The 20 year dream answered


Topic: The 20 year dream is answeredFirst, let me start by saying that this story is very true, and I look back on it and can feel it as though it just happened. I am not going to paint a pretty picture, I am just going to tell the truth!
I have been happily married to my wife now for almost 15 years now. We are both in our early 40's now and we met back in our very early 20's. My wife has a sister, she is about 5' 8" tall, about 175 pounds and has a very full set of 38D's with the firmest nipples you could imagine. Since the first time I seen her at their house in her bathing suit, I wanted her right then and there. Yes, she is a few pounds overweight, but she just has something about her that drove my cock crazy all these years.
Over the first few years before we all got married, I am pretty sure she teased me on more then a few ocassions. I would be at their house waiting for my fiance to get home and she would shower with the bathroom door ajar about a foot or so, she would try on a white bathing suit that she must have known her nipples clearly shown thru on, and a few times of accidently rubbing against me. I was young and dunmb at the time and did not pick up on the hints I guess, or it could have been I was just too afraid of making a move and losing both of them is she found out.
Anyway, years have past and my lust for sucking those nipples and fucking her only grew harder and harder. I must admit I have jerked off more then a few times to a dream of sucking her pussy dry.
At family get togethers I would always kiss her just for that extra split second, I would always find my way of sitting next to her on the couch, helping her clean up just to have the feeling of touching her skin, and standing behind her and talking while all the while I pictures myself taking her doggie style.
The pain and the lust for her carried on until this past year when my dream of 20 years was finally in full when I fucked and sucked her for all I was worth.
I had pllanned on going back to my old state for a week or so to visit my friends and family, and my wife must have told her because I was offered to stay at her sister's house (who is now married) for the time. my cock grew hard just thinking of being around her for a week, let alone anything else happening.
I got up there and the three of us hung out the first night drinking beer and relaxing.

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   She had on a pair of sweat pants with a tight fitting shirt with no bra on, I tried to control my cock being in front of her husband by to no luck. My cock throbbed with the thought of her and me being alone.
The next morning he left for work about 7am, and she left about 8:30am. I was up already and had the coffee made in the kitchen when I heard her coming down the stairs and rounding the corner into the kitchen. I had only shorts and a t shirt on at the time so I needed to control myself. When she came into the kitchen, I instantly felt my cock jerk and harden. She was wearing a v neck short sleeve sweater with a black skirt, she had on very sheer stockings with about a 3" heel. She must of paniced when she saw me staring and in a trance. She asked "so I take it you like my new outfit?" All I could say was YES, it is incredible. She remarked how her husband did not even say anything that morning when he saw her. Without even thinking, I said "if I was him, we would be in bed right now. " Then it hit me what I just did, she blushed a little and said "ok then. " We talked for a few minutes while the whole time I was dreaming of fucking and sucking her. I can not even tell you what was talked about, I was so lost in my feelings of lust. She came over to kiss me goodbye and I knew I needed perfect restraint of myself, I was able to, but just as she had done in the past to me, she leaned over and made sure I felt her tits pressed against me while we kissed for a good two seconds.

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She left for work and left me with a raging hard on that needed to be answered. After about 10 minutes or so, I went up stairs to jerk off and relieve the pressure, but this time I thought I would be daring, I headed into their bedroom to check out what I could to add to my explosion. After opening a few drawers, I came across her bras, and just like her sister had jokingly told me in the past, she was a 38D. The realization of this made me even throb more, my cock was throbbing as I held her bra in my hand. I lost all control and pulled my shorts down as my cock rubbed against her bra. It would not take me but a few strokes to cum, the shaft was already dark red and the head off my cock was already purple. The next drawer I opened was the final straw, it was her hoisery drawer, I carefully pulled out a black pair and then it hit me, she only wears thigh highs, carefully going thru the drawer, I only could find thigh highs. This was all I needed to know, I started stroking my cock and immediately felt my balls tighten like never before, I felt my body start to twitch as I knew it was too late to stop, just as the first jet shot out of my throbbing cock, i just got the drawer closed in time as jet after jet covered the dresser. It was an orgasm like I had NEVER had before, i must have shot out at least 10 or so jets onto the dresser. I revocered and went to the bathroom for some tissue to clean it up, I will tell you i spent 20 minutes or so to be certain that I got EVERYTHING cleaned up perfectly!
I showered and went out to see family that day, as I left I remembered that I did not get a house key so I would not be able to get back until after 7pm when they get home. It was good to see my family and old friends again, but my thoughts would always fall back on my dream of hearing my sister in law moaning my name as I eat her out. Well, got back to their place about 8pm or so, and rang the bell, but no one answered. I called the house number but with no luck. I figured they were not home yet and was about to leave when the door opened and she waved at me to come in. As I walked past her, I could see some sweat on her forehead as she told me she were ummmmmmm on the phone with a client.

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   (yeah right, I believe it). They were upstairs fucking to my best thought, but then I realized his car was not there and she was still dressed from work. As she passed me my cock hardened again knowing those were thigh highs she had on and she could fuck on a minutes notice. I went into the living room and sat on the couch as she went into the kitchen, she came back out with two beers and said that he would not be into later on, he was working till 10pm or so on finishing a project for work.
I was handed a beer as she sat right next to me on the couch. Her silky black legs were withing inches of rubbing against my legs. She took a drink or two of beer and I guess intended to non chalantly place her beer on the end table next to me (yeah right, why not use the coffee table that was in front of her) and leaned over me as I had a full view of her incredible tits as they jiggled back and fourth and against me, while in the process she had her hand on my thigh to do this, need I mention my cock was at full attention? I knew now that this was more then a small tease that was going on between us for many years, so I needed to return the tease so I could test the waters, I knew it would be a good two hours before he got home from work, so I had some time to tease.
We sat and talked for a good half hour, more then a few times our eyes made contact with eachother and we both felt it. I could feel now that we both wanted something to happen, but we were afraid of the other's response. It must have been close to 9pm by now and I knew that it was now or never, this chance of being alone and the moment being right would not happen again. We started talking about her work and how much she is stressed out, at this point she turned more toward me and crossed her closest leg to me over the other one to get closer as we talked, we both knew now that this was going to happen and it could not be stopped. as she did that I gently placed my hand on her calf, she looked down at my hand and asked me what I was doing? I said that I did not even realize it and said I was sorry. The softness of her silk covered legs in my hand made me nearly cum. She did not say anything, so maybe I was wrong about the inevitable with us? I knew that she could make out the bulge in my shorts, there was no hiding it. I caught her looking down a few times then quickly looking back up.

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She said that she was going to get changed to get more comfortable, now either this was a very good thing or a very bad thing, all I knew is that I wanted to have her more then ever and the time was now.
As she stood up, I also stood up with the intention of moving my legs so she could walk between the couch and the cocktail table, as I did this, my next tease hit me, I grabbed my beer very casually and moved a step to the edge of the couch so she would brush against me as she walked past me, as I did this, she leaned over to take her heels off and I got a wonderful view of those 38D's that were swaying. I stared until she started to look at me and I quickly started to drink my beer. As she went to pass me she looked at me and we made eye contact, she came closer to pass me, my cock was throbbing vicously, and I could see her nipples getting firm under her sweater. As she passed me, our bodies were firmly touching as she stopped and kiddingly said "hello", I laughed and as we were still pressed together she said " can I ask you something?" As I said sure we made eye contact again, and this was the defining moment, this was finally it, we slowly leaned toward eachother and kissed, after 20 years of wanting and dreaming, I could not believe the feeling, I did not even realize I dropped my beer, and I felt her arms go around me and her shoes drop to the floor. This was a dream come true, we kissed very pasionately for what must of been 7 or 8 minutes, my cock was pressed into her and I knew she felt it.
I took the lead and turned and sat on the couch as she stratled me right there, my cock was jerking trying to get to her pussy. We both were completely lost in our feelings, time meant nothing, him coming home meant nothing, this was about US and US only! My hands gently rubbed her back as we kissed. I undid the clasp on her bra and ran my hands around to let her tits out and feel me. As I did, I felt how incredibly soft those melons were, I lifted up her top and bra to reveal an incredible set of tits, her nipples were a very dark pink and must of stuck out a good half inch at least, also a set that I dreamed of fucking with my cock for sooo long. I could feel her grinding her pussy against me, she needed to be helped here to releive this pain. I rolled her over and off me, I kneeled on the floor and slowly kissed my way up her leg, as I lifted her skirt, the thigh highs became appearant and the sight of no panties nearly made me cum right there. She pushed herself forward on the couch so she could lift her legs and lean them on my shoulders so I could suck that clit to a huge orgasm. She lifted her ass to meet my tongue and it was the sweetest thing I have ever tasted. Her dark red bush was very rough and had not been shaven in a while.

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   The second my tongue touched her clit, she moaned in relief. I had my tongue deep inside her womb as I started to feel her body quiever, I knew she was about to cum hard and I wanted it to happen. She started moaning and twitching violently until she exploded her juices on my tongue and in my mouth. At this point, her juices already left a wet mark on the couch. She came hard a few times while eating her pussy and sucking that clit of hers, all the time listening to her moaning my name and screaming "I'm cumming hard, I'm cumming hard again!". I felt the precum leaking out of me, I knew I would not last long at all. . . . .
She stopped me from eating her out and pulled me onto the couch, she then took her top off letting those incredible melons out. She then reached down and undid her skirt, and that hit the floor.
Was this really happening, was my dream coming true, I am in her living room with a raging hard on with her kneeling in front of me with thigh highs on only, was I dreaming this, NO, it was real.
She started to kiss my thighs as her her lead up to my balls. She took my sack in her mouth and started sucking on it, I could feel the cum being held back begging to jet out.

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   She ran her tongue up and down the shaft a few times and in one fast motion took my cock into her mouth. When I felt the suction dtart, it took everything I had to hold back. After about 20 seconds I had her stop and took my now slick cock in between her tits. The feeling of softness had me in a state of wanting to cum right then and there. She held her tits together as my cock slid up and down between them, her nipples rubbing softly on my waist. I desperately wanted that pussy badly, but the tit fuck I was getting was incredible. Seeing the passion in how deeply she was doing this, and seeing her eyes open and look up at me was all too much for me!
That was it, I felt my balls contract and I could not hold back any longer, I knew this was going to be an explosion of cum I had never seen before. I grabbed on to those nipples as hard as I could as I started to errupt all over. The first jet hit her neck and hair, the second jet sprayed her face and chin, the third jet covered her neck again, shot after shot was more powerful then the last. I nearly blacked out after cumming that hard. Her tits, neck and lower face was dripping with my cum, it was a dream come true for me and obviously for her too!
I could see some disappointment in her eyes as not fucking her pussy but no man in my position for 20 years could have lasted longer then me.
I pulled up my shorts and went into the kitchen for a wet towel or rag, as I turned around she was there with her clothes in her hand (what an incredible feeling seeing a woman you wanted soooooo badly covered in your cum) and she quickly wiped her tits off and face and neck and said she needed to get in the shower quickly. She turned away as I knew she was upset, I placed my hand on her shoulder, stopped her, and gave her a gentle kiss and said that I wanted her from the first day I met her, she did not beieve me, but when I recalled exactly what she wore that day I first met her, she was beside herself in disbelief.
She asked me when I was leaving and I smiled and said I should be going tomorrow morning to head back home. .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  but I could stay another day! She smiled and said she thought maybe she should use some of that sick time she had at work and take tomorrow off?
Needless to say I had just made a date with my wife's sister to fuck her and suck her for the next day, I could not believe this was happening to me, and how in the hell would I sleep tonight thinking about fucking her pussy tomorrow, and sucking that incredible juice from her.
To be continued. . . . . . .
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