Sharing my Wife


Sharing my wife
By: Dingo8UrBaby

My wife Mykah and I had been high school sweethearts, and upon my graduation we got married. She was a year behind me, and so for her senior year she was a married Senior. It worked out well, because everyone assumed we "had" to get married, but she'd been on the pill for a year before I met her. That was back when she was about to turn 17. But she'd been screwing her boyfriends - there had been others before me - since she was just over 15 years old, in fact. We never really talked about them much, but I knew who they all were, and had classes with some and gym class with two of them. I remember my senior year, while we were dating and engaged, I'd glancingly check them out in the showers, and think about how they would have pumped that in and out of her, and then shot their cum inside my fiancé.

After she graduated and we moved to a new town for the work I found there, we were actually very happy and had been married nearly 2 years, still child-free. I was 20 that summer, and we went out for a nice dinner to celebrate my birthday. She was 19 at the time. And that night when we got home, she knew what I wanted for my birthday present!And after we had a drink of red wine (we had a neighbor who sold me beer and wine as we were still under drinking age) she took me to bed.

My wife was a petite girl, breasts just the right size. . . each breast a perfect handful, not too full or pendulous. Her crotch was smallish as well, and since she shaved herself for me she looked several years younger.

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  Occasionally she was mistaken for a little sister. Especially when we were out at one of the two local nude beach areas, along the river. She had not wanted to go at first, but I insisted and finally one day just drove us there unexpectedly, and took her for a walk on the sand by the water's edge. Being already shirtless on that summer day, I casually opened and dropped my cutoff jeans, stepped out of them, then bent and picked them up and stuffed them into a small carryall sack. And once I was thus naked beside her and she saw that everyone else was too, in order not to be the odd girl out she finally undid her halter top and loosed those magnificent orbs!It took only a few minutes of walking topless and wonderfully exposed there among the other beach goers, before she allowed me to lower and remove her elastic waist cotton shorts. The two of us then walked natural and unashamed together in the afternoon sun that day. It was wonderful, the fresh air caressing every bit of skin!Anyone who has not done so is really missing a treat.

Anyway, that night in bed she opened and gave herself to me freely. I was laying nude upon the bed, and watched in the half light as she casually bared her body before me. She made no show of it, and as she was already quite barefoot, having spent the entire day that way, it was only a moment's work for her to be crawling onto the bedding beside me. Her young skin was flawless, and nearly glistened in the moonlight coming in through the bedroom window blinds. She smelled of coconut from the day's use of sun block. Her body was a treat for the eyes, as I moved down the mattress, and positioned my face between those silken thighs. Her clit was already aroused, standing firm as I began to lightly kiss it, and pleasure it between my practiced lips. But her lips were practiced as well, and she moaned in her growing lust as she sucked me to the firmness I would need to enjoy her to the fullest that night.

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  She spoke not a bit, her mouth being occupied with my growing manhood. As I licked her eager opening and plied the tender labia with my tongue and mouth, I tasted her sex. And it's pungent, clean feminine aroma mingled with the coconut scent. She moaned again around my cock, and opened her legs farther inviting me to enter her, and take her, and make her mine. She had sucked me to an aching hardness, and I wasted not a moment moving in between her legs, and positioning the swollen head of my shaft at her searing opening, I entered her with a single smooth and effortless gliding stroke. She arched her back, thrusting her hard little nipples into the air, and threw her head back as I reached my maximum depth. "Oh my God. . . " she breathed, accepting the racking I was beginning to give her.

Our sex together was always filled with the heat of lust, and pleasure in one another's body. But tonight I was to do something I'd fantasized about. As I mounted her from behind now, beasting her as she buried her face in the pillows,her knees only slightly apart on the soft mattress beneath our toiling bodies. I gazed down at her ass, puckering beautifully as I thrusted within her slowly, enjoying every inch of hot wet tightness her young body afforded me. And that is when I said to her softly, "think of the man you've always wanted to fuck".

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  I felt her tense with a moment of surprise, and she breathed heavily, "what?"

I repeated, "someone you've always fantasized about. Pretend I'm him!"and I grasped her hips tighter and buried my length deeply in her delicate, silken womb. "Now tell me his name" I demanded, "tell me who's fucking you right now!"And then after five or six good long thrusts, she finally whispered. . . "Rick". I flushed with a new excitement at the realization that there was another man she wanted inside her!I picked up the pace a bit, and tasked her, "yes, say Rick. . . say my name!"and smacked her smartly on her ass. She moaned, and after a moment said "Rick" in a small quiet voice. "No" I said sternly, "SAY MY NAME!" and smacked her again, the outline of my fingers showing on the pale skin of her buttock. "Rick!" she said now more firmly, and then nearly yelling, "Oh Rick, fuck the shit out of me!"I had never been so excited inside my wife before!The thought of her doing this with some other man, this unknown Rick, was incredible. I imagined the thrusting, pounding urgency she was receiving to actually be that of another man, a man using her like this as she called out his name. "Yes, Rick bang me, use me harder".

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  And, smacking her ass once more, I picked up the brutality of my assault on her once sacred opening.

She was fully into the fantasy now, and I knew she was picturing this other man as "he" gave her a wonderful raping. She shuddered and cried out in climax, and I felt the rhythmic convulsions of her strong female muscles, as her teenage vaginal grip tried to milk my prostate. I felt the first twinges of what was about to become an unstoppable orgasm, so I did a reach around and directly jazzed her engorged, terrible sensitive clit. And as her own climax began to recycle into the rare double-cum, I said to her "now think of him! I'm Rick! I'm Rick raping your ass!" and then began my own deeply wracking orgasm. My balls exploded into her, and I felt it clear back to my twitching bung. I literally saw sparkles before my eyes as Mykah virtually screamed the name "Rick!" three or four times. I had emblazoned his face into her mind in association with this hard, nearly brutal, fucking. Who ever he was he was one lucky bastard!

And then we were both spent, exhausted in each other's body, and my hardon wilted with her in record time. I withdrew from her body looking like the business end of a turkey baster. My precious wife flopped down on the bed and turned over, flat on her back, and legs only slightly apart. Her lovely, delicate fleet with their perfect straight toes, lolled off the end of the mattress. Her pert firm breasts were still aroused, nipples fully erect. I joined her on the bed, laying on my side, my spent cock laying languidly across my thigh. I reached into the headboard and withdrew a handful of Kleenex tissues, and handed them to her.

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  She used it to do a quick mop up between her legs, and then dropped the moist was on the carpet, next to the bed. We could pick them up tomorrow. For now, it was time for sleep, totally satisfied and secure in one another. We settled onto our sides, spooning. My arm went across her waist, and I could feel the lingering heat in her perfect skin as I rested my hand against her flat cheerleader belly. After all, she wasn't that many years past her time on the cheering pyramid. And I loved the fact that I got to regularly bed a cheerleader!As we both relaxed and began to settle in, I asked playfully "so, who's this Rick you seem to enjoy so much?"She giggled like a ten year old, and said only "I'll tell ya tomorrow" and with that, she drifted into a gentle slumber.

Then next day was to be a Saturday, and we were planning to spend the day at our favorite area on the closest nude beach. I thought about another fantasy I'd been having. I loved to have her on top, so I could last longer, and watch her work up a sweat enjoying riding my shaft and those lovely teenage tits bounced firmly. I suddenly realized that I couldn't wait to introduce her to mounting me there on the beach, on our blanket, and riding me like a whore while the people around us watched!She was lovely when she was taking a man, and I couldn't wait to share the sight of her screwing, with the world!
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