Our First Meeting


I was browsing personal ads online, and one stuck out to me. The add was from a guy looking for NSA sex. So, I decided to answer it. I was also looking for NSA sex. I had a daughter at home, and all I was wanting was to get fucked, and come back home to my kids. A couple of days later I got a responce from him.

We emailed each other a few times, and then decided to talk on the phone. I called him and we hit it off right off the bat. We talked about our likes and dislikes, what we enjoyed sexually, and so on. We talked several times before we decided to meet in person.

Since at the time he and I were both married to other people, we had to be very discreet. So, we decided to meet in a very remote location. We agreed on the time and place, and when I arrived, he was already there waiting on me. We both got out of our vehicles, and his eyes went straight to my boobs. He had told me to make sure not to wear a bra, so my nipples were very hard. I wore a white halter top and black skirt.

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   I guess my tits looked pretty good in that top, because it was several seconds before he made eye contact with me.

We had talked in earlier conversations about who our favorite NASCAR drivers were, so to break the ice, I teased him about his driver. From that, he leaned in and kissed me very passionately. He was an amazing kisser, and I got very turned on just from kissing him. He was as turned on as I was, because as we were kissing, I could feel his hard cock pressing against me.

He led me to my van, we got in the back seat and continued with our kissing. He took my top off and started playing with my nipples, which drove me wild. I couldn't take it any more, I had to get his cock out. While we kissed and he was playing with my nipples, I opened his pants. His cock was rock hard, as I wrapped my hand around it. I lowered my head to his cock and started sucking it. It felt so good sliding in and out of my mouth.
I sucked it for while, enjoying every minute of it. He told me he couldn't wait any longer and he wanted to fuck me.

I got on my knees and he pulled my thong off, and I leaned forward.

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   He moved up behind me. His cock felt amazing as he slid it in my dripping wet pussy. His cock was so hard and so big, I could feel it stretching my pussy as he fucked me. He grabbed my hips and started fucking me very hard and deep. It didn't take long until he made me cum for the first time. He leanded down and told me my pussy felt so good on his cock. That it was so tight and so wet. Hearing that made me even hotter than I was. We had talked before about anal sex. He told me he enjoyed doing it and so did I. So, I asked him to fuck my ass. He got my ass nice and wet with the juices from my pussy. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my ass. He pushed forward alittle and his cock slid deep inside my willing ass. The feeling was incredible.

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   I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass. He started fucking me slow at first. But, I wanted it faster, so I started pressing my ass back to meet his cock. I was moaning with pleasure as he fucked me like I had never been fucked before. After awhile He told me he was going to cum. He asked me if I wanted to feel it. Of course I said yes. When he started cumming, he stopped pumping my ass. I could feel his cock pulsating deep in my ass as he pumped it full of hot cum. When he was finished, he kissed me very deeply again. He paused long enough to say "Hooty Hoo that was good"!!! Needless to say, I Had to laugh.

There is more to tell of our adventures. If everyone would like to know more, let us know.

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