My wifes first MMF


My Wife’s First MMF Threesome

By Voodoo

One night my wife and sitting at home trying to figure out what we wanted to do. The kid’s were gone for the night we both had a free night to do what ever we wanted for a change. We were discussing our choices when some how we ended up on the topic we have been talking about for the last few months. My wife has a girlfriend, but for the last few months we have been talking about her being with 2 or 3 guys at once. This is something that she has never done before. We have had threesomes with her girlfriend, her, and I. but we have never included another guy before. So we thought about it and decided if we could make it happen tonight we would. My wife ran up stairs to change into a wrap around the neck halter top and a black mini skirt. She also on some black thigh hi boots with a 4 inch heel. My weigh is only 5’2” without shoes or boots on. Damn she looked hot as hell in her out fit. I was wearing my jeans and a polo shirt, nothing fancy. We went out to dinner and she had tons of guys and even some chicks staring at her. My wife has the sexiest legs when she is wearing heels. She was a erotic dancer for a few years.

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   We ordered our meals and my wife had a few drinks to make her self relax. She couldn’t believe she was agreeing to try and make this happen tonight. I called up my buddy who owns a local bar to ask if any of his vip rooms were open for us. He said he always has one waiting for us. So after we were done we headed towards his club. The place was packed by the time we got there. We were greeted by my friend who told my wife how gorgeous she was looking tonight. She thanked him and he took us to our area. We like the vip area because it sits high off the dance floor and we can see everyone dancing on it. Plus there is a couch and a few chairs there to sit on. My buddy offered to get my wife a few drinks on him like usual and bring me a soda. As he left my wife and I started to look out on the dance floor. We were seeing what or who was out there. After about 15 minutes my buddy returned with my wife’s drinks and told us he would be back and forth all night to see us and to enjoy ourselves. We told him we planned to and he left.

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   My wife was drinking her drinks at the rail when she asked me to take her drink that she would be back in a bit. I took her drink as she walked towards the dance floor. She started to dance like she always does her body moving so gracefully and sexy. She was making her way to this guy that was maybe 10 feet in front of me at the rail. When she got to him she acted like she didn’t see him, but you could tell he sure the hell saw her. His eyes were bulged out as he watched her dance in her top and skirt. He started to move towards her and started to grind up against her. He whispered something into her ear and she smiled and started to grind back into him. They danced like this for quite awhile she had him so into her. She was holding his neck as she danced, wrapping her legs around him, dropped on the dance floor booty bopping her hips at him showing off that great ass. At one point the had her back against the wall as he was grinding his pelvis in to her. He had to be about 6ft tall maybe 200lbs. My wife has always had good taste in guys or girls. She whispered into his ear and he looked shocked. She grabbed his hand and lead him to the vip area.

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   When they got there she walked him over towards me and introduced him to me. I told him that I saw he was enjoying my wife dancing with him. He replied he was enjoying it very much, but didn’t know she was married. I told him not to worry about it, that everything was good. I looked at my wife and asked her if this was the one and he looked even more confused. She told me yes this is the one she wanted to try it with. I looked at him and asked if he would like to help me out with something. He asked what I had in mind and I told him that my wife has a girlfriend and she has had many threesomes with two females and a male, but now she wants to try a threesome with two males and her. I told him that my wife has chosen him to be that lucky male. So I asked him if he would be interested in going back to our place and help make her fantasy come true. He was shocked he thought about it and then asked me if this was some sort or prank or joke. I told him no that I was being serious. To make the point clear my wife walked over to him and started to rub his cock through his jeans and moved her g strings off to the side to show him her clean shaved pussy. She asked him if he would like to have it and you could see his mouth water. He said hell yeah he did and agreed to come with us.

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   We all jumped into my truck. My wife took her new friend to the back seat as I drove. I was watching them in the mirror. She was still rubbing his cock through his jeans, but now I could see him playing with her tits through her top and rubbing her ass cheek and squeezing it with his hand. She sat up a bit in the seat and I saw her remove her g stings. She threw them in the front seat. I saw his hand go straight for her pussy. As he was fingering and rubbing my wife’s pussy, she pulled his cock out of his jeans. She told me that she picked out a good one. I smiled and kept driving and watching. She bent down and put his cock in her mouth as he kept fingering and rubbing her pussy. He asked me again if I was ok with this and I told him if this is what she wanted I am very ok with it. I saw my wife sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. From what I could tell he was wider then I am and maybe a inch or two bigger. She was using one hand to jack his cock into her mouth as she went up and down his shaft.

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   He now had two fingers working in to her tight swollen pussy. His eyes were closed and my wife shot me a glace and a grin around his cock. I knew she was very happy. We pulled up into the drive and my wife took him out of her mouth. He put it back into his pants and she didn’t even grab her g stings. We got out of the truck and headed for the house. As soon as we were in I offered drinks and they both said sure and my wife led him to the living room. When I got out there to join them my wife had the radio playing and she was giving him a hot lap dance. He was just sitting on our couch as she was dancing in front of him removing her top and skirt. She climbed up on his lap and even hovered her pussy over his nose and lips to make sure he smelled her wetness. I put the drinks down on the end tables near the couch. As she kept dancing for him I saw her remove his jeans and shoes. She removed his underwear and again was dancing in his lap rubbing her pussy on his chest, and stomach. She bent down to where her head was on the floor with her pussy facing him shacking her ass and rubbing her pussy. He was licking his lips so badly.

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   She sat up and started to put his cock near her pussy but not in it. You could tell he so badly wanted to be there. She got on her knees on the floor with her ass and pussy facing him shaking her ass at him he started to rub his cock in his hand. She used her finger and called me over towards her. While still shaking her ass at him and dancing she dropped my jeans and underwear and threw them off to the side. She pulled me down in front of her and took my cock into her mouth and she kept shaking her ass at him and rubbing her clit with one of her hands. After she got me hard she turned back around towards him and took his cock in to her mouth, while she was doing this I laid down underneath her and lower her pussy to my face. I was licking her pussy and ass all over as I knew she was sucking the hell out of this guys cock above me. I heard her moaning, her pussy was juicy as hell, I heard him moaning I knew she had to be sucking his cock for all it was worth. I inserted a finger in her ass while I kept working on her pussy and she kept working on his cock. After I felt her have a huge orgasm I slide out from under her and glided my cock into her soaking wet pussy. Oh my god her pussy felt so good around my cock, he was playing with her tits, while she was cocking his cock and balls. She would suck his balls into her mouth while she jacked him off then change her position to his cock in her mouth while she rubbed his balls you could tell he was in bliss. I was moving in and out of my wife’s pussy while I watched all this action. After about fifteen minutes of me fucking my wife from behind as she sucked this strangers cock in my living room she begged me to let her feel his cock in her, I gave her, her wish and pulled out.

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   She climbed up into his lap and sat down on his cock gliding it in to her wanting pussy she had her back to him with her feet on the floor and he was reaching behind her groping her nipples and tits pinching and squeezing them she told me to step up so she can taste her pussy juices off my cock. She has always loved tasting pussy no matter if its hers or someone else’s off my cock. . I stepped up and she swallowed me all the way down to my balls she held my ass cheeks as she moved her head in a fury on my cock trying to savor the juices that were on it. She started to lift her self off this guys cock and lowering her self down on it. She was picking up a good pace. I told him while she was fucking him to slightly choke her from behind. He asked me if I was sure and I said I was. He did as I told him and wrapped his hands around her neck as she was bobbing up and down on both of our cocks with her pussy and mouth. She was groaning so loud you could tell she was ready to have a explosive orgasm. She popped me out of her mouth and started to almost jump up and down on his cock while it was inside her. She stopped to reposition herself. She turned her body towards him and had his hands go around her back for support. She lower her back till her head reached the floor she told him to fuck her pussy the hardest he could. He started thrusting his cock in to her and she lower me down to her and again put me into her mouth.

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   He was pounding her pussy good while she furious worked my cock into her mouth. Her tongue ring was working magic on my shaft. We held this position for a while when she pulled me out of her mouth again and said her back was starting to hurt. This time she told him to lay down on the couch and she stood up. She started to suck her juices off his cock while I entered her pussy from behind a second time. My god my wife’s pussy felt so damn good. Her juices were really flowing. I could only imagine how many orgasm’s she has had so far. We fucked like this for a while. While I was fucking her from behind, I put my finger in her ass she really started to moan. She was going up and down working the hell out of his cock with her mouth. He grabbed her hair (which normally she don’t like at all) and started to force his cock faster and faster in to her wanting horny mouth. She wasn’t stopping him which shocked the hell out of me. I started spanking her ass cheeks, with my free hand as I fucked her pussy and fingered her ass. She had such a orgasm that she exploded all around my shaft her juices splashed all around my cock.

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   She pulled his cock out of her mouth and pulled my cock out of her pussy. She laid on top of his chest and glided her pussy back on to his cock. She took my hand in hers and glided me towards the head of the couch to where she could once again suck the juices off my cock. He was pounding in to her pussy as they laid on top of each other and she was sucking my cock and balls cleaning up all her juices. After a bit he said he was ready to cum and asked her where she wanted it. She asked me if he could cum inside her because she wanted to feel it. I told her if that is what she wanted then it was fine by me. He started to pound her tender sweet hot pussy with his cock getting it into her as far as he could. She was deep throating my cock in her mouth. He started to groan and she started to moan around my cock. You could tell he was exploding his cum deep inside her. He started to groan even harder, which I knew that meant she was milking his cock with her pussy muscles. She let me pop out of her mouth as she savored him cumming inside of her. She pulled off him and had him sit up on the couch. She got on her knees again and started to suck his cummed, pussy juiced, cock into her mouth getting both flavors at once.

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   I once again got behind her and started to glide my throbbing cock deep into her now cummed filled pussy. I could hear her’s and his juices slopping around my cock as it went in and out of her pussy. He was using his hand in her hair to once again glide her head on his cock while she was rubbing her clit from underneath her self. I was ready to explode after a few moments of this. She knew I was she pulled him out of her mouth long enough to tell me to also cum in her pussy because she wanted to see what it would be like to be doubled filled. I started pounding the hell out of her pussy as she moaned and jacked him off with her hand. I exploded into her pussy. I would say this was the biggest cum explosion I have ever had. Filled her pussy, she started to milk my cock like she did to his and it felt so wonderful. After I was done she sat me on the couch next to him and while jacking one of us off sucked on the other back and forth. When she felt she had us clean enough she told us not to move that she was going to jump in the shower to clean up really fast. As she was cleaning up he explained to me that he has never done anything like this before. I told him nether have we. He asked me what was next and I told him I didn’t have a clue my wife is the boss and runs the show.
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       She grabbed both of our cocks and said she wanted to go to the bedroom. We followed her up stairs and to the bedroom. She laid us both on the bed and got on her knees on the bed between us and started to jerk us off and work one cock then the other into her mouth moving back and forth. He started to rub her pussy again and I started to rub her ass, she got us hard and rolled over on to his chest. She slide his cock back into her pussy, I was moving towards her mouth when she stopped me. I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing was wrong. She said she wanted to try something else she never did before, she was bouncing on his cock as I asked her what that was. She told me she wanted me to get my cock in her ass. She wanted to try to DP for the very first time. I said alright and stood up be hind her. He was pounding her pussy and slide towards, the edge of the bed to give me easier access. I used the juices coming off her pussy to lube up her ass while watching his cock going in and out of her pussy. I was watching her pick soft lips sticking to the sides of his cock as he pulled out of her and how they all went in as he pushed back in to her pussy. I used a finger in her pussy first as I stroked my cock in my hand watching my wife be fucked by this stranger. I could feel his cock moving against my finger in her ass.

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       As I worked her ass open I inserted two fingers and she moaned even more. He was just pounding the shit out of her pussy he would thrust in all the way stop for a second and pull out slowly and pound it back deep inside her. I lined my cock to her ass hole and pulled my fingers out. Before it could totally close up I placed the head of my cock into it. I started to slide my cock slowly into her pussy while I was felling his cock thrusting in to her pussy underneath me. She was moaning so loudly now. I asked her if she was ok, she told me hurts a bit but please don’t fucking stop. So I started to slide my cock in and out slowly working in it deeper and deeper into her ass, while her pussy was getting pounded from his cock. I could almost feel our shafts rubbing each other while I started to fuck her ass hole faster and faster and he kept meeting me thrust for thrust on her pussy. You could feel us both throbbing against each other as she was basically gripping the sheets in a death grip with her hands and biting her lips. She was moaning so loud. She exploded around us. With in a few minutes from her orgasm we told her we were about to explode too. She told me to fill her ass and told him to fill her pussy. We did as she wished and we even timed it to where we both exploded into her at the same time.

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       She basically went limp on top of him. We filled her holes. As we pulled out he flipped her on her back to his chest. He told her it was his turn to have that ass. She told us she was not sure she could handle anymore, but stop speaking as she felt his cock gliding into her cum filled ass hole. She bit her lip and started to pinch her nipples and twist her tits in her hand. He pulled her legs up to where his cock was deep in her ass and I could put her legs on my shoulders. I stepped up and slipped my cock into her once again into her cummed filled pussy. It felt so good around my hard stiff cock. He was pounding her ass fast and hard. I could feel the head of his cock hitting the shaft of my cock as he kept pulling in and out of her pink tight ass hole. We were fucking her so hard our cum that we shot into her ass and pussy was coming out with everyone of thrust. I saw his cum dripping onto his balls every time I pulled out just streaming down her pussy, my cum was running down the crack of her ass down to his belly. She was just moaning so loud her hands reaching above her gripping the sheets behind her, her toes were curled sitting on my shoulders. I we kept pounding it in to her ass and pussy I turned my head towards her right foot and sucked her toes into my mouth.

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       I have never done this before and it really pushed her over the top. She had such a orgasm she actually splashed her pussy juiced, mixed with his cum all around my cock towards my chest. He kept fucking her tight asshole with deep fast strokes, even tho all three of us were now drenched. When I felt ready to cum again, he shouted it at the same time. That he had to cum. I removed her toes from my mouth, and pushed he knees towards her chest. This made her pussy even tight around my shaft, and tighter around his cock in her ass. We had a few more hard fast strokes going into her pussy and ass when we both exploded for a third time into her now swollen, throbbing, pussy. We had to both be cumming, filling her up for at least five minutes. We stayed in that position for a while all catching our breaths, sweat pouring down us. Our cocks throbbing inside of her, her pussy was throbbing around my cock, her asshole shaking around his cock,we finally pulled out of her and she rolled on to the sheet on the bed spent. I thanked him for the great adventure told him I would drop him off at his car. I kissed my wife and told her I would be right back. Her body was still quivering all over. I took him back to the club, he was telling me that if she ever wanted to try more the 2 he had some friends he could bring that would jump all over it.

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       He gave mehis number thanked me and I headed home. When I got home my wife was in a bath. I bent down and we kissed. She thanked me for such a great experience, she asked me to join her which I did. We cuddled in the bath for bit and then went back to our bedroom. We made love again and it was so perfect, I told her his offer she said she would think about it. She called her girlfriend the next morning to tell her about the experience. Her girlfriend told her maybe next time we should have a few guys involved for the two of them to enjoy together while enjoying each other at the same time. Well I guess that would be another story to write about if it ever happens. So keep a look out you never know what might happen……………………. .


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