Samantha chapter 3


The two sisters got to the motel a few minutes before nine. They went into the bar and saw Hugh sitting at the end of the bar. He waved to them and they walked over. It was an impressive display.
The dresses they had bought for tonight's date were not identical, but rather, matching. The same pattern, one was a bright lime green while the other was a shocking pink. They were sleeveless and long, extending several inches below the knees. They were made from some type of very thin stretch fabric, and Margaret had insisted on getting them a size too small. As a result the dresses clung to every inch of the twins, skin tight and showing off every hot curve. The dresses had a long row of small snaps running down the front, perhaps 20 each, from deep-V collar to hem. In both cases, enough buttons had been undone to show some cleavage and some leg above the knee. Black fishnet stockings and black 4" spike heels completed an attractive and provocative package. The sisters could feel all the male eyes turn their way, looking at them with hungry lust. They were well aware of the fact that they were totally naked under the dresses, no panties or bras, and that the tight cling of their dresses advertised that fact very well to the lustful stares of the men!
Hugh watched the approaching women with frank appreciation. After kissing them both lightly, he said, "Wow! You two look spectacular. "
Margaret twirled around a moment, and asked "Are you sure?"
Alexandra stepped back.

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   Running her hands down the dress and around to her ass, she asked, "You don't think they're too tight do you?"
"Oh,no. Really. Everything looks just great. "
Hugh couldn't take his eyes off the two women. He was practically drooling.
"Oh, good. We were worried. ", said Margaret. "Look, there's a nice booth. "
She led the trio to a large, U-shaped booth to the rear of the bar. Despite the candle burning on the table, it was quite private and dark. The sisters let Hugh sit down first, and then moved in on either side of him, Alexandra to his right and Margaret on his left. Although the booth was rather large, they slid together until their hips were touching his. When the waiter approached, they all ordered drinks.
"So, Alexandra, exactly what kind of business do you have? You mentioned you have some sort of health club?"
"Please, call me Alex.

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  And call her Maggie. That's what we've always gone by. "
"Sure. "
"Well, it's a small health club, spa, gym sort of place. You know, an aerobic dance room, a few Nautilus machines,some weights, a couple of hot tubs, a few tanning booths, that sort of thing. "
Looking past Hugh, she noticed her sister popping a snap on her dress, exposing another inch of thigh. Hugh, his eyes riveted on Alexandra, didn't notice.
"Well it's no wonder you're in such great shape. You must work out all the time. "
Alexandra smiled. She didn't work out very often, at all. But the club was a great way to meet good looking, fit, young men, and she could easily tell, by looking at their tight gym shorts, if a prospective fuck was well endowed. Several times a week she managed to give a "special workout" to a client.
"Why, thank you! I do try to look nice. " She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

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Turning towards her sister, he asked, "And you, Maggie. What do you do?"
"Oh, I own a small business supplies and services company. "
Looking over at her sister, she noticed her popping the same lower snap as she had earlier. They had decided before they arrived that Margaret would open her dress from the bottom and that Alexandra would open hers from the top. The other sister would match her sister's snaps, and then initiate the next round. Of course, it would be more fun if Hugh didn't seewhat they were up to, and the twins simply became less dressed silently. They figured by the end of the evening, not much would be left snapped. Alexandra then popped the top snap at her breasts.
"Well you must work out often, too. And I can't believe your tans. "
Alexandra answered, drawing Hugh's attention from her sister. "Between my tanning booths and the sun, we both stay fairly tanned. "
She noticed her sister had popped an upper snap, evening the race.
"Of course, if you don't want to burn, you have to rub oil all over. And of course, you have to watch out for tan lines.

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Over the next two hours, the small group had several more rounds of drinks. Unknown to Hugh, the girls were making sure he stayed more sober than they. Whether spilling his drinks or sipping from them, they kept him fairly sober. For the night ahead, they wanted him alert and awake.
As the night progressed, it seemed as if a snap was unsnapped every 5 to 10minutes. Hugh caught on after the first few snaps, and asked if he could pop the snaps for them. The girls at first laughed and declined, saying they weren't those kinds of girls, that they were just getting more comfortable. But an hour later, with their dresses open up to mid-thigh and down almost to their navels, Margaret asked Hugh if he was still interested.
"I wouldn't want to break a nail. " She ran her finger along his cheek, and down his neck.
"Yes, Hugh. ", saidAlexandra. She ran her fingertips along his pants front, feeling the large erection within. "We've got plans for these nails. "
Hugh, flushing and breathing heavily, turned to Alexandra.

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   Putting his left hand on her inner thigh, he moved the hand upwards along the fishnet stockings. Dexterously moving his thumb, he popped three more snaps in rapid succession, stopping only when his extended middle finger felt the soft down between her thighs. He could feel the moist warmth between her legs. Slipping his hand further between her legs, he began flickinghis finger across her clit, easily found within her engorged pussy lips.
Alexandra, not expecting this treat, gave a soft moan of pleasure, and slumped in her seat. Hugh could see the color rising in her face, her dark skin flushing down her neck and across her exposed cleavage. After only a few minutes, her pussy began twitching, and she moaned again, in orgasm.
Hugh removed his hand just in time to finish his drink before the approaching waiter cleaned off the table.
"A final round, ladies?" Seeing their nods, he said, "One last round, please, and the check. "
After the waiter left with their order, Hugh slid his left hand into Margaret's lap. Skillfully undoing the same number of snaps, he lowered his hand into her crotch. Margaret, however, had watched her sister being pleasured, and wanted to make sure she received the same treatment. Spreading her legs widely, she grabbed his hand and thrust it deep between her legs. Hugh began moving his fingers into her flushed cunt and up into the warm, wet tunnel. Margaret began rocking gently back and forth, and began moaning out directions.

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"Oh,that's it. . . deeper, deeper. . . both fingers. . . rub my clit now. . . "
Hugh saw the waiter approaching with their drinks and tried to pull his hand free,
but Margaret grabbed his arm and kept it in place. The waiter tried to maintain his composure as he set down the drinks, but became flustered as she continued her rocking and quiet moaning. As he turned to leave, Hugh spoke up and asked for the check.

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   When the waiter handed it to him, Hugh's poker face never cracked. Margaret orgasmed shortly thereafter in a shuddering spasm.
Hugh removed his left hand, and turning towards Margaret, unsnapped several buttons from the top. The tightly stretched fabric pulled back, revealing her flesh from her neck to below her navel.
"God, Hugh, the only thing holding this on is my nipples!" Maggie exclaimed.
"Then I suggest you keep your back straight and make no sudden moves. ", hereplied. He downed his drink, repeated the procedure on Alexandra, and said, "Why don't we go up to my room, and get comfortable?"
As they left the empty bar, Alexandra and Margaret were forced to move with exquisite grace. The fabric of their dresses had pulled the front apart to voyeuristic dimensions. The dresses, originally held together by 20 or more snaps, now were held together only by three, centered at their pulsing crotches. They were split to well above mid-thigh, ending just slightly below the tops of their stockings, and as Margaret had said, the tops were literally held in place by their nipples. An ambitious inhale would have stripped either woman.
Hugh stopped at the bar and bought a bottle of champagne from the bartender. Taking three champagne flutes, he led the women out of the bar, into the elevator, and to his room. Along the way he grabbed a bucket of ice.

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"Champagne, ladies? Or later?"
Alexandra smiled. "Later. " She undid the 3 remaining snaps and and her tight dress fell away from her, showing off her naked glory to Hugh's admiring eyes. Seconds later, Margaret followed suit. Hugh feasted his eyes on the sight as he placed the bottle in the bucket of ice.
The twins, now clad only in thigh length, black fishnet stockings and 4" black spike heeled shoes, wrapped themselves around Hugh. Together they began kissing and licking his face, all the while removing his clothes. Shortly his jacket, tie, and shirt were gone. He had been caressing both women with his hands. Once Alexandra removed his belt and began to loosen the zipper on his pants, Margaret slid her hand into his pants and began stroking his engorged monster.
"Sit. ", she said, pushing him back onto the bed. Hugh sat, his knees turningweak at the waves of pleasure Margaret was stroking into his cock. As soon as Alexandra had pulled his pants far enough down, Margaret twisted her head and molding her lips around his cock head, took his entire length into her mouth, her hot, pliable mouth clamping tightly around, sliding down and engulfing every inch of his throbbing shaft. Alexandra continued to remove his shoes, socks, and pants.

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"Oh, sweet Jesus. ", he whispered, as Alexandra pushed him flat onto the bed. He couldn't remember the last time a woman, any woman, had given him a blow job like this. Most women found his erect cock, measuring 9" long and 2" wide, too intimidating. Certainly his ex-wife had never been able to take more than a few inches in without gagging. He could feel the tip of his glans hit the back of Maggie's throat, as her lips caressed the wide base of his erection. The suction and tongue action sent shivers racing through his groin.
Alexandra saw that her sister wasn't going to share, so she knelt between Hugh's legs and began stroking and licking his balls and anus. Alexandra began scratching her long fingernails along his thighs, and began to watch the speed with which Hugh was thrusting his pelvis towards Margaret's insatiably hungry mouth. When the timing seemed perfect, she whispered, "Now, suck now. " to her sister, and inserted a moistened index finger to the second knuckle in Hugh's ass. The effect was electrifying. Hugh's hips started bucking wildly, as he thrashed and moaned on the bed. His cock shot off wildly, Margaret could feel his thick steams of spunk spewing all over her tongue, as he shot stream after stream of hot, thick cream into her eager mouth! Maggie savored the huge mouthful of cum, before letting it slide down her throat, a well satisfied smile on her face. Finally, Alexandra removed her finger as Hugh's orgasm passed.

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   He lay quietly on the bed, legs hanging over the end.
Alexandra and Margaret wanted more. They continued to lick and suck the softening penis, until it shortly showed signs of recovery. As Margaret stroked his shaft to full erection, Alexandra climbed onto the bed. Straddling his waist, she waited for Margaret to position his glistening cock head at the entrance to her cunt. Margaret moved the head around between her lips for several moments, ensuring that Alexandra's flowing pussy juices liberally soaked his cock. Then Alexandra slowly sank backward onto the mighty organ, sinking it inch by inch into her inflamed twat, until it was completely engulfed.
"Maggie, you wouldn't believe how big this feels. God, this is good. "
"You want to get off and let me try?"
"Fuck you. Wait your turn. " Alexandra began a slow and steady bouncing action, allowing Hugh's cock to slowly exit and enter her pussy.
"Hugh,", she said, "eat Maggie. "
Hugh literally could not believe what was happening to him. Never before had he had sex with two women at the same time, or had a women finger-fuck his ass, or been sucked off so totally.


   He was speechless to this request, so he simply smiled up at Alexandra and nodded yes.
Margaret moved up the bed, and facing her sister, straddled Hugh's face. Slowly sinking down, she felt his tongue in the same places his fingers had been but a short time before. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks, with his thumbs spreading her nether lips open. She shuddered as her hands moved forward and cupped her sister's breasts. Often as teenagers, and in later years, the twins had given each other pleasure with their hands, lips, and tongues. Now they kissed and fondled each other, as Hugh fucked one and ate the other.
Several minutes passed in this exceedingly pleasant manner until Margaret reached down to caress her sister's clit. As the final straw will break the camel's back, this final stimulation threw Alexandra over the edge of orgasm. Crying out and bucking her hips maniacally, she drove Hugh to the peak, and his massive cock exploded, spewing a huge load of hot spunk into her pulsing cunt. Alexandra's and Hugh's movements displaced his tongue from the depths of Margaret's pussy, and brought her clit to Hugh's lips. Holding her ass as if for dear life, Hugh licked and sucked her clit to a shrieking orgasm. Momentarily sated, the two women collapsed onto the bed on opposite sides of Hugh. Reaching across the bed, Alexandra snagged the champagne and flutes. Seeing how Hugh was fucked out, if only for the moment, she allowed the ice water clinging to the bottle to drip on his cock and balls.

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  Hugh seemed to literally jump upright off the bed, as she then placed the ice cold bottle against his balls.
"Jesus, woman, what the hell are you trying to do? Break it off?"
"No, just wake it up. ", Alexandra said, handing him the bottle. "Open and pour. You've got a long night ahead of you, Hugh. "
Margaret chimed in. "Now if you had simply picked up one of us you'd have been able to fuck her three, four, maybe five times and call it a night. But now you'll have to fuck both of us that many times. "
"Did you eat your Wheaties this morning?", asked Alexandra innocently. "Normally, I like to have my pussy licked, get my cunt fucked, give a blow job, and get my ass fucked before I go home. I hope you took your vitamins today. "
Hugh tried to pour the champagne, but the conversation was mightily distracting. "God, it will break off. "
"Oh, no. We promise to kiss it and make it better.

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   Now you just fucked me, so it's Maggie's turn. Do you want her pussy or her ass?"
At this second mention of anal sex, Hugh's cock began to majestically return to life. Margaret noticed and said, "Look, Alex, it's alive after all. If we need it good and hard, we just need to talk about ass fucking. "At this mention, it sprang up to full attention, pointing straight to the ceiling.
"God, Hugh," said Alexandra, "You must really like reaming an asshole. Do you ass fuck often?"
Hugh hemmed and hawed for a few moments as the twins questioned him about his travels down the Hershey Highway. Finally he blurted out, "Look, I've only done it once, in college, 25 years ago. We had this hooker over to the frat house. She charged me fifty bucks extra and whined the entire time. My ex wouldn't even let me try. "
"Well we're not your ex, and we aren't charging, and we don't whine. We love to get our asses fucked. ", said Alexandra. Looking at Margaret, she asked, "Where do you want to do it, Maggie? Here on the bed?"

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   I mean look at that monster. I'd better be on top. Come on, Hugh. Get up and sit on that chair. "
The sisters each grabbed an arm and pulled Hugh up and off the bed. His prick was now painfully erect. Margaret positioned him in the armchair, as Alexandra pulled a tube of KY jelly from her purse. She gave the head of his cock a liberal coating, and then, as her sister faced away from Hugh and straddled his legs, placed some more on Margaret's asshole. Slowly bending her knees, while putting her weight on the armchairs arms, Margaret lowered her ass towards Hugh's straining member.
"Put your hands on my ass cheeks,", said Margaret. "and your elbows on the chair arms. That way you can support some of my weight and spread my cheeks at the same time. "
Alexandra was now kneeling in front of the about-to-couple pair. Reaching between their legs, she positioned Hugh's cock at the entrance to her sister's ass. "Okay, sis, relax and sit back on it.

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  " Hugh watched in amazement as her sphincter relaxed and opened. After a few moments of positioning,Alexandra was able to place the large head in Margaret's ass.
"Oh, Alex. You are just going to have to try this later. You won't believe it until you try it. ", said Margaret. She continued to squirm her rear, allowing it to sink slowly onto the well lubricated shaft.
Hugh stared at his dick in amazement, almost unable to believe his large organ could fit into such a small space. He had never felt anything so tight and warm as this woman's ass. Her sphincter alternated in contracting and relaxing around his cock, and it felt like it was eating it bite by bite. And later he could do it to the other one.
Finally, his cock completely entombed in Margaret's chocolate speedway, Margaret took all the weight off her arms and sat fully on his lap. She grunted as she took the last bit of Hugh's thick cock up her tight ass.
"Alex, can you get us some more champagne?", she asked.
She continued to squirm her ass while her sister refilled the glasses.

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   Hugh's dick seemed to throb within her, and she couldn't remember when she had last taken such a large member into her ass.
Returning with the refilled glasses, Alexandra gave one each to her sister and Hugh. Kneeling down between the wide spread legs, she dipped a finger into her glass, and then rubbed some of the champagne onto Margaret's pussy. Placing a small amount into her mouth, she leaned into her sister's crotch, placed her lips against Margaret's lips, and squirted the champagne up her tunnel. As it dribbled out, she eagerly licked out the champagne, now mixed with love juices. Margaret reacted to this as could be expected. Her squirming turned to outright movement. She began to slowly lift off Hugh's crotch, only to sink down after a few moments. As she began to rise and fall at greater speed, the length of the strokes increased, and the rate and strength of her sphincter contractions increased as well. When Alexandra was no longer able to squirt champagne into her sister's cunt, she simply let her tongue lick the full length of Margaret's slit as it rose and fell before her. Finally Margaret was bouncing almost the full length of Hugh's cock, when Hugh grabbed her hips, slammed her back into his lap, and bucked up to her as he spent himself in a shuddering orgasm, as his cock squirted another thick, juicy load, deep in her tight asshole. Margaret came only seconds later.
As they lay back taking a short rest, Alex wondered how her daughter was doing with Bobby, and their goodbye date. Probably fucking all night, she thought with a smile. .

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