Nate sets me a task to complete while he is away on business.


Nate was away on business, but that didnt mean I could rest on my laurels, he had set me a task.

The message came through while I was on a night out with my housemate who of course had no idea that I was now into cock and was being fucked regularly by our boss Nate for cash and other benefits.


I was stunned, he really wanted me to be fucked by someone else? But how? I was out with my house mate and no where near a gay club, how could I explain it?

A plan formulated in my mind, I hit the internet on my phone and posted an ad on craigslist, I needed a top to fuck me super discreetly at home, downstairs while my housemate slept

Just the thought of it had me nursing a semi in the club. . . .

We got home in the early hours, my housemate headed straight to bed. This was my chance! I jumped straight onto the PC and started filtering through the responses to my Ad

After explaining what I was after to people. I had a prime candidate ready to fuck my fat arse, he understood that it must be safe and super super discreet!

I headed to the stairs which were right infront of the unlocked door, I set up my phone to record from a nice angle and waited, bent over on the stairs my chunky arse in the air and ready to be owned.

I was listening to my house mate snoring above me as I lay presented on the stairs, then I heard the door slowly open, I felt rough hands grab at my hungry arse, I stayed bent over and pointed to the stair above my head where a condom and a bottle of lube sat ready.

It wasnt long before I was feeling cold lube being rubbed against my hole, his finger slipped inside and like a good slut I arched my back and purred.

Then I felt it, his cock. . . it.

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  . . was. . . MASSIVE

I had no idea of the length yet. . . but the girth! I let out a low grunt as he pressed his massive bellend into my arsehole.

Before I could properly prepare myself, a large rough hand clamped over my mouth as he slid his entire cock into me up to the balls in one long smooth deliberate motion.

I screamed into his hand, he had me well muffled, there was noone who could hear me or help me now as I sat impaled on this massive member.

He pulled me up roughly, his hand still on my mouth and his cock still buried deep in my arse he wrapped his spare hand around my chest and began to fuck me vigorously.

I felt like I was being torn in half! The pain was real but there was a rising undercurrent of pleasure,as I relaxed into it the pleasure deepened, I was moaning into his large hand still clamped over my mouth.

Before I knew what was happening I was spraying hot cum all over the stairs, eyes rolled back I was in ecstasy! I went limp after my orgasm, he yanked his cock out of me and pulled me around to face him. He was ready to come, wanking himself in my face, I opened my mouth and let him rest his bellend on my tongue.



With a stiffled grunt he began to cum, he completely missed my mouth and hit me all over my face with wave after wave of hot sticky cum

As I knelt at the bottom of my stairs covered in cum, he pulled up his pants and left, I turned to my phone and winked

Hope Nate is proud of his little whore. .