Not The Whendonverse Pt. 01 Chap. 03


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own The Astonishing X-Men, The Runaways, or the characters from them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: MC, Multiple Pairings, Noncon-Con, Teen, First

This Is Not The Whedonverse Pt. 01 Chap. 03
The Astonishing X-Men With Special Guest Stars The Runaways
By Muhabba

And what brings you here today?” Emma took a moment to ask before unleashing a psychic wave.

A small smile tugged at the corner of Nova’s mouth as she easily blocked Emma's attack. “Now, now, Emma. No need for that. We’re all friends here,” she chided.

A sudden memory flashed through Shaw’s mind before quickly disappearing; Emma Frost as a dancer at the Hellfire Club, large breasts swaying back and forth on her chest, pale nipples hard on her tits, tiny G-string pulled tight and disappearing between her sculpted ass-cheeks. As the memory faded his cock hardened.

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With a smirk Nova released her own psychic powers, freezing Emma in place and blocking her mutant abilities. “No more need for that, dear Emma,” she said before turning to the rest of the group. “Well, I think it’s obvious that something has been infecting the school as Warhead warned us. ”

“Was that me?” Warhead asked in her usual confused way. “I wasn’t sure. ”

“I’ll teach the bitch to attack the Hellfire Club,” Shaw snarled as he began unfastening his pants.

“Oh, Shaw,” Nova said, slightly bemused. “Always so easy to influence. ”She quickly took over the large man’s muscular body and sent him to stand next to Emma. “Apparently whatever is causing this needs very little in the way of opportunity in order to spread it’s infection. ”

“Sex,” Perfection said in a flat, monotone voice from beneath the grey cloak.

“A powerful motivator, indeed,” Nova said in agreement. “Easy to access in any human, but for what ends?”

“Creeping through the halls on kitten’s feet,” Warhead said in a creepy sing-song voice.

Cassandra thought for a moment. “Agreed,” she said.

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  “Warhead, Perfection, if you would please. You can check on the students to see how far this infection has spread. I will remain with Miss Frost to try and uncover the source and to see how badly it has affected our own plans. ”

Without saying a word Warhead and Perfection left the room and Nova turned her attention to Emma. “Now Emma dear, what has happened to make you fall so far so quickly. ”

Emma glared down at the short woman. “Release me and I’ll show you,” she said seductively as she licked her lips.

“No, no. I don’t think so,” Cassandra responded. “I’ve left all that behind me a long time ago. Perhaps. . . Shaw?Sebastian, how do you feel?”

“Horny enough to fuck the crack of dawn,” Shaw said as he stared lustfully at Emma’s tight ass.

Cassandra smirked, “How quaint.

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  And what would you do should I release you?”

“Fuck this bitch into submission,” Shaw answered as he nodded his head towards Emma.

“I’m sure the two of you could accomplish it,” Emma said to both of her captives. “Wouldn’t you like that Cassandra?When was the last time you felt that type of release?”

“Hmmm,” Cassandra nodded. “Shaw seems to have eyes only for you, dear Emma. But you seem to be unconcerned as to the object of your attentions. Perhaps Shaw’s infection is only slight, compared to you, since he appears to be able to pick and choose his targets. Hmmm, perhaps. . . Shaw?”

“Yessss,” Shaw hissed as he stared at Emma’s large tits.

Cassandra closed her eyes and held a open palm up to Shaw. “Since Emma is so more far gone than you I’ll be entering your mind. Close your eyes and tell me what you see. ”

Shaw obediently close his eyes. “I see Emma on a stage at the Hellfire Club, dancing,” he grunted.

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“And there’s a audience around her, Shaw. Who’s in the audience?” Cassandra asked.

“The X-Men's leader, Cyclops, the fur ball Wolverine, some green haired woman, their little pet Shadowcat, and a bunch of kids. Their scientist McCoy and the dead one, Colossus, are coming in the door now,” he said as he continued to stare at Emma on stage. In the dream she grabbed a nearby chair and sat down, spreading her long legs.

“And in the manager’s office, Shaw. Who’s in there?”A sheen of sweat broke out across Cassandra’s bald head as the psychic projection she had built in Shaw’s mind started to buckle suddenly.

“The office is mine. I’m in the audience, watching the show,” Shaw said with authority as Emma began playing with her pussy in his mind.

“No, no, Shaw,” Cassandra said, increasing the psychic pressure to maintain her projection in Shaw’s mind. “Someone has taken over your office. Who, Shaw?Who is in there. ”

“Leave me be, woman,” Shaw snapped as Shadowcat crawled up onto the stage and began nuzzling Emma’s wet cunt.

“The office, Shaw,” Cassandra ordered. “Now.

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  ”Her body began to tremble with the effort of her telepathic command on top of her psychic projection.

“Leave. Me. Be!” Shaw shouted as he tried to approach the stage.

Cassandra’s command came out as a dry hiss, barely audible as sweat rolled from her brow, “Now. ”

Shaw struggled for a moment more, his pride as a man of honor tickling in the back of his mind. As much as his primal lust was boiling in his blood, he had given his word and pledge to the new Hellfire Club. “So be it,” he growled as he forced himself away from the stage. He struggled towards his office door, each footstep forward a slight victory. The urge to surrender and turn back around, to climb onto the stage and take the two women was nearly overpowering him but he refused to bow to his baser desires. With a trembling hand he reached out and grasped the handle to his office door and pushed, but the sturdy door refused to budge.

“The door, Shaw,” Cassandra gasped. “Force the door. ”

Shaw knew that he was in a mere psychic projection inside his own mind but he still activated his mutant power as a matter of belief. He believed his power to turn kinetic energy into strength would allow him to force the door and with a mighty shove of his straining arms the door shattered against his strength.

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  His eyes shot open in fear and awe as the color drained from his face.

“The office, Shaw,” Cassandra hissed. “What’s in the office?”

Shaw could barely speak through his dry mouth and numb tongue, “A mountain. A mountain the size of the sky. Filled with storm clouds. Clouds with wings and yellow eyes. ”Suddenly the door he had shattered slammed shut in front of him.

As Shaw’s imaginary door slammed shut Cassandra was flung back against the wall as invisible force slammed against her. She slid limply to the ground in a stunned daze, unable to move momentarily as she stared at her captives. “Your doing, I suppose, Miss Frost?” she said with a sly grin as she wiped away a trickle of blood from her nose.

“I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about, Cassandra,” Emma said coyly. She returned her attentions to Shaw, trying to force her subdued powers back to seducing him. With the slight connection her attack had built she slowly began feeding him the sexiest, most depraved images that she could think of.

“Mmm, so be it,” Cassandra mumbled as she struggled to regain her feet. “Since I obviously can’t leave the two of you alone, I suppose I’ll just have to take you with me,” she said as she walked over to the office door and forced Emma and Shaw to follow her.

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“Here,” Perfection whispered, pointing at a door.

“Boys,” Warhead said as she looked out the window opposite the door. “So much to give what they’re distracted by. ”

Perfection held the door open as Warhead wandered inside. The room was filled with steam and the grunts and moans of sex could be heard coming from the shower room. Warhead wandered vaguely in the direction of the grunts and moans and poked her head into the shower room.

Kitty was on her hands and knees on the wet shower room floor but she wasn’t holding herself up, she didn’t need to. On the floor underneath her one of her students had both of her firm tits in his hands as he thrust his hard cock deep inside of her tight pussy. In front of her another student held her head in his hands as he thrust his dick into her warm mouth and down her wet throat. And behind her a third student held her waist tightly as he buried his prick inside of her clutching ass.

The boys had been struck dumb the instant Miss Pryde had entered the locker room and then their confusion had grown with every bit of clothing she had stripped off until, entirely nude, she had walked into the showers and started masturbating. All the boys had stood around her, watching hungerly, as she suddenly dropped to her knees and started sucking one of them off. She had quickly finished him off, swallowing his entire load before starting on the next stiff cock. It wasn’t until she started sucking the third prick that one of the students knelt down behind her and started fondling her tight body. He quickly shoved his dick into her tight pussy and began fucking her doggy style as she kept sucking the dick of the third student.

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As both boys came inside of their horny teacher the rest had begun taking turns with her, one boy having her on the floor, the next boy fucking her against the wall, and another just wrapping her toned legs around his waist and fucking her standing up. But then the dam of their patience had broke and they all rushed her, pulling and yanking at her sexy body, gripping and squeezing her silky flesh, rubbing their hard pricks on ever square inch of her skin and thrusting their hard poles into whatever hole they could get to. And Miss Pryde had groaned and moaned in lust and pleasure the entire time as she came again and again.

Kitty would have loved to have spent the entire day fucking the whole boys’ gym class but the need to spread sex through all the school began to over ride her immediate lust. As one of her students popped his load inside of her greedy body she had taken a moment to catch her breath before directing one of the last boys to lay down flat on his back. She quickly straddled his hips and then slowly sank herself down onto his thick prick and leaned forward to let him suck at her tits. A small shoving match occurred between the last two boys until one of them managed to make his way behind her upthrust ass and began slowly filling her tightest hole. She gasped out in pleasure the instant he started to fill her, giving the last boy easy access to her open mouth. With all of her holes filled with young, eager cock she had begun rocking her body back and forth, fucking all three boys at once.

Taking on three dicks at once had Kitty so excited that her orgasm quickly built inside of her. As each of the boys lost their rhythm they began just raggedly fucking into her body, knocking her back and forth and side to side. She knew that they were about to pop by the way their hard shafts throbbed inside of her and the way their hips slammed against her body. She wanted to cum with them, all four of them at the same time and began working her body to bring them back to a unified rhythm. She began rubbing her tongue against the salty length fucking her mouth, rolling her hips to grind her sizzling clit against the boy underneath her and clenching tight on the cock fucking into her ass.

Finally, all at once, all three boys held Kitty’s body firmly, burying their hard pricks balls deep into her body, filling her with their thick cum as she felt her orgasm crest and begin to wash over her at the same time that she noticed a strange girl watching her cum with her students.

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  Her fighting instincts took over instantly and she immediately phased her naked body out from between the boys, causing them to fall in a stunned, twitching, orgasming heap on the floor. “Who the flamin’ hell are you?” she demanded as she got to her feet and assumed a fighter’s stance.

“Kittens prowling the hall while Kitten gets petted,” Warhead said in her little sing-song voice.

“Right, sure. Makes perfect sense,” Kitty said sarcastically. She motioned for her students to gather behind her in order to block them from any possible harm but their sense of fear was gone as they stared hungerly at her ass. “How’d you get into the school?” she asked through clenched teeth.

The strange girl pulled her head out from the doorway as she muttered, “Bored now,” and in a instant Kitty phased through the wall and gripped the back of the girl’s strange outfit and forced her to the wall. As she held the girl against the wall she noticed another intruder in a gray cloak watching her. “And who are you?” she growled.

Perfection held up a white gloved hand. “I am no one. You do not see me. I am not here,” Perfection whispered.

“Right,” Kitty agreed before turning back to the girl.

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  “You going to answer me?Who are you and how did you get here,” she demanded, shivering slightly as the cool air caressed her wet, naked body.

Warhead could feel Kitty shivering pressed up against her back. “Kitten shivers in the naked cold. Maybe some Hellfire to keep Kitten warm?” she sang.

A strange warmth seemed to lick at Kitty’s body and her fighting instincts automatically forced her to react before she even knew what was happening. She slammed the strange intruder’s head into the wall, stunning her. “What was that?” she wondered as the warmth slowly left her naked body. She rolled the girl onto her back and used her mutant ability to phase the girl’s outfit off, leaving her nude. “Oh boys,” she called out and was immediately surrounded by horny teenage boys. “Today for class we will be studying ‘Interrogation Techniques’,” she said as she grinned down at the vulnerable, naked girl.

Perfection watched the start of Warhead’s infection, still masked from being seen or heard by Kitty or the students. After deciding that enough information had been seen the mysterious figure exited the shower room and contacted Nova telepathically. “Nova, Warhead is lost to us. The infection spreads through sexual contact. And it appears as though the energy released during orgasm is then syphnened away,” Perfection thought towards Nova, gliding down the hall.



“I’ve come to the same conclusion,” Cassandra responded telepathically. “Shaw is also lost to us to a lesser but growing extent. ”

“Perhaps with Shaw’s lesser infection we could trace the fount,” Perfection thought back.

“I agree,” Nova said. “Continue observing the students. Perhaps cultivating multiple infectees we can find the source more quickly. Nothing can have the opportunity to halt our plans. ”

“Agreed,” Perfection answered. “I shall report any changes,” and with that the connection was broken and Perfection continued down the hall.


“Say that again?” Wing asked dumbfounded.

“Thank you. It was already very nice but you could have been more gentle,” the young psychic named Blindfold said.

Wing had flown the halls as fast as he could after he had decided who he next wanted to fuck next. He had landed as quietly as he could at Blindfold’s door and tried to sneak in, wanting to finally, just for once, get the jump on his psychic schoolmate. He’d expected surprise or shock or something along those lines, not what he had found.

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  What he had found was the young girl naked on her bed, her long, dark hair mussed around her head, covered in sweat and panting erotically as she was obviously coming down from a orgasm. “I don’t. . . what. . . what happened?” he stammered.

Blindfold stretched out her nude body, arms above her head, pulling her small breasts high up on her chest. The sweat gleamed on her naked body as she used her fingers to comb out her mussed hair. “I understand, yes,” she said as she looked around, which always struck Wing as strange since she didn’t have eyes. “You snuck up on me as you did just now both times and took me. I came so many times before you did what you’ve been doing. ”

“I don’t. .

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  . I didn’t. . . ” Wing stammered as he stared bewildered at her naked body. “Wait. You had a vision of what I was going to do so you went ahead and did it before I got here?”

“Yes. And you were very satisfactory,” Blindfold said as she somehow found her usual baggy clothes and began to get dressed. “We’ve already infected others that we need to infect before it’s over,” she said as she walked past Wing and into the hall.

Wing stared in confused as Blindfold left him alone in her room. “But. . . but I didn’t get to do anything yet. ”

“And you were very satisfactory at it,” Blindfold said from the hall, leaving Wing alone with his throbbing, neglected erection.

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“So, how are we going to handle this?” Nico asked as she stood in the doorway to Xavin and Karolina’s room.

The three naked teammates looked up at Nico from Karolina and Xavin’s now sticky bed. Karolina looked at Chase’s and Xavin’s spent cocks and then up at Nico. She was just as exhausted as Chase and Xavin but there was no way she was going to miss a chance to finally fuck her sexy Asian friend. “Well, Xavin and Chase are a bit tired right now,” she said as she stood up and sauntered over to Nico. “Not to mention myself but there’s now way I”m missing out on taking care of you. ”She reached Nico and embraced her, molding her naked body to her friend’s.

Nico and Karolina giggled at each other as they hugged, pressing their bodies together. “Be gentle with me?” Nico asked as she smiled coyly.

“Not on your life,” Karolina whispered back before giving Nico a quick kiss on the lips. The next kiss was longer as Karolina ran her hands up and down Nico’s back. As she relaxed the Asian girl began running her hands down Karolina’s naked body to her firm ass. Karolina moaned in pleasure into Nico’s mouth as she slowly ran her tongue across the Goth girl’s lips.

Nico smiled through the kiss as she moaned in pleasure into Karolina’s mouth. It felt like a wall had collapsed between them, allowing them to finally be close as they kissed and their hands explored each others’ bodies.

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  So caught up in their passionate kiss Nico failed to notice Karolina’s skilled fingers undoing her top until it slid to the floor at her feet. She broke the kiss to look down at her suddenly naked chest. “Wow, you’re good,” she giggled at her friend.

“You have no idea,” Karolina whispered as she began nuzzling Nico’s slender neck. “. . . yet. ”

Karolina shoved Chase and Xavin off of the bed and led Nico over to the mattress. She got down on her knees and quickly removed Nico’s boots and skirt, letting it flutter into a puddle around Nico’s feet. She looked up the length of Nico’s now naked body and grinned. “No underwear?You kinky girl. . . ”

There’s ah.

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  . . There’s a story behind that,” Nico said sheepishly.

“Don’t care,” Karolina said as she licked her lips. She slowly licked, kissed and nibbled her way up Nico’s body, causing the slender Asian girl to pant and moan as she slowly rose to her feet and stood nude in front of her. Karolina once again slowly molded her more voluptuous body around Nico’s more slender one, rubbing her heated flesh against her friend. She kissed Nico passionately, letting her tongue slide deeply into her friend’s mouth, enjoying the taste of her.

Across the room Chase sat on the floor next to Xavin, both enthralled by the lesbian sex show. As Karolina laid Nico down on the bed and then laid down on top of her Chase heard Xavin moan next to him. He looked at the shape shifting alien and had to admit that he was actually a hot looking chick. Xavin moaned again and Chase licked his lips as he thought about maybe taking a shot at him. . . or rather her. He liked the way her long, mussed blonde hair looked against her brown skin, her brown eyes were definitely sexy and she had some serious Dick-Sucking-Lips.

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  He looked over her impressive chest, easily C-cups, plus she could make them even bigger if she wanted. “Yeah, defiantly think I’ll give her a shot,” he thought as his eyes trailed down her sexy body to her slim waist and then her rock hard, seven inch cock. His eyes shot wide open in surprise. He’d forgotten Xavin had shape-shifted a cock for Karolina. “Um, never mind,” he muttered as his own prick softened and he went back to staring at Nico and Karolina.

Nico spread her slender legs wide open to allow Karolina easier access to her wet pussy. Karolina laid her head between Nico’s spread thighs and kissed the top of Nico’s wet slit. Nico cooed as Karolina began giving her horny cunt quick kisses and licks and she began rolling her hips up to meet Karolina’s mouth. She gripped the sheets as Karolina licked her wet slit from her puckered asshole to her clit and moaned low in her throat as Karolina slid her talented tongue into her hot hole.

Chase was torn between watching the hot lesbian action going on in front of him or the bizarre act of masturbation next to him. The act of Xavin squeezing and massaging her large tits with one hand while jacking her porn sized cock with her other hand definitely confused him and his head kept sweeping back and forth between both shows like he was watching a tennis match.

Karolina used her talented tongue to bring Nico to the brink of orgasm and then pulled her head up from the steamy juncture of Nico’s thighs. She slowly licked her way from Nico’s wet hole up to her flat stomach and licked her belly button, causing the Asian girl to shiver. She continued up Niko’s torso to her chest and her small, firm tits and quickly began nursing on the hard, dark nubs of her nipples. Nico was writhing in pleasure beneath her as she slid one arm down between their young, sweaty bodies.

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  She finished feasting on her friend’s small tits and raised her head up to peer into her friend’s beautiful face.

“I. . . I don’t know what to. . . ” Nico began before Karolina interrupted her.

“You do nothing, Nico,” Karolina said as she smiled warmly down at her leader. “I’ll do all the work. ”She bent down and lightly kissed Nico’s lips as her finger played at the entrance to her friends eager cunt. She ran her tongue past Nico’s lips and across her teeth as her finger slowly slit past Nico’s dewy labia. And as her tongue slid past Nico’s teeth she explored the inside of her mouth as her finger slid into Nico’s tight hole and began sliding against her tight, hot insides and her magical G-spot.

“Ohhh!” Nico moaned into Karolina’s mouth as she came, her hand pulling at the bed sheets as she thrust her hips up to meet Karolina’s talented finger and her juices covered her friend’s hand.

Chase’s hand slowly made it’s way over to one of Xavin’s large, brown tits as he watched Nico orgasm and the door to the bedroom suddenly opened.

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“Guys, there may be trouble. . . ” Victor said as he stood in the doorway with Klara and Molly behind him, “. . . right in here,” he finished as he slammed the door shut again.

“Ewww. . . ” Molly squealed as she stuck out her tongue.

“Oh Hell. . . ” Victor muttered as he used his electro magnetic powers to fuse the door lock shut.

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  He knew that it would only last a couple of seconds but it was a couple of seconds he could use.

Searching for the group after lunch Victor’s first clue that something was wrong had been finding Molly and Klara outside the main elevator to the labs waiting for the door. The girls had said that they’d been waiting forever for the elevator to open and so he used his robotic body to interface with the key pad and found out that the elevator had been locked down manually. He took the girls to look for Miss Pryde for Molly’s training session ane when he found her he had been stunned. The schools computer had told him that she was in the boy’s locker room but instead of finding her in the locker room office he found her in the shower fucking a dozen boys. He’d quickly taken the girls and rushed to Ms. Frost’s classroom and found her fucking her entire class as well. The girls had gotten lost on the way to the classroom but Victor, being a robot, was immune to the White Queen’s telepathic powers and didn’t even realize that Ms. Frost’s powers were affecting the girls. He had gathered the girls up and ran straight for the Runaway’s dorm room, finding the impromptu orgy.

It wasn’t hard for Victor to figure out something was wrong with the whole school, possibly connected to whatever phenomenon he’d caused mutants to lose their powers, so the safest bet was to leave and find help. With Chase infected he’d have to pilot the Leapfrog himself, which wasn’t hard, but getting to it now might be tricky.

“Victor, what were they doing in there?” Klara asked with worried eyes. “I couldn’t see from behind you. ”

“Blaugh!” Molly said, holding her stomach and pretending to gag.

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  “Kissing and special hugs. ”

“O. k. , sure. We’ll go with that,” Victor said, not really knowing how to answer Klara’s question. “We’ve got to make it to the Leapfrog,” he urgently told the girls. “We gotta go for help. ”

“Help for what?” Klara asked.

“Everybody’s acting strange,” Molly said, placing her fists on her hips and assuming the classic superhero pose. “Princess Powerful and her sidekicks have to save the day. ”

“Nooo. . . ” Victor said as the door shuddered behind him. “Princess Powerful and her sidekicks need to runaway and find some Avengers.


  Run for the Leapfrog!” he shouted as the door behind him shattered with the force of an explosion. He quickly turned around and saw Nico, Karolina, Chase and Xavin stepping through the rubble, all naked and judging by Chase and Xavin’s erections, all horny.

Nico smiled sweetly at Victor. “Victor, can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Girls!Run!” Victor shouted behind him as his electromagnetic powers flared around him, levitating him two feet off of the ground.

Molly’s powers flared around her as she lifted the closest object around, the couch, and threw it through the window. “Come on,” she said as she grabbed Klara and leapt through the whole in the wall.

Victor aimed a electromagnetic flare at the Leapfrog, thankful that Chase had moved it closer, and reprogrammed the locks to only respond to Molly or Klara. As his four friends approached him he prepared to fight them to give Molly and Klara time to get to safety, he didn’t expect to join them. “You realize that I’m a robot, right?Whatever’s affecting you won’t affect me. ”

“Oh, Victor,” Nico said as she used her fingernail to place a small cut on her arm, just enough for a small drop of blood to well up. “When Blood Is Shed, The Staff Of One Will Appear!” she spoke as magical energies flared to life around her and a purple staff appeared out of her chest.

“I hate magic,” Victor muttered as he and Nico attacked each other.


Jean and Emma had quickly stripped themselves naked and Scott had enjoyed the show. Jean had pale skin the color of cream and a curvy figure covered in plump flesh. Her large tits swayed and jiggled with every movement and were topped with bright pink nipples.

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  Her ass was toned and tight but still covered in plump, jiggling skin. And while Jean’s skin was the color of cream Emma’s was the color of snow, her figure toned and tight, her large tits barely moving they were so firm. Her nipples were pale and hard and her ass was high and tight.

Scott’s two wives embarrassed each other, rubbing and writhing as they kissed deeply and their hands flowed over each others’ sexy bodies. He unconsciously moaned and caught Jean and Emma’s attention.

“Tut, tut, tut you lazy boy,” Jean said as she stood away from Emma, showing off her naked, plump body to Scott.

“No rest for the wicked,” Emma said as she stood next to Jean, showing off her tight, nude body to Scott.

Both women held hands as they sauntered over to Scott, swaying their hips back and forth, causing their large tits to swing opposite their wide hips. It only took a few moments to strip their husband naked and then throw him back into his chair, his cock all ready rock hard. Both women sat on either side of him, Emma grasping his shaft and Jean grasping his balls as Emma began jerking him off. Scott stroked each womans’ hair, slightly nudging their sexy faces closer to his rigid prick. Both girls smirked at each other and switched, Emma now massaging his balls while Jean gave the hand-job.

Scott groaned in satisfaction while he thought about each woman’s different techniques. Emma had a lighter grip but she jerked him faster, twisting her wrist to work the sensitive tip of his shaft. Jean had a firmer grip twisting her wrist slowly up the shaft until she reached his tip and then working her way back down.

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  For a moment he wondered whose technique was better but then decided, “Who cares,” as his naked, sexy wives continued switching back and forth jacking his tool.

“Very good, Miss Frost,” Nova said as she watched Scott’s forced fantasy. “You’ve given him no reason to fight your projected dream. He has both you and Ms. Grey. He’s on a honeymoon meaning he thinks he can relax or choose at anytime to return to the X-Men. I’m very proud of this work,” she said as she pulled her mental focus back to Emma and Shaw. “And with every orgasm he feeds the infection, leaving you free due to your psychic rapport you share. Very, very clever. ”

“I’m glad you approve, Cassandra,” Emma sneered. “Care to feel how well it works?”

“No, no. I don’t think so Miss Frost,” Nova said as she waved her hand dismissively. “But it does prove my theory to me. ”

“And what theory is that?” Emma asked as she concentrated on Shaw, trying to pump his mind with every lewd, sexual thought she could.

Nova paced back and forth in front of her captives.

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  “The infection struck either earlier this morning or late last night and only partially infected you. The infection is passed through either psychic projection or any sort of sexual contact, infection physically or psychically, meaning it’s a metaphysical infection. You, still in command of your own will, purposefully infected your dear Scott so that the infection could feed off of his sexual release instead of yours through the rapport you share. This left you free to investigate, which I will assume is when you became fully infected. ”Nova stopped and looked up at Emma’s face, smiling wolfishly. “How am I doing so far?”

“So very good. ” Emma said coyly. “Let me give you a reward. ”

“I don’t think so Miss Frost,” Nova responded. “Instead of confronting the infection directly, as you must have done, Perfection and I will cultivate multiple contacts to locate the source of the infection and burn it out. Nothing must interfere in my plans. ”Nova walked in front of Shaw and lightly peered into his mind. She saw the psychic projection of the Hellfire Club and Shaw raping his way through the entire roster of X-Women past and present. “Between your infection of Summers and Shaw, and Warhead’s infection we have three contacts all ready,” she said as she peered over at Emma as she continued trying to influence Shaw. “I know what you’re doing, Miss Frost.

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Emma leered evilly at Nova. “It’s ‘Ms. ’,”

Nova glared at Emma, tempted to teach Frost a lesson but decided that the risk of infection was to great. There was no doubt in her mind that she could easily kill Frost but she couldn’t risk becoming infected. “Let us check on Ms. Frost’s other victim,” she said as she left Summers in his bed.

The three mutants arrived at the door to Wolverine’s room and peered inside. Nova nearly laughed out at what she saw, a small Asian girl riding a naked and subdued Wolverine. “Emma you are a genius,” she nearly cackled. “Please, tell me how you pulled this one off. ”

Emma spoke as she continued trying to feed Shaw every rape scenario she could dream up. Nova may have shut down her mutant powers but she was still connected to Shaw through the alien infection. “Hisako has a crush on Logan and Logan still has unrequited feelings for Jean Grey. I sent Hisako, under a telepathic illusion of Jean Grey, to Logan’s room and Logan followed the illusion. Hisako, already infected, infects Logan while delivering a psychic command for him to sleep and dream, similar to Scott.

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  Hisako continues having sex with him with all the enthusiasm a young girl can muster, continuously infecting and reinfecting him to the point that his healing factor can’t shake off the infection physically or mentally. ”

“I am absolutely amazed by you, Emma,” Nova said as she clapped her hands and laughed wickedly. “An now we have a fourth contact. ”


Hisako paid no attention to the three people standing in the doorway as she ass-fucked herself on Professor Logan’s still hard cock. She was leaning back in a reverse cowgirl, her hands on his chest to support her, her legs spread wide open, giving the people in the doorway a clear view of her wet pussy and stretched ass as it slowly swallowed her teacher’s cock. Sweat rolled and dripped off of her body as she slowly took the thick length into her horny, weary body. She just couldn’t get enough of sex with her professor. As far as she was concerned her body was made to fuck him.

The group in the doorway left as Hisako managed to get most of Professor Logan’s cock to fit in her tight ass. She wiped the rolling sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand as she braced herself for what came next. It had taken her ten minutes to find something to use as a lubricant, ten minutes without his precious dick inside of her before she had found a tub of Vaseline. She had worked her teacher’s shaft with her small hand until it gleamed with the Vaseline and then used her own slick fingers to pump and stretch her tiny asshole until she was sure she could take the whole length of him.

Hisako screwed her eyes shut in concentration and took a deep breath, pushing her small chest out as she quickly forced her tight ass down, taking Professor Logan’s last few inches. Her eyes shot open as she tried to scream, her mouth wide open and gaping in shock as a string of drool escaped from the corner of her mouth. Her entire body froze and she could feel the Professor’s cum suddenly filling her ass as she came with him.

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  The most intense feeling she had ever experienced crashed through her as she was cumming and it was like nothing she had ever felt before, like nothing she could even describe. “Oh Professor,” she squealed as her muscles sagged and her vision clouded. She collapsed back on top of her teacher’s muscular body, his cock still buried inside of her as she passed out.

“Fuck yes,” Logan growled as he came, filling Mystique’s tight, blue ass with his thick, hot cum. Emma was beneath him, between his legs, licking his balls as Mystique came at the same time, her ass stuck high in the air as she screamed in unwanted pleasure on her hands and knees. He held her tiny waist tight, not wanting her to escape as he finished fucking her muscular ass. As the villain’s orgasm subsided she collapsed forward onto the warm concrete, his cock pulling out as he let go of her ass with a pop and his cum drooling out of her asshole. He moaned in contentment as Emma’s talented tongue worked around his still hard shaft, cleaning him and leaving his cock gleaming with her saliva in the sunlight.

Logan turned his head to look over his should at the sounds of high pitched moans as Emma started to suck the tip of his prick. “And just what do you two think you’re doin’?” he asked Kitty and Jubilee. Both girls were now completely naked, their tan bodies gleaming and covered in suntan lotion. He placed his hands behind Emma’s head to hold her steady as he began rocking his hips, fucking her sexy face.

“It’s her fault,” Jubilee whined as she slapped one of Kitty’s firm tits. “She started it. ”


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  k. , that’s it,” Kitty said as she stood up and grabbed Jubilee under one of her arms. “Detention!”She pulled Jubilee behind her as she walked over to Logan’s chair. She sat down and dragged the younger girl onto her lap, leaving the Asian’s ass pointing up high in the air.

“Heeeyyy. . . ” Jubilee whined. “Logan, help. She’s being mean to me. ”

“Buck up, kid,” Logan said as he watched the naked girls while he continued slowly fucking Emma’s face. “Just take your punishment. ”

“You heard the man,” Kitty said as she raised her hand high, grinning as she quickly brought her palm down on Jubilee’s plump ass.


“Ow!” Jubilee shouted as she was spanked.


“Ow!” Jubilee shouted again as she felt the stinging sensation left by Kitty’s hand.

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  Slap! The stinging sensation seemed to crawl across her skin as she squirmed around on Kitty’s naked lap. Slap!The stinging grew worse and a warmth seemed to grow across her vulnerable cheeks. Slap!“Ow!Stoppit!” she whined as the stinging warmth covered her entire ass. Slap!“Nooo!” she moaned as the stinging warmth crept lower to her pink pussy. Slap!“Sta. . . stop it. . . it,” she hiccuped as her pussy got warmer and warmer.

Logan grinned at Kitty and Jubilee’s show while Emma wrapped her large, firm tits around his hard prick and began giving him a titty ride.

As Kitty continued spanking Jubilee’s upthrust ass she began massaging the warm, reddened flesh between slaps, working her hand down to the Asian girl’s tender, moist pussy. She delicately slid her fingertips across Jubilee’s sensitive folds, teasing her, driving her wild. “Are you sorry?Did you learn you lesson?” she asked.

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“I’m sorry!Yes!I promise!,” Jubilee pleaded.

“What are you two agruin’ about anyways?” Logan asked Kitty and Jubilee as he gripped Emma’s large tits and used them to fuck his cock.

“Who gets to fuck you next,” Kitty answered matter of factly. “I said I get to go first because I’ve known you longer. She says she gets to go next since she was your last ‘sidekick’. ”

Emma sneered at Kitty before looking up at Logan. “Don’t you think the poor girl has suffered enough, Logan?”

“Emma’s got a point, Kitten,” Logan said, giving Emma’s firm tits a farewell squeeze before releasing them and turning towards the bickering girls. “You’re older, you should learn to share better. ”

Kitty pushed Jubilee off of her lap but yanked the younger girl’s torso up just to just below hers. Now Jubilee’s face was between Kitty’s tits and the Asian girl’s ass with upthrust between Kitty’s legs. “If you say so, Logan,” Kitty said as she rolled her eyes.

Logan knelt behind Jubilee and ran his rough hands across the reddened, sensitive flesh of her ass. He ran his hands up underneath of her tight, little body and cupped her firms tits as he leaned forward and Kitty met him, their mouths and tongues rubbing against each other as they kissed deeply. Kitty’s tits squashed against Jubilee’s face as Logan’s cock-head rubbed against the swollen entrance to Jubilee’s wet hole.

Kitty moaned in pleasure and broke the kiss as Jubilee began to lick and suck on her tits and Logan began to push his cock forward.

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  He shoved his cock in slowly, letting the Asian girl get used to his girth as she moaned in pleasure around her face full of tit. Jubilee’s tight pussy spread slowly for him as she began to lick and suck her way down Kitty’s chest to her flat stomach. Logan smiled as he bottomed out in Jubilee’s tight, wet cunt and the former mallrat kissed her way in between Kitty’s toned, spread legs.

“I’m glad to see you two girls gettin’ along finally,” Logan said as he slowly began fucking Jubilee. He barely pulled out an inch before sliding back into her juicy hole, wanting to fuck her as deep as he could. He took it slowly, wanting to build up Jubilee’s pleasure and to take the time to enjoy the feel of the you mutant wrapped around his cock. And with the way Kitty was writhing and moaning in front of him, her small tits rising and falling on her chest as she panted in pleasure, he could tell that Jubilee was showing her appreciation between Kitty’s legs. “We shoulda fucked her years ago, Logan” Kitty giggled as she rolled and thrust her hips up, humping Jubilee’s face.

“Mumph uoo,” Jubilee mumbled around Kitty’s wet pussy.

Logan just chuckled and circled Jubilee’s asshole with his thumb.


“You’re not going to break me, Shaw,” Nova said as Shaw tried to use his mutant powers to free himself from her control.

“Having problems, Cassandra?” Emma asked as she smirked, her arms crossed beneath her large, wobbling tits. While Nova was investigating a classroom Emma had been able to gather enough will power to shed her telepathic illusion of clothes, leaving her naked except for her thigh high boots and she’d quickly ripped those apart so that she would be as naked as a new born to further aggravate Shaw. And since Nova had blocked her use of her powers, Nova couldn't force her to cast another telepathic illusion of clothing without risking infection. “I’ll fuck you raw!” Shaw had screamed the instant her clothes were off and tried to lunge at her causing Nova to spend the next five minutes restoring control.



Nova wiped the sweat from her brow as she glared up at Emma. “You may actually become more trouble than you’re worth, Ms. Frost,” she said. It was getting increasingly more difficult to keep both of them under her control. His need for sex was becoming nearly primal and without higher brain function she could use to control him she may have to put him down. “Hmmm. . . I’d hate to lose a useful tool though,” she thought to herself. “Emma, take us to the labs, if you will,” she ordered.

“Why, of course, Cassandra,” Emma said sweetly, already knowing what Nova would find there. “Right this way. ”Emma led the way with Nova behind her to try and block Shaw’s view of Emma’s shapely, naked ass.

After heading down a half dozen corridors Emma stopped in front of a double set of steel doors. “Ta dah,” she chirped, presenting the doorway with her hands and bowing at the waist, presenting her ass to Shaw.

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  She smirked as he growled and drooled while trying to break free to get to her.

“You are getting very tedious Ms. Frost,” Nova said as she opened the door to the lab. Inside she saw Beast and Colossus standing in the middle of the floor with Agent Brand sandwiched between them. They held her up easily as Beast fucked her pussy and Colossus fucked her ass, a look of sheer bliss splashed across their faces. Nova pinched the bridge of her nose between her fingertips and muttered, “Bugger all. ”

Emma smirked. “I take it this was not what you were wanting to find?” she said knowingly.

“No, but perhaps I should have expected it,” Nova sighed.

“Perhaps you were looking for a stasis chamber or a power dampener?Some way to help you control Shaw and I,” Emma said dismissively.

“You know I was, Frost,” Nova said as she looked up at the White Queen. “You know, I could make you tell me. ”

“Of course,” Emma said, keeping her dismissive tone of voice. “But could you do so without Shaw or I slipping your control?You are far more powerful than I, Nova. But even you are not powerful enough to hold back Shaw, myself and the entity holding the school.

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Nova looked from Emma to the lab and then back to Emma. “You just went me to let you join those in the lab,” she said, recognizing Emma’s play.

“You can even scramble the lock once I’m in,” Emma said, finally shifting her gaze to the 3-way in the lab. “I’ve been wanting to ride the Russian since he returned from the dead. ”

Nova sighed in defeat. She released Frost from her telepathic control and let her into the lab. Emma looked over her shoulder at her and waved, smiling and shaking her ass as Nova closed the door, scrambling the code.

“Nooo!” Shaw screamed in agony as the door closed behind Emma’s tight ass. He looked around the hall dejected until his eyes fell upon Nova. “I guess you’ll have to do,” he said as he shrugged his shoulders.

Nova chuckled, “Heh. Don’t flatter yourself, Shaw. As I've said, I left those urges behind long ago. ”She sighed as she went over her options in her head. “Leashing you has become tedious,” she continued as she peered into Shaw’s eyes and into his mind.

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  All she saw was lust. “You will locate Teenage Negasonic Warhead. You will stay with her until I call to you both. Do you understand, Shaw,” she said as she finished installing her spoken words as a telepathic command.

Shaw quickly nodded his head, as eager as a boy promised candy.

“Good. Away with you then,” Nova said, releasing her telepathic hold. She smirked as Shaw straightened his clothes as much as he could before running down the hall like a schoolboy, leaving her to continue her search.


In the Boys Locker Room three boys held the helpless, naked intruder up on her feet. One of the boys, a low level telepath, blocked Warhead’s access to her powers as he stood behind her, rubbing his erect dick against her gray, plump ass.

Kitty looked around the girl at the boy behind her, holding her arms back as he also held back her powers. “Remind me to talk to Ms. Frost about teaching you to do that,” she told the boy whose name she never bothered to learn before fucking him. She turned back to the strange girl and noticed the way the boys had her arms restrained pushed her firm tits out. Kitty raised her hands up and caressed the girl’s tits with her fingertips and licked her lips.

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  She figured the girl was a B or C-cup, bigger than her anyway but most women were, and then teased her dark nipples to full hardness. The girl began panting and moaning as she groggily regained her senses.

Kitty lightly caressed beneath her captive’s firm tits. “What’s your name?” she asked as she ran her fingertips back up and circled the girl’s black areolas.

Warhead smiled blankly at Kitty. “A Kitten asks of roses sweet,” she said as she began humming tunelessly.

“Right. Figured that,” Kitty said as she pinched and twisted the girl’s hard nipples, making the girl moan in pain or pleasure, she didn’t care which. She pulled up on the gray girl’s captive tits, pulling them up and then releasing them, causing them to jiggle on the girl’s chest. She smirked at the three boys when she noticed that they were humping themselves against the strange girl’s ass and thighs.

Kitty ran her fingertips down the girl’s torso to just above the girl’s pussy. She didn’t know if it was the steamy air or arousal but the girl’s bald cunt was wet and glistening. She teased around her captive’s puffy pussy lips, making the girl moan in unwanted pleasure. She slowly parted the young mutant’s dewy labia, sawing her fingers between her lips and causing the girl to gasp. Kitty smirked evilly as she sawed her fingers up and down as the girl groaned in lust and began humping up against Kitty’s knowledgeable fingers.

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  As the girl got hornier and hornier Kitty began teasing the girl’s dripping hole and hard clit. “How’d you get in here?” Kitty asked as her hands worked firmer and faster between the girl’s spread legs.

Warhead smiled maniacally as she lustfully humped her captors hand. “Kitten’s worried about a broken mirror,” she sang. “Kitten’s lost her claws. ”

Suddenly Kitty shoved two fingers deep into the girl’s cunt as she used the fingers on her other hand to squeeze the girl’s hard clit. “What does that even mean?” she muttered in frustration as the girl screamed out in a confusion of pleasure and pain. Kitty took a step back and looked at the goup of boys all staring at her and the other girl’s naked bodies. She smirked as she took a step back towards the girl and cupped the girl’s head, thrusting her tongue into the girl’s mouth and rubbing her body against her captive’s. She broke the kiss and stepped back again. “O. k. Boys. She’s all yours until she breaks!” she shouted out in glee. In a flash a dozen naked boys rushed the naked girl, bringing her down like a pack of hungry lions.

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Kitty made her way into the office looking for anything she could use as a paddle so she could spank the girl into submission. She went to the desk and found nothing before looking on the shelves. As she searched she found a batch of old pictures and stopped a moment. It was a old picture from back when she had first joined the team. She smiled warmly as she looked at herself in the picture making goo-goo eyes at Peter. She replaced the picture and returned to searching when she was suddenly shocked to her senses. Against the far wall was a full length mirror and her reflection stunned her. Completely naked, covered in dried cum.

“What the fuck?” Kitty muttered as she walked towards the mirror. She looked like. . . like. . .

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   like a well fucked whore. She turned and looked at the boys, every once in a while catching a glimpse of the girl except. . . since when did the girl have blonde hair, no. . . wait, she was bald?No she. . . she. . . Kitty shook her head as a wave of dizziness washed over her. The girl had returned to normal but Kitty could not get the vision of Emma Frost and Cassandra Nova out of her head.

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“What are you up to you frozen bitch?” Kitty muttered as she looked at her reflection. Suddenly her mind flashed to this morning and then to last night. She couldn’t remember everything and what she could remember involved Lockheed somehow. Actually she hadn’t seen him since this morning. “Where are you, dragon?” she whispered as she opened her rapport with her friend. A primal sense of cold dread instantly hit her, knocking her to the ground. She instinctually shut down the rapport as she shivered naked on the floor. “Need help,” she thought. “Need Logan. Need Scott. ”She left the office and crept by the gang-bang, a throbbing need echoing in her loins to join in coursing through her. She quickly dressed in the only clothes she had, her tight T-shirt and shorts, and ran to Logan’s room first.


“Yeah. O. k.

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  Sure. So this is happening,” Kitty said as she peered through the doorway to Logan’s room. Logan was on his bed, unconscious, naked, and being ridden by the young mutant Hisako. Kitty was stuck staring at Logan’s thick cock as it spread and stretched the young girl’s pussy. Hisako’s head was thrown back in pleasure as she rode him, her back arched and small tits thrust out from her chest. “Finally. Someone with smaller breasts than me,” she thought as she licked her lips hungerly.

Kitty shook the sexual thought from her head. “No, no, no. . . ” she whispered, steeling her resolve. “O. k. Whatever’s happening is affecting Hisako and apparently Logan.

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  I need to find Scott,” she thought as she continued staring at Hisako fucking a unconscious Wolverine. “I can’t just leave her here, can I?” she wondered. She knew the answer was “No” but she found herself wondering what Hisako looked like in the throws of a orgasm.

Kitty took a deep breath to ready herself and walked into Logan’s room. “Hisako?Sweetie?What do you think you’re doing?” she asked. Despite everything going on, the smart thing was to leave Hisako and Logan and go find Scott for help, but for some reason she felt compelled to reach out to the couple on the bed.

Hisako looked at Kitty without breaking her stride. Her eyes were hazy and glossed over as she spoke, “Miss Pryde. It’s so good to see you. Look, Professor Logan loves me,” she said as she rolled her hips back and forth.

“That’s not love, sweetie. That’s a erection,” Kitty said as she reached for Hisako. “And usually it’s guys that get those two things confused. ”She reached for Hisako, soothingly running her hands up and down the girl’s arms. “You need to come with me, darlin’” she said, looking for Hisako’s clothes.



“But. . . but Professor Logan. . . ” Hisako said as she stopped her movements and just sat there, Professor Logan’s cock inside her wet pussy, and talked to Miss Pryde like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“He’ll be fine, Hisako,” Kitty said, amazed by how obedient Hisako was being. “We’ll come back for him in a bit. ”

“If. . . if you’re sure, Miss Pryde,” Hisako said as she climbed off Professor Logan, her tight cunt making wet, sucking sounds as she slid off the unconscious man’s cock.

“I’m sure, sweetie. Now put this on,” Kitty said, throwing Hisako one of Logan’s button up shirts after failing to find the young girl’s clothes.

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“As you say, Miss Pryde,” Hisako said as she put on the shirt and began buttoning it up. It was far to big for her, trailing down to her slender thighs and requiring her to roll the sleeves up. “Where are we going?” she asked.

Kitty didn’t respond. She was to busy staring at Logan’s up-thrust cock, gleaming with Hisako’s juices in the dark room. “After all these years, what could it hurt?” she muttered to herself.


The gray cloaked figure of Perfection appeared to glide down the hall of the staff’s quarters. It approached Emma’s quarters and entered, not at all surprised by what was inside, Scott Summers laying unconscious on the bed, a erection tenting his pants. Perfection concentrated for a moment as the silent intruder made contact with Nova. “I’ve found Summers. He is as you guessed. He should supply a significant conduit to whatever is attacking the school,” Perfection thought to Nova.

“He does at that,” Nova replied telepathically. “I will begin a direct investigation and share my findings. ”

“Understood,” Perfection replied.

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  “I shall finish here and join you. ”

“Agreed,” Nova projected before cutting off their telepathic link.

Perfection stood for a moment, apparently staring at Scott from beneath it’s hood before leaving the X-Men’s leader to his dream.

“Who was that?” Scott asked as Jean deep throated his cock. She made a long swallowing motion with him buried in her throat, massaging his prick before raising back up and bobbing her head as she sucked hard on his throbbing tool.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Emma said as she released one of Scott’s cum filled orbs from her mouth and raised her head up from his spread thighs.

Emma ducked her head back down and went back to work. She used her long, warm tongue to lap at Scott’s heavy sack, moaning at the taste of him in her mouth. She lovingly covered his sack in her saliva, coating him completely before sucking one of his tender balls into her mouth, lashing it with her tongue and then switching to the other salty orb. Above her Jean took another long swallow of his cock, devouring him whole before releasing him. The sexy red head jacked his cock slowly but firmly at his base while her pink lips stretched tightly around his girth again and she massaged the length of him in her mouth with her wet tongue.

“Could have sworn I heard someone,” Scott muttered as he looked around for the source of the voice he had thought he heard. Not seeing anyone he began to wonder why he cared. He was blissfully married to two beautiful, sexy women who were sharing in giving him the best blow-job of his life, why would he care about anything else right now?

“Hey guys. Sorry I’m late,” a voice rang out from the house.

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“Oh, it’s Rachel,” Scott said as he smiled.

Scott and Jean’s possible daughter from a alternate time line came out to the back deck through the sliding glass door. She looked almost exactly like Jean with a more slender build, smaller breasts and hips, with shoulder length hair the same color as her mother’s. Due to time travel she was only about 5 years younger than her parents and still in school at the Xavier Institute. She was dressed in a red flannel shirt and tight jeans with boots and unslung her backpack onto the table. “Still enjoying the honeymoon I see,” she said with a unembarrassed giggle. As a telepath like her mother she was used to accidentality viewing other peoples’ fantasies and so had no inhibitions watching her parents fuck in front of her. As well as other things.

“We thought you’d miss it,” Scott said as Rachel walked towards him.

“Nope, got my Finals done early,” Rachel said as she bent down and kissed her father. She moaned as his tongue slid past her lips and explored her mouth and one of his strong hands squeezed one of her plump tits and his other hand explored her tight backside.

Emma gave Scott’s balls a last lick before popping her head up from between his spread legs. “And how did your exams go, sweetie?” Emma asked as she stood up.

Rachel broke the kiss with her father as he playfully pinched one of her now hard nipples. “Pretty good.

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  I think Professor McCoy really liked my thesis paper,” she said as she approached her new step-mother. Emma embraced her warmly and kissed her deeply, rubbing her large chest against her as her hands wandered down to cup her ass. Rachel did the same, squeezing Emma’s tight ass and ran her fingers low between her cheeks.

“I think her biological mother would like to say ‘hi,’, too,” Jean said as she let Scott’s member slide from her mouth.

“Of course, dear. How rude of me,” Emma said as Jean took her place and she got down on her knees between Scott’s spit wet cock. “Just tell me if I’m blocking your view, dear,” she smirked at Scott as he locked eyes on Jean and Rachel and she swallowed his cock. He placed his hand on Emma’s head as he relaxed and watched Jean and Rachel begin to kiss each other deeper and passionately.

Rachel molded her body to Jean’s; chest to chest, groin to groin, as they kissed. Their hands flowed over each others’ bodies like water as they began moaning in lust and desire. Jean reached up and began unbuttoning Rachel’s shirt as she broke the kiss and began licking and nibbling down her daughter’s graceful neck. Rachel untucked her shirt from her tight jeans and shrugged it from her shoulders, baring her firm tits to her mother. Jean squeezed Rachel’s firm breasts, causing the young woman to coo as Jean licked the tips of her hard nipples. Jean sucked one of her daughter’s hard nubs into her mouth and began sucking it enthusiastically as she lashed it with her tongue. Rachel moaned in pleasure and began unfastening her jeans, working them down her hips.

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“Let’s stop right there, shall we?” Emma said as she released Scott’s cock from her mouth and pulled her head from his hands.

“Emma?” Scott said, wondering what his wife had in mind.

Emma smirked mischievously as she stared at Rachel, her jeans halfway down her thighs, still wearing her boots and panting in lust as her mother sucked at her tits. “I just think both parents should welcome their daughter. ”


“Hmmm. In hindsight it’s perfectly obvious,” Nova said as she stood in front of the doors to the Danger Room. “Perhaps a perception filter to keep people from realizing. . . ” she wondered. She waved her hand over the keypad that opened the doors, attempting to find psychic residue that would help her to open the door. Without Shaw’s strength to force the door or Teenage Negasonic Warhead’s ability to warp reality around the door she had no other means except this longshot. Suddenly a psychic projection appeared in her mind. Emma Frost (“Of course,” she thought) entering a override code. Nova quickly entered the number and stepped inside.

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The mental and physical assault lasted only a moment before Nova waved a hand through the air, dispursing the illusions and halting the telepathic assault. “I’ve seen galaxies fall to dust. Your petty pictures mean nothing to me,” she said to the reposed figure of Lockheed across the room from her. The doors behind her closed as the room returned to normal with a raised dais for the alien dragon to recline on. “Who are you?” she asked, keeping her temper in check. Perhaps if she played her cards right she could win herself a new ally.

“Lockheed,” the alien hissed in Nova’s mind.

“No. Lockheed is the entity you inhabit,” Nova responded verbally, preferring to use her telepathic powers to gauge the alien for weakness. “What do you want here?”

“Power,” Lockheed said as his eyes flashed.

“Yes, well, that was obvious,” Nova muttered to herself. “Where are you from?”

“Home,” Lockheed said longingly.

“And where exactly is home?” Nova asked, feeling as if she were on the edge of a breakthrough of some kind. She released telepathic tendrils from her mind, only allowing the lightest touches of the power flowing around her and into Lockheed. Almost immediately she began receiving flashes and momentary glimpses.

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  “No more mutants,” she whispered in a mix of fear and astonishment.


“Interesting,” Perfection said as the cloaked figure stood in the doorway watching the small orgy as it kept itself telepathically hidden.

Emma was on her knees with Peter gripping her hips and fucking her from behind as Agent Brand was on her knees with Hank gripping her hips and fucking her from behind. The two women knelt chest to chest, their breasts mashed together as they kissed roughly, the hands between each others’ finely toned legs.

Perfection walked over to Agent Brand and peered into her short term memory. Agent Brand had been informed by one of her staff that some sort of emergency was occurring at the Xavier School and so she had immediately taken a pod down from the orbiting space station called The Peak. Arriving at the school Brand had been immediately infected by Emma. Emma had then sent her to infect others and Brand had immediately decided on her current lover, Hank McCoy. On her way to McCoy’s lab she had infected Colossus, attacking him in the elevator and fucking his unconscious body.

In Perfection’s mind’s eye Brand and Colossus exited the elevator, his new lust waking him from his unconscious state, and greeting the unsuspecting Beast in his lab. As Beast and Brand embraced, Colossus had quickly activated his organic steel skin and pinned Beast’s arms behind his back. Brand had pulled her knife from her uniform and used it to cut off Beast’s lab coat and uniform, leaving him completely naked as he struggled in his friend’s grasp. She had growled mockingly as she got down on her knees and sent her hands into the thatch of long, blue pub.