Sue's mum finds out and then !!!!


About a year ago I was walking home and a car pulled up beside me and the female driver addressed me by name and asked if I would like lift home.
She looked about 30 but was obviously older. I later found out she was pregnant at 18. She introduced herself as the mother of a girl I knew. I accepted the invitation as it was snowing, but I did have reservations though as I had been having sex with her daughter, and she had never met me.
She informed me she was aware of my relationship with her daughter and was concerned that I was having unprotected sex with her. Amongst the other things she informed me of she asked if I were aware of my responsibilities should she become pregnant, and told me I had to stop seeing her. She said she was too young and inexperienced to be doing what we were doing. (Sue was 16).
I was a little taken back at the conversation – I had no idea she was the girls mother until then – and it was obvious she and her daughter had been having some revealing conversations. She was well informed of what we had been doing, and that her daughter and I had been having sex for over a month.
It turned out her period was late and she was concerned and after two days told her mother and all was revealed. Luckily for both of us she wasn’t.
I could not deny the fact the two of us had been having sex after school at my place but I wasn’t going to go into the intimate details of what we did and how often I did it with her. She seemed to think it had only been a casual affair and we had only had sex a couple of times. That was far from the truth and a couple of times would have been more accurate had she said ‘every day.

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  ’  Both of us had had a previous experience which we had found out was unsatisfactory for both of us. Her first and only experience before me was short and fast – he came within a minute or two and she had hardly recovered from having her virginity removed when he came and that was it – it happened so fast she had no idea what sex was actually like, but had lost her virginity in the process. Nearly all the girls at school who had also lost their virginity had all had wonderful experiences she said.
My first attempt was with an older girl and I came too fast and she never had an orgasm and blamed me.
Sue and I soon educated  ourselves one afternoon when we watched some porn and then practiced what we saw in various ways. We both realised how much fun good sex can be and she had equalled or bettered her school friends experiences in one afternoon.
To get to my place she had to drive past where she lived, and she said she wanted to discuss this further and she wanted me to come inside and talk about it. In particular she was concerned about her daughter becoming pregnant. She said do you realise what can happen when you ejaculate into her – she can get pregnant. It was then she informed me what happened to her was not going to happen to Sue and explained her early pregnancy – which resulted in Sue being born.
I was reluctant, but seeing she was concerned about her becoming pregnant I thought I had better discuss it with her. I had been led to believe she was already on oral contraception – it seems her mother had no idea, or that she was telling me lies. I didn’t know for sure she was, but as we had been having sex for almost two months and we survived the first month without her getting pregnant so I assumed she was telling me the truth. This months period was already late and that was unusual when you are on the pill.
When we got inside there was no sign of her daughter and her mother and I sat down in the lounge and she started firing questions at me about my previous relationships and experience with girls.

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   I tried to be as honest as I could without getting Sue into the shit because I realised she had not been telling her mother the whole story.
I said I had been led to believe Sue was using oral contraception. The first time we had sex I ejaculated into her as she said she was safe. After that I never hesitated and always ejaculated into her. The first month she had her period on time so I had no cause to doubt her word.
Then her mother said we will soon see about that  and she took me up to Sues bedroom and said we are going to see if we can find them – I want to be sure she is either using the pill or telling me lies.
I was a bit upset that the two of us were going to Sues bedroom and searching her room. I had never been in her room before – all our sex had been at my place. Fortunately the first place she looked was in Sue’s bedside table and she found the pills and unfortunately a vibrator - she obviously used to masturbate with.
Her mother took one look at it and said I wonder what else she is not telling me and put everything back.
I was fascinated – I had no idea she used a vibrator – I knew she masturbated because we had both done it to ourselves and shown each other how we did it, and then performed it on each other. One of the many, many things we had done together. Then she found a few photos of Sue naked with her shaved pussy. There were other girls in the photo as well.
Her mother said well I am shocked and I am sure these girls mothers don’t realise what they have done to themselves.

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   What a load of tramps they all are.
I said I think we have found out all we need to know – then she put everything back and said forget we have been here.
I said I am sure Sue would be very upset if she knew what we had done.
Upset she said – she really has some explaining to do. Fortunately none of the photos I have of her nude and us fucking and her sucking my cock were there – they are all at my place. Sue now has a shape of hair and is not a smoothie because I don’t like bald girls. When I met her was bald but she let her hair grow and we have trimmed and shaped it now.
When we went back down stairs her mother said I want to see what is so fascinating to Sue – show me what you have been using in her, undo your belt and show me your penis.
I said no way – hell you have put me through hell talking about Sue and me and now you want me to strip off and show you my penis – that’s not on.
Then I report your actions to your parents and I will forbid you to see Sue again ever.
I said well what happens if I do show you – she smiled and said nothing changes – you and Sue can continue to see each other - but no sex. Where do you do it in your car?
I said we have never done it in a car – only in my bedroom.
Come on - let me see it she said and I reluctantly undid my belt and in view of the situation I was anything but aroused and my cock hung slack between my legs. I am fairly well endowed for 17 – I have a seven inch cock and its reasonably thick. I am hoping it may get bigger before I am 18 and it doesn’t grow any more I believe.

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Her mother came toward me and she put her hand around my cock and said well I am happy that Sue is getting serviced by something reasonable. Not some scrawny young 6 inch piece of nothing. You are well endowed for 17 and as she held me she squeezed my cock and it began to harden. I hope this doesn’t hurt her.
I said she has never complained.
Were you her first lover she asked.
I said you had better ask her that.
She said you just answered that – you would be boasting if you were. That is something else I will have to clear up.
  She was holding my cock in her hand and looking at my circumcision. I am glad you are cut she said.   
I stood there wondering what this woman was all about – she had chastised me for having sex with her daughter and now she was playing with my cock. I couldn’t help it and I firmed up to my full potential and she held my hard staff of 7 inches and then did something I had never even dreamed of – she got down and took my cock into her mouth. I was shocked. Sue  had done that to me and I wanted to return the favour for her but she was a bit too shy to let me give her oral – because we always had sex first she had cum in her cunt and  was too shy to let me go down on her like that.

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   I had promised her one day I would do it for her before we had sex but sex was our main concern and were always in a hurry to start it and we always fucked before anything else.
She continued to suck me and I was a bit concerned but didn’t want to say anything, she said I see you are not complaining – you are enjoying it aren’t you. I was really enjoying it and she was giving me a wonderful sensation. I hadnt noticed but as she was sucking on my cock she had undone her blouse. Then I noticed her put her hand behind her back and unclip her bra and the next thing I knew she had my cock out of her mouth and between her two beautiful tits – I was titty fucking for the first time – Sues tits are still pretty young and firm and I doubt she could do what her mother was doing with my cock.
She looked up at me and said now that’s nice isn’t it – Does Sue do that for you.
I just shook my head – I was speechless and she was rubbing my cock between her tits and I looked down to see he glans of my cock peeping out from between her tits – it looked great.
She stood up and said take all your clothes off now – I want to see you naked.  She had me exactly where she wanted me and I was so embarrassed but did what I was told. .
As I was doing that so was she and we both ended up naked, and looking at each other. For a woman of 35 she was in good shape. Not that I had anyone else to compare her too except the porn pics of other women.
Now she said you are going to show me what you and Sue do together – she is not the only one of us that has a liking for young men. I knew she was divorced – Sue and her lived alone and Sue had told me that they had broken up, but not why.

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   I think I could see what the reason was – she liked young men and she had been caught out by her husband – well that’s what I imagined which I learned later was true. Her husband had caught her with a 16yo boy having sex together, and had been for a while it seems.
Any how she came to me and said I am not going to kiss you – that is something you and Sue can share alone. I do want you to fuck me though. I haven’t had sex for months and when I found out about you and Sue I knew I was going to relapse and knowing you were doing it to Sue decided I would have it with you as well. You will be a lucky boy – not many boys get a chance to have sex with a mother and daughter. It will be interesting for you to compare us. She got onto her bed and I got down on op of her and she spread her legs and I saw her pink cunt. It really wasn’t much bigger than Sues, but she was hairy.
She said how do I look – I hope you like me.
I said I would prefer less hair but I can handle it.
She said next time there will be a lot less – I can do it any way you like.
I said anything but smooth – I like a girl to show some hair. (I could not believe I was being so frank with a woman of her age).
She said what is Sue like.

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I said beautiful. I love the way she has it.
Should I do it the same she said.
I said No you do it differently, I think you would look good with a small patch or a strip.
That’s funny she said – the first boy wanted me to have a strip – he had never seen anything else other than a full bush until I shaved it for him, right in front of him. He actually masturbated and came from watching me.
I had entered her and was beginning to fuck her and she was enjoying it I could tell.
She said what do you like Sue doing – .
I said I don’t want to talk about Sue when I am with you.
She said well I will show you a few of my tricks and see if they are as good as Sues.  
Sue and I only ever fucked missionary and doggy and cowgirl.  
Over half an hour passed and I had done all three with her and a few more as well – she loved having my cock inside her in different ways.

I couldn’t believe that I was actually fucking Sues mother when I could have been fucking Sue. One thing that was different was her tits, they are bigger than Sue and they shake and wobble when I am fucking her hard, I loved looking down and see them shaking and bouncing about as I was fucking her.
She saw me looking and said go on suck on one.

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   They are bigger than Sues and I bet you have sucked on hers.
I had  - and I did - get down on her and lick and suck and pull on both her nipples, it was great fun playing with them as I fucked her.
Then she said does Sue cum when you fuck her.
I said sometimes yes and sometimes no.
Do you cum every time you fuck her.
Yes – without fail.
I hope you are going to make me cum – it would be nice to know you have made the both of us cum.
I said I always believe a girl has to make herself cum – , she doesn’t if she doesn’t want to  I have heard.
Well that’s pretty true but a good guy can always get a girl to cum I have found. I am going to make sure I cum with you. I just hope you can last long enough.
After that we stopped talking and I got down to really fucking her missionary. We both were working on getting the most out our fuck. She was working her bum and cheeks hard and squeezing her cunt around my cock and I was shagging her hard and fast. It was just like I do it with Sue sometimes.

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We had been fucking pretty hard for only about 5 more minutes when she said – fucking hell you have done it I am almost there  - slowly, now  slowly…. Slowly……keep it in deep ……and slowly………. . and then – Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh     shiiiiiiiiii       ttttttttt I am cumming, fucking hell I’m cumming……………. I’m cumming and I could feel her tensing her cunt muscles tightly around my cock and her legs were squeezing me and it felt fantastic, she was ramming her cunt up onto my cock hard now as she really worked her clit over me. Knowing she was cumming and I had made her do it. She grunted about four or five times and looked up at me and said – you were magnificent – now have your fun in me and she lay back and let me really fuck her hard. I loved the look of her tits shaking each time I went into her hard. I just watched them and fucked her as hard as I could. It took me another few minutes and the sound of me slapping into her could be heard all over the house – I was really getting stuck into her and then I came – grunt and spurt ---grunt and a second spurt -----and another grunt -----and I was till spurting into her. I think I came five times into her – I know it was more than I usually do although I have done it a lot in Sue at times.
After I finished cumming I lay on top of her for a minute or so and then she said it just slipped out – hop off now.
I got up and stood over her lying there and my cum was still dripping out of my cock.   I leant over and squeezed the last drops out onto her tits. She smiled ay me and said you are a little pro aren’t you then rubbed my cum into her nipples with her fingers and said later on I might get you to lick it off – does Sue do that.

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I said no – I don’t cum on Sue just inside her.
Well she said now you have fucked mother and daughter – I wont ask you who is the best fuck – I can tell from the way you do it  - you don’t care – you just enjoy a good fuck with a good woman. I hope you realise that this wont be the last time we do it, now we have started we are going to keep it going. The only thing is Sue must never find out  - if I hear she knows about us – its all over over for you – neither her or I will be fucking you again ever.
Saturday afternoons are going to be busy for you while she plays hockey. She will be running around hitting a puck and you will be here fucking, not pucking. I just hope you have enough energy for Sue that night.
I said I will worry about that when the time comes.
We both got up and said come on lets clean up and we both went to the bathroom and we cleaned ourselves up.  

  We dressed and said to me – I really enjoyed that – sorry I had to go through all that rough stuff about you and Sue but I wanted you to know about you and her before us.
From now on I wont mention Sue and you and sex – you just enjoy it with both of us – I am sure we are both different and you will enjoy us both.
I fucked them both for about 3 months before Sue found out – that was rugged and I thought it was all over. The day she found out was hell. She arrived at my place howling her eyes out and yelling at me – just as well nobody else was home.
  That ended up in a real howling argument and screaming match about me fucking her mother, and then her, all in the same day.


    She was really dirty with me but couldn’t help herself. We yelled and screamed at each other and punched me wherever she could - then she burst into tears again and threw her arms around me and told me she loved me…… within minutes we were having sex again, she couldn’t help herself, and I didn’t mind at all. It was all so fast we hardly got our pants down. After we had both cum we just hugged and kissed each other and she said she was sorry and loved me. I told her I loved her too. We lay there together for ages – just hugging and kissing and not even fucking.
She and her mother it seems had had a similar argument and both said the other had to stop and neither would agree to.
In the end – to pacify sue I promised I would not sleep with her mother again. This was a promise I knew I would break.
The next time I fucked her mother was not a happy time – we argued while we fucked and neither of us could cum and we fucked for half an hour or more. We didn’t yell and scream but argued and neither of us would give in. I wanted to stop it with her and stay with Sue. Her argument was if I stopped it with her - it would be with Sue too. Either I had them both or not at all. I was in no mans land – I was happy to go with them both but had promised Sue I wouldn’t fuck her mother again.

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I managed to keep the two of the separate for over a month and her mother knew I was fucking Sue, but Sue didn’t know I was fucking her mother as well.
I didn’t know how she found out, but once Sue found out I was convinced it would end – she refused to see me for over a week.

I still fucked her mother during that week but she knew my heart wasn’t in it.  

  I stopped seeing them both after that – and looked for another girl.
About three weeks later Sue and her mother it seemed had patched it up. Her mother pulled up next to me in the car and Sue who was in the back seat, told me to get in. We went to their place and we talked and talked. They had decided what was going to happen and I had to agree. I could sleep with them both, they could live with that and so could I.  I could not sleep with her mother if Sue was in the house.   If Sue and I were fucking we had to close the door and she wouldn’t disturb us. That was fine by me.
The rules were laid out but didn’t last very long. The experience I had with each of them was not to be discussed between us. I didn’t talk to Sue about her mother and her mother was not to discuss my relationship with Sue.

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Sue always wanted to know when I had fucked her mother though, and I always told her and that kept her happy.
One weekend her mother was going away and I arranged to sleep over with Sue at their place. Her mother was quite happy for us to do that and I had arranged with a mate to say I was sleeping at his place after a party.
Her mother came home early Sunday while Sue and I were actually having oral sex. For some reason we didn’t mind when she came in while I was performing oral on Sue.
When we were finished she said she wanted to talk to both of us.
Things were and had been quite different between us all since the big reunion – they both knew when I was or had been with the other. On occasions they organised between them when I spent time with each one – the animosity was all over.
Her mother made a suggestion and Sue and I had a discussion about her proposition and we agreed. It took time to adjust but we did and had some fun in doing so.
From then on it was not unusual for the three of us to be in bed together – Sue and her mother never had a sexual relationship or sexual contact with each other in the beginning but I could engage with both of them at the same time. It was strange at first when I could be fucking one and having oral sex with the other one. It created some interesting times when one of us came while the other one was still going.  At first it was a bit awkward until we all realised it was great fun and the two of them soon accepted the fact some physical contact was acceptable between them but it never developed into full blown sex. They never had oral sex together, but occasionally their finger found an opening.

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   I have no idea what constitutes incest but I was going to care - they enjoyed it and I was happy.
That was almost year ago now and we are all together still – Jan (Sues mother) has taken on a gym contract and has tightened up physically and visually and lost a bit of weight. They look more like sisters now than mum and daughter. I cannot believe how close they are now. We spend a lot of time together naked now and there are no hang-ups when I am having sex with either, and it can all happen openly and no closed doors.
Nobody knows I fuck both mum and daughter and I never want it known. Sue makes no secret about the fact she and I are lovers but I think every one of our friends realised that anyhow. Most of them sleep together.
I love Sue and really like her mother – she is something else – knowing and allowing Sue and I to sleep together at our ages in the beginning then becoming involved with me and then the three of us makes her somebody special. Sue and Jan are very close now and have no problems with sharing me sexually while Sue actually loves me. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for both of them but I would crawl over hot coals to get to Sue – She is an amazing woman.

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