Our first time at the swing club


We had always talked about it but Victoria and me had never gone to a swing club. One night after an intense sexual time together she said “i’m Ready”. I said ready for what. She said “let’s go to the swing club”. “Now”

It was Friday night and before you know it we are almost there. She dressed in a low cut top with no bra to show off her 40d Puerto Rican tits. A short skirt with some skimpy undies

We got there and check our drinks in and started roaming. Dancing was going on and people in various stages of dress or undress. Two chicks were making out on the dance floor. I took victoria out for a dance. Having a great time I pulled her tits out and she was fine with it. The guy next to her throws me a thumbs up and cops a feelI could see it turned her on big time.

We sat down and I was horny ashell cock hard in my pants. We started kissing and I pulled her top down and her nipples were hard as rocksWhen I looked up we were surrounded by at least eight guys with their Cocks out edging closer. Victoria was aware and she was checking them out. One reached for her nipple and she stopped him.

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  She said look but dont touch. In a way I was wishing she would have let him

We took a break and walked outside ands she said she is sooo horny but she knew she said she wasn’t going to do anything outrageous and she’s sorry. I said no problem let’s go back in. She wanted to check out the couples area.

We sat on a couch and other couples were around fucking and suckingWe we’re dressed sitting in the couch when she said she wanted to give me a blowjob. She knelt between my legs and pulled out my already hard cock. She started sucking and Licking I knew she was so fucking horny
A black man was on a couch adjacent and he kept quietly asking me if he could touch her. After about the fifth time Victoria had not even looked at him but asked me “what did he say?”I said “ he wants to touch you”

Now realize she was married for years to a black guy and did not want another. She had not looked at this guy so had no idea if he was white black or anything

When I said he asked if he could touch you she said “ohh ok”. He heardher and her still sucking my cock kneeling he got right behind her

He pulled her dress up over her ass
pulled the panties to the side. She was wiggling her hips and really getting into sucking me. I said to her you know it’s a black guy.
    She looked up hesitated and started sucking again. By this time I kniw the stranger was fingering her pussy goodand I could tell she was cumming. And forgetting cock was in her mouth
    The black guy stood up and dropped his pants revealing at least a nine inch hard super black cock I could see she got a glance if it.

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    He dipped down behind her and started fucking her hard from the start. It turned me in so much and she was saying yes fuck fuck me. She took that whole cock easy and was working her hips and cumming. That made me cum all over her face. Het fucked her hair d fora couple more minutes pulled out and shot it on her ass

    When we got home she looked at me and said. “I have another idea for tomorrow”


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