Project at her house


Sadly I didn’t ask anyone else out and the next the day after the dance, they seemed to hang out more and seem to start being a couple. The only thing I couldn’t stop thinking about why I didn’t ask her first. Months have passed and they were still hanging out now making out often and guessing giving oral pleasure secretly alone since they were so close and were always away in corners and hanging out at each others house.
<!--[if Now it has probably been an year since they started hanging out. She and I were alone in our last classroom of the day and right about to leave. Her boyfriend has been out of town at a funeral for his mother’s sister. We had a big project together and so I asked her if we could get together and do the project. Instead of telling her next week she said why not just do it now since she didn’t have anything to do and neither did I. So we agreed and we walked to her house.
<!--[if Her house was a 2-story house and was clean. We placed our backpacks in her family room right near the Family Couch. She asked if I wanted anything to drink and I asked for water. She told me to wait as she went upstairs to grab a poster board and some utensils. A few moments later she came back down and sat everything on the carpet floor right in front of the couch. She told me she would draw and post the information on the board while I searched on the computer for information to put on the board. I went to the computer which was right near the couch and turned it on.

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   I started to search for information on our project and noticed many popups. I was like a pro at fixing computers and all those stuff and started searching what was wrong. I noticed that she or someone has been looking at porn sites and I decided not to ask her. All of a sudden a popup came up with a video and it was a video with two men pleasuring themselves with oral sex. The speaker was on so there was moaning and pleasuring.
<!--[if She turned her head to look at the computer and she was pretty surprised. She ran to the computer to exit it. “ Why were you looking at that?” she asked nervously, “ You’re gay or something?” I knew and she knew she was the one looking at them and she knew that I knew. “There's nothing to be ashamed of” I said, “ I look at them too, but not guys on guys”. She seemed to be less nervous and just went to the couch and sat down. I got up and sat next to her and just sat there for a while. Right when I was about to ask her if we still wanted to work on the project, she took my arms and held it. She looked at me and I looked at her and we just stared.
<!--[if cell phone started ringing and she picked it up. It was her boyfriend.

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   It seemed like he just called to check on her. She got him and went near the entrance door to have some privacy. I just sat there and for some reason I just looked at her and noticed how beautiful she always was. We were so busy on the project I completely forgot that I had a crush on her and that we were alone in her house. She closed her phone and seeming she was disappointed or something and I came up to her to ask her what was wrong. She said that her boyfriend had to stay out of town longer because there was a delay. She really missed him and it seemed more like she was just really starting to get horny because she haven’t got pleasure for a long time since her boyfriend left out of town. Her head was tilt down and I placed my finger below her chin to tilt it up. We stared at each other for a couple of seconds which seemed a life time. And then we kissed.
<!--[if She stopped me and pulled me back and said that she still had a boyfriend and if she said it wasn’t a good idea and I tried to kiss her again but she just pulled back even more. I tried once again and this time she accepted. We started making out right in front of the door for a while. I took her hands and ran my hands up her arms. I started kissing her neck and she started touching my legs near my crotch which started to make my cock hard.

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   I placed my body closer to her and she leaned on the door. She bent her body outward making contact with her body and mine.
<!--[if I ripped her t-shirt and she was wearing a bra and her breasts were nice round and around The C Size. It turned me really one and I started massaging her breast with her bra on. She started squeezing my cock with her right and and placed her left hand on my ass. I ripped her bra off exposing her nice tits. I started rubbing my cock ( still in my pants) and soon humping her for that I was that horny. She started to moan and I stopped to take of my shirt. I picked her up and placed her on the family couch. She started taking off her pants while I took off mine.
<!--[if I was wearing my boxer and she was wearing her black thong. I got on top of her and placed my crotch near her face. She put her hand inside my boxer and started feeling and touching my cock. It felt really good and felt like was gonna cum really soon. I took of my boxer revealing my cock in front of her face.

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   She grabbed it and I told her to suck it. She stroked my cock a few times and started sucking the tip of my cock. It already felt so good and so I just pushed my cock into her mouth and brought it outward and inward over and over. I was ready to Cum and before it could I took my cock out of her mouth and told her to take off her thong. She took it off. Her pussy was shaved and it was really nice and tight looking. I told her to get on all four and she obeyed and got on all four. I started rubbing my cock on her nice pussy and ass. I made contact with her pussy and slid my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was really tight and warm and I just started butt fucking her. After a couple of minutes I stopped and I told her to get on top of me. She got off the couch and I lyed on the couch and she got on top of my cock. She grabbed my cock and slid it in her pussy and this time she was taking control. She started to moan and minutes later she said she was gonna cum. I was going to cum too and so I flipped her over and she was lying on the couch and I stuck my dick in her mouth and started ejaculating in her mouth.

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<!--[if It was the best ever and I cummed a load. I took my cock out of her mouth and she drank my cum. I just lied on her and I liked the feeling of her breast and nipples on my nipples and my cock resting on her pussy. We both fell asleep.
<!--[if After two to three hours I woke up and I was lieing on the couch alone. I put on my clothes and looked around her house to see where she was. She was upstairs taking a shower and I just went inside to see how it was like seeing her shower. She was surprised and then she told me to come in. So I quickly took off my clothes once again and got in. We had another pleasureful sex.
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