Taxi Rape


Maxine flicked her gentle brown eyes down to the watch on her wrist. 1:24am. The night had flown by, but maybe that was because she’d enjoyed it so much. She’d certainly miss Paul though. She enjoyed having lunch with him during the breaks she had away from her office job. It was with a sigh of resolve, that she pushed her chair back and began to stand.

“I’m sorry Paul,” She addressed to her close friend, “but I’ve got to get going, early start tomorrow and all. Have a great time in England. ” She smiled at him, then decided to make her way around the length of the table, to lean in beside him and place a soft, loving kiss on his cheek. With a wave goodbye to the last few friends gathered around the table, she moved to the exit of the restaurant.

‘Best catch a taxi home, I might be over the limit,” she thought reasonably, despite the amount of alcohol in her blood. With a hard nudge against the glass doors she stepped out into the cool night air. Her skin quickly began to break into goose-bumps from the brush of air that scraped across the bare skin of her shoulders. She pulled her coat on over her knee-length black dress that hugged her hips and showed off her hour-glass figure. A quick glance down the lit road showed one yellow taxi pulled up against the gutter, awaiting a passenger.

Crossing her arms in an attempt to keep warm, she briskly, but cautiously walked towards the stationary taxi, aware of the instability of her high heels.

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   She reached the taxi and opened the rear passenger door to peer inside. “Are you taking passengers?” she asked with a soft, timid voice.

The driver was a balding man, with leathery pinkish skin. Maxine guessed his age to be mid to late forties. He turned his head slightly and opened seemingly bored eyes. Constant flushed cheeks and red nose implied a love of alcohol. “Get in. ” Was all he said, with a voice devoid of emotion.

Maxine slid into the back seat of the taxi, being careful not to snap a heel or crumble her dress as she sat. “41 Moray street please…” She waited, expecting him to ask her for directions. A grunt was all she received in acknowledgement as he started the car and pulled out onto the road.

The man drove, leaving behind the light of the strip of shops and any signs of human inhabitancy. Tall tree’s lined the road, their dark leaves mixing with the night sky. There was no moon or stars to aid the headlights of the car in lighting the road ahead. Maxine stared dreamily out the window, watching the dark clouds as she tuned out the radio.

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   Her fleeting thoughts were of nothing specific.

The tree’s flashed passed the window as the car continued down the long dull road. Maxine continued her free ranged thoughts, oblivious as to where she actually was. The man driving hummed to himself, deep sounds emanating from his rotund belly. The sound cut Maxine’s thoughts off from their random track. After flicking her eyes over to the older man, she brought them back to the window.

Startled she turned to the man again. “Ah, excuse me but…where are we?” A chuckling grunt was her only answer as the man kept his eyes fixed upon the road. She felt her heartbeat begin to throb faster as she grew scared. “41 Moray street…it’s in Blackbury…” She waited for his apology, but got none. Beginning to grow frantic, she tried the doorhandle but it wouldn’t open.

“Stop!” She screamed, completely losing composure. “Let me out of here!” He continued to ignore her screeching requests. Again she tried the handle on the door but it wouldn’t budge. She pulled forcefully on it, slamming it up and down.

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“You really are as dumb as you look, bitch. ” He slurred coldly. The sentence stunned her at first. It wasn’t often she got spoken to so rudely by someone she didn’t even know. It was like a slap to her face and managed to shock her out of her frantic struggling. Thoughts raced through her head. Was he kidnapping her? Was he going to kill her? Would it be something so vile she wished he had killed her? She didn’t doubt that this man was capable of such things. He just seemed so cold…so distant.

It was so dark being this far away from any town. The only form of light was the pale moon, which only allowed the outlines of things to be seen and even then only around arms distance. The car’s lights managed to light up the road directly in front of the car and the lower half of some of the trees. Maxine still would have preferred the oppressing darkness of the night compared to this mans company. She was still and thinking on the back seat. Her heart thumped within her chest as her fear began to constrict her throat and bring tears to her eyes. She was completely alone.

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The tears that slid silently down her cheeks began to ease as the taxi slowed and pulled over into a roadside rest area. The tires flung up gravel behind the car as it pulled up away from the road and the man switched off the engine, the lights cutting with it. The rustling of tree leaves was all that broke the silence until with a huff, the man opened the car door and got out.

The in-car light flicked on as the door opened and Maxine shuffled along the seat right up against the door, as far away from him as she could get. The crunch of his boots on the gravel as he strode to her door shot bolts of cold fear down her spine. He fumbled with something in the door before opening it and poking his round head inside and gazing at Maxine.

Dropping her head and hiding her face within the collar of her coat, Maxine stared at her feet and managed to ask with a voice threaded with fear, “What are you going to do with me?”

A smile spread across his face, bearing his disgusting yellow teeth. “I’m going to have some fun with you, that’s all,” He began with a voice almost comforting, but ended sounding even more disgusting then his smile looked. “Now be a good girl and get out here. ”

Fear and revulsion were her dominant feelings. Maxine lifted her face to yell, “Get away from me!” before again dropping her head and letting her tears flow.

Her resistance only seemed to encourage him. He began to crawl into the back seat with her, his hands outstretched greedily towards her seeking their prize. Fat, sweaty hands grabbed at her ankles and Maxine began to kick madly at him. One heel managed to connect with his shoulder and caused an outcry of pain.

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   The hands quickly returned and violently gripped her ankles. He began to slide her down the back seat towards him. Maxine struggled, her body writhing around on the back seat, but only made it slightly harder for him.

Eventually he had her spread out across the back seat with her legs parted around where he was kneeling on the edge of the seat with the door still open. He moved his knee against her leg and trapped it against the back of the seat. He then moved his free hand up and pinned down her writhing stomach. She was completely trapped. She sobbed at her helplessness. The tight grip on her ankle hurt and felt as if it was cutting off the circulation to her foot. Any productive thought was beyond her. Struck stupid by fear and given up on hope, she was now completely vulnerable.

Her weak sobbing aggravated him further. ‘Stupid bitch,’ he thought to himself, ‘Why couldn’t she just shut the fuck up?’ He let go of her ankle and kept his remaining hand pushing heavily down on her torso. He noticed how pathetic she was, remaining limp and cutting her mind adrift. Her free leg hung down onto the floor of the car, she didn’t even try to kick out at him.

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   ‘Pity,’ He thought. He would have preferred to take her with more force while she struggled and screamed.

He moved his hand up to his neck and began undo the knot of his tie. Once undone, he removed it from around his neck and screwed it up into a ball. He leant forward and laid his weight on top of her. Grabbing with one hand under her chin, he wrenched her face up to look into his eyes. He liked what he saw in those eyes. He brought the scrunched up tie to her mouth and shoved it inside. He held her jaw shut, clenching down on the tie to muffle her cries.

Maxine tried to keep her mind distanced from her body. She thought of the trip Paul was going on and began to recite the places he would visit, bringing pictures of the places to her mind as she went through them.

The balding man again shifted his weight, lifting his upper body off of her and putting more pressure on his crotch against hers. He had a hand free now and used this to pull her coat back from her chest and then to reach down her dress. Pushing a cup of her white lacy bra down and exposing her breast, he began to grope it roughly with his sweaty hands.

The palm of his hand grazed unpleasantly over her nipple and caused a feeling mostly of pain to shoot through her.

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   Her cry was muffled by the tie being held tightly between her teeth. Panic began to over-ride any calm thoughts. The separation of mind and body was lost as the pain from her nipple shocked her.

Done with the breast, he slid his hand down her body and followed every curve. Once his hand felt the soft skin of her thigh he stopped and began to slowly and gently caress the silk-like skin. The caress felt like a lovers touch. Maxine, startled, looked down at him with confused eyes. With a villainous grin up at her, he slid is hand up her thigh and under her dress.

Maxine struggled then. She tried desperately to kick at him but her legs were pinned under his mass. Realising her hands were still gripping onto the door handle tightly, she unwrapped her fingers from it and began to claw at the arm gripping her jaw. Her nails digging into the flesh and ripping it up as she raked down his arm.

He flinched and withdrew the hand from between her thighs. Then, before Maxine could react, his hand flew at her and connected with a smack on the side of her face. Her senses reeled as her mind seemed to spin upside down.

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   The force of the blow nearly knocked her unconscious. Another smack quickly followed the first. The sharp bite of pain exploding into her head. Her mind was dazed and her body went limp. She could see and feel what was happening, but she felt far to weak to move or react.

Satisfied that the two blows had done the job, the man moved his hand back beneath her dress, while still keeping the other locked tightly on her jaw and forcing her head back. He slid his hand up her smooth inner thighs until his fingertips brushed against the material of her panties. Excited, he flung her dress up to her waist and revealed those white lace panties that completed the set.

He ran his hand down the front of them, down her mound and down into her cleft. His fingers rubbed against the soft folds of her vagina through the thin material of her panties. With impatience, he slid his hand back up to the waistband of the panties and drew them down her legs, down to her ankles. A shaven mound greeted him. He loved to look down at the folds of her pink and tender pussy. He could feel the pre-cum beginning to ooze from the tip of his cock, leaking out into his briefs.

It was with a child-like exuberance that he dove his fingers into those folds and rubbed his fingertips against the pouting lips of her pussy.

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   He pushed against the lips and they spread easily, allowing his two fingers to slide within the warm depths of her vagina. Lust overcame him.

He withdrew the fingers from her vagina and moved them down to his pants. He grasped the zipper and pulled it down. With his pants now opened, he reached inside and pulled his white briefs down underneath his hanging testicles. His erect penis and testicles were now free of their confines.

Maxine’s mind reeled groggily from her stupor. The feeling of his erect penis pushing against her folds quickly brought her mind back to focus. She struggled feebly against his strong arms, desperately trying to move his hard cock from between her thighs. Her last attempt at freedom.

His hand slipped to her throat and between thumb and forefinger, began to choke her. Her hands clutched at his arm in a last, despairing struggle. As she began to lose consciousness her hands slipped limply from his arms and fell beside her. Her last feelings before losing awareness were of his hard penis thrusting deep within her, sending sharp bolts of pain up her spine. Then there was darkness.

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He released the grip on her throat as he watched her eyes roll to the back of her head. With a crooked smile on his face, he began to move his cock in and out of the tight warmth of her pussy. He ignored the beads of blood that came from her ripped pussy and covered his cock. He focused upon the sensation of her tight lips gripping the skin of his cock as he drove it in and out of her. Almost milking his cock for its warm seed.

With a hand squeezing tightly on one of her soft breasts and his cock pumping into her tight vagina, his orgasm quickly began to build. The excitement of the event was quickly becoming to much for him. His crotch began to tingle with heightened pleasure and he closed his eyes to revel in the pleasure. The pleasure spread like wildfire all throughout his body. Then a sharp bolt of pleasure that seemed to stun every nerve ending in his body hit. His orgasm overcame him. With uneven gasps of pleasure, he emptied his load of cum within her pussy.

Maxine came to her senses face down on the ground. The gravel bit into her face and her body felt weakened and strained. Her crotch throbbed with sharp stings of pain.


   She retched but spat out only saliva. Her head pulsed with a dull ache that made it difficult to think properly. She forced her arms under herself and struggle to push herself up to a sitting position.

It was still night. The darkness all around her. Two stars were all that she could see in the night; one faintly lit one next to a much brighter, burning star. The memories came flooding back to her. She didn’t need to investigate the situation to know what he’d done to her after she’d blacked out. Tears streamed from her eyes then. They poured down her cheeks and spilled down onto the gravel.

The lights of a car appeared and began to speed down the road towards her. At first dazzled by the lights, she regained her wits. She tried to call out, tried to scream, but her throat was raw and no sound came out. She tried raising her arm to wave at the car, but her arm shook with exhaustion and she barely managed to lift it from the ground. The car continued on, passed her position.

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   Again she was left alone in the darkness.

She cried harder now. Sobbing with exhaustion of both mind and body. She tried to ignore the feelings of her body, but she could feel the juices inside of her. His juices. It revolted her. .
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