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I was in the car only wereing her coat with my head between her legs suckuling her clit like a hungry baby. Insted of taking the interstate she takes the down town way. It was at lest a hr away. At a light she pulled up next to a car at a light. the other car was full of a bunch of teen age girls. She rolled down the window and asked them if they ever seen a mans cock. They all giggaled. You want to she said. My bitch that is eating me out right now will show you. As she pulled my head up. see this is how you treat a man. Like the bitch they are. Show them your pithitic dick. I picked my self up showed them my rageing hard 8 inch dick. Just as they got a veiw she hit the gas. and we were off.

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   She pulled my head back down to her lap. I got the clue and started licking. Slowly she said or she might reck. after she pulled in she told me not to stop till she got off. I went after in with furry. twirrled twisted my tounge around and around her clit. She burst all over her lether seat. I layed there licking it up to clean the seat to make her happy. "good little whore. You may please me. But you still need more training. "Its time fore my show follow me. she walked threw the door and told me were to put the coat and boots. then she made her way to a bed room and turned the tv on. It was some sort of soup or something.

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   The bed was biger then any one I've seen. She laid on her stoumch and spred her legs. Pointed at her ass hole Lick till my show is done. Don't stop or you will be punished trust me you will not like it. I lay down be hide her and put my lips to her ass. And start licking. Before now I was worryed about my job. Now it was all bout pleasing her. It was felt nathral It had to be about a half an hr before my jawl started to lock up. I had to stop. It hert so bad. Fuckin A I told you do not stop. She grabed me by the hair and pulled me the other room and threw me in a little cage just big enough to fit in. she locked it andwent back to her show. It was so uncofertable that it was imposable to get comfertable.

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   I could not even rest well. I could hear the tv when the show was over. She took her time geting back to me. It had to be more then a hour till she came back. I had checker marks all over my body. She was laghing her head off as she saw me crewrled up in the cage with red squres all over my body. She had a leash and collor in her hand. "I still have punishment in store. But you need to look like the little lazy whore you are. She opend the door and I crawld out. She slaped the collor one me just tight enough to not choke me. "Stay down on your kness bitch. " Her demener changed. She was pissed. At this point I don't think I could have done any thing if I wanted to.

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   But I wanted to pleas. She pulled me to a closet and stared pullling out dresses and under wear. She found a pair of black panties and one of those nightys you only see in chep porn. Put them on. I went to stand but when I did she slaped my ass hard. "Stay the fuck down. Just put them on there. I managed to slip it on. Then she pulled me over to a big mirrow. I looked redickulis. on my knees like a dog with frilly langeraie on. "Now you look like a little bitch. I think you want to be fucked like a little bitch. Do you?. " I said Yes mama.

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   She said I want a fasion show to prove you want it. Use any of those clothes to show how much of a bitch you are. Like that skert there. It was a red lether one pece. It was relly tight as I pull it over my ass. "theres a pair of boots that go with that. " I found them and put them on. They were two sizes to small but I got them on. "Now pose for my cam. Click click click. the camra went off. Bend over the chair and show me. " I did Click click. Show me how much u want me to enter that ass and fuck your brains out. Spreed that man pussy.

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   I bent over and pulled the scert up and spreed my cheeks. I laid down and spreed my legs like Porn stars do. I pulled my cheecks apart till it hurt. She laghed and clicked the camra away. I think I got the pefect thing for that ass. She grabed me and pulled me to the kichen. "Face to the floor and ass in the air. She grabed Three ice trys and put them in a bull. And placed it behind me. She got down behind me and teased my balls with the ice. Then she took it up my crack to my man pussy as she called it. She started to press one at a time in to me It was could I could feel the melt run down my crack. Then she pushed it in, It would tighten as she pushed then ass soon as it was in would release. then another. and another.

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   With every wimper I made because I was filling up the more forcefulle she got. More and more till I was screaming pleds. "Its to much I'm to full. " Then go exspell it. I ran to the bath room and pushed out every last drop. Come he slut after you clean. she said. I came out to see her waring a large strapon. Bend over the bed. I did and she placed the large cock at my hole. she slowly pushed it in. It hurt at first but one it was in. It felt good I mean really good. It was well lubed. She botomed out and stayed.

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   Then slowly pulled back about 3/4 of the way out. then back in. then back in. and again faster and faster. As she hit my ass It would slap. She really started in to it. I don/t think I could fuck that hard. she grabed my neck and said tell me how it feels. Good mama grate mama Fuck me fuck me hard plese Fuck me Fuck me like the slut I am. She went faster then I heard her mouning like she was cuming witch made me cum. We came together. I felt her juices run down my legs. we colapsed together and passed out with her still in me. The next day and beoned is anouther story. .

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