Not so forever lost.


"Chelsea?" Zack called. She had left him with only the company of the TV, claiming she was hungry. He was already growing bored of the comedy show that happened to be on, even though she'd only been gone a few minutes. He could not stop thinking about last night. . .

It began several years before when they met in church. From the moment Zack saw her, he knew she was the one. He could never stop thinking about her, and she seemed to have a thing for him as well. They stopped attending the same church together though, because they still lived with their parents and it wasn't their decision. But last night, they had met at a party, both delighted to have found each other after so long. Zack had suggested they hang out at his place, but had no idea how much Chelsea had missed him. He drove them back to his apartment, as she was slightly tipsy. They had a few drinks, and started fooling around.

Zack noticed the blanket around his waist moving the more he thought about it. .



She was the aggressor that night, but he didn't mind. He remembered how soft her lips were, how perfectly her breasts fit in his hands, and how warm her embrace was.

As he started to think about the dirtier parts of the night before, Chelsea walked back in holding two bottles. "I thought you said you were hungry?" Zack said, amused. "I am, for you. Been thinking about last night?" She responded. "Can't stop. . . You're so beautiful. " She blushed and looked down, then handed him one of the beers. "Why not?" he said, and popped it open. She noticed the bump in his blankets, got up from the chair by the door and slowly walked towards the bed where Zack lay. "You look like you're ready for some fun.

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  " She said in a dirty tone. Zack looked up from the TV just in time to see her bra fall to the ground behind her, as she climbed slowly into the bed. Her breasts were so perfect. She leaned in and started kissing him softly. She really knew how to tease a man. . . Her tongue moved slowly over his, one of her hands on his chest, the other on herself. She teased her perfect nipples, letting loose a slight moan as she moved her other hand towards his cock. He was getting harder every second, and reached one hand to her breast and began helping her tease herself. . She moaned ever so slightly as her hand reached his member, and began to cradle his balls. By now, Zack had a full erection and was ready for some real action, and Chelsea knew that already. She began kissing her way down from his mouth to his neck, and down past his chest. She finally reached his fully erected organ and began licking under his sack.

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   Damn, she knew that turned him on. She stroked his cock slowly as she licked his balls, gradually moving up his shaft to his head, and began sucking on it. All the while she looked up at him with her flowing brown hair half covering her face, her blue eyes keeping contact with his. He pushed his fingers slowly through her hair, admiring her flawless face which she always kept hidden behind her hair. She began moving back towards his mouth, obviously ready for some cock inside her. He could tell she was wet and ready to go. She carefully lowered herself over his cock, which penetrated her soaking pussy. She began moaning more and more, the further in he got. He could no longer hold himself back, and began thrusting himself deep inside her. She let out a loud squeal and then began to move with his motions, in perfect harmony. She grasped at his back, leaving long red marks as she bit his lip. Her eyes were closed and her breasts hung beautifully above his chest, shaking as they rocked the bed together. She began gasping as she neared climax, begging him for more. Her pussy tightened around him, pushing him towards ejaculation as well. With one final scream, she threw her head in the air as he pushed as hard as he could, exploding inside of her.

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   Their juices flew freely between them and soaked the clean bedsheets. She practically collapsed on the bed beside him, frozen in ecstasy for what seemed like the perfect eternity. He loved that look in her eyes. . .

Possibly to be continued. .