Sharrons Florida fuck


This is a true of how my wife Sharon was fucked by an airline stewerd .
Sharon was an air hostess and was rostered to operate a flight to florida, on the day of her leaving she kissed me on the cheek and said she would see me in 4 days. When she returned she told me of this adventure I am about to share with you all.
It was night time and Sharon and I went upstairs to bed, i thought that after 4 days we would fuck as we both had a high sex drive, but on this particular night Sharon said that she needed to talk to me. I said ok and listened,
She began, to tell me that on the day she and the rest of the crew arrived at thier hotelmost of the crew went for a sleep as the flight had been very long, Sharon said that she said she was going down by the pool to catch some rays, Chris the stewerd said he would meet her down by the poolin half an hour, sharron went to her room changed into her bikini and made her way to the pool, Chris was already there and had saved some sunlounges for them. Sharon continued that they chatted for a while and then became a little sleepy so she laid on her front on the sunlounge and dozed off, she siad that she was not sure she had been asleep but woke when she felt the clip on her bikini top being undone, what are you doing she asked Chris, he repliedyou are beginning to get bikini lines so i thought i would undo your top to stop this happening, Sharon laid very still on the sunlounge so that her 34b tits did not fall out on show, she continued that before she could say anything in reply Chris said give me your lotion I will rub it on your back for you, Sharon reached down and handed Chris the lotion, my mind was now running wild with excitement as she continued, Chris began to rub lotion on to her shoulders working very slowly to make sure he did not miss any part of her body, hids hands then wandered down the side of her briefly touching the side of her tits, down went his hands further down until his hand touched her bikini bottom, Sharon said that she thought he would stop there but his fingers went under her bikini botton and continued down a little further until he felt the crack of her arse.
At this piont Sharon said to Chis thats far enough, and he pulled his hand out. Chris then began to move his hands back up to Sharons Shoulder, but on the way his right hand followed the strap of Sharons bikini top, his hand kept moving round sharons back and onto her side at this piont sharon said she moved her arm closer to her body in an attempt to stop the hand of Chris going all the way around until it reached her tit , she said that she did not react quickly enough and before she could do anything about it Chris had a handfull on my wifes ample breast, he continued with his movement until he found her nipple and withy two fingers rubbed her nipple until it stuck out, Sharon said that because there was other people around the pool she endured the onslaughtof her tit or some time, Sharon said that eventually Chris removed his hand, she quickly fastened her bikini top and said she was going for a swim.
The next day Sharon said she wanted to go to the Florida mall to buy some clothes a coulpe of other girls said they would go as well and so did Chris, when they got to the mall the two girls said that they were heading to the food store, Sharon said she was looking for clothes, and that she would meet them later, Chris went his own way, however later in the morning Chris bumped into Sharon, have you bought all you wanted siad Chris Sharon replied no I need to buy some underware, I will come with Chris said, feeling uneasy Sharon agreed, Sharon found a shop that sold what she was looking for, try on you bra said Chris just incase it does not fit you after all
you do have big tits as i found out yesterday, no its ok said Sharon i will try them on when i get to the hotel.
Sharon paid for the clothes and with Chris in tow caught a taxi back to the hotel,
Let me help you said Chris as picked up some of the bags and followed Sharon to her room, thanks said Sharon as she opened the door, and walked in to her room, Chris was right behind her, have you got ant cold drinks in your room bar Chris asked Sharon, what would you likw she asked , I will have a coke he replied shutting the door and while I am drinking it you can show me what you have bought, its ok Sharon replied, no said Chris I want you to model what you have bought ok, with that Sharon said she felt a littile scared , but found herself saying ok, she pulled the first dress out of the bag and headed for the bathroom to change, where are you going Chris saidto get changed Sharon replied, get changed here so I can watch you Chris said. Sharon started ti undo her blouse once again revealling her ample breasts although still held within her Bra, then she removed her skirt facing away from Chris as she did so, turn around said Chris i cant see you, Sharon was wearing a thong which just about covered her trimmed cunt. Sharon put on and took of all the new garments she had bought
and had one left to try, but she new she could not ware her bra for this dress, come on said chris try the last one on, Sharon slowly put her hands around her back and undid her bra clip, she began to turn around so Chris could not see her tits, ive told you once said Chris dont turn your back on me, so Sharon turned around againand let het bra fall off of her tits, exposeing them to Chris, his mouth fell open as he took heavy breaths, i think
that dress will look better on you if you do not have any panties on take them off. Sharon said she did not agree,but
Chris began to walk towards her , grabbed and began pulling at her panties. Chris managed to pull Sharon towards the bed, and pushed her onto it, open your legs he said, at first she resisted , but Chris was to stron and pulled her legs apart revaelling her tight trimmed cunt.
Chris wasted no time and berried his head into her pussy , now you have to understand that once you start licking and sucking on Sharons cunt she will succumbeto any thing, Chris worked his tongue into my wifes cunt and almost immediatley her pussy became moist, Chris was loving her smell and taste,Sharon was now ready to be fucked and Chris realised this and stopped licking her and began to take his shorts and pants and shirt off.
Sharon said she looked at Chris,s cock which was now erect, she said she got on her knees and grbbed at Chris,s cock she said she wanted in her mouth, so she could taste his juice, chris let Sharon suck on his cock for some time and then said get on your backi want to put my cock in you and make you come.

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  Sharon did as she was told, she opened her legs wide so chris could see her ,he climbed on top pof her and she felt the tip of his cock at her cunt entrance, with one push chris was fucking my wife, his cock going in and out of her slowly to beginbut then faster and faster, while his cock was busy fucking my wife , his hands were all over her tits, he then began to suck on her nipples, this also turns my wife on, and it did not take long for her to orgasm for him , Sharon said that once she had come an put all her juices around Chris,s cock hepumped harder and harder, suddenly she felt his sperm enter her body , she whispered words of encouragenent to Chris , who eventuall stopped pumping her.
Sharon said they laid together for sometime , chris groping her tits while she felt his cock,Chris told Sharon she wasa great fuck and that he must have her again before they come home.
I asked Sharon if they did , she nodded yes but that she would tell me all about another time.
as you can imagine my own cock was now bursting with spunk, so i pulled Sharons head towards my cock ,
and after she sucked it for a while I came in her mouth.
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