The Foundation Chapter 2


The Foundation
Rough Justice

Twenty six hours and thirty rapes after they were arrested by Sheriff Ortiz in the town park Pandora Kinky, Lulu Sordid and Mandy Mounds were led into a crowded Harmon County House of Justice. News that three porn film actresses had been arrested for an orgy beneath the statue of Colonel Jack Noone, local hero of the war against Mexico, had caused interest and outrage in equal measure, so for every man eager for a sight of genuine Hollywood porn flesh there was an irate Texan, angered by the desecration of the monument to a local hero of the Lone Star state.
The three defendants were cuffed, “to prevent any outbreak of lewdness in the courtroom” and wore only a pale blue prison vest that barely covered their ample breasts and a black thong. The thongs were at least a size too small and the lining was slicing through their holes, making the girls writhe – and prove to the decent folk of Harmon that they were just shameless whores who could not even control their lustful bodies in the dignified surroundings of a law court. The entire room was seated, but there were no chairs for the defendants. Ortiz did not want ‘slut juice’ on the expensive leather seats and standing the girls presented an enticing view to the town’s folk, especially as Ortiz required her prisoners to stand with their legs splayed to present an even more demeaning and perverted sight to the Harmon public. Rosa Ortiz sat in the front row behind the defendants, admiring the six generous buttocks on display and pondering which one of these holes she would violate first after the guilty verdict.
A ten minute wait ended with the door behind the bench opening and an elegant woman in a black robe stepping onto the platform as everyone in the room rose to their feet. Judge Daphne Maxwell was the daughter of a former Washington senator, and was virtually aristocracy in such a small Texas town. So, it was no surprise when eight years after she graduated from Harvard Law School she was appointed as the county judge. It was in her second year on the bench that she first encountered Deputy Rosa Ortiz. The case was a trivial misdemeanour, but she was able to draw out the trial for three days to fully observe the young deputy. Six years later the young deputy was now Sheriff of Harmon and shared her bed. Maxwell looked at her now, her breasts erect and her tight skirt sleek against her bare backside, because Maxwell always insisted that Sheriff Rosa Ortiz appear in her court without underwear. Maxwell gave the room one long slow stare before sinking gracefully into her chair.
Pandora noticed that the judge appeared to be smiling as she stared at her knickers, but she did not see the judge’s hand creep down to her crotch to give her lips the most gentle of caresses.

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   The ‘girls’ promised by Tar were actually not very young women, but as she gazed at their full breasts and the tight black thongs barely covering their privates, Judge Maxwell considered the potential delights ahead, and could not help stroking her vagina once more. At the back of the court room she could see Tar, the alcoholic porn merchant who had proposed the idea of bringing a handful of porn actresses to Harmon to fall foul of the authorities and earn a prison sentence. It was Rosa’s idea to acquire a trio of performers for their personal amusement, but it was Carmel De Bois, the vicious director at the prison, who developed the idea of earning money from the girls. Maxwell would allow De Bois to fund her expensive tastes in clothes and furniture from the sweat of their new slaves if she enjoyed regular access to the prisoners. She could already see that Pandora Kinky, the buxom brunette with piercing blue eyes, would be her favourite, and she could not help licking her lips.
The court official read the charges and the prisoners, head bowed, all pleaded guilty. A ten minute meeting with their defence lawyer, the indolent Jackie Mallow, convinced the girls that their only choice was to plead guilty to “vulgar and offensive nakedness in a public place” and hope that the judge would be lenient. Mallow could not promise the girls that they would not face ‘cooler time’ in the local women’s prison, but he thought that there was every chance that they could be home by Christmas.

    Judge Maxwell laid down her pen and stared once more at the three defendants. She explained the severity of the charge, highlighting the special place that Colonel Noone held in the hearts of the people of Harmon to applause from the gathered citizenry. She had to issue a stern warning to outsiders and radicals whose mission was to destroy the Texan way of life. Therefore, she had no alternative but to sentence the defendants to three years.
    Maxwell’s sentence brought cheers from the audience and gasps from the three women. Mandy burst into tears while the others bowed their heads once more. Mallow rose to his feet to announce an appeal, but Judge Maxwell ended the session with a sharp blow of her gavel.

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       Hands grasped the three girls by their chains and drew them through the crowded House of Justice. Abuse, insults and derision greeted the three convicts as they were led to the open doors and another parade through the town to the police station cells where the officers would be waiting for more entertainment.
    A hand reached out to slap Lulu’s bare buttocks. She shifted away and cast an angry stare at the middle aged man in a grey suit who had groped her flesh.
    “You can’t make a fuss honey, you’re public meat now girl. ”
    Everyone in the room laughed as they filed out to follow the girls on their demeaning journey along Main Street.
    “Hey Sheriff, do criminals wear panties these days?”
    The sheriff halted on the steps of the House of Justice.
    “Yeah, they’ve been convicted. They’re public meat now. We want to see their pussies. ” A chorus of shouts rang out, calling for a degrading and shameful spectacle. Ortiz’s eyes were hidden by her glasses, but she smiled at Pandora before ripping the black thong from her thighs and tossing the garment into the howling crowd. She showed Pandora the middle finger of her gloved hand and spun her around, pressing down on the small of her back to howls of delight from the gathering crowd. Pandora braced as her anal muscles parted for Ortiz’s finger and she uttered a pathetic groan as the digit burrowed into her hole. A round of applause and cheers from the townsfolk circling the three naked women greeted the wretched sound.

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    “Show those bitches. ”
    “Yeah, rip their holes apart. ”
    A thrust from Ortiz’s finger sent Pandora on her way to the police station on the other side of town. The other officers followed their sheriff’s lead and soon both Lulu and Mandy were staggering along the road, their sexual holes exposed to an eager public while their guards guided them with their middle finger. As they approached the station Ortiz pulled Pandora’s hair to whisper in her ear.
    “I’ll have my arm in your pussy up to the elbow by the time I’ve finished with you. I’ll be paying you a lot of visits in prison. We’ll be very close. Here in Harmon we believe in rough justice. ”
    The three girls returned for their last night in Harmon’s police station – where hours of ruthless rape and abuse awaited them in their cells. However, their treatment at the hands of the Harmon policemen would be mild compared to the fate that awaited Pandora, Lulu and Mandy once they arrived in Harmon County Prison. There they would face an endless round of torments, humiliation and vicious abuse from Carmel De Bois and her band of sadistic female guards.