Sleepig with my girlfrinds cousin


This all started when me and my girlfriend invited her family over for a get together. Drinks were served, and time flew by and it was time for her crazy family to leave. Me and my girlfriend have been goin out for 2 years now, but ever since i saw her cousin ive always knew i had a thing for her but never admitted it. Well besides that lets get back to the story guess who had to take her cousin home that night, you guessed right me, i was so happy like a kid on christmas morning, cuz her cousin was very tipsy. I had the biggest hard-on ever since i found out that i had to take her home. On the way there i decided i would tell her the truth about liking her ever since i met her, cuz i knew she wouldnt remember a thing anyway, i procided to tell her and she also told me that she had a crush on me to. So when we stopped in front of her house there was a silent moment fo a minute or so, until i finally said something to break the silence " i am so fuckin hard right now". With that she got the hint and kissed me on the check, after that i gave her a peck on the lips and we started to kiss passionalty, as we were kissing i grabed her hand a placed it on raging hard cock that was bout to burst out of my pants, as we were making out in my car a picture of my girlfriend jumped into my head and stopped kissing her
"Why are you stopping, did i do something wrong"she asked, "No i did, your my girlfriends cousin i cant do this" i said shamefully. Even though i told her i couldnt do this she still was rubing my cock. Then all of a sudden she passed out, so i caught her head from falling and hitting her head, so i new i couldnt do anything else, at that moment i decided it was time for me to take her up to her apartment. I carried her up 2 flights of steps on my shoulder and wen i got to her door i had to look for the key. i checked her pockets and coat pockets and there was no key so i decided to look inside her jacket, when i opened up her jacket i got a good view of her titties, which were 34DD and looked ready to come out of her shirt, since i new she was passed out i decided to feel them which ive always wanted to do. After a minute or so of that, i regained focus and found her key, i opened the door picked her up again and brought her inside, i tried to wake her up but it was impossible, so i decide to start to take off her jacket, i figured she would be cold so i went to her room and got her a blanket, when i returned she was wide awake and completly naked, i stood there with my mouth open.
She said "You dont think i would just pass out after all that fun we had in the car and especially what you did to me at the front of my door" and i was speechless, so she got up and she walked her sexy naked body to me and we started kissing like we were in the car. At this point you could have mentioned my girlfriends name and i would have said" Who?" As we were making out she grabed my hard 7 inch cock made it even bigger, she massaged it softly and my hands went wild feeling every curve of her body. At this point i was ready to fuck her like crazy but all she did was unzip my pants and unleashed my cock, she dropped to her knees and grabbed it and looked at it andshe said "OH PAPI" at which point she put the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked it slowly.

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   It was the best blow job ever she did better than my girlfriend ever did. As she looked in to my eyes she took my cock out of her mouth and said "how do you like it", i didnt say anything all i did was push her head back down, i forced my cock all the way to the back of her throat.
I fucked her face so hard that i though i was goin to fuck a hole into the back of her head, while she was sucking it normaly i told her to suck my balls and with that she popped my cock out of her mouth and replaced it with my balls. She licked and sucked them so fuckin good, at one point she was sucking on both my balls at the same time, while they were in her mouth i told her to lick them and she did she was like my little slave who would do anything i told her to. I knew i would cum soon so i told her to stop, i picked her up from her knees and she jumped up and wrapped her arms and legs around me, my dick was so hard that it almost went inside her pussy and she moaned sexualy into my ear saying,"Give it to me papi, i want all of it in me", with that said i carried her to her room and threw her on the bed. This was a dream come true for me. Before i fucked the hell out of her i decided to return the favor she did for me inside, i spread her legs open as far as they would go, and started to tease her. i kissed her inner thighs slowly movin down, closer and closer my lips got to her clit, she was so wet that i could smell it and it smelt so good it made my mouth water, and i took one lick of her clit and couldnt stop. i did thing to her i never did to my girlfriend, i licked her clit and stuck 4 fingers in her and then eventually put my fingers in her ass, then gave her the shocker( if you dont know thats 2 finger in the pussy and 1 in the ass) that made her cum like crazy. I could have been down there forever but my jaw started to stiffen so i stopped, i look at the time and i had eatin her out for 45 minutes straight.
Before i did anything else i decided to check my phone and there was 3 missed calls from my girlfriend, so i decided to tell her a little fib and i said my car broke down and i was on the phone with the tow truck driver and was trying to tell him how to find me and thats why i couldnt pick up the phone, and i told her i walked back to her cousins house and stay the night so she woulnd worry bout me. After that i went right back to kissing her cousin and getting hard again, with that she moaned again into my ear " I still want it in me papi' and with that i lined it up with her pussy and slid it in her slowly as she let out a long lustful moan. Her pussy felt so good wrapped around my dick it was like haven
Slowly i thrusted more and more of my dick in her pussy, until i was completly in her. i pulled out half way and then another thrust, until we had a good pace going. I slamed my dick into her pussy harder and harder until my balls were slapping the back of her ass, we did that for atleast 20 minutes, she was getting the fuck of a live time cuz she was digging her nails into my back and telling me to fuck her harder and harder, then i felt a tingiling feeling in my balls and i knew i needed to stop because i didnt want to cum in her yet, so i told her to get on all fours and she did just that,"whos my good little slave" "i am papi" as she said it in the most sexiest voice ever.

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   "You want me to fuck you hard" as i pulled her hair "Yes papi fuck me really hard like ive never been fucked before"
Without hesitation i slapped her ass as hard as possible and put my dick into her wet pussy. Slowly i started to fuck her and then i picked up the pace, slamming my balls into her pussy as hard as possible," Give it to me papi, give it to me harder" with that said i pulled her hair and tore that pussy apart.
    "Papi im goin to cum, im goin to cum" "yeah baby cum all over my dick" her pussy tightened up squeezing my dick, i could feel her pussy pulse on it. then i slid it out and she colapsed face first into the pillows trying to catch her breath. I didnt want to stop so as she tryed to catch her breath i grabbed her ass cheecks apart and she tryed to stugle out but i was to strong for her.
    "NO dont do that ive never had a cock in my ass before" as she tryed to convince me not to do it, but i was determined to fuck her in the ass. I pinned her down on the bed and whipspered in her ear " i dont fuckin care" and then slowly forced my dick into her asshole. I got the head of my cock into her ass and thought it was goin to pop because it was so tight. I calmly told her to relax and just breathe. When she started to relax i could feel the head of my dick and very slowly pushed it in more. " Stop it hurts to much papi" so i did and then i thought to my self whats there to loose. Theres absolutly nothing to loose so i took a deep breathe and rammed the rest of my dick into her ass.
    Her head dropped like a ton of bricks as she tryed to muffle her scream, i could tell she was crying but i didnt care, so i pulled back nearly the whole thing out of her ass and rammed it again and then another loud sream. she lifted up her head to look at me and all i saw was tears rolling down her face, "what you said you wanted to be fucked like never before didnt you?" i felt like such an asshole after i said that, that i thought about taking my dick out of her ass, then decided not to. With my dick still in her i apologized and talked her into fucking her asshole anyway on one condition, which is to start slow and then go all out.

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       I did just that i pulled it out nearly the entire thing and worked it foward again, for the next 15 minutes and then i statred to pick up the speed.
    When i started to pick it up i reached under her and started to play with her titties, i pinched her nipples so hard she let out a long sexy moan. I positioned my self up again and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled it back so she was stairing at the ceiling, and then started to really go for it and fuck the hell out of her pretty little asshole. I went from a slow motion to a medium one, then she started to get use to it and so i picked up the speed and fully ram my dick in her ass. In and out really giving it my all at this moment and she lustfully asked me to give her more and even harder, as beads of sweat dripped down my forehead, i wipped them away and continued fucking her ass. I literally ripped her a new one, it was the best sex ive ever had and its still not over yet i thought to myself.
    I started to feel that tingle in my balls again so i started to slow down, " why are you slowing down give my all you got papi" coming from the girl who was crying because it hurt 30 minutes ago and now she couldnt get enough of it. So in the spur of the moment i turned her over and pulled my dick out of her ass and i made up my mind that this would be a good nut to waste in her ass and i put my dick in her dripping wet pussy. i pulled her legs apart and rammed it straight into her as she tightened up and exhaled with plesure. Ive been dying to try a new move with my girlfriend but she was boring sometimes so i tryed it with her. i pulled both of her legs up and placed them on my shoulders as i felt her pussy tightening up again. her pussy was so tight that i couldnt just do my thing so i took it slow with her and started picking up the pace and then her pussy felt real good like this. i just cant explain it this girl has given so much more this whole time then my girlfriend has ever given me, every time we have a party ill always bring her home now. iknew i was going to cum soon so i pulled out and made her get on her knees and suck my dick again,
    "oh baby im about cum, oh baby im bout to cum!" and with that i blew my load in her mouth and i came so much that she started gaging but i held her head there and made sure she swallowed all of my cum. I stood there for awhile with my dick in her mouth till she sucked me off for every last drop.

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       i picked up off her knees and kissed her passoinatley, and thanked her for a good time and put my clothes back on and just before i left her apartment she asked if i could come over next weekend and help her paint her apartment, i said of course i would on one condition. she said yeah sure ill do anything. "Anything?" i asked. She stood on her tippy toes and whispered into my ear sexually Anything and then she licked my ear and sent shivers down my spine. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me and he made out for a little bit and then i left. On the way home all i could think about was wut just happened and wut my girlfriend will ask why it took so long, but i could careless.
    when i got home i thought my girlfriend was goin to rip me a new one, but when i called her name to see where she was there was no responce. I walked into the our bedroom and there she was passed out. I got undressed and pulled the covers off the bed and out of the blue my girlfriend was ass naked and did i mention passed out. So i thought to my self whens the next time ill get some from her. So i decided to go for it and fuck her but thats another storie.