Radha’s – Perfect First night…..


My name is Radha, am in my early 40’s married with 4 kids. I am not sure how to put it but I think I am a sex addict or may be I have become a sex addict after all my experiences in life this far.


Coming from a very orthodox God fearing Malayali Nair family. Did all my schooling in Ernakulam, Kerala. I completed my Engeering from Bangalore in 1992 and as part of the campus got in to Aditi Solutions worked for about 3 years and then moved to Infosys in Bangalore.   All my life I never had any relationships, not that I was not good looking on the contrary I was and am very good looking with long black hair (typical malayali girl) with a good body, nice ass and firm proportionate. Putting it simply when I walk by guys will definitely take a second and closer look.


By 1998 my parents started talking of my marriage and started looking for their prospective SIL. I still remember it was republic day 1998 when we got a call; it was Mr. Rajan Nair who got my profile and horoscope from a marriage broker. It was decided that Mr. Rajan’s family would visit our home the next day to see the girl and meet the girl’s family.


It was Aug 16, 1998, the day started early for me, mom woke me up early then we went to the temple to do some pooja, back from the temple my mom went to the kitchen to prepare things for the guest. Mr. Rajan and his family arrived at my place by 11 am, from the window of my room I was trying to catch a glimpse of my might be husband. They had come in a white Maruthi car, the first to step out of the car was Mr Rajan followed by his wife Mrs.


   Sita and Latha their daughter. They started to walk to wards my home. The driver started the car and parked it in the shade, I was about to move back from the window when with the corner of my eye I saw the driver side door opening and a smart well built guy stepped out. Wooo he was really handsome and well built. Very happy with what I saw, walked away from the window and started to get ready for the show J. Mom had picked a nice saree, which I wore and was ready for the call.


Soon my mom came by, it was time I had to present my self in front of Mr. Rajan’s family. Came down from my room 5 cups of coffee was kept on a tray with some snacks on another.   Mom asked me to pickup the coffee tray and walk to wards the front room she followed me with the other tray.  The typical drama followed (like the once you see in the movies) soon it was over and the guest left. After which the things in the home came back to normal and regular routine started but I was restless, wanted to know what next also wanted to know if my parents are ok and if they were going to peruse the matter further but was very shy to ask.


It was now lunch time and we were all on the table having the our lunch, when dad broke the news that they were going to move the matter further as they were very happy with the family and dad had collected information about Mr. Rajan’s family through a friend. He then handed me a photo saying this is the boy and I had to take a decision.

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   I was surprised, I had seen the guy but why the photo. Look like I was dreaming of the wrong guy all this while the guy who came was the younger brother and the proposal was for the elder one who could not make it as he was on a business trip in UK.   I was very disappointed but took the photo from dad and looked at it, this guy also was not bad, and unlike the younger the elder one was normal with a basic physic looked more like a geek. The guy had a great job good salary and comes from a good family and so I did not have any say my dad simple decided that this was it. After couple of days the families meet and the marriage was fixed. VJ the elder one’s name was to be in Kerala in Nov and the marriage was to happen in Nov.


I got married on the 5th of Nov 1998. VJ had to move to Bangalore; his parents also moved things worked out good for Ajay the younger one as he was already studying in Bangalore.

  Actually this also helped me, as I didn’t have to quit my job. My family life started, like any other girl with lot of fantasies and expectation I went in to my first night.   I was waiting in my room on my bed for my man and my first fuck. I was now 1 am and I did not see VJ, so I stepped out of the room looking for him.   I say Sita who said “Radha, VJ was very tired and he fell a sleep in the guest room, you go to the room I will wake him up and send him up. ” I walked back to my room, soon after some time VJ walked in to the room, on seeing him my heart skipped a beat; he bolted the room and came near me. We spoke for some time and soon VJ fell a sleep, I soon wondered what is wrong, very angry that I was not getting my first fuck today.

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Things went on in a similar style for couple of days, making me very restless. Now after a week after marriage and I am still a virgin. Soon it was Christmas and every one was at home, VJ had official shutdown, Ajay had couple of day’s holidays. Basically we had a full house.    It was 24th Dec 1998, I woke up hearing some sound, it was 4 am I had forgotten to fill the bottle with water and I was feeling thirsty and so I decided to walk down to the kitchen and get some water. As I was coming down the steps I heard some whispering’s, I started walking towards direction of the sound. It was coming from the guest room, I was very curious so decided to look through the keyhole.    What I saw took my breath away, Lakshmi our servant lady was in bed with my Ajay and my FIL, lakshmi was on her knees with Mr. Rajan fucking her from behind and she was sucking Ajay off. What a sight, I was very angry and Horney at the same time.   I stood there and watched the whole show through the keyhole. Ajay was a real stud he fucked lakshmi for almost 20 min before he came in her, like father like son my FIL also at this age was great like his son. It was 5 am when the finished, they started packing their stuff getting ready to get out of the room. I quickly and quietly ran up the steeps to my room, came back down only after 7 am.  I was totally wet when I woke up, my panties was drenched in my pussy juice so much so that I could squeeze a good glass full from my panties.

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Woo, the stud father and brother VJ must be a real stud, now I was getting very restless I wanted VJ to pop my cherry and take me whole. So decided to work the woman magic on him tonight.  

After this incident every time I see Lakshmi the whole incident comes in front of my eyes, I really envy her situation getting fucked by two studs.


Like any other day, VJ came home very late but today I was determined to get what I want. VJ had a late dinner and was sitting in the drawing room watching some Tamil movie on TV.   I was waiting for him in the room, wearing a very sexy see through nightgown.   After a long wait VJ was still not up so now I decided to walk down and bring him, I quietly stepped out of my room down the steps in no time I was right in front of VJ he was shocked seeing me in that outfit. VJ did not have much of a choice he walked with me back to the room, we had just started walking back to the room when a room opened and Ajay walked out and stood right in front of me, his jaw dropped eyes opened wide I quickly covered myself and ran up to the room.  VJ soon followed, once in the room I tried all the tricks up my sleeve to get VJ do something to me. . but nothing happened he just walked in to the study and closed the door and I fell crying on the bed and eventually slept.


Next morning I confronted VJ and asked for an explanation, he just walked out to the office without giving me any answer.  That evening VJ came home early, he appoligized to me took me out to the park and then we went and had chat before getting home.

With all things that happened today I was now exited hoping something would happen today. The family as usual had the early dinner and all dispersed to their respective rooms.

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   We went up to ours; VJ put some movie and was watching it I went in to the shower to get freshen up.   When I came out of the bathroom, the lights were all off and VJ was in bed, I quickly got under the sheet.


Soon VJ turned around and kissed me, I responded as we kissed he unbuttoned my night dress I was not wearing any bra. He slowly moved his hand over my nipples and started slowly rubbing it, I was completely loosing control but soon I was completely naked and he was finger fucking me. After couple of minutes of finger fucking he positioned himself on top of me. He found my love hole with the head of his 9 inch dick, I began pulling him down, just wanted that all in me but he kept tempting me with it but in an unexpected move I suddenly held his waste and pushed him down; it was perfect timing the 9 inch dick went through me like a plunger. There was this unbearable pain something that I did not expected but VJ immediately kissed on my lips sealing my scream of pain in my thought.   He soon started to rhythmically move inside me, very slow and study I soon started enjoying the feeling the pain had all disappeared it was now just shear pleasure. VJ picked up speed, now he was in and out of me like a piston.   I started to feel him jurk, had read that this happens when they are about to come so I just locked my leg around his waste. He tried to pull out but my hold was really strong and soon he came in me. I could feel the hot juice filling my pussy.  


What perfect timing, outside it started to rain like the nature was celebrating my cherry getting popped. There was lightning and thunder I continued enjoying VJ on top of me still playing with my boobs with his shaft still in me. Suddenly in the light of the lightning I felt a figure sitting on the sofa in the room.


    I pushed VJ aside and jumped up just then another lightning and I saw the person on the sofa it was VJ, my heart sank who was in bed with me,. I quickly grabbed the sheet wrapped myself stretched out my hand and put on the bed lamp oohhh it was ajay.  I had my first night with my husband’s brother and my husband was watching the entire show sitting on the sofa. When I saw him, he had smile on his face his dick in his hand with a puddle of cum on the floor.


I had not expression for some time sitting on the side of the bed, after a few minutes of shock I recovered stood up dropped the bed sheet got back in but grabbed ajay’s dick “I decided to give my husband a real show in bright light”, looking at my husband “so u like to watch…. ” I took ajay full in my mouth started sucking him like there was no tomorrow, soon he was in full size – continued…. then rolled up and sat on him like a cow girl and started ridding, started moaning…. Every time ajay thrusts himself in I look at my husband --- who was not enjoying every moment. I picked up speed, I started noticing pain on ajay’s face but I have having a great ride. Soon ajay exploded in me, the cum started oozing out of my pussy on to the base of his dick and on to the bud spread. I was also tired I just dropped back on to the bed.   


This was the start of my wonderfully life in the family. I now have 4 children non of them are VJ’s as he has never did me till today, he never was able to get it on with a girl but he liked to watch.