Our Little Secret Part 1


Wow. I don't even know where to start. Looking back at it now, the whole day seemed like a dream. It all started about 2 months ago.

I am an early bloomer - started masturbating in 5th grade, believe it or not, and watched my first porno in 3rd grade. So by the time all the other guys were first giving a shit about pussies, I was already a seasoned master. Man, 4 years of playing with my 8-1/2-inch cock taught me a few things, and I had become an expert in all things sex-related. Dumb shit doesn't know what a "pussy" is? He comes to me. With the guys, I didn't hide the fact that I jacked off - it was great having some power over them, especially younger teens. The girls, on the other hand, I was much more modest, and while poked fun at sexuality, never told them anything personal.

The farthest I had gone was french-kissing, which was actually ahead of my peers, they being large pussies. I broke up with my girlfriend, though she was a total bitch, so I didn't care. We never did anything except french once.

Anyway, enough of the boring background shit. I was single, and since all the people started going through puberty 4 years after me, extremely horny. There were three girls who I would fantasize about - Sarah was a cute brunette with perky little tits and this sweet and innocent personality which just made me want to fuck her 5x more.


   Lizzie, on the other hand, was this FUCKING hot blonde with full and firm C-cups that gave me a hard on whenever I saw her. Lastly, Kate was another blonde with the PERFECT little face and cute hair ribbons, which just made her seem soinnocent and horny.

Sarah was the most popular among the guys of them all- I guess the other guys also noticed her adorable personality. She would lean forward to pick something up, and these beautiful babies would squish together and give me a boner. One day, the teacher assigned Sarah and I to go drop off some books in the basement. I couldn't believe it - even though I didn't expect anything, it would still create some great fantasies for tonight.

Once we reached the basement, we had to open a door to get to the storage. We both reached for the handle at once, and when our hands were both on the doorknob, I tried to lighen the mood by saying, "Well, let's just open it together then!", laughing a bit. She seemed to blush, and gave me a fake-annoyed glare, but I knew she liked it. Once inside, we were all alone. We walked over to an empty shelf, and I put my books up on it. She was having a bit more trouble though, and asked, "Hey, Pete, could you help me get these books up here?" I was happy to help, and approached her from behind, feeling pretty risky and bending over her to relieve the books from her arms. Just as I put the books on top of the shelf, though, she tripped, and landed on top of me. My hands had fallen on to her breasts, and I was rushed with a sudden flow of pleasure - they felt godly. I quickly grew to full length, not remembering that this was a real person on top of me.

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   Suddenly realizing this, I started and said sorry. But she had a different idea in mind - "No, you don't have to be sorry. It felt nice, I've never been touched there before. " What was I hearing! "Don't be all perverted on me now, though. If you want to keep going, be. . . um. . . gentle?" That was all I needed to once again lay my hands over the soft flesh that was her rack. I massaged them in circles, loosening the tight meat and perking her nipples. "Uh, I really can't take this anymore. Pete. .

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  . can you?" I nodded and lifted up her shirt. She was wearing a lacy white bra - not so innocent after all, huh? I undid the last wall to me and boobs, and there they hung out, jiggling a little bit, but perfect in their round, perky wonder. I lay her down and started to lick them, as I had seen done many times before. My tongue ran circles around her now stiff nipples, and she let out little moans of enjoyment, from which she blushed even more.

"Have you ever wanted to feel a cock, Sarah?" She averted her glance while nodding. I grabbed her hand softly, and led it to my already grown pants. "Holy shit, Pete! I never knew they were that long!" She was getting into it now, stroking my shaft beneath my pants. I couldn't take it anymore; this was a totally new feeling, and I was getting completely lost in the moment. I suddenly realized I was also REALLY horny and about to cum. I unzipped my fly hastily and flipped out my monster. Sarah gasped a little, but then continued to stroke the beast.

"Before I explode, Sarah, let me feel your cute mouth wrapped around my dick!" She was happy to oblige, and licked up my shaft before sucking my head, staring up at me with those hopeful, innocent, beady eyes. . I was fighting back the urge to cum now, and I couldn't hold it much longer.

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"Oooooh shit, Sarah. I'm going to cum! Take it in your mouth!" She liked this, and started sucking harder and harder, until I couldn't take it anymore, and exploded with an orgasm 5x more amazing then I had ever experienced through masturbation. I lay panting next to her half-naked body. But she wasn't done yet - she liked the feel of this. "Now it's your turn - do you want to eat me out?" No shit, sherlock! She pulled down her jeans, and I slid her panties down her slender legs. There it was - I had never seen a real pussy before, and this thing was fucking amazing. It was pink and tight, with little flaps sticking out. I immediately started licked it with all the practice I had on ice cream - this was nothing compared to ice cream, though. Soon, her pussy got loose and wet, and I shoved my tongue deeper into her vagina. She was moaning and groaning, and I just kept eating her out harder and harder. "Uhhh! I. . . I can't take it anymore! I think, I think I'm going. .

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  . going to. . . . cum!" With that, sweet juices poured from her little pussy, which had never before now felt the texture of a guy's tongue. I lapped up all the juices, and they lay with her for a bit, embracing her in full skin.

"The teacher might be wondering by now, just tell her we got lost on the way down here. " I said, putting my clothes back on. "Um. . . right. Good idea. But don't expect me to be falling for you, now.

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   Remember, this is our little secret. "

That ends the first of three stories that made my childhood amazing. More coming soon!.
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