I have been married to a wonderful woman going on 29 years now. We had two kids who are now grown and living on their own. My wife and I have always had a great sex life. We have tried most things that couples do over the span of a marriage to keep sex fun, satisfying, and interesting.

I must admit that it is always me who initiates any kind of spontaneity or some kind of fantasy that I would like in our sex. My wife has allowed quite a few of these fantasies which she claims not to be that interested in but when they’ve happened it has always led to some great sex.

We’ve used toys, different positions, picture and video taking, and even a little exhibitionism while driving. I have no idea what it is that excites me so much at having a complete stranger looking at my wife in a sexual way.

Over the years this has developed into a big fantasy for me. I have visions while we’re having sex of sharing my wife with a stranger or even watching some stranger fuck my wife.

I have told her of this fantasy but she claims that she is not interested in anyone else but me. Before we got married she had only been with two other guys. One was a boy friend that lasted a couple of years and the other was a one night kind of thing when she had broken up with her boyfriend.

One way that she has consented to help my fantasy along is in posing for photos. I have taken many pictures over the years and she has given her ok for me to post them on different web sites. Her only condition is that I never allow her face to be shown.



Again she never seems interested in hearing any of the comments that are posted about her photos. I have even shown her some different pictures that guys have sent showing their hard cocks while looking at a photo of her, and she just laughs it off. I always get rock hard reading about what some guy wants to do to my wife’s pussy or how he would love to have her sucking his cock while I fuck her from behind.

This year we decided to take a vacation to Las Vegas. We hadn’t been there in about fifteen years and had heard that a lot had changed. We have never been much for going out to bars, drinking and partying but Vegas seemed like it could be a lot of fun.

Once we got checked in at the Mandalay Bay we wanted to go check out the pool and get some sun. The bathing suit that my wife had brought was a new one. When she put it on I was impressed at how good she looked. We both have kept in pretty good shape with lots of exercise, but for being 53 years old she was still stunning. She has great dancer’s legs and the tight butt of a twenty year old. After having kids her tits grew and they have a great shape with not very much sagging.

In this new suit she looked so sexy. When I told her this she kind of beamed with pride in herself. The suit was a white one piece.

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   The part that held her tits was cut very low in the center which allowed a lot of cleavage to show. The bottom was cut high at the hips and hugged her ass so tight that I couldn’t resist running my hands over her cute butt.

She had a short robe that she put on to get to the pool, but once we got there the robe came off and the looks began. My sunglasses hid the fact that I was watching every guy stare at her body as we walked past. This was defiantly fantasy land for me.

The pool area was packed but I saw a couple leaving their lounges so I quickly grabbed them. My wife said she would go get us some towels while I stayed with our stuff. I sat down and watched her walk away. Her ass had that perfect little sway and again I could see all eyes were upon her.

Once she got back with the towels we put some sun block on each other and lay down to soak in the sun. After about ten minutes I turned over but my wife stayed on her stomach. Her suit was so snug that it was sucked in between her ass cheeks. There was little left to the imagination.

A young waiter was coming around and taking drink orders so when he got to us I ordered a couple of Margarita’s. He was standing at the foot of my lounge chair while he wrote down our order.

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   When he finished he looked over at my wife’s ass, then back at me and with a big smile gave me a thumbs up.

I loved the fact that all these guys were looking at my wife in a very sexual way and she didn’t even realize it. This was getting me very aroused so I told her I was going into the pool. My wife got up with me and we jumped in the lazy river.

The water felt great and we were being swept away with the gentle current. We made it around two times when I saw our waiter with a tray full of drinks. I quickly jumped out and headed for our chairs. My wife walked up and sat down just as the waiter was setting down our drinks. When she was under the water I hadn’t noticed but now that she was out I could clearly see her pink hard nipples showing through her wet top. The white turned almost see through.

She had her arms up tying her hair back into a ponytail as I tried to pay the waiter all while he was staring at her hard nipples. Once I got his attention he handed me the check which I signed for.

I didn’t say anything to my wife about her suit being see through but she had to know. She also had to be aware of all the attention she was getting. I think she was really enjoying herself and for the next couple of hours I lost count of the number of guys who would walk by just to get a look at my wife’s tits or her ass.

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   Most would try to sneak a look but some guys would just stare as they walked by.

Our waiter had kept the Margarita’s coming and I could tell that my wife was getting drunk. She rarely drinks so after two she was feeling pretty loose. On his third trip I was in the pool so he stopped in front of my wife with the drinks.

She sat up and straddled the lounge with one leg on each side while telling the waiter he could put the tray down in front of her. He squatted down facing her as he set down the tray of drinks.

While getting the check out for her to sign I walked up behind him and looking over his head I was stunned by what I saw. With my wife’s legs spread so wide her tight suit had snuggled up between her pussy lips and you could actually see the outline of her pussy through the sheer white material.

When she had finished signing the check she looked up past the waiter and gave me the most sensual smile I have ever seen from my wife. I now knew that she was putting on this show for me.

Once the waiter left I leaned in and gave her a kiss then whispered how I thought she was the sexiest woman out at the pool, and so did every other guy especially our young waiter.

We finished our drinks then headed back up to our room. I was really feeling those drinks so I figured my wife must be pretty drunk. She was giggling when I thanked her for the show she gave our young waiter.

She must have been really aroused, really drunk or both.

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   When we got into the elevator she turned to me and gave me a very sensuous kiss at the same time sliding her hand into my trunks to grab my hardening cock.

The elevator stopped a few floors before ours and as the doors opened my wife’s reaction was so slow that I knew the couple standing there saw her hand come out of my trunks as we separated.

They both looked a bit embarrassed as the man asked if we were going down. With a sexy smile my wife said not yet and then the doors were closing on the stunned couple. I could hear that my wife was starting to slur her words a little so it was a good time for us to get back to the room.

When we got to the room she didn’t even take off her suit. She just fell back onto the bed and passed out. I couldn’t believe that she would do this to me. Here I was all excited and she goes to sleep.

I didn’t want to get our bed wet so I gently pulled the bathing suit off her shoulders then all the way down until I could getit completely off.

Imagine my surprise when I got the suit past her pussy and saw that she had completely shaved the area bald. I had figured that to wear her new suit she would have had to do some trimming but this was something totally different for her.

She didn’t wake or even move in her drunken slumber. Looking at her lying there naked I suddenly had an idea. I knew it was perverted but I couldn’t resist the temptation.

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I spread her legs pulling them up so they were bent at the knees. Her bare pussy was now completely exposed. I even softly opened her lips and was surprised to find that she was very wet inside. This made me wonder about the exhibition out at the pool. It must have gotten her very aroused.

I got out our digital camera and began taking pictures of her nude body. By now I was rock hard and it took everything I had not to fuck her right then and there. I pulled off my suit and took some pictures with my cock touching her mouth. I even let some precum drip onto her lips which made a great shot. Suddenly my perverted mind came up with another idea.

I quickly called room service and ordered a club sandwich. I was told it would be about twenty minutes. My wife was passed out on her back so I pulled down the covers from under her. I gently pulled the sheet up over her spread legs but left one leg exposed up to her thigh. I pulled the sheet higher until her tits were covered then arranged the sheet so that one nipple was showing.

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I then hide our camera under a towel on the dresser that faced the bed and my wife. I put the camera in video mode then ran to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. Once I had rinsed off I left the water running, got out and wrapped a towel around myself to wait.

When the knock at the door came I hollered just a minute from the bathroom. Quietly I ran to the camera and started recording. Because of the large memory card I knew I could record for at least fifteen minutes. I then checked that my wife was still passed out and sleeping.

I went to the door and opened it for the waiter. The guy was a bit older then a lot of the help I had seen around the hotel. He had to be in his forties and getting a bit pudgy around the waist.
    I apologized for being in the shower and told him that he could just leave the tray on the table by the window. I also said he needed to be quiet as my wife was sleeping off one too many Margarita’s.

    Quickly I signed the check and then ducked back into the bathroom to finish my shower. I stayed close to the door trying to see if I could hear anything. I heard the waiter put the tray down on the table and then silence.

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    Again I was rock hard imagining him looking at my wife’s exposed tit and leg. I wanted so badly to peek out the door and watch, but I knew that whatever was going on I would see it on the camera when he left.

    After what seemed like an eternity I heard him quietly open the door to leave. He hardly made a sound as he closed the door behind him. Turning off the shower I went out and stopped the camera. Looking over at my wife I noticed that the sheet was now covering her legs and her tits. I suddenly worried that she might have woke up while the waiter was in the room.

    I went over to her and noticed that she was still out like a light. It was then that I knew the waiter must have been the one who changed the sheet. I could hardly wait to see what had happened. Going back into the bathroom I turned on the camera and was overwhelmed with lust.

    The waiter came into the room and as he was crossing in front of the bed he suddenly slowed to a stop. I knew he was looking at my wife but he was standing in front of the camera.

    Next he continued on to the table and set the tray down. I saw him look at my wife then towards the bathroom as if wondering how much time he might have.

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       The next thing he did totally blew me away. He went to the side of the bed but instead of just looking he quickly pulled out his cell phone and started taking pictures of my beautiful wife.

    Watching her face for any reaction he gently pulled the sheet off her tits and continued to snap away. Next he lifted the sheet up down by her leg and began to take pictures of her shaved pussy.

    I was amazed at the balls this guy had as I watched him lean over and snap a picture of himself with his tongue just barely touching her clit. Again looking at her face for reaction he quickly moved up to her exposed tits and took the same picture of his tongue licking at her hard nipple.

    This was too good to be true but what he did next blew me away. Looking towards the bathroom he quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out a huge hard cock. He moved up next to my wife’s face and took some of the same shots that I had done earlier.

    He had his cock all over my wife’s face and mouth. She would have had a fit if she had woken up at this moment. I even saw him squeeze a drop of precum from his cock and let it slowly drip to her lips in a long thread. I was amazed that he and I had such similar perversions.

    Sensing that time was running out he quickly zipped up then pulled the sheet back over my wife and left. I had to watch that tape three more times not believing that this fantasy had actually happened.

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    I went back out and checked on my wife. She was still sleeping soundly. I looked closer at her face and could see the precum still wet on her lips that the waiter had left there. There was actually a strand that went from her lips down the side of her cheek.

    I took some close up shots of her face and all that juice. I went to video mode again and started to video her wet face. I pulled the sheet off her tits to get more of her body in the shot. Again my perverse mind took control over me.

    While video taping I swiped my finger up the side of my wife’s cheek and softly slid the cum onto her lips. Ever so gently I pushed the cum between her lips and into her mouth. When I touched her tongue her lips parted which gave me even better access.

    I was now possessed. Any fear that I had of being caught was pushed away by my perverted side. I dropped my towel to the floor and started stroking my hard cock above my wife’s face. I stopped and let the slimy tip touch her open lips.


       I slowly eased the head into her mouth and then back out. I pushed in again opening her mouth a little more. On the third time pushing in I touched on her tongue.

    My cock was now dripping with my juices as I pulled back out. I started stroking over her mouth again knowing what it was that I wanted to see on the video.

    Unable to hold back any longer I felt the cum blast through my cock and spray the side of my wife’s face. The next shot was aimed towards her mouth and quickly her lips were coated in cum. The next shot hit her neck as I shifted my aim over towards her beautiful tits.

    Instead of blasting out, my cum was now pouring out and onto her tits. I squeezed up from the base and more cum coated one of her nipples. I was amazed at the amount of cum I had just shot all over my wife.

    I panned the camera up to my wife’s face and back down to her tits. Next I switched out of video mode and took some more still shots of her cum soaked face and tits. I was still shaking from arousal as I set the camera down and went about the task of trying to clean the cum off of my wife.

    Once I had finished with her I took out the memory card and put in our spare.


       There was no way that I wanted my wife to accidentally see this video. Of course there was the side of me that wished I could show her and that she would become aroused over some stranger taking advantage of her while she was out.

    After eating the sandwich I laid down next to my wife to take a nap. As I was drifting off I was wondering what else could or would go on during this vacation…