Rachel Loves To Shave It


Don't you hate it when you're about to fuck a girl, you pull down her pants, and she has a huge nasty bush? I bet you do. Luckily, I understand how important it is to be perfectly bare. My name is Rachel, and I love to shave. But let me start from the beginning.
When I first started puberty, my mother taught me how to shave my underarms and my legs and that was it. I was horrified by the ugly patch of hair between my legs. But she wouldn't let me shave it, she told me it was normal and to let it go. Even though this bothered me, I soon grew to love shaving my legs and underarms, often going over them multiple times to ensure that there wasn't a single hair left and that they were totally smooth. I often shaved twice a day, because my hair would sometimes start to grow back by the afternoon. I took great pride in being hairless, because I understood that a true female kept her body nice and smooth. Still I hated that hair between my legs, which had grown into a full on bush.
Then, one day, I was changing in the girls locker room. I noticed that none of my friends had hair between their legs, and then they began to tease me and call me a hairy monster. This was a horrible insult to me, as I took such pride in being hairless. Even though the other girls kept their pussies smooth, they weren't as good at shaving as me. Their pussies often showed signs of stubble, and their underarms and legs also showed signs of hair growth.

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I came home crying and told my mother I wanted to shave. But my mother kept a full hairy bush and didn't understand. I got my chance the next day though, when Miss Charlaine asked to talk to me. Miss Charlaine was our Home Ec. teacher, and she was very young for a teacher, she couldn't have been more than 25. She really got the students. She told me that some of the other girls thought she should talk to be about the duties of a woman. The room was empty and she locked the door. Then she turned around and to my surprise pulled down her pants. To my surprise, she was completely bare. All the other adults I had seen naked had full bushes, but she was shaved. She explained that when she was a teenager it was trendy to have a full bush, and that lots of girls had them. However, she had always hated pubic hair and had shaved bald even when others had laughed at her. "Oh god, this is another one of those 'be yourself'" lessons, I thought. But then Miss Charlaine surprised me "I've noticed you take great care in your shaving Rachel" she said.

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   "Honestly, I've seen what some of these girls call shaving, and it's disgusting. So why, when you pay such close attention to be smooth and hairless, do you have such a hairy monster in your pants?"
"My mom won't let me shave it" I said.
"Ah, most women your mother's age don't understand. But I do. Let's take a look"
I was really scared and trembling now, but I did not resist as she approached me and unbuttoned my jeans. She slid them down, revealing my panties. They weren't sexy panties, as I had to wear big ones to hid my bush. If I was able to shave I would have worn smaller ones that showed off my perfectly bare pubic area, but alas, when she took my panties down, she found my monstrous bush. She parted the hairs and looked at my pussy.
"Shaving would make you look incredible, you have a fantastic vagina" she said. "It's an innie" she continued "which means that your inner labia are very small. You'll see what I mean once I shave you"
"You're going to shave me?" I stammered
Without a word she pulled open her desk drawer, revealing that it was filled with razors. She selected one, fairly plain looking, and pulled out a can of shaving cream.
I was extremely excited now, my dream was about to come true.
Slowly, she removed the hair, bit by bit.

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   I noticed that like me, she went over each area many times, catching each spare hair. She did this until I was as bare as the day I was born.
She passed me a mirror, and I ghasped in awe. While most of my friends had large labias that poked out of their pussies, it seemed mine had barely changed since before I had gone through puberty. It was just a slit, a single crease. It looked cute, tight, and vulnerable- it was the epitome of femininity. I looked over at Miss Charlaine
"Thank you so much" I said
Now, every day at lunch time, I go to Miss Charlaine's room. We lock the door and take off our clothes. We pick a razor and get to shaving. We shave our underarms, our arms, and our legs. Then, when we get to the pussies, we trade places and shave each other. We make sure that we never let any hair appear on our pussies. Now that I'm completely shaved, my friends are all jealous of my perfect, tight pussy. .
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