Not today..


True story

I’ve always tried to stay good. And until a couple months ago I was. I’m only 15 and I’m still proudly a virgin, and definitely a virgin by choice. Before, I was offered a lot of chances to do things with guys and I always left them embarrassed as I declined. Then I started dating a senior, now in college. He is so good looking…. and very persuasive.

The first month I tried to stay clean with him. He is really sweet and not pushy, which makes it worse. We’d be making out in his car and he’d ask if I wanted to feel it. Again I would decline and we’d continue kissing as he grabbed my C-cup tits.

The next time, it was the summer and we had gone swimming. We pulled over and before I knew it my bathing suit top was off and he was sucking and licking. It felt good and I started grinding on his cock as I straddled him in the driver seat. He didn’t even ask and we went home. The next time I was teasing him, and I licked his stomach and unbuckled his pants.

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   I took my hand and rubbed on it. Then I realized I wanted it in my mouth.

So, accordingly the next time I unbuckled his pants and kissed on it. And then eventually I was sucking his 8 inch dick. His dick is huge! And I tried to go all the way down; overtime I got most of it.

So one night we were on the way to his friend’s house to go swim. And we pulled over. I was wearing a small string bikini and there wasn’t much to take off. He asked if I wanted to go in the back seat and I agreed and we started kissing, then he untied my bathing suit top, and stuck his hand in my bottoms and played with my tight wet pussy. He put a finger in it and went fast, then put two then switched to his thumb and finger fucked me as I played with his dick. Then he turned me around and licked me as I moaned with a mouthful. I had to take it out of my mouth and put my hands on the steamy window and scream. He then said he never had the urge to fuck me so bad and titty fucked me. His phone kept ringing and he ignored it, probably couldn’t hear it over our breathing. All the time now I think about just sticking it in me.

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   Have his cock in me and fuck me so hard as I straddle him and bounce fast. I think about having sex so many different ways…. and we will, just not today. .