The Adventures of Anna Clarke


It was Adam's 3rd week at his new college and had just turned 18. He was studying biology and mathematics. He found it hard to settle in after all he started the courses later than everyone else so he had a lot of work to catch up on. The fact that he enjoyed all of this clearly made him stand out as a stereotypical nerd. Adam did prefer to work hard than socialise which didn't help. He didn't care how he looked, always seemed to ware black clothes that combined with his glasses,long greasy black hair and a slim build singled him out for a lot of name calling but little did he know his luck was about to change.

It was time for Adam to head off to is Maths lesson his favourite subject not just because he excelled more than any other student but also the sight of his lecturer. Mrs Anna Clarke she was his perfect woman in terms of the way she looked as well as her personality. She was sweet, caring, responsible but at the same time strict fully able to control any situation. She had the full respect of all her students. She alwayslooked out for Adam it was the only time at college he seemed to be on equal terms with everyone and this was all thanks to Anna. He would always offer to stay behind to complete more work but the real reason was to have a good long look at Mrs Clarke. He would just sit and stare like a leopard stalking its prey.

She was 28 years old, married , about 5'8 with bright sparkling blue eyes the sort you just fall in love. As well as that she had the most contagious smile. Mrs Clarke had light glowing brown hair about shoulder length.

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   A small frame but well toned from what Adam could tell, her legs where long, toned and smooth. She always seemed to wear tanned stockings she loved the feel and look of them. Her legs looked strong in a way that looked as though they could just about do anything. With all the tight skirts at knee length she wore it was easy for Adam to see her ass which was amazing. It came complete with curves, chunky and when she walked she knew how to work it. That ass was full of movement. She took off her blazer as the room temperature began to rise. He could make out that her tits where about size 34 C and her nipples became so easy to see through her blouse and bra. It was the heat that made them rock hard just like Adams cock the sight of all this was enough for him to become fully erect.

As the weeks of staying behind to complete extra work past there was clear sexual tension which had been building up and it was only a matter of time before it climaxed. Mrs Clarke was well aware that Adam was only interested in her and not the work she had set for him. She was strangely turned on like never before after all someone as gorgeous as her always has men drooling over her. But unlike the other men she really had a soft spot for him and it was Mrs Clarke who was to make the first move. . .

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  . . . . . . . . .

It was Friday and to no surprise Adam choose to stay behind and it wasn't for the work but for his daily dose of cock tease. Mrs Clarke smiled and said.

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