The bush party


Hey everyone!I am brand new to this site, and this is my first ever post, any comments are welcome. It is based on a true story, I just had to make it sound better.

My name is Tyler, and I for some God awful reason attend a catholic high school. I don’t fit well with most of the other kids; I am what they call “punk”, pretty much just your average skid. All the girls I know say I am such a nice guy, and they think they are so lucky to have such a friend. I am around 5’10’’; I have a pretty good build, not to skinny, but not ripped. I keep my brown hair dyed black, and dress in a totally original style.

The story begins on a Thursday morning….

Beep, beep, beep…
“Agh,” I hit the snooze on my alarm clock and slowly sat up, rubbing my eyes. I had been out later then I had planned the night before, my friends car had stalled, so we had to walk for a few hours to get home. Stumbling, I found my way to the bathroom. I turned the shower on, stripped down and got in. I looked down at my stomach and chest; I had virtually no chest hair, only a small bit under my bellybutton. I was actually starting to see results from working out, I had been doing so for just over a month. My abs were finally forming into a ‘six pack’.

I went back to my room to find something clean to wear.

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  I picked some black jeans and a long sleeved Sex Pistols shirt. I put my lip and eye-brow rings in place and was out the door.

I opened the door to my little truck, it was in good condition. Seeing my younger sister coming, I started it up.

“Where were you last night?” she questioned, “mom was pretty mad. ”

“Whatever,” I said.

Tina was younger by a year and a half, she was semi popular in school, and got the really high grades. She was over weight though, so didn’t date a whole lot.

As we arrived at the school, I saw Nicole. She was the absolute hottest girl at our school. She is one of the girls that calls me such a nice guy. Nicole was one of those ‘girl next door’ types that make you all warm inside. I hopped out of my truck and strolled toward the doors to the school. Nicole saw my and waved. “He Tye!” (She called me Tye, it isn’t a typo).

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  â€œHow are you today?”

“I’m good, Nicole, and you?”She began telling me about the night before. I looked at her; she was blonde, tall and had blue eyes. She was like a Barbie, I swear it. I had liked her for a while, but never had the courage to ask her out. I never really dated anyone, just flings over summer break, that kind of thing.

“Hey Nicole…”

“What?”She replied, flipping her hair.

“There’s this party tonight, you’ve probably heard, ummm, you should come to it,” I looked at her to gauge her reaction; she was not the party going type.

She hesitated, “I don’t know…”

“Just promise you’ll think about it, ok?”I smiled, she nodded.

I skipped the first two classes to smoke a couple of joints with some friends; I was never heavily into drugs, just an occasional thing. I listened to the bass of the stereo, a small time punk band of some sort. I focused on the night ahead.

When I got home I changed into my new rocker boots and a fresh shirt. I grabbed my money stash and headed right back out. I picked up my friend Matt and we stopped at the liquor store. I had a fake ID, which I actually made myself.

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Just a note: This was a bush party; I think everyone knows what that means, but just in case…A party in the bushes, as I live in a semi rural area.

As we arrived I saw that there was a particularly good turn out, easily over a hundred people, which is double the norm. I scanned for Nicole, but had no immediate luck. I wandered the crowd, and drank a few beers. I was on my fifth when I heard a muffled cry. I looked toward where all the cars were parked. Derek’s car was shaking, meaning the obvious. Derek was a jock, heavy into football. He stood easily 6’2’’, maybe 6’3’’, and he was built. I never liked the kid, he was the one Nicole liked. He was definitely what a girl would call good looking, he was blonde and dressed like in a preppy style.

I turned to go back to the party, but a scream from the car change my mind. I walked closed, the girl in the car definitely didn’t want to be there, I heard sobbing. Then Derek said, “Shut up you fucking bitch, I swear another noise at I’ll hit you. ”

I went to open the door but it was locked.

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  Looking into the window I saw Derek forcing his cock into the girls mouth. I kicked his passenger side window, it broke into a few pieces. He looked up.

“What the fuck?!”he exclaimed.

The girl used this opportunity to exit the car. “Get back here!”Derek yelled. He got out his side and came around. I saw the girl, it was Nicole, she had been hit on her right eye, it was red and a bit swollen, she was sobbing.
Derek shoved me into the van behind me. Pushing off it I swung and hit him on his jaw knocking him back. I pushed the attack and hit him again as he fell to the ground taking me with him. I punched him twice more before I was kicked in the back. I hit the ground and scrambled up to see who had kicked me. It was Sean and Doug, a couple of Derek’s football buddies. I stood up clutching a half empty beer bottle.

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  Sean was not as tall as Derek, but was built way more solidly, and Doug was about like Derek. All three were clean cut and dressed in such a similar way that it made me sick.

Doug laughed, “What do we got here?Hey Derek, need a hand with this skid?”

Derek stood slowly, “Fuck him up,”he grunted, then spat out some blood.

I swore at them and whipped the bottle, it narrowly missed Sean’s head, it smashed into the van.

    “You’re fucking dead!”Doug tackled me, trying to pin me down. I kicked and swung wildly, I got out of his grasp. I head butted him right on his nose, he screamed as it broke. I was booted in my ribs and I fell back down. Sean was over top of me and I was hit a few times. Then I was hauled up and two of them held me against the van. I hit one of them, causing Derek to slug me a few more times, then they let me drop, Derek kicked me again.

    “He’s had enough, fuck it lets get out of here. ”Derek and the other two laughed and walked away.

    Nicole ran to my side. “TYE!”

    I was a little out of it, I got up and felt my nose, broken.

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      Nicole helped me to her car and we got in. “Are you ok?”She asked.

    I nodded, “Are you?”

    She smiled and hugged me. “Thank you so much. ”She pulled away and looked at me. Then she moved back in and kissed me.

    I kissed back, it was long and intense. I tasted her and savored every instant of that kiss. She unbuttoned her shirt. I reached behind her to get her bra. Her breasts were absolutely prefect. Her nipples were pink and erect. I kissed her neck, her collar-bone, then went for her left breat. I swirled around her nipple, she gasped, so I continued.

    I felt her hand move for her crotch.

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      I beat her to it, and slid my hand up her skirt. I felt her wetness through her thong. Reaching inside I felt her soft lips. I began to slide my fingers along her slit. She started breathing heavily. I manipulated myself so I could begin to lick her. I tasted her juices, she smelled so good. I began to play with her clit, I took it into my mouth, and began to suck gently. She was moaning and holding my head in place. After eating her for a while her legs clamped around my head and she moaned, “Oh my God, I am cumming!”

    I felt her muscles tense up and she shook a bit. I looked up at her, she was panting. I got back to my normal seating position. Nicole unzipped my jeans and reached in. She pulled my fully erect cock out and looked at it. It was one thing I was proud of, it wasn’t huge, but larger then average at seven and a half inches, and it was pretty thick as well.

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      She stroked it slowly. She leaned down and licked around the base of it. Then slid the head into her mouth and sucked it softly. I watched as she slid every inch of it into her mouth. She slid it out again. She looked at me as she continued.

    After a moment she stopped and got out of her seat, she moved over and straddled me. I felt my penis throbbing. Nicole slowly lowered herself onto me, I felt my head against her soaking pussy. She was so tight!She let out a breath as she lowered herself further, allowing the head of my cock to enter. It was like heaven. Her walls clamping around it. She eased herself down more and I felt myself slide all the way in. Nicole started to rock gently at first, then faster. I could not believe I had not shot my load yet.

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      She panted in rhythm with her thrusts,she kissed me deeply.

    I felt the build up and I knew a was about to explode. She said “I think I’m gonna cum again…”and then she did. “Holy fuck!” she cried out.

    I felt her pussy constrict, it was contracting wildly. I couldn’t hold off any longer. I felt my balls tighten and I shot more jism then I thought possible. It seriously just kept shooting out!She slid herself off of me, and back to the drivers seat. She was out of breath, as was I.

    I looked at her and smiled. “We should do this again sometime. ”

    Please tell me what you think, as I said I have never written a story like this, so any input is appreciated, as are and tips you might have.
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