Team Spirit


“Come on you guys! Concentrate!” Beth yelled at the eight boys on the basketball court. Her team was engaged in a four on four scrimmage. She threw her hands in the air as one of her starters threw the ball well over the head of his target. Jamming the whistle she wore around her neck into her mouth, she blew a long blast on it. She stomped to the foul line as the boys watched the floor where they were standing. Walking up to Bill, the player that had messed up, she curtly asked, “What the hell was that?”
“It slipped,” he said lamely, avoiding her angry stare.
“Slipped? No you slip on ice,” Beth said putting her fists on her hips. She leaned towards him, saying,”You’re not thinking. ”
The other boys sheepishly avoided looking at her, choosing instead to watch the floor or at the empty seats around the court. Beth swept her gaze over the boys, making them all try harder to not come to her attention. She shook her head as she walked over to where the basketball was laying. Angrily she leaned over and snatched it off the floor. She tossed the ball to Bill, catching him off guard as he fumbled the pass allowing the ball to drop,
“What is wrong with you?” Beth asked shaking her head as the ball rolled towards her.
“What difference does it make coach?” Stan, her talented center, asked tossing his hands in the air. He shrugged, saying, “Timmons is gonna kick our ass anyway. ”
“They sure will if you go in with that kind of an attitude,” Beth said curtly.

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   She shook her head, saying, “If you guys have decided that you’re gonna get beat then you sure will be. You guys can win. ”
“Even against Timmons?” Kirk, one of the guards, asked skeptically.
Timmons High School was the district’s basketball powerhouse; they were expected to take the State Championship. There were rumors circulating that some college scouts were checking out a number of their players. It was expected to be a slaughter; students at Timmons were predicting a shut out. Even suggesting that they shouldn’t show up for the game, it would be less humiliating for them.
“Yes even against Timmons,” Beth said firmly. She let her gaze touch each one of the boys as she slowly said, “They can be beat. They’ve lost two games already. You’re just as good as they are. Alls you have to is believe in yourselves. ”
“Yeah, but…” Stan said weakly.
“But nothing,” Beth said with a shake of her head. She glanced up at the clock on the far wall and then said, “It’s getting late.

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   Hit the showers and remember what I told you. ”
The boys muttered a response and then began to head for the locker room. Dejectedly she watched them move off, feeling both depressed and angered. They were good kids, sure maybe they weren’t great basketball players but they were still good. A couple of her starters she was sure could possibly play for a college team. They just didn’t believe in themselves. Granted Wesley’s basketball program had never really been that big, had never fielded a team that had finished with a winning record. The joke around the district was that the team should be named the wasted basketball team. The only reason she was the coach of the team was because none of the male members of the faculty wanted the position. The school board had been very surprised when she had volunteered for the spot.
Beth loved basketball; she had played through most of her younger school days and even played some on the college level. She knew these kids could be winners; she just needed to make them believe in themselves.
Shaking her head she started for the locker room. She had a small office at the front of the locker room. She could hear the boys back in the locker room as they prepared to shower.

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   Closing the door to the small office Beth slipped her sweat jacket off and tossed it onto the chair that was positioned in front of her desk. She would have to wait until the boys were all gone before she could jump into the shower. She didn’t want to wait until she got home before cleaning up. She had made it a practice to get cleaned up after they had left. Hopefully they wouldn’t hang around too long she really wanted to take a nice warm shower. After they left she would first have to make sure that the locker room was all locked up; she didn’t want any unexpected guests while she was in the shower.
Sighing weakly and still puzzled as to how to motivate the boys Beth untied the draw strings of her sweat pants and then shoved them down. She had a pair of black running shorts on under her sweats in case she felt like shooting some hoops with the boys. Beth muttered angrily as the sweats got tangled around her ankles, her tennis shoes snagging them. She supported herself with an arm on the desk as she shoved one of the shoes off with her other foot and then kicked her foot free of the sweats. Cursing softly as she began to topple over, she hastily sat down on the edge of the chair. Roughly she kicked her other tennis shoe off and then pulled her foot free.
Grabbing the lower edge of her top she quickly drew it up over her head and off. She shook her head to settle her mildly tousled sandy brown hair as she tossed her top over to where her sweats were. Groaning softly she leaned forward and reached around behind herself to undo the clasp on her plain white sports bra.

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   Groaning softly as she pulled the garment off and tossed it over with her other clothes.
Beth leaned back in the chair, sticking her legs out as she did and stretched longingly. The team’s low motivation was still on her mind. She wished she could somehow inspire them. She didn’t know what she could do; she had done everything she could think of. They had been practicing intensely all season and even more so for this game.
Maybe that was it, Beth thought her eyes popping open. Maybe they had been working too hard. She had been riding them nonstop and they really hadn't’t gotten a break. Maybe a reward was the trick.
Standing quickly Beth decided that was the ticket; what the hell there wasn’t much else and nothing to lose. She didn’t want to put on her sweaty top that she just taken off. She had some spare clothes stashed in the bottom drawer of the three drawer filing cabinet that was in the corner. She hurried over and opened the drawer and removed a white sleeveless T-shirt. She looked at it for a long moment and then decided it would have to do.

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   Quickly she pulled the garment on. She was a little shocked at how snug it was; maybe it had shrunk since she had bought it.
Oh well, she told herself as she smoothed it and then stepped over to the door. A short hall ran from the basketball court to the locker room and that was where her office was, wedged between the court and the locker room. Beth opened the door to the locker room, hearing the boys talking and the showers running. Briskly she walked around the corner towards the showers. She was a little dismayed at how her unrestrained 36C bust jiggled with each step. She was also a little chagrined when she noticed that her nipples were boldly pressing against the material of her top.
“Coach!” One of the boys screeched when Beth stepped into the area just before the showers; it was where they would dry off after showering.
Beth was pleased to see that the whole team was in the showers; she wouldn’t have to gather them all together. Frantically the boys hastily covered their crotches with their hands and turned away from her.
“Coach what the hell are you doing in here?” Stan asked looking back over his shoulder.
Beth stood at the entrance to the showers, her feet spread slightly and her hands on her hips. She let her eyes pass over the boys, making sure she kept her eyes on their faces. After a tense couple of seconds she said, “Listen boys I realize we’ve been working awful hard lately and I’ve got a deal for you.

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   If you guys do good against Timmons I’ll let you guys pick your reward. My treat. ”
“What’d’ya mean, your treat?” Bill asked, facing the wall but turning his head to look at her. A number of the other boys nodded there heads in agreement.
“Whatever you guys want to do as a reward,” Beth said with a shrug. She held a hand out, saying, “If you guys want to have a pizza party, fine. And I’ll pay for it. Or if you want to go to a show that’ll be fine too. You guys decide. Whatever you want. Hell if you want to skip a practice. ”
“Anything?” Stan asked.
“Anything you want,” Beth said with a nod. She again let her gaze pass over them and then asked, “Is it a deal?”
There was a brief silence as the boys all glanced at one another and then they nodded and said it was okay. Beth smiled and nodded her head. 

“Hey coach,” Bill asked as she started to leave, “What if we beat Timmons?”
“Then we’ll have one hell of a celebration,” Beth said with a laugh. The boys echoed her laugh as she turned and left.

Beth moaned longingly as she stepped into the warm spray of shower water. She tossed her head back and let the warm water drum on her chest. She reached out and found the soap dispenser on the wall and squirted some into her hand. She turned so the water was hitting her back moaning softly as it beat on her sore shoulders.
Rubbing her face Beth laughed quickly as she remembered what Bill had asked about if they beat Timmons. Hell that would be an incredible achievement. She just hoped they would perform respectably. A win would be fantastic; if they did that they had best have one hell of a celebration!
Turning back around and letting the water wash her face off Beth again chuckled as she recalled the almost terrified looks on the boys when she had appeared at the entrance to the showers. She had tried to not glance down at their cocks when she arrived but she couldn’t help but noticing a few of their members before they covered themselves. Now she wished she had had a little bit more time to see their organs; what she saw looked nice she had to admit. She wanted to admonish herself for what she was thinking but she couldn’t stop. It had been sometime since she had last had sex and now after surprising them like she had she couldn’t get it out of her mind.
Unable and unwilling to stop her lustful thoughts she again recalled what she had seen.

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   Um those young cocks looked wonderful; she tried to imagine what they looked like when they were aroused. She almost felt jealous of their girlfriends; wishing she had a lover to take care of her needs.
Beth moaned longingly as she thought about the eight male bodies that a short time ago had been in that shower room. The thought sent a wicked shiver through her as she continued to think about them all standing there before her. She wished that she had made them turn and face her while she spoke to them. If she had she doubted she would have been able to keep her attention focused let alone keep her eyes on their faces.
Moving her hands to her breasts she once more remembered the brief glimpse she had of some of the cocks. She groaned longingly as she began to rub her boobs. Just one of those lovely young pieces of male meat would be nice she told herself. Maybe she would pop in on her team more often she thought as she began to rub her turgid nipples.
Moaning longingly as she rubbed her stiff cones of tit flesh Beth recalled the image of Stan standing at the rear of the shower with his back to her. He had nice, well toned legs and a tight looking ass too. She wouldn’t mind giving his ass a nice squeeze. She had made sure when ever they were practice to always pat them on the back or their shoulders, but now she would love to grab a handful of his cheeks. The kid would probably jump a mile if she did.

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   She wondered if his tool was as long and lean as the rest of his body was.
Tossing her head back she began to slide her hands down her wet front, wishing it was anyone of her boy’s hands that was moving over her. Hell just about any male hands would be all right at the moment. Hands and some other items.
Beth groaned again as she slid her hand between her legs; it was a good thing she was in the shower, her pussy was creaming heavily and the warm water helped wash it away.
Beth put her other hand out and leaned against the wall as she began to rub her pussy. Yes it had been too long since she had had a man’s hand there; hand, dick or tongue it was just too long. She gritted her teeth as she began to finger herself and closed her eyes imagining that it was one of the boy’s that was fingering her. Her knees felt weak and she turned, keeping her hand between her legs and sank to the floor.
Awkwardly she shifted onto her back, spreading her legs and continued to imagine the team gathered around her. She moaned loudly as she moved her other hand down and began to rub her tingling erect clit. She began to eagerly grind her hips as she worked two fingers into her creaming cunt. Oh if it was a real dick that was filling her instead of her fingers. Beth tensed as her pussy began to tingle wonderfully. She increased her rubbing on her clit quickly driving herself to a quivering climax.

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Beth squealed delightfully as her pussy erupted; her love juices gushed from her. It was a good thing she was already in the shower because she definitely would have to have cleaned up if she hadn’t been. She laid there slowly fingering herself to prolong her climax as the warm shower drummed on her lower legs and feet. Oh if had only been a man that had just made her cum, she thought as she waited for her heart to slow to a normal pace.
Finally after a few more minutes she struggled to her feet and stood in the spray of water. It felt wonderful, the warm water washing over her helping to prolong the mild after-glow she felt from her climax. She wished she had a man to cuddle up with that would have been even better. Shutting off the shower she hurried out, grabbing a towel to dry off with. She tossed the towel in the dirty towel bin and grabbed another, wrapping it around herself and then headed towards her office to dress. She had closed the door and made sure the heat was turned up before she had headed for the shower. As she slipped into her officer and was engulfed with the warm air she knew that she had best get the thoughts she had just entertained out of her mind or practices would be very difficult.
As she closed the door she decided that no matter how the boys did against Timmons she would give them a break. And she would also give them whatever they wanted if they did as she had asked. Hell she could stand a good party herself.

The few fans that had shown up to support Wesley were going crazy.


   They were beating Timmons! There were just a handful of supporters, which was normal even though it was a home game, in fact there were many more Timmons supporters present and they were very quiet. Stunned into silence would have been more appropriate.
Beth nervously glanced up at the scoreboard. There was less than a minute to play and they were up by five points. It had been a fight from the beginning but the boys had a fire in their eyes; something she hadn’t seen all season. They had taken the lead early and although Timmons had made some small comeback tries they had kept them at bay. She, along with the two dozen or so Wesley fans, sent up an almost hysterical yell when Tyler, one of her guards, slashed through the flat-footed Timmons defenders and laid it in for another score.
It was a miracle; they were beating Timmons. Even the Timmons players and fans were completely shocked. They had been loud and cocky at the start of the game but gradually their fans quieted down and for most of the second half they had been near silent. The players had played good at the start, but now they seemed lost and unsure.
In a booming voice the fans counted down the last seconds and then let out a thunderous scream when the clock showed zero seconds. The team was mobbed by the spectators as they stormed out onto the court.
Beth made her way, shaking countless hands, as she headed towards the other coach. The older man shook his head and stuck a hand out to her when she reached him near half court.

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“Quiet a game coach,” he shouted over the bedlam.
“Thank you,” Beth said.
“Your boys played well,” he said shaking his head.
“They played incredibly,” Beth said proudly.
“What’s your secret?”
“I wish I knew, I wish I knew,” Beth said with a laugh. The opposing coach laughed and again shook her hand. Beth was being honest; she really didn’t know what had gotten into her boys. Maybe the outfit she had worn was it, she suggested to herself. While she always dressed properly for a game this night she had worn a pair of cream colored slacks and a long sleeved dark red blouse; essentially the school colors; gold and red. Maybe that was her good luck charm. It was as good an explanation as any other, she decided.
“Great game!” The short, portly principal of Wesley said as he gave her a hug and pat on the back. It was obvious he was overjoyed; a broad smile filled his fleshy face, as he said, “What a great game. Fantastic!”
“Thank you,” Beth said laughingly as she separated herself from him. Maybe her position as the team’s coach was safe, for now at least.

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Beth felt more drained by the ecstatic celebration after the game then from the tension of the game itself. Her hand was sore from all the people that had wanted to shake hers and her back was almost as sore from all the pats on the back she had received; along with a few on her ass. Her boys had been similarly assaulted, but it was worth it.
Stepping into the small corridor that lead to the locker room Beth automatically locked the door behind her. The place was empty, everyone had finally left, but still it was a habit. She could hear the boys hooting and hollering back in the locker room. She would lock up after they were done and gone and then head home herself. Pity she didn’t have anywhere to go celebrate she sure had a reason to.
“Hey coach!” Bill said excitedly when he stepped from the locker room into the hallway. He had removed his jersey but still had the white T shirt on that he wore under it during the game.
“Hey Bill,” Beth said warmly. Stan appeared behind him also still in his uniform. Beth laughed, saying, “Why haven’t you guys hit the showers yet?”
“We will,” Bill laughed joyfully.
“Coach did you mean what you said?” Stan asked.
“What’s that?” Beth asked as she stepped to the door to her office.

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“About letting us do whatever we wanted if we won?” Bill reminded her.
“Yes I remember,” Beth said with a laugh and nodding her head. She cocked her head to one side, asking, ”Why?”
“And you did say that if we won could decide what we wanted to do?” Stan questioned raising an eyebrow ever so slightly.
“That’s what I said,” Beth said with a laugh. She raised a hand, saying, “As long as it didn’t involve booze or drugs. ”
“Great!” Bill said eagerly.
“So what is it you kids want as your reward?” Beth asked with a laugh. Hell whatever it was they deserved it.
“We’ll show you,” Bill said reaching out and grabbing her by the wrist.
“Wait a sec,” Beth said when he started to lead her back to the locker room. She shook her head, saying, “I can’t go back there while you guys are in the showers. ”
“Oh they aren’t,” Stan said with a quick shake of his head.
Mystified Beth allowed the two to take her back into the locker room. The boys all let out a loud cheer when she walked around the corner into the locker room. They began to chant coach repeatedly as Stan and Bill lead her back.

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   Stan was right all the guys still had their uniforms on although a couple like Bill had taken off their jerseys. They all clustered around her once they had stopped near the showers. Beth looked at the circle of boys around her, smiling broadly.
“So what is it that you guys want as your reward?” She asked cheerfully. She reached out and playfully messed with Kirk’s sweaty hair, saying, “Cause you guys certainly deserve a reward. ”
“Well coach we all talked it over,” Bill said glancing at the other buys. He coughed and said, “Well we all agreed on what we want. ”
“And what’s that?” Beth asked brightly. She glanced at the boys again, saying, “Just tell me and then I’ll get out of here so you guys can get in the showers. ”
“Uh well that’s what we want,” Bill said quickly.
“What?” Beth asked sure she had missed something. She was a little puzzled by the suddenly quiet almost solemn behavior of the team.
“We want you to shower with us,” Bill said in a breathless rush.
“What?” Beth gasped. Wide eyed she looked at the boys gathered around her hoping that she hadn’t heard him correctly.

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   They all had mixed looks of apprehension and hope. All of them looked as if they were holding their breaths and were awaiting her to explode. Shaking her head slowly, she quietly asked, “What did you say?”
“We want you to take a shower with us,” Stan repeated, getting confirming nods from the others.
“You said that if we won…” Kirk reminded her.
“Yes I know I did,” Beth said quickly shaking her head. She laughed nervously and ran a hand through her hair, saying, “I wasn’t expecting anything like this. ”
“You did say, anything we wanted,” Tyler one of the other players said.
“Yes, but I was expecting maybe a party or something like that,” Beth said.
“Well we talked about it and we all said that if we won this is what we would want as our reward,” Bill said gaining a little bit of confidence.
“Well I did say anything you guys wanted,” Beth said with a quick laugh and shake of her head. She looked at them and held a hand up, saying, “You understand this isn’t going to happen all the time. ”
The tension in the locker room noticeably broke as smiles appeared on the team’s faces. For a long moment they all nervously glanced at each other and Beth. She wondered if they had suddenly lost their nerve or was waiting for someone to make the first move.
“Well are you guys gonna hit the showers or what?” Beth asked with a nervous little laugh.

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Beth felt a slight tremor of uncertainty as the boys crowded closer. Bill stepped in front of her, smiling broadly. Beth smiled at him as he reached out and began to unbutton her blouse. She wished now that she hadn’t worn a high buttoned collar blouse, she wished she had worn a pullover instead. As Bill fumbled with the button at her neck two others quickly began to undo the buttons on her sleeves. She glanced back over her shoulder when she felt some hands rubbing her ass through her slacks. At the same time Stan, who was standing next to Bill, reached out and began to undo the button on her slacks.
Finally Bill undid the top button on her blouse, his hands that had been so deft and nimble during the game had suddenly become very stiff. Eagerly he moved to the next button and Beth gave him a soft reassuring smile. Stan released the clasp on her slacks and Kirk reached over and began to force the zipper down and Stan pulled her slacks open to help. A couple of hands grabbed the lower part of her blouse and pulled it out of her slacks.
The boys were getting very excited now; it felt as if three pairs of hands were tugging her slacks down past her hips. More hands began to eagerly work the buttons on the lower part of her blouse while Bill was unbuttoning the top ones. Someone already had a grip on the back of her blouse and was trying to pull it off her. She hoped they didn’t tear it; she really didn’t have anything else to wear home. 

   Two of the boys pulled the lower part of her blouse open once they had unbuttoned it and revealed her panty covered crotch. She was wearing a pair of flesh toned bikini cut panties that matched her bra, which was now also uncovered.
A couple of the boys dropped to their knees, pulled her shoes off and then helped her pull her feet from her slacks. At the same time others were tugging her blouse down her arms. She was now clad only in her matching flesh colored bra and panties.
Simultaneously three or four pairs of hands grabbed her sheer panties and forced them down past her hips. She grimaced briefly when a few fingernails scarped along her tender skin. Excitedly they worked her panties down to around her ankles and they almost toppled her over when they tried to lift both feet at the same time to finished taking her panties off. As they were removing her panties someone behind her was fumbling with the clasp on her bra. Finally after fumbling with it and vainly tugging on it he released it. Beth giggled as her arms were pulled forward and then her bra was jerked off. She was now completely naked.
Suddenly the boys paused, nervously glancing at each other. Beth wondered if they had just realized that their wild sexual fantasy was about to occur and they weren’t sure how to proceed or if this was the first time they had ever had a woman. Maybe that was it; they were both unsure and a little scared.

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   She wondered if they had ever seen a woman naked before; other than in pictures. She smiled warmly at them and slowly made a circle to let them enjoy her naked form. She knew she had a good figure she didn’t work out for nothing. The three miles she jogged every day had given her well toned thighs and a tight butt.
    She was thrilled as the boys stared at her wide eyed their horny stares soaking in every inch of her figure.
    Smiling she stepped over to Bill and reached out and took hold of the lower edge of his Tee shirt. In a throaty whisper she said, “Here let me help you get ready for a shower. ”
    Bill was grinning broadly as he lifted his arms so Beth could pull his Tee shirt up and over his head. Playfully she tossed it aside after she had pulled off his arms. She clearly heard him inhale and felt him tense when she ran her fingertip down his bare chest to the waistband of his trunks. She hooked her fingers inside the waist band and drew them down. Her heart was pounding as she pushed his shorts down off his hips and let them drop to around his ankles. Carefully she slipped the ends of her index fingers inside the waist band of his jock and worked that down. Beth moaned when his stiff young prick sprang into view, slapping against his belly when it was freed from his jock. She was pleased to see that her imagination hadn’t been too far off,
    “I’ll be with you in a moment,” she said lightly rubbing his bare chest.

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       He began to clumsily try and kick his shoes off with his trunks still gathered around his ankles.
    Beth moved to Stan, who was standing there with a sheepish expression. He glanced at the other boys, an almost triumphant smile coming to his lips as she took hold of his jersey and raised it up. Eagerly he pulled it off after she had worked it up over his head. As he did Beth slid her hands down his sides, giggling softly when she felt his stomach muscles quiver from her delicate caresses. Stan took a deep breath when she hooked her fingers inside the waist band of his trunks and stiffened all over.
    “Relax Stan,” she said softly, looking up at him. She smiled warmly and said, “I’m not going to hurt you. ”
    Stiffly he nodded and as she shook her head she began to pull his trunks and athletic supporter down. Beth groaned approvingly when his stiff cock popped free. She was pleased to see that like Stan it too was long and lean; while it wasn’t the longest prick she had ever seen it was a good length. She would guess it was close to ten inches long and of average thickness. She looked back at him and gave him a quick approving nod allowing her hand to lightly brush against it getting a startled gasp from him.
    As she moved to the next boy, Lance, and began to remove his jersey someone began to rub her bare ass. Beth looked back over her shoulder and found that it was Stan that was playing with her butt cheek.

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       She cleared saw him blush as he bowed his head, muttering an apology as he pulled his hand away.
    “That’s okay Stan,” she laughed as she resumed taking off Lance’s top. As she slid his jersey over his head, she said, “I’d be more upset if I saw you playing with Bill’s butt. ”
    The boys all laughed and the ones next to him playfully nudged him. Quickly Beth moved from player to player hastily undressing them; they all patiently waited for their turn. Soon she was standing in the middle of them; eight completely nude makes surrounding her. Slowly she circled openly eying their erect cocks. She was smiling as she said to no one in particular, “Well are you all ready to hit the showers?”
    It was a mix between a hearty acknowledgment and roar of approval that came from the boys. As a group they moved into the shower area with Beth in the middle of the group. They halted once they were in the shower area glancing at each other. Beth was smiling as she gently pushed her way through them, loving the light brushes of some of the cocks against her as she passed. She padded over to the middle shower along the back wall and turned the water on. She let the water drum on her chest for a moment and then turned back to the group. She held out her arms, asking, “So who’s first?”
    There was a very brief pause before Bill hustled forward; his erect cock swinging stiffly as he approached. Beth was grinning broadly as he moved towards her.


       She tossed her arms around his neck when he reached her and he immediately slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. She groaned longingly as he held her, his hard cock sandwiched between them. She began to grind her crotch against him as she ran her hands through his close cropped hair and pulled his face to hers. She pressed her open mouth to his and was delighted to feel his tongue slide into her mouth. Hungrily she pressed her tongue against his and groaned deep in her throat as he moved his hands down her back and gripped her ass.
    Breaking their wet open-mouthed kiss, Beth had both of her hands on the side of his face as she asked in a husky voice, “So do you want me to wash your back first or would you rather wash my back first?”
    “I’d rather wash your front,” he said eagerly.
    “Well if that’s what you want to do,” Beth said. She stepped away from him and said, “Don’t miss anything. ”
    “I’ll try not to,” he said with a curt nod, the ends of his lips tipped up in a smile.
    Beth turned to face the stream of water, raising her arms over her head as Bill hastily pumped the soap dispenser filling his hand with the pink lotion. He faced her, an expectant look on his face. Beth turned to face him. She rested her hands on his shoulders and looked into his dark brown eyes. She parted her legs and thrust her hips forward, saying, “Whenever you’re ready. ”
    Bill swallowed hard and nodded his head.

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       He dropped his eyes to her breasts as he rubbed his hands together creating lather. Beth groaned longingly when he placed his soapy hands on her breasts. A little roughly he began to rub her mounds, pressing his palms full against them. He eagerly shoved her mounds about; pressing them up and together in the middle of her chest. Occasionally he would direct his attention to her turgid nipples, tracing the dark puffy circles that surrounded them.
    After a few wonderful moments of fondling her breasts he began to slide his hands down her front. Beth stared down her front as he moved his hand down her belly and between her legs. She groaned as he pushed his middle finger into her pussy and began to finger her. Beth reached over to the soap dispenser and pumped some soap into her hand. She was smiling softly at Bill as she reached down with her soap filled hand and cupped his hairy balls. Gently she began to rub his balls getting him to groan loudly.
    Beth slid her hand up and took hold of his stiff cock. His shaft slipped easily in her hand as she moved her hand up and down his length. She had to be careful she didn’t want to get him off too quickly. She knew of a young man’s quick fuse and she wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible.

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       One good thing though, she was also aware of a young man’s ability to recover quickly.
    Somebody moved up behind her and began to rub her butt cheeks. Beth looked over her shoulder and found that it was Kirk who was firmly rubbing the pale globes of her ass. She smiled at him and groaned as she wiggled her hips back against his hands. He then slid his hands around her and up to her breasts. He pressed his crotch hard against her butt as he pulled her against him, gripping her breasts. As he groped her breasts he slowly ground his crotch against her ass, his stiff prick wedged nicely in the crack that separated the cheeks of her ass.
    Kirk moved his hands to the underside of her boobs and lifted them slightly. Bill then leaned forward and pressed his face to one of her proffered boobs, keeping his finger jammed in her sopping pussy. He clamped his lips around her turgid nipple and began to suck earnestly sending a wicked thrill through her. He must have done this before. He sucked hard on her stiff cone of tit flesh, teasing the tip of it with the end of his tongue.
    Tyler crowded in, making Bill shift over slightly but keeping his mouth glued to her boob and his finger busy in her pussy. Tyler bent over and locked his mouth over her other nipple. Hungrily he began to kiss and lick her boob.

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       Um now this was the way to double team someone, Beth thought as she laid her head back on Kirk’s shoulder. Awkwardly she turned her head towards Kirk so she could clumsily kiss him, eagerly jamming her tongue into his waiting mouth.
    Beth wrapped an arm around Bill’s neck keeping his face pressed to her breast. She groaned as he firmly traced the rust colored ring of flesh that circled her nipple with the tip of his tongue. She also released her grip on his shaft and blindly reached for Tyler’s pole. She gripped his hard dick and began to slide her hand along its length.
    Breaking her sloppy kiss with Kirk Beth knew thee was no stopping. Loudly she moaned, “Oh take me! Take me now!”
    Both Bill and Tyler pulled their mouths from Beth’s tingling nipples. Casting hopeful looks at each other. Beth groaned longingly as she continued to stroke Tyler’s hard cock. While she had had a number of lovers already she had never had more than one at a time and now she was about to be taken by eight young studs, she couldn’t wait.
    Almost pleadingly she said,”Fuck me! I want you all to fuck me! Now!”
    Needing no further encouragement the three boys quickly helped Beth lay down, the rest of the team crowding around. Beth obligingly spread her legs and Bill immediately dropped to his knees between them. She bent her heads sharply forward as he moved up, gripping his hard cock in one hand and leaning forward on his other. Beth reached down and took hold of his shaft, groaning loudly as she did.

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       The boy placed both of his hands on the floor as she guided him to her pussy. Beth laid her head back and raised her hips as she led his cock to her. She stared into his eyes as his cock slipped into her with one hard thrust and moaned approvingly.
    Hooking her ankles behind his knees and reaching down to grab his tight ass, she began to pull him with each of his thrusts driving him deeper into her wet pussy depths. In a distant part of her mind she realized that this was the second time in as many days that she was getting off on this shower room floor. But this time was going to be better, much better.

    Beth lightly kissed Lance as he finished drying her thigh. Playfully he tossed the towel over into the dirty towel bin. Beth’s pussy was wonderfully sore; the boys had fucked her to a number of orgasms. She was sure they had pumped a gallon of cum into her. She was right about the rapid recover time of young men; she had never been without one of their cocks serving her during the whole thing. A couple of them had even jacked themselves off, letting their cum land on her, while she was busy with another one of the team.
    “You guys were fantastic,” Beth said weakly as she grabbed her panties off the floor. Bill let her lean on him as she lifted a foot and slipped the garment over her foot.
    “Do you mean at the game or after?” Bill asked lightly as she slipped her panties on over her other foot.

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    “Yes,” Beth said with a sly smile as she pulled the sheer garment up.
    “Well you’re great too,” Stan said, stepping closer to give her a kiss.
    “Do you mean as a coach or otherwise?” Beth asked cocking her head to one side and raising an eyebrow ever so slightly.
    “Yes,” Bill laughed and the others laughed too.
    “I hope you boys realize that we can’t do this after every game,” Beth said as she ran her fingers along the waist band of her panties. She glanced at the boys and received reluctant nods from them.
    “How about after every victory?” Kirk asked.
    “We’ll see,” Beth laughed. She nodded gratefully to Lance as he held her bra out to her. Beth slid the bra up her arms. She was pleasantly surprised when Bill stepped behind her and began to fiddle with the clasp.
    “Uh coach can we ask something else?” Bill asked holding the ends of her bra.
    “It depends on what it is,” Beth said with a quick laugh.
    “Any chance of you not wearing a bra when we practice?” He asked, jiggling the garment to emphasis his point. The other boys all nodded and mumbled agreement with his request.

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    Beth laughed and shook her head, asking, “Would you guys be able to concentrate if I did?”
    “We’ll try,” they responded in unison.
    Beth laughed again and reached back behind herself brushing Bill’s hands from her bra. Quickly she fastened her sheer bra and then grabbed her slacks off the floor.
    “So will you?” Stan asked a little hesitantly.
    “I guess you all will have to be at practice to find out,” Beth said with an impish smile.
    There was a hearty shout and the boys loudly began to chant coach. Yes practice was going to be a lot more interesting. A lot more interesting for sure and a lot more enjoyable too.
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