Serving my nation


The airshow was in town and I knew all the hot pilots will be in my town for a few days. I knew a place close to the airforce base where these guys would hang and I wanted to serve my country by showing my appreciation for the people in the armed forces. And to show my appreciation for their work, I wanted some of these hot pilots to fuck me and let me ride on their cock.

So Saturday night I dressed in my black top and short skirt with my sexiest g string and fuck me boots and showed up at the bar at about 11PM. It was full of hot looking guys and some girls just like me there to find a fuck partner. I quickly had 3-4 guys around me offering me drinks. Jeff was the big tall handsome guy and I knew I wanted him to fuck me. So after hours of flirting and chatting with many guys including Jeff, I decided to see how jealous I could make him. So I let one of his buddies Jason sit next to me and he would often touch my arms and shoulders and legs as he chatted. I would playfully hit him back and lean in him and whisper in his ears. Around 1 in the morning I leaned into Jason's ear and said meet me in the girls room. I left and he followed me soon. I was sure Jeff would have noticed.

There were 3 girls in the bathroom when Jason walked in. I smiled at the other girls who knew what I was doing. After all they were there for the same reasons.

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   I took Jason into the big stall, made him go on his knees and asked him to eat my pussy. He had my panties down my ankles in a second and his fingers in my wet pussy. I was holding on to the stall door and wall for support as Jason finger fucked me and started to eat me. It was awesome and within minutes I started to cum hard. My knees were weak by the time he finished.

He got up and pulled his pants down and wanted to fuck me and wanted me to suck him. I said no and pulled my panties up and left leaving him with a huge boner. He followed out soon and made his feelings known to me at the bar. I turned to Jeff and told him that his friend is being bossy and I wanted him to take care of the situation. They were friends and he and Jason whispered for a while till Jeff burst out laughing. I assumed he realized Jason just got left hanging. I smiled back to Jeff and he took Jason to another part of the bar to calm him I suppose.

After 20 minutes Jeff returned and whispered in my ears that I was cruel to leave Jason with a boner. I looked at Jeff said, but what about your boner, as I reached down and cupped his crotch. He was hard no doubt and he asked what will I do about it? I smiled and whispered back, take me to your place and lets see what I can do.

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We were at his room in 15 minutes. He was horny like hell and as I walked into his room he grabbed my ass and had his hands feeling my pussy through my panties. I pulled his hands away and said, slow down baby. I pushed him on the bed and pulled his pants and boxer down to see a hard 6 inch cock. He leaned in and kissed it and could smell and taste his precum.

You want me to fuck you baby? He was nodding like a baby. I straddled his chest and let my pussy rest on his chest just inches away from his nose and asked, can you smell my pussy juices? He nodded yes. So I moved up to his face and said eat the pussy your friend just ate. He wanted to see my pussy so bad, that he pushed my panties to the side and asked me to sit on his face. I did and he had his tongue buried right where Jason was a few hours back.

He ate me so well and I came so hard on his face. I rolled over and lay with my legs open. Jeff pulled his shirt off and was standing buck naked. He pulled my top off to see my naked breast, pulled the panties down and left me in my short skirt and boots. I had my legs spread wide and Jeff got over me and in a moment pushed his hard cock in my deep tight pussy.

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   He started to fuck me hard and I knew he would come quick so I asked him to stop and pull out. He did not want to stop and he had me held down firm as he fucked me harder. And then he came. He came hard in my pussy and I knew he had not masturbated or fucked anyone for about a week as he had a lot of cum.
    It felt so good.

    He rolled over and laid next to me. I turned to him and asked how many days since he fucked a slut? He told me he has not had sex for 3 months as he has been on a ship working. I was his first fuck in 3 months. So I got up and started to suck his limp cock, tasting my pussy juices with his cum. I started to give him the best bj he ever had and had him hard soon. I sat on him like a cow girl and start to fuck him. In my boots and skirt that covered our crotch area as I rode him. His hands were on my ass grabbing as I enjoyed his cock in me. I told him I wanted him to cum again but this time in my mouth. I rode him well and when he was getting close, I would slow down and just rub my clit against his crotch area.

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    I needed the fuck to last more so I got off him, and asked him to fuck me doggie style but not cum in me. He was good from behind and he fucked me for a few minutes. He asked me if I would let him fuck my ass and I was so excited to hear that and asked him to do so. His cock was so wet with my pussy juices that his cock went in easy in my ass. He fucked me well in my ass.

    It was time to have him cum in my mouth so I turned around, lay on the bed and opened my legs wide and in the air touching myself and asked Jeff if he liked what he was seeing. He was so excited he held my legs open, pushed his cock in my pussy and fucked me holding my boots and legs open for him. I enjoyed how he was using me. And then it was time for him to cum.

    He picked speed, and as he was about to cum pulled out and sat on my chest. I took his cock in time to have him explode in my mouth. He tasted good and I sucked out every drop of his cock. After a few minutes I asked him to finger fuck me, make me cum. He did what Jason did in the bathroom and had me cumming all over his fingers and mouth.

    I cleaned up and left thanking him for his services to the nation and letting him know I appreciated every thing he did out and in the bedroom ;)


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