Shelley had heard the stories before it happened to her. Here in the outreaches of a South American outback, she had found this cabin where she could be alone and gather her thoughts. She had come here to get over the hurt she had encountered from a broken marriage and a broken relationship. Of necessity, she had contact with the local tribes-people – which is where she had heard many stories of the strange legends and creatures of the forest. And where she had first heard of the people that were called, what was roughly translated into, ‘The Bearers’.

These were women who bore the young of some mysterious creatures that lurked in the forest. Oddly enough, despite the apparent horror of what they went through, these women were held in high regard – as if they were a chosen few. She thought it was all just legend and folklore nonsense, of course – until they came to visit her.

And Shelley remembered that first time when she could not understand nor fight the strange, exciting urge that beckoned her to strip and venture into the jungle. She remembered her stark shock when she first saw them. She had surprised herself at how little fear or loathing she felt – there again, during the telling of the stories it was apparent that none of the ‘Bearers’ had ever suffered or come to harm. Curiously, she just submitted to them and was rewarded with a delightful experience.

They came to her since then once every four weeks or so, which made her wonder whether they knew of or at least sensed the female menstrual cycle. It was mid-afternoon now, hot and humid as she gradually divested herself or her clothes. They were summoning her again. The heavy pheromones they were releasing were again seducing Shelley’s inhibitions and luring her into her lust delirium that drove her to the monthly impregnation ritual.

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  She inhaled deeply and let the delicious opiate fill her head. Looking down at herself, she could admit that her body was still firm, her breasts jutting out proudly, and her belly still relatively flat. She ran her hands slowly over her body and delighted in the sensuous glow overcoming her.

She realized that her nipples were beginning to stand out as if her body anticipated the coming events. How perverse, she thought, here she was a seemingly respectable city girl about to experience something the strange horror of which would send most right-minded women to slash their wrists to avoid. She was about to be sexually ravaged by strange forest creatures and she would come back impregnated with their child!

Stepping out onto the porch, she felt a slight warm breeze caress her body. Walking away from her shack, she plodded into the forest ready to fulfil her responsibilities.

Arriving at the clearing she maintained for their rendezvous, where the procedure would take place, she noticed that they had already arrived and were waiting for her. As usual, there were four of them – the two ‘guardians’ whose purpose was to restrain her, and the male and female of the species who would perform the implanting and impregnation.

Had she been asked to describe them, she would have been at a loss, as she (and, she suspected, precious few others) had ever seen them. Around 18 inches high they resembled, as best, a cross between and octopus and a scorpion. The main bulk of the body was leathery in appearance, but with large black doleful eyes perched on the top – a bit like those of a crab. But it was the tendrils (or tentacles whatever they were) that made them quite unlike anything she could have imagined. Six of these were obviously for traction or grasping, but she knew that the male and female differed in that they each had a seventh special-purpose tendril.

She felt something brush against her ankle and, looking down, realized that the male was wrapping one of its tendrils around her leg, as if urging her on.

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   ‘Horny little devil’ she smiled to herself before lowering herself down and lying on the vegetation on the floor of the clearing.

The two guardians had taken position either side of her and she felt their tentacles reach out and grab an arm and leg each. Her arms were pulled outwards while the others pulled her legs open and upwards to allow easy access to her sexual organs.

Bound and pinned thus, she was as firmly restrained and held down as if by ropes and staves. Even without the restraints, however, she knew that she would gladly have lain there and submitted to them. These were welcome and well-accustomed friends, she felt safe and comfortable with them.

She felt the movement between her legs as the female moved forward and, wrapping her coils around Shelley’s body, pulled herself up onto her belly. The female settled herself there and then wound her two hind most tendrils gently but firmly around each of Shelley’s upper thighs as the centre tendrils embraced Shelley’s waist. Almost perceptively, the foremost tendrils stroked her sides in a soothing caress.

The female had a special protrusion to her rear, much like the tail of a scorpion, which could be turned upward or downward. But Shelley knew that there, the similarity ended. This was a highly unusual and versatile tool which would play a vital part in the first stage of the breeding.

Once in position, the female brought down her tail until it nestled against the outer lips of Shelley’s vulva. The ‘stinger’ began a slow caress up and down between Shelley’s labia, groping for her vagina, stimulating her erogenous zone, prompting Shelley’s genitals for the impending sexual congress. As the stinger caressed her, the opening at its tip secreted its slick, gooey coital fluid, preparing the passage for ease of entry and with the fluid came more of those heady pheromones.

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  Shelley inhaled them deeply into her lungs and then let out a soft moan as the rush overwhelmed her and touched off a light, satisfying orgasm. From the tip of the stinger, the probe began to emerge and carefully felt for Shelley’s vagina. Gently, the female began to push the probe into her body, slowly inching into and up her vagina. The stinger planted itself over the vaginal opening and its mouth flared outward to cover Shelley’s labia, making a secure, shielding seal.

Shelley gasped with pleasure at the intrusion and closed her eyes, trying to relax as the female pushed ever deeper into her body. Inside her, she could feel the tendril snake its way gently up her vagina. She could hear a feint gurgling sound as the invading appendage surged and swirled within her. The stinger’s mouth-like opening slurped and smacked against Shelley’s mons as it plied its probe within her. Copious secretions seeped past their united organs and streamed lugubriously down her crotch. It always tickled her in an erotic way as it crept its way into her, urging on her arousal. Shelley’s hips rocked gently as she enjoyed the delicate incursion. The tendril curled and spun within her wet clingy confines, stimulating her uterus to lift and poise itself for sexual union while relaxing her for the upcoming procedure. Shelley surrendered herself to the creature’s attentions, rising with the seductive sensations until they peaked and she was rewarded with another, deeper climax.

Eventually, Shelley felt the tip of the probe nudge against her cervix. It groped around there, determining its whereabouts, centring itself, pushing hard now to ensure a good connection.

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  The probe was, in fact, a tube and inside was another, specially adapted tendril. Within the tube also, were the ova, which Shelley would carry. Now she could feel something push against the opening of her cervix. The egg would be not much bigger than the end-joint of her little finger, and soft and pliant in its makeup. The female, having positioned the ovum at the opening now began to push upwards.

Shelley let out a small gasp as it began its journey up that narrow tube. Despite the narrowness of her cervix and the size of the intrusion, she was surprised that she felt no pain – just an odd, pleasurable sensation as the ovum was pushed deeper and deeper into her body.

The female’s probe continued to push upwards into her cervix until, at last, Shelley could feel a presence in her womb – the egg was in!Now, the female had extended her probe right into Shelley’s womb and she could feel it move about inside her, presumably making sure that the egg was secure and comfortable in the inviting warmth of its host.

Apparently satisfied, Shelley could feel the tendril being withdrawn from her womb, down her cervix and, finally, the female began to extract the tube from her vagina. It made a slurpy sound as it pulled free of her vagina and the stinger broke its kiss with her vulva.

Its purpose fulfilled, Shelley could feel the female relax. Her tendrils slowly unwound their clutch of Shelley’s body and weakly lifted her body above Shelley’s belly, dragging her limp stinger behind her like a wounded arm. The female paused for a moment to gather strength and then slithered off her belly, lifted her stinger over her body and scuttled gingerly off to the side. Shelley looked after her with the concern of an intimate friend. Now she could feel the two guardians tighten their grip on her legs and thighs, pulling them further outwards while pulling her knees upwards so that her back arched slightly off the ground, exposing her orifices fully.



She felt the movement between her thighs, the tendrils reaching upwards across her belly, the bulk of the male drawing itself up between her outstretched legs and rubbing across her exposed nether regions. She let out a gasp of anticipation as he moved upwards and inwards, wrapping his body around her and enveloping all of her crotch from her pubis to her buttocks. His fore-tendrils reached upwards and wrapped around her slim waist to hold him against her pubis, his centre tendrils wrapped around her up-turned thighs in order to secure his position and pull himself closer, his hind tendrils reached under her butt, crossed her back and gripped her hips to pull his body around her crotch.

She could feel a nudging to her rear, pushing between the cheeks of her buttocks as his seventh tendril began its journey to anchor him to her body. Pushing inwards between her yielding cheeks, it lightly touched the tight little ring of her anus, gently teasing and lubricating it with more pheromone rich coital fluid. The intoxicating aroma reached Shelley’s head and again she succumbed to another sweet, fulfilling climax. As it swept over her, Shelley could feel her sphincter muscles relax and contract in anticipated rhythm until eventually, she relaxed completely and opened up to him.

The probe pushed up against the now unresisting entrance, about the thickness of a man’s little finger tip at first, it pushed easily into her receptive anus. She let out another groan of pleasure as it continued its journey inwards, thickening now to the width of a thumb until she could feel the larger bulb pressing against the entrance. Willing herself to relax, she opened herself up even more to allow the large protrusion to push its way inwards, stretching her anal opening until it almost hurt then, with an inaudible pop, it was inside her.

Waves of delirium began to engulf her as she could feel the tendril in her rectal passage moving, turning, with the creature using it to pull himself even closer to her exposed body.

Now she could feel the second probe, gently working around the front of her vagina. This thin, deft tendril would have a different and unique purpose. She could detect it now feeling around at the entrance to her urethra. This had been entirely new to her that first time but now she waited with eager anticipation as the thin tendril gently pushed against the opening and into her pee-tube.

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   She could feel it slithering steadily inwards and upwards until, finally, she sensed it deep inside her bladder.

The male now began to drink; she could feel it, as the liquid drained out of her bladder. The process (or taste) seemed to excite him as he grasped her more urgently and the anchor tendril coiled stronger inside her rectum, pulling him tighter.

Having drained her, he now began to inject his own fluid into her body. Again, she only had her senses to guide her, but she estimated that the males pumped quite a bit of the nutrient into her bladder as she could discernibly feel it begin to expand under the pressure.

Against the lips of her vagina, she could feel him begin to grow the third tendril. Unlike a human penis that dwelt external from the body, his was retractable and literally extended out of his body directly into hers. The emerging organ now pushed against the lips of her vagina, the secretions and his mate’s prior enticements helping its smooth penetration. Shelley felt the lips urged apart as the member began to enter her, moving on into the damp warmth of her vagina. Her head lolled back against the vegetation beneath her, she cried out with pleasure at the new intrusion.

She could feel the anchor probe in her anus and the tendril, still deep within her bladder, pulling at her to ensure his even penetration. The inseminating appendage continued to grow outwards from the creature, pushing deeper and deeper into Shelley’s insides. Again she heard the obscene gurgling sound as the delving penile implant crept into the intimate reaches that a woman reserves for lovers only. She had no idea of its width, but she surmised that it was thicker than a human phallus though, with its gradual growth and the mucous it secreted she accepted his intrusion easily and with delight.

He was filling her now, conforming to her inner contours, pushing deeper until she could feel him nudge against the base of her cervix.

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  There, the end of his organ pushed firmly against the entrance and she could feel what must have been like lips closing around the opening, effectively sealing himself to her. He was now prepared for insemination.

He began an action, which always drove her over the edge towards a transportation of delight. His whole organ began to pulsate, undulate and throb deep within her and against the lips of her vagina sending waves of ecstasy through her body. Sensing his time was fast approaching, he began to distend his anal anchor probe. Shelley felt it thicken and the bulb, which nestled within her anal muscles, began to throb and swell rhythmically, pulling them even closer until she felt that, under other circumstances, she would have cried out with pain. As his small body worked fervently against her crotch their contact began to make a slight, telltale sexual smacking sound. Unconsciously, her hips began to roll in time to his rhythmic pulling as if pushing up to meet a lover’s welcome thrust. Within her vagina, his main probe began to swell, exaggerating the sensations she felt within her whole passage. On and on he surged in her. The billowing, throbbing, undulating organ worked against the walls of her vagina, tugging and pushing, slipping and sliding against her delicate intimate flesh. Shelley’s pampered senses were propelling her to an impending, inevitable crescendo.

She could tell by his clasping, along with the increased grip of the guardians, that the moment was close. The creature seemed to give one last lunge before beginning its convulsions. Human sex had never been like this event, where the male pumped his sperm into her vagina.

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  The human penises she had known did not come close to establishing such a presence in her as this organ; it was so large and so lively. A man’s penis issued its seed in a brief, barely discernable squirt issued haplessly into her vagina, not at all like the tremendous flow this vessel was about to deliver. As he began to ejaculate, she could feel the semen jet and gush up the narrow tube of her cervix, directly into her womb. On and on he pumped until she could feel her stomach swell with that precious, impregnating liquid.

Shelley threw back her head and screamed and cried in orgasm – her whole body wracked with the most intense, almost unbearable pleasure. Combined with the overpowering effect of the pheromones, her climax lingered and extended into what amounted to a fit of pleasure that always left her weak and powerless as the mating party withdrew.

Slowly, she subsided and could feel her alien lover begin to loosen his grip on her. She could have cried with frustration as he slowly began to withdraw his tendrils first from her bladder, then the impregnating organ and, finally and slowly, she felt the bulb being drawn from her ravaged rectum.

The guardians slowly slackened their pull on her legs until her butt gently rested back on the ground. Now it was the male’s turn to wearily lift his body from her and make his exit. He untied his coils from her legs and waist and braced them on the ground. With a sticky slurp he broke his contact with Shelley’s crotch and hovered over her waist.

Glancing up at his underside, Shelley quickly inspected the weapons just used on her. She saw the hole from which his urethra probe emerged, she saw the still swollen anal anchor toward the back of his body and she marvelled that she had taken it. What grabbed her attention most was his penile tube.

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  Still too bloated to retract all the way back into his body, the fat, tender looking appendage hung below him about the length of Shelley’s thumb and continued to drip the last remnants of his seminal solution. He shakily rose as high as he could over her, stepped to her side, lowered himself a little and then slithered off on his tentacles in an undulating motion. As he parted, another dose of his pheromones wafted up from his underside and her exposed crotch, lapsing her back into a nice climactic repose.

The guardians released her and withdrew. Oblivious to them, she languished on the soft ground in the now still clearing and enjoyed her post-coital recuperation without concern. Shelley knew she was now being watched and she would be looked after and protected from harm. She lazily drew an arm over her chest and hugged her breasts to her as she traced small circles in her matted pubic hair with her other hand. She rested for a few minutes before rising and walking slowly back towards her shack, the excess sperm trickling down the inside of her leg.

At the edge of her porch she drew a pail of water from the cistern and squatted with her back against a post. She splashed water over her sex and then scrubbed the slick residue from her hair and skin with her wet hands. After a brisk rinse, she cupped her palm over her vulva and contemplated her role. Life grew in her, left there not by a lover but by mysterious forest creatures. Her womanhood was vital in this place. Rising to her feet, she kept her hand over her sex and stared out into the forest, ‘Are they watching me?’She was feeling weary from her ordeal. Now she went to her bunk, drew the netting and lay in a grateful sleep.


  The gestation period was around 24 hours, but the first stage would begin within about twelve.

She had awoken a couple of times as she could feel the movement of the new life within her. Then, she was awake, as she could feel that the time was near. Deep within her, she could feel her body prepare itself – it seemed that something inside her was opening up, and she knew that her cervix was preparing for the passage.

Now she felt her body begin to spasm, and the sensation of the young life beginning to push its way out. It had found its way to her cervix, and was now pushing downwards and into the narrow tube. Taking deep breaths, Shelley forced herself to relax as it forced its way into the cervical passage, and downwards. This was the only time she would really feel any kind of pain but somehow, even the pain was pleasant as her tube was stretched to accommodate its passage. Eventually, she could feel him emerge from her uterus into the cavity of her vagina, could feel its tendrils in there exploring and anchoring himself.

She now relaxed, with the youngster nestled in the warmth of her vagina and could feel its feeding tendril begin to push outwards. She reached down, and pulled open the lips of her vagina to help it and, looking down there, could see the thin tendril emerge and curl round until it found what it wanted.

She could see the tendril move towards her urethra, gently but urgently push against the entrance until, with a gasp from Shelley, it penetrated her. She lay back and let the tendril make its journey upwards until she could feel it enter her bladder and the creature begin to drink greedily from the nutrient fluid deposited there earlier by its father.

Odd, she thought, she almost felt maternal towards the little critter. More odd still that this intricate relationship could have evolved and carry on unknown to the outside world for centuries.


  And completely baffling, that this quite natural understanding could emerge between them without any communication at all. Satisfied that the youngster was safe, secure and feeding, she fell into deep sleep.

The following morning, she arose and went about her usual morning chores – tidying up and making herself some breakfast. She found it relatively easy to move around, even with the growing life within her vagina.

Her chores done, she sat in one of the reclining chairs on the porch. The youngster within her was growing rapidly, helped by the nutrient it fed on within her body, and she could feel her vagina begin to distend. It would now be about the size of a woman’s fist but would grow a bit more, before emerging into the world.

Eventually, she could feel the time was near, and began a slow walk towards the clearing. Due to the size of the creature within her, walking was now a more delicate affair as she tried to keep her legs apart.

Reaching the clearing, she could see the male and female awaiting her – the expectant nervous parents, she thought.

Pulling up her skirt, she lay down on the vegetation, pulled up and opened her legs wide for the final stage. Propped up on her elbows she stared down at her sex to witness the miracle of life with her mating partners.

Suddenly, she felt the movement within her increase as the youngster prepared for its birth. The tendril slowly pulled out from her urethra, and the creature began to push outwards. She could feel its main tendrils emerge from within her and these curled back and pressed against her skin to help it pull itself out.

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  Now the size of a man’s hand, the creature was stretching her almost to the point of pain. Shelley gritted her teeth and pushed downwards to help it until, suddenly, she felt it emerge with something approaching a slurping sound. She felt the trust and acceptance of the parents, as they required no guardians to restrain her now. They both approached until they were between her knees, the male cupped his tendrils before her vagina to catch his offspring.

Looking down, she could see it now – the creature which had found life within her womb, she had carried and, her body at least, had nurtured. It clung to his coils and he bore it off into the undergrowth.

The female approached cautiously and tentatively extended a tentacle under Shelley’s thigh and around her hip. Shelley responded to the prompt and being careful not to bump the female, threw her leg over, rolled onto her stomach and then rose to her hands and knees. The creature wrapped a strong tendril around Shelley’s waist and deftly pulled herself up and perched upon Shelley’s rump. The female’s tentacles braced herself on Shelley’s hips and thighs in a supportive manner, not at all like the tenuous, restraining way during implantation. Shelley lowered her head to watch the coming event.

Arching her stinger beneath her, the female curled it behind Shelley’s butt and brought the appendage upward in contact once again with Shelley’s open, swollen vagina. Shelley watched intently as the end of the stinger opened up in a vertical slit and broad lips spread out and enveloped her outer labia. The strange, mouth-like orifice mounted, clasped and sucked at Shelley’s sex. Once a firm connection was made with her pubic mound Shelley felt the inner tendril gently part her labia, opening a passage and then the female began to secrete a fluid down into Shelley’s birth canal.

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This was obviously some sort of postpartum procedure, an anaesthetic/antiseptic to heal her, prevent infection and prepare her for next month’s cycle. Shelley never refused it, it felt like a soothing, warm douche and she saw it as a special bonding moment. The fluid filled her vagina and then started to seep into her uterus. Once a goodly amount of fluid was injected, the creature slowly drew it out and then slowly pushed it back in making a steady, gentle current. Shelley watched transfixed as the coupled organs passed the fluid back and forth between their bodies, like two mouths kissing. The fluid sloshed and gurgled as it flowed between them. Some of it drooled out at small gaps in their contact. The stinger’s mouth adjusted its purchase and made distinctive kissing and smacking sounds as it worked on Shelley. With two free tentacles, the female began to gently stroke and caress Shelley. They rolled along her sides and belly and slid up and down her back. They delicately curled and twisted over her thighs.

Shelley remembered how the female always tenderly stroked her during implant and wondered about this strange procreative dependence as this creature tended to her sex organs that she had just lent it. There seemed to be such care and concern in this creature. Shelley wondered if they really cared or if they only needed her for her womb. Were they intelligent or just highly organized?Did they enjoy this contact or was it just instinct?Shelley reached back with her hand and placed it over the tentacle on her thigh.

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  She was thrilled as the tip of the tendril curled up in the palm of her hand and then lightly caressed her wrist. She didn’t know how long their therapy session lasted; it seemed it was always over too soon. With one final smack and a slurp the female pulled away the stinger from her vulva and the medicinal fluid gushed out and splattered on the ground between Shelley’s knees. She slowly eased herself down the back of Shelley’s thighs. She hovered there a bit, examining Shelley’s sex with a swipe of a tendril, and then slowly backed into the forest.

Shelley wearily stood up and paused for a moment to let the remains of the juices run out of her vagina and down her leg. Opening her legs in a semi-crouch, she peed, relieving herself of what was left within her and watched the remains of the deep blue liquid stream onto the forest floor. She smoothed down her skirt and parted for home.

Her mind went back to what she had asked herself before. She couldn’t stay here forever. Some day, her reproductive years would come to an end. Some day, she would have to go back home, to live in the city. But what about her duty to these creatures, who relied on her and her body to bring forward new life – or was she perhaps thinking that, after what she had experienced, ‘normal’ sex would never be quite the same again.