath she had on a very skimpy string bikini that left a lot of butt cheek show on both sides, I dropped to my knees, kissing and nibbling her cheeks all the while backing her to the bed. When I started pulling her bikini bottom down, she stopped me for a second then with a sigh let me ease them down over her hips.

Janets slit looked swollen and was a angry red color, when I nudged her feet apart, a little trickle of liquid ran down her thigh. I looked up at her and our eyes met, Janet looked scared and guilty, I smiled at her and licked the liquid from her thigh, then pushing her back onto the bed, I licked her slit up and down before pushing my tongue inside it. Inside my petite little wifes cunt I found thick creamy liquid, I knew what it was and gave out a low moan. As I licked her sweet cunt like a ice cream cone, she writhed on the bed, kicking the covers aside as she did so, I found my self with my chest on the evidence of the fucking my wife had just got from her co-workers thick meat. Janet started humping my mouth and pulled my face slit. Janet whispered, "Do you like that, is it good?" I tried to answer but she ground her sex into my lips and sladyed my reply. With a long moan my wife orgasmed and clamped her thighs against the sides of my face, I slid up to her and kissed her lips, Janet responded hungrily and pushed her tongue into my mouth. As we broke our kiss a long sticky string hung between our lips for a brief second, "Mmm. .

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  . thats soo good honey" Janet murmered. I moved between her legs and my cock slipped easily into her cunt, my wife froze and clamped her thighs together, "No!. . . ,I mean, umm not before we get in the hot tub" Janet said hastily, she slid down and took my wet cock into her lips, she let it slip out of her mouth with a almost disappointed looked on her face and started stroking it with her little hand. My wife spied her discarded panties and started stroking my cock with them, she looked at me with a mischeivious smile and teased me, "ohh these are so soft arent they, Mmm cum for me, doesnt Janets little guy want to cum in her panties?". I looked down at Janet and when I saw her sly grin and her little hand wrapped around my cock with the satin panties I shot my load, my wife cleaned my cock with her panties then got out of bed.
Pulling her bikini bottoms on she scolded me, "You know we are neglecting our guest" As I watched her shapely bottom leave the room, I imagined her getting pounded by Jerries thick cock, I wondered if she wimpered like she did the first time and
if she tried to back away from his thick manhood as he drove it into her. She seemed reluctant to have him around or even talk to him earlier in the week, but there was no denying he has sheathed his cock into my little wife cunt today. .
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