The Biggest tease...


Laying there looking into his eyes, I saw deeper then I ever wished to see. They say eyes are the passage way into the soul, though I felt more as if I could read his mind. . . and what his mind was telling me I was sure was just my own mind. . . . . wishing.

Whatever it was I swear I wanted to be with him forever. Turn off all my problems, and spend the rest of my life with him. I knew he loved me, and more then anything. . I knew I loved him.
But he had problems of his own, problems at the age of 15 I couldnt even begin to face.

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  . .

But problems at the age of 24, he had no choice but to face. And so knowing that I couldn't be his. . . he couldn't be mine, it just made me binde closer to him, in hope that somehow, I could hold onto him.

Just then, as much as I hated to do this to him, I began to cry. I didn't ever want to loose him, even the thought scared me more then I can explain, as if I would fall apart without him, turn into dust. . . and so he held me, and I sobbed, leaving wet spots on his t-shirt. And he wiped the tears from my eyes, and whispered a few words of comfort, and I felt so safe with him. Safer then id ever felt in my life.

I looked up at him again, my cheeks red from crying, eyes puffy.

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   And he kissed me pationently. If there was ever doubt that I loved him before, there were none now. I pressed myself against him, grinded myself against him, I needed him.

He was scared to make love to me, scared that it would make it impossible to leave when he had to. And I was scared too, but I made sacrifices for him, too many to count. And I didn't mind making another, giving myself completely to him.

He backed away and released his grip

"what are you doing?" he asked suprised.

"Baby, I wanna give myself to you, more so then I already have. Were this far already. . . " I begged, tried to make him give in.

Nothing. . .

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I stood up and told him I was going to take a shower, and headed for the bathroom. Slipping my panties off while I went. . . I knew he was watching.

I turned on the hot water, and stripped completely down. I stepped in, and relaxed entirely. It made me breath better, easier.

I lathered myself up with soap, and began rubbing my clit, slow at first but then faster and harder, I slipped a finger in my tight pussy and began moving furiously in and out then added two. . Id left the door open so he'd hear my moans. I knew it was torture. . .

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I didn't care, I wanted it that way. I needed to make him give in. . . it was just a goal now.

When I was done I dried off and stepped out of the bathroom. He was laying down, watching me, like I knew he would be. I dropped the towel in the doorway and bent over real slow and dramatically to pick up my panties. . . my round tight ass completely exposed. My pussy begging for attention. . . and now, I was sure, his dick was stiffening in his pants.

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   I hardly heard him when he got up and walked over behind me.

He grabbed my hips so viloently I thought he was angry. Im sure he was for me teasing him, but more so, he was horny. . . maybe even hornier then me.

I heard his zipper go down, and his dick sprang out. He put it at my enterance and began pushing. . .

It was painful, I felt myself stretching to fit him, he was so big. . . bigger then I thought he was. .

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He played with my clit at the same time, which was still sensitive from my fun in the shower. I moaned, with pleasure. . . . and with pain. It was a great mix.

He pulled my hair and continued to ram his dick farther into me. I moaned. Couldn't help myself.

Finally he was all the way in and I was soaked already, he began pumping, slow at first, but as pleasure increased faster and faster. . And so hard, just the pressure each time he went all the way in made me grunt. His balls slapped my ass furiously.

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   And he groaned in satisfaction. .

He was already rock hard when he'd put it into me, that meant he was masturbating to my moans in the shower. . Success.

My screams got louder and louder the harder he rammed. He moaned my name a couple of times. . . and I was starting to reach my peek.

Just then he pulled out with a plop noise. .

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked breathless and enraged.

He sat me on the desk in the room and started sucking my tits, flicking my nipples with his toungue, hard and fast.

Then he slapped me, and I was suuprised.

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  . . . he'd never been so violent, I must have teased him good.
He shuved his dick back inside of me, I was dripping juices, and my legs were out to the side, my toes pointed in complete ecstacy. He pulled almost all the way out and rammed himself back in a few times, and it sent me over the edge. I screamed in a blistful orgasim, I lost myself in not only pleasure but victory. .

I felt disconected from the rest of the world. It seemed that this was all that exsisted. He slid a finger in my ass, and my pleasure heightened. I moaned his name a couple of times, but then got to lost to moan any words in praticular. . . .

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   I bounced up and down on his dick. I rode him, he rode me. . We fucked on the floor, in the shower, on the bed, on the desk, on chairs. And it continued like this. . . until finally we layed down to cuddle up to eachother and he whispered "I could never leave. . . ".