The Complicated life of Avril Lavigne


The Complicated Life of Avril Lavigne
Chapter 1: Horny Sisters

A Story By Tag

Avril smiled as she turned the key. It wasn't often that she was able to come home, what with her busy touring schedule and all, and the nineteen-year-old punk rock sensation intended to enjoy every last minute of it. Her family didn't know she'd be showing up. She wanted to surprise them. Avril couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces as she walked through that door and into the home she'd spent most of her life in. It didn't go quite like that though.

At first she thought nobody was home. Stepping inside, she was surprised to see that the light in the walkway was off. That was always left on. "What gives?" she whispered, setting her bags down on the oak paneling. Wasn't anybody here? "Well, that's just fucking great," she said below her breath. She'd taken all this time to come home and surprise her family and they weren't even home. "Just fucking great," she repeated, slightly louder this time.

A little angry, Avril Lavigne made her way to the kitchen. It had been quite the trip after all, and she was more than a little hungry. Opening the fridge, she took the first item she found, an apple.

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   It wasn't exactly steak, but the first bite already went a long way toward calming her growling stomach. Taking the apple, she walked into the living room. The lights were off, so she reached over and flicked a switch. "Yep," she said, her voice saturated with annoyance, "Same old living room. " Sometimes things weren't meant to change. That was the philosophy her parents followed anyway. They hadn't rearranged a single room in the house in the entire time they'd lived there.

Sitting down on the vinyl couch and setting her partially eaten apple on the table, she reached for the first thing that caught her eye. It was an issue of Cosmo. Not her first choice of reading materials. Avril had never gone in for the whole dress up and make yourself look pretty thing. It just didn't appeal to her. She'd always been a tomboy though. She still loved to spend her days outside playing baseball or hockey with the guys. Still, it wasn't like there was anything better to do.

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   She started flipping through the pages until one picture caught her eye.

It was a picture, no doubt touched up, of pop queen Britney Spears. Now Avril would probably never admit it to anybody, even at gunpoint, but she considered herself just a little bit bisexual. More than once she'd caught herself staring at some chick's rack, or watching some hottie's ass as she walked away. It was never something she'd acted on, but the thoughts were there nonetheless. Another secret that would follow her to the grave was her secret crush on Britney.

In the photo, Britney was wearing a tight leather one piece number that ended in a skirt just below her crotch. The leather clung to every curve on Britney's body, and though it completely covered the swell of her large breasts, it left very little to the imagination. In the photo, she had one hand on her hip, and the other one was beckoning with one finger, inviting anybody in for a closer look.

The picture got Avril very hot. She imagined slowly unveiling those breasts, and taking the time to make sure that each one got the attention it deserved. Without realizing what she was doing, she began to rub her tightening pussy through the denim of her jeans. As she thought more about what she'd like to do, the rubbing became more frantic, the sensations more intense. She couldn't take it anymore!

There was nobody else here anyway, right. Setting the magazine down on the coffee table, making sure it stayed open to that page, she stood up.

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   Quickly, like a drowning person racing for the surface, she undid her tight jeans, sliding them down around her ankles, and exposing her thin, smooth legs to the air conditioned room. Her red thong followed very quickly, and before long, Avril was finger fucking herself as fast as she could. Her fingers moving in and out of her soaked little cunt as quickly as they could, her thumb rubbing her engorged clit. "Oh…Ungh…Uh…. Ohhh…. Fuck yes…. . God…. Yes…Ungh…Uh…" she moaned as her hips began to buck against her own cum soaked fingers.

Just as she was about to come, she heard somebody clear their throat behind her. She froze in place, three fingers still wedged deep inside of her. "Avril?"

Slowly, she turned, her eyes half closed. There was no good way for this to end. Standing on the others side of the couch was her fourteen-year-old sister. Michelle was a little bit shorter than Avril with long strawberry blond hair.

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   She was wearing a pink shirt that fell loosely over her developing body, and a pair of tight blue jeans. God she looked good right now!

Not the right thoughts to be having about your younger sister Avril, she thought to herself. "Um…" she started, not really sure where to go from there. "I…I…I was, um…"

"Masturbating?" Michelle offered in her characteristically sarcastic tone. "I can see that Av. " She glanced around the room, and then looked back at the embarrassed older sibling. "Maybe not the best choice in venues for this event?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess not," Avril replied. Her sister seemed to be taking this rather well, and a rather twisted thought crossed the singer's mind. She began to wonder whether or not her baby sis ever pleasured herself. Realizing that she was half naked, Avril bent over to pull her pants and underwear back up, once again covering her dark little bush.

"So, what were you looking at?" Michelle asked with a rather twisted smile. By the time she asked the question, she was already half way around the couch, and there was no time for Avril to close the magazine again before her sister saw the secret object of her desire.

"Nothing," she tried to lie.

It was too late though.

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   Michelle's brown eyes had already gone wide. "Oh my god!" she shouted, looking at the picture of Britney. "I had no idea you'd gone dyke on us! Oh wow!"

"No," Avril said, quickly closing the magazine, and tossing it aside. "It's not like that…"

"You've always been a bit butch I guess," Michelle continued her little tirade. "I just…Oh my god! You're friend, what was her name? Oh yeah, Sarah Wilson! Did you two…you know…fuck?" Her sister was going a mile a minute.

"No!" Avril shouted, hoping that nobody else had shown up to overhear their conversation. "I'm not a fucking lesbian! I just…I just…" She wasn't entirely sure how to end this. She only knew that her sister was really turning her on right now!

"You…what? Avril?"

"Is anybody else home?" she asked suddenly growing very calm.

"No, just us," Michelle Lavigne replied, "Why?"

Avril didn't respond in words. Instead, she leaned in kissing her younger sister full on the lips. Not the kind of kiss usually exchanged between family members, but the more passionate kind reserved for lovers. To her amazement, Michelle didn't fight it. Instead, she surprised the hell out of Avril by leaning into the kiss and parting her lips ever so slightly to allow their tongues to dance.

Avril's hands were all over Michelle's tight little body, and it didn't take long before her hands started sliding the pink shirt up over her younger sister's trim stomach. Michelle helped out by breaking the kiss just long enough for Avril to slide her shirt up over her head and toss it on the couch.

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   That taken care of, their lips were locked together once more.

As she stood there, locked in an incestuous lip lock with her baby sis, Avril's pussy started to get really hot and wet. This was so much better than ogling Britney. Finally, they separated, but not for long. Avril simply wanted to watch as she reached around to undo the fastening on Michelle's bra. She stared in awe as her small breasts popped free from the restraint with a light bounce. I can't believe I never realized what a hottie Michelle was, Avril thought to herself as she wrapped her palms around both of Michelle's tiny tits. They were so soft and warm, and she could feel the pert little nipples hardening against her palms. Her kisses moved to her sister's neck as her hands fondled those beautiful little mounts of soft pliable flesh. God, this was heaven!

Michelle was starting to moan, and Avril Looked upward and caught a quick glimpse of her sister's closed eyes. She still couldn't believe that Michelle was letting her do this! She'd only been with one other girl before. It had been one of her fans, some seventeen-year-old girl who had gone as far as flashing her tits at the singer during a concert. Avril had invited her backstage, and in her dressing room they'd gone at it like rabbits. Well, lesbian rabbits anyway. She knew that what she was doing now was wrong.

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   Incest was one of society's most powerful taboos, but in a way, that made it all the more exciting to her.

Her tongue traveled down the teen's neck, leaving a shimmering trail of saliva in its wake, until she reached the left breast. She started out slowly, tracing tiny circles around the nipple with her tongue before teasing the tip, which made Michelle gasp, which in turn made Avril even wetter. She knew she couldn't hold out much longer.

She started sucking on the breast, taking as much as she could into her mouth, making Michelle cry out in ecstasy as she flicked her tongue across the tip of the nipple. Her hand traveled down the smooth slope of Michelle's stomach and slid deftly beneath the rim of her tight blue jeans. Traveling over the warm flesh, her fingertips found her sister's hot wet opening.

Surprised, she lifted her head to smirk at her sister, "I didn't know you shaved. "

Her sister simply grinned, "Dan likes it that way. "

"Mmmm," Avril said, smiling at Michelle's sudden gasp as she slowly slid a finger between her folds, "So do I. " She pulled the finger out and slid it seductively between her lips, enjoying the taste. "You taste good sis. "

Unable to restrain herself any longer, Avril Lavigne dropped to her knees, her face mere inches away from her sister's sweet pussy. Her fingers went to work unbuttoning Michelle's jeans, and sliding the zipper down to reveal a pair of pretty normal looking blue panties. She nuzzled the wet spot, the aroma of her sister's sex driving her wild.

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   She couldn't wait any longer. Pulling the underwear down to the blond's knees, she dove right in, licking Michelle's shaven snatch for all she was worth. She started by running her tongue between the labia, going up and down a couple of times before concentrating on the engorged clit.

By now she felt Michelle grabbing and pulling on her hair, her legs shaking a little bit. "Oh God!" Her sister shouted, "Fuck yeah Av! Lick my pussy for all you're…worth!" The rest of her thoughts were drowned out by her moaning and gasping. As Avril continued to tease her sister's clit with her tongue, she slowly slid two fingers into her opening. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Michelle screamed. She began to pump the fingers in and out as quickly as she could, her sister providing ample lubrication. With her free hand, she once again reached up to cup one of the smaller breasts, massaging it, and teasing the nipple with her fingers.


Avril traveled back down the labia with her tongue, intoxicated by the sweet and sour odor her sister was giving off, and loving the taste of Michelle's wet twat. For Avril, this was heaven, and she was so glad she'd decided to come back home for a visit. Now her tongue was driving it's way deep into her opening, both hands once again playing with those soft teenage tits.

"Mmmm…Oh yeah…. More, Faster…Uhhh…Ohhhh…. I think I'm….

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  gonna…" before she could finish, she felt herself explode in the most powerful orgasm she'd ever felt. Her entire body grew weak, and if it hadn't been for Avril holding her up, she would have surely fallen to the ground.

Avril Lavigne, her face now covered in her younger sister's fluids, continued to lick at the soft folds, trying to clean up every drop of cum with her tongue. Her sister continued to moan, but before she could build up again, the dirty blond hared singer pulled away, and smiled up at the fourteen-year-old.

"That was amazing," Michelle whispered. "Nobody's ever eaten me like that before. "

"See what you learn out on the road," Avril said with a mischievous grin, slowly standing up to kiss her sister on the lips again. She could tell Michelle liked the taste of herself by the way she forced her way into Avril's mouth with her tongue. The kiss was long and hard, but eventually the sisters pulled away from each other.

"I guess that would make it your turn now," Michelle said with a grin.

"If it doesn't make you too uncomfortable," Avril said. What they'd just done was wrong on several different levels, and now that Michelle wasn't as horny anymore, Avril wasn't gonna make her go through with anything she didn't want to.

Michelle smiled, "Come with me Avril. "

She took her older sister by the hand, slipping completely out of her jeans and underwear with the first step. She led her through the house and up the stairs to her bedroom.

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   Her bedroom was painted red, a color that would have driven Avril up the wall if she'd had to stare at it all day. The very naked Michelle sat Avril down on the bed and walked over to her computer.

"Sis, there's something I want to show you," she said, sitting down and booting the machine up. As she began typing, she continued talking, "You know those websites that put together fake naked pictures?"

"The ones that take somebody's head and put it on somebody else's body?" Avril asked.

"That's right," her sister said, "well, I'd like you to look at this. "

Michelle stood up and stepped away from the computer. The singer found herself staring at the other girl's beautiful body, growing even wetter, before her eyes finally drifted to the computer. "Oh my god!" Avril shouted, standing up, and walking over. It was a picture of her. Well, it was sort of a picture of her. It was her head, her long dirty blond hair, but it sure as hell wasn't her body. "That's me," she whispered. The breasts were just a little too large, and she looked just a little bit too tall, but it was her smiling face.

"I found it a couple of weeks ago," Michelle said, starting to look embarrassed. "I knew it wasn't really you, but it got me really really horny.


  " She paused, waiting for her sister to digest this. "Sometimes at night, I turn off the light, turn on the computer, and lay in bed fingering myself while I stare at it. I know it's wrong to feel this way about you, but I do and I can't help it. "

"It's alright," Avril said, walking over to her sister and embracing her. "I know it's wrong, but I feel the same way. "

No more words were spoken.

Michelle leaned up to kiss her taller sister on the lips, wrapping her arms tightly around Avril's body. Avril pulled away briefly with a smile, "I guess its time for you to see the real thing then. Can't have you thinking I really look like that," she tilted her head to motion at the image of her on the screen.

As the younger Lavigne leaned in for another kiss, her hands were busy pulling Avril's shirt up. They separated long enough to pull the shirt up over her head and expose her breasts. Slightly larger then Michelle's, she quickly reached around to undo the bra that held them in place, causing them to bounce slightly as she freed them.

"Beautiful," Michelle said as she went down and began to suckle them. She played her tongue lightly across the nipples, causing her sister to gasp.

"God that feels good," Avril moaned.

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"You think that feels good?" Michelle asked with a sly smile, "You ain't felt nothing yet. " Without warning, she pushed her older sister down onto the bed, until Avril was lying on her back. Michelle quickly climbed on top, and once again leaned in to kiss her sister on the lips, all the while beginning to grind their pussies together.

"What the hell?"

Both girls froze as a noise from the doorway caught their attention. Somebody was out there. Somebody had seen the sisters going at it!

To Be Continued….
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