Shadow - Chapter 3



This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Any requests that you have will be taken into consideration for any future writings. Thank You and Enjoy.


Chapter 03

Steve comes walking out of the bathroom, naked, and just a little lighter. "Did you clean yourself out pretty good?" Sara asks. Steve replies, "I think so. It should be more than enough for tonight. " Sara gets some lube out of the dresser, and spreads some on her hands. "You may be stretched out, but some pre-stretch exercises won't hurt. " Sara says.

Steve lies on his back, and holds his knees so his asshole is exposed to his wife. She starts by using her left middle finger, and sticks it into Steve's asshole. She uses the right hand to start to jack him. Within a minute or so, Steve's cock reaches its full length of 5 1/2 inches. She moves her sole-finger around inside his rectal cavity, getting it ready for the next finger.

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She pulls her finger out, only to replace it with two more. Sara knew Steve was "enjoying" himself, obvious from the noises he was making, and the precum on his cock. Steve starts to try to buck his hips, trying to get Sara to jack him some more. Sara denied him the release by adjusting her own hand-thrusts to match his hip thrusts, making practically no jacking action at all. Sara, instead, curls her fingers inside Steve's bowels, and starts to put pressure on his prostate, driving him crazy, trying even harder to buck his hips.

As Sara continues to deny Steve his hand-job, she gazes down at her husband. She sees his brown eyes in a glazed over state. All that's in his soul right now is sticking out 5 1/2 inches hard. She admires how he's so vulnerable, with his asshole exposed. She gazes down and sees how her delicate fingers slide out, then back into her husband's exposed ass. She uses both fingers to stretch his asshole even more, and actually enjoys the look of sexual frustration on his face, his features contorted.

Suddenly, she stops all stimulation, and pulls out her fingers. Steve looks up at her with a longing face, almost begging her to continue. Sara says, "You're stretched out enough. It's time for the main event.

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   Now, no playing with yourself until later, okay?" Steve nods in confirmation. Sara goes downstairs, gets Shadow, and brings him back up stairs, and leads him onto the bed. Shadow eagerly jumps up.

Steve gets on his hands-and-knees, like the bitch he's about to become. He lets his front part of his body rest on the bed, so the globes of his ass stick high in the air. Sara takes the time to stroke Shadow's coat, and starts to coax his dog-cock out of its sheath. It takes little time for its tip to appear, followed by the rest of it. In no time, it's completely hardened to its 7in length. Sara takes some lube, and spreads it on Shadow's dick, and rubs it on.

As Shadow whimpers a little from the half-assed stimulation, Sara giggles, knowing what awaits him, his first male asshole, at least as far as she knows. As Steve is not moving, Sara led Shadow to Steve's asshole. Seemingly knowing what to do, Shadow sticks out his rough tongue, and starts to rim Steve. He starts at the base of his cock, then moves up to his testicles, then moves up to his asshole in one lick. Steve's moans are proof that he approves. As Shadow moves his tongue all around Steve's rear-end, he also places the tip of his tongue against Steve's rosebud, and pushes through, past his muscles.

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   Once again, Steve's moans fill the room.

Shadow, having enough of the licking action starts to mount Steve, his new bitch. Shadow gets up on his hind legs, and uses his front paws for balance. When he's sure that he's in a good position, Shadow starts to hump, but to no avail. Sara, seeing the trouble, takes hold of Shadow's cock, and aims it for Steve's rosebud. Shadow, still eagerly air humping, eventually finds his target, and his cock immediately penetrates Steve, almost all 7 inches at once. Steve, surprised at the sudden feeling of 7 inches inside his ass, lets out a slight whimper of pain, which quickly subsides. Shadow pulls back out, and rams his dick back in again. Steve's ass muscles have no chance against an animal that desperately wants to get off.

Shadows starts to furiously pump all 7 inches in and out of his bitches hole, and all Steve can do is take it. After all, this is what he wanted, to be taken and made a bitch, just like the same dog had done to his wife a week ago.

Just as an animal does, Shadow thrusts in and out of Steve with no regard to his "safety". Shadow's only purpose at this moment is to breed his bitch, and knock him up as much as possible, but that can't really happen.

As Shadow continues to breed Steve, Sara is only a few feet away, with her fingers deep inside her pussy, thrusting them furiously, almost as fast as Shadow is thrusting. Her free hand is pinching and teasing her nipples, as she remembers what it was like when she was in the position, being bred instead of her husband.

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   As her thrusting builds to a height, she cries out, and her juices flow all over her fingers. She cleans them, and enjoys the taste of her own sex.

It doesn't take long for Steve to feel Shadow's knot begin to swell. Instead of it being instantaneous, it is gradual. The slight bulge of the knot entered, and exited, Steve, many times, until it could not slide out anymore. Once he was tied to Shadow, there would be no separation for a while. Even as Shadow's knot swelled to the size of a tomato, Shadow still trusted as much as possible.

Shadow starts to cum quickly. Steve can feel the warmth inside his bowels, and even higher, if that's possible. By chance, when Shadow stops thrusting, and starts to shoot cum into his bitch, his know lands, and stays on Steve's prostate, causing Steve to thrash about, not being able to stand the pleasure it's causing. As Shadow continues to pump his bitch full of cum, Steve, looking at his abdomen, can actually see his belly slightly distend, making it look like he hasn't gone to the bathroom in days. Steve isn't the only one to notice. Sara, noticing this, reaches for the trusty dildo in the dresser, and starts to fuck herself with it, with her juices flowing all over the bedspread. As she keeps thrusting her pussy, she takes a free hand from her breasts, to her clit, and works it as she pumps herself. In a matter of minutes, Sara's entire body shudders, and she cries out with her second orgasm of the night.

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After Shadow's done cumming in his bitch, it takes about 10 minutes for the two of them to untie. Shadow goes to the corner, and cleans himself, naturally. Steve, on the other hand, stays in his mounted-position, sore ass high in the air. His exhaustion and satisfaction overtaking his will to move. Sara, seeing his satisfaction, pulls her dildo out of her-self, and moves over to Steve, and sticks it into his newly stretched asshole.

Steve reacts by twitching, and getting back on all fours again, with his ass at the mercy of his wife. She takes her still lubricated dildo, and shoves it into his ass, almost ramming his prostate in the process. She continues ramming Steve's asshole until she sees what see wants.

Steve makes a moan that would give the gods themselves a run for their money, and his hard cock starts spewing hot cum out everywhere. Sara, continuing to fuck her husband's asshole with her dildo, feels so much power, the power to make her man cum practically on command. Steve keeps thrashing on the bed, trying his best to survive this mind-blowing orgasm.

As Steve's orgasm subsides, he collapses on the bed, exhausted, and sore. Sara moves over to Steve, and, tracing her finger along his chest, gives him a peck on the mouth. "Was that all you hoped for, lover?" Sara asks. Steve replies, with a deep look of satisfaction in his brown eyes, "All I hoped for and more.

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  " Smiling, Sara replies, "Oh, by the way dear, I'm not the one doing the laundry tonight. "

End Chapter 3

I decided to change my writing style to make it more appealing. All feedback, criticisms, and tips either about the story or my writing style will be greatly appreciated.

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