Puberty - My early years.


--------------------------- This reveals where I got on to sex.

From the outset of my tits starting to develope I realised boys were attracted to them and in turn this led me to realise I had other assets that boys/men needed desperate access too. Thus began my sexual experiences. This being a while ago had excitement,now lost on todays generation. So here goes;

As I mention,with my breasts developing,unlike some girls - self conscious of their new tits - I thrived on the attention boys were giving me. The ribald remarks,rather than upsetting me,I found gave me an experience of damp spots on my knickers. At about this time I also caught my brother and his mate with hardon's. Having caught them,I challenged them to show me more. More? By this I meant,letting me see them wank! They conceded on condition I let them see my tits as they done it. So secreting ourselves away from prying eyes I got rid of my bra' and watched as they wanked themselves off. My brother was first to cum and I marvelled at the sperm as it first spit,them ran in subsequent pulses down over his fingers.

His mate however spoke crudely as he headed towards his orgasm, - "I'm nearly cumming,let me shoot it on your cunt" - I ignored this request as his spunk shot out and landed all over the floor. We went our separate ways after,but I had this spunk thing going round in my head, - What if I had? If I'd let them shoot it,both of them,all over my pussy. I wondered what it would feel like,the texture,how hot it was and if they'd let me wank them off to do it. I didn't have long to wonder. Later my brother approached me with their offer, - If I let them shoot it on me,they'd finger me in exchange.

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   Quick as a flash I demanded, - only if I could wank their cocks doing it. . . How nieve was that? - Of course over the years,I realised,that was not a fair exchange. But the ageement was made and at the next opportunity I fulfilled my desire.

We'd concluded in the meantime,for them, to shoot their cum on my quim,I'd need to be laying down. So when either of our homes were empty of parents we would do it. But I had my doubts about this and changed the plan to letting them have me in a nearby field,in the gloom of evening. Thus arranged,we went off to do the deed. As soon as they got their cocks out they were hard,even before I took my tits out. . . I lay on my back and started wanking them off. Slowly at first and taking time to pull their skins right back and forward which seemed to please them as they both kept pulling their bums away before thrusting forward fast as I pulled at their pricks.

"Why are you thrusting like that with your eyes shut?" Was my question, "Its nice" Said my brother.

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   - "And I'm thinking I'm fucking you" - Added his mate. I hadn't thought up till then of them actually fucking me,but like I said earlier,I was learning just what power my sexual assets had on boys/men!I by instinct, - Having watched them wank themselves started moving my hands faster. - "Stop! Stop! Get your pussy ready" Its was my brother, - "Pull your pants off,so we can shoot over it for you" - Brother again!I stopped all activity with their cocks and stuggled to remove my knicker's and make sure my dress was out of the firing line,while my top looked more like a scarf than a top,it was so high up.

I started off again,but being right handed,my left hand was getting tired. - "You'll have to do yoursef,my arms tired" - No complaint from my brother as he took over and pumped far faster than I could do with that hand and in moments,having shifted postion on his knees,he shot a huge load of cum across my tits,the warmth made me tingle and he was now rubbing the eye of his cock against my nipple,which being already hard,crinkled the oreole even wrinklier. "UUGH! UUGH! AAAH! Brothers mate's cock erupted an abundance of cum all over my belly,pubes and pussy. With the last surge he moved downwards to rub the head of his knob into my slit. The slippery gooey end slid up and dowm my quim ad he guided it with his hand. - "Fuck! One push and it'd be up there!"

I pushed him away, - "Not this one it wont,you're not making me pregnant, - you always want more,you do" I lay back having played with the sperm over my body and they explored and fingered me until I had my orgasm. I knew they were tempted to try and fuck me,but chickened out in case they fucked what they were already getting from me up! - Tis went on for quite awhile but I didn't let them go farther than wanking and fingering despite requests on a regular basis.

Then my attention was drawn to pastures new; My girl mate had told me about watching her older sister being done as she - My friend - watched. My friend went into it very explicitely. So much so that,she'd confided,her sister had asked her to let her bloke have her - my friend - as she watched. Having been told this,I felt my knickers taking a dampness. - "Why didn't you let him then?" - "I don't know how to,I've never done it.

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   Have you?" - "I may have,I lied" - "Have you? What was it like? How did you know what to do?" - Realising my lie may take me into a minefield. I confessed I'd only said I may have,but hadn't really. - "Would you? You know let my sisters bloke do it to you? If it had been you!" Boldly I told her I liked everthing I'd experienced so far and hoped in the very near future to experience having a cock up inside me.

Whimsically,my friend drifted, - "Just imagine,me and sis' watching her bloke having you first time" - That night I slept only after imagining what it would be like myself. - Next day I'd made up my mind,what I didn't know was the sisters bloke wasn't the one I thought it was,it was a completely new one. 'course I didn't know this until after. Her sister was about four years older and the bloke I assumed it to be was about the same age. So I'd told my friend I'd do it on a presumption. - Ah Well! I thought after the event.

Apparently,the sister had been worried - Or more like pissy - that my mate had told me in the first place,but I suspected,she, having told her bloke about it,he was all for having it happen. I had been told to meet them in the lane by the picnic area in the park. I knew this place and I knew there was an old wall that had a tapered slope on it. so if a woman was against it,she was stood in a perfect position to be fucked. I'd already imagined myself laying against it ready for a fucking. I wonded what the sister would do asI had my fucking.

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   This all excited me as i told myself i was a dirty bitch ready for the taking.

My friend had almost avoided coming to watch,because she thought she may get caught up in the moment and have it as well. I persuaded her, So what! She'd be fucked sometime,that was inevitable. Having linked with her sister in the lane,you can imagine my shock in finding the bloke was as old as our dad's. Sister was having her neck and mouth kissed making her eyes gleam like a sex starved mad thing. It was clear also that she had his cock out and in her hand. Unlike my brother and his mate,it was a real man cock. My friend tapped my side. - "See it,its huge" It wasn't that big,but big by comparison. - "She's having it,so its bound to fit ours as well" - I competently responded.

The sister stopped what they were doing. I admit I'd assumed we'd watch her having it before getting fucked. But no,with eyes ablaze,her sister said, - "Take your knickers off,he's raring to go I've worked him up so much" In turn he stood like a dumb mutt with his hardon pulsing ready for my poor pussy. - I found out later,he was dumb in the sense of stupid,but could fuck four or five times,one straight after the other and as her sister said later,- 'See how much he shoots,if he was a bull,he'd be to stud'

So it was,with eyes still blazing things were taken out of my control as she pulling at my knickers in her excitement and holding his cock towards me,she put our parts against each other and proceeded to masterbate my clitoris as he fumbled at it at the same time. I was shocked at myself as I enjoyed her touching me and in moments she had me dying to have his cock.

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   - Of course the thought of this moment had already got me much hotter than I realised. - "Fuck her! Give her a real good fucking,she's brand new" The sisters excitement overflowed on to me as I felt the head of his penis wedge into my pussy and seem to go no further. - "Fuck,she's tight,it wont go up her!" - "Relax Rachel,let his cock in girl" - His hands grasped my naked bum cheeks and I knew he was going to get in me by fair means or fowl. With his fingers deep in my ass crack,he gripped my butt so tightly I thought he'd tear my asshole open.

Then a mighty push of his hips had my cunt spread wide apart and he was up me to his balls. In the moment,I knew he'd took my cherry,but it mattered little as with the power of a bull he sawed at my vagina until every fibre of my body erupted into the most mighty orgasm I've even now ever experienced. As though he was trying now to get his whole body inside me I felt short hard thrusts as shot after shot of his cum spilt deep inside my belly. "Fuck Hazel,she's cum over my cock and her cunts like a vice on my it. I reckon I'll have trouble pulling it out of her she's so fucking tight" - "Hey stallion,don't say that there's another one waiting for you. Hey Sandra,get those knickers off,he'll be ready to fuck you in a mo' - If you think Jane's tight,wait till you try little sister,I put my finger up her when she was asleep last night. . . Tight,she took off on it and she's so tight I had a job pulling it out,it was only because she was so slippery having cum off on it that I got it out at all"

He pulled from me and sister took a good look at my pussy, - "He certainly unloaded in your cunt,that's for sure,still because he's got you stood up,you'll be okay,that is,it wont make you pregnant, - I still wonder where she dreamed that one up! My friend stood meekly waiting for her turn, - "Was it okay? Did it hurt yours?" - "No,it was amazing,it feels like its still inside me" - Crudely I stretched my legs apart, a glob of cum dripped on to the floor, - We both giggled - "See,its like it was except for being full of cum" Her sister repeated what she'd done to me and in no time she too was topped out with cum. I think her sister really got a buzz out of seeing us being fucked because now we watched as she fucked his brains out. she had him cum off three times,then wouldn't let him put his cock away before showing how she could keep making him hard with her hand each time he went soft.

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That was some lesson in sex,the pleasure of watching and being watched,having and being touched by another girl,as well as having a man as old as our fathers,plus sperm almost coming out our ears! - While my friend confided,she'd been awake when her sister fingered her and had heard her sister cum off as she'd had fucked her finger. - "Perhaps we're lesbions" she suggested, - "No,just a horny pair of bitches,was my comment. Even now,I'm sure they were in it together to get her old bloke my scalp for his trophy belt!