New Uncle and Submissive Aunt part 2


I woke up the next morning very sluggish, partly for being slightly hung over, and mostly from not being able to sleep thinking about the night before and what happened. After I got up, I walked to the kitchen and Aunt Kathy was standing there, leaning on the counter flipping through a sales paper. I noticed she was looking sexy, something I wouldn't have noticed before. I paused, and she looked up and saw me. She quickly put her head back down and said "good morning". I said good morning back and then walked to the fridge to get some milk. It was very awkward to say the least.

I grabbed my glass of milk and went and sat in the same place I was sitting the night before. For the next 20 minutes or so Kathy never said a word. I asked " where is Todd?" She said "He's still in bed". I looked outside, there was snow on the ground, but part of me just wanted to walk home and escape the awkwardness. After an hour or so, Todd came out, I was relieved. As he walked through, he gave Kathy a big slap on the ass and said "get me some coffee please. " As he walked to the couch and sat down.

He was his joking self, and I was glad. I thought he may have regretted what happened and be real pissed off.


   He wasn't. He asked " did you sleep good last night? " I lied "yes I did" he just laughed and said " I bet you did, you hit a milestone last night. " He laughed, so I laughed with him. Kathy continued to read something on the kitchen counter. It was very uncomfortable, but I was incredibly hard at the same time. I was dissapointed when Todd said "I'll give you a ride home, it's nasty outside".

So I got my stuff together, and was ready to walk out the door. Todd kissed Kathy on the forehead and said "be back in a bit. " I said "bye Aunt Kathy" like I always did. She didn't look up but quietly said "bye, we'll see you on Friday". So I jump in the car and Todd immediately asked me " so what did you think?" I said " it was awesome!" He said " yes it was". I asked "Did she want to do that?" He said " ofcourse she did, she did it didn't she?" Then he went on to a story " you are fucking lucky, I would have killed for that when I was your age. "

I got up the nerve to ask him " will she do it again, or was this a one time thing?" Todd laughed and said " do you want her to?" I said "hell yeah I do". He said "come back by this evening". I wanted to ask for what, but I just left it alone.

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I stayed in my room all day long, I was playing video games, jerking off and pacing waiting for evening. In the early afternoon hours I started thinking " 3pm is evening right?" I remember walking out of my room at lIke 530pm. My parents had pizza, which u grabbed a piece realizing I hadn't eaten all day. I put my coat on and headed toward the door. My dad said "where are you going?" I said I have to drop a game off to Nathan. I didn't have to lie, I could have said I was going to Kathy's and no one would have thought anything of it, it's just the frame of mind I was in.

I think I ran half way and then slowed down. I didn't want to show up sweating and breathing hard. I walk up the steps and knock on the door. Todd answered with a huge smile and said come on in. He closed the door behind me as I could hear Kathy's footsteps hurrying along, but I didn't see her. I went in and had a seat, same seat as the night before and Todd sat down on the other side of the couch. He said " she'll just be a minute, she's getting ready. "I sat curious about what she was doing to get ready, but I didn't ask. Todd asked if I wanted a beer, and I ssid no, because I couldn't stay late.

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A couple of minutes later I hearda door open down the hall, and the anticipation and nerves was about to make me pass out. My eyes dried out because I didn't blink, waiting for her to appear out of the hall. I saw her head peak around, looking at the front window, I assume making sure the blinds were closed, she looked over at us for a quick second, then turned the corner slowly walking over toward me again. This time, she wasn't wearing anything. She had her beasts covered with her hands, and looked at the ground as she knelt in front of me again. Now I was hard on my way over there, but now I couldn't describe how hard I was. Her body, slightly thick and dark, as she spent a good deal of time in her tanning bed. I had seen a naked girl before, and loved it bit this was a new level of excitement.

Once again, she rubbed my cock through my jeans and then started undoing my pants (I didn't have a belt this time). She pulled it out and stroked it, and looked at it, then liced it from top to bottom. I heard Todd say " yeah baby, lick it for him. "I heard her moan a little and that turned me on even more, as I watched her , turned sideways, go up and down slowly. I was watching her with intent, and couldn't help but look down her back, at her naked ass, and heels below it. Todd quietly said " lick his balls baby. "Without hesitating, she flipped her hair back an scooted lower , as I felt her tongue hit the bottom of my sack whule she held my dick in her hand.

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  It felt wonderful!.

I actually started losing my breath a little, so I actually held my breath which wasn't smart, but I think it kept me from cumming so quick. She raised back up, adjusted her hair again and started sucking it, head bobbing up and down as I looked at her scalp. I heard Todd laugh out loud a few times, bit I never looked over at him, I was focused on her. She did little things with her tongue thay made me shake. I had definitely lasted longer than the first time, bit it still wasn't long at all. I extended my legs and I knew I was going to cum, but I didn't say anything, I think she knew. Her head started moving faster til I shot in her mouth again. I was breathing hard as hell, and when she pulled her lips from it, I coukd tell she was too.

Just like the last time, she wiped her mouth with her hand as she used the couch to help herself up, and she walked away, down the hall. She didn't look at me or say anything, but she walked away slowly, those ass cheeks moving in such a way that I knew I would never look at her the same again. After I heard her door shut, I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When I came back to the living room, Todd was on the phone, he paused for a second just to say "see you on Friday?"I said " absolutely!"

The biggest problem I had in a while was that Friday was 6 days away:(and I counted down every minute of it!.
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