The Phone Call


The Phone Call

Mrs Brown had just got back from taking her two children to junior school when the phone rang.

"Hello who is there?"

"Is that Mrs Brown at twenty pond road?"

"Good morning Ma'am this is Frederick Evans here I do hope you don't mind me troubling you. "

"Do I know you ? what is it you want ?"

"Well I have a proposition for you Ma'am which would earn you a regular twenty pounds each month for very little trouble. "

"Really---- sorry Im not interested in financial deals," she put the phone down.

The next day she returned to find an envelope on the mat which read as follows.

Dear Mrs Brown,
Its a great shame you rang off so quickly yesterday before I had a chance to explain my self however thankyou for taking the time to speak to me and I enclose ten pounds for you. This is a gift not a loan and there are no strings attached so enjoy spending the money.

I feel I must explain myself a little more to you and then I will not bother you again if that is what you wish. Let me first of all say I have no interest in children or young people I am a panty fetishist who is interested in older married ladies and I get my thrills from handling and smelling their panties. I am quite harmless and do not push my attentions on any lady who does not wish it. I do not expect sexual contact or indeed anything other than a business relationship, infact you have no need to even speak to me I will just hand you the cash and you will give me the panties.

Let me say at the outset your panties will be treated with the utmost respect, they will not be damaged in any way and will be returned to you washed and ironed with another new similar pair. One last thing I excersise the utmost discretion, the arrangement is between you and I absolutely no one else will ever know anything about it.

I'm a single man in my fifties with balding grey hair and rather overweight. If you wish to have an arrangement with me ring my mobile or send me a text message I can call anytime in the day after the children have gone to school. If you wish you can leave the panties in a paper bag on the door step and I will post money through the letter box.

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I do hope we can come to some satisfactory arrangement, but if I don't hear from you within a week I will bother you no more.

Yours sincerely Frederick Evans

At first Janet Brown was annoyed and quite outraged at this letter but she was short of money and the thought of a regular income played on her mind; after all she would not have to do anything for the money and it was her affair anyway. The result was that she told no one and rang Frederick the next day after the school trip.

"Yes Ma'am I will pick up to morrow and deliver the cashthrough your letter box at ten am. sharp if that is convienient. "

"Do not ring or knock," she put the phone down and resolved to have a good look at this pervert through the front room window. Janet was surprized to see a neat well dressed short plump smooth skinned man who looked about him furtively, there was nothing special about him and she judged him to be about fifty five or more.

She went to the door and picked up the envelope which contained the twenty pounds as expected; she placed the note in her purse, how easy she thought and she resolved to buy herself fish and chips for lunch.
Thirty minutes later she received a call.

"Thank you so much Ma'am they are wonderful, let me know when you are ready and I will return. "

This arrangement went on very smoothly for sometime and then Janet decided to speak to Frederick when he called; she was enjoying twenty pounds every fortnight or so and wanted more of his money. She was also curious, much less nervous of the little man than at first, and was convinced she could handle him to her advantage. So on his next visit she opened the front door and stared straight at him.

"Good morning Ma'am,"he stammered I hope everything is alright. Frederick was thrilled to see her so close in the flesh you could almost see his nostrils twiching.

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   Janet was no beauty but she had a raw sexuality; she was a buxom size sixteen and forty years old; Frederick gazed at her wide hips and bottom and imagined her beautiful fanny nestling in her panties.

"Come inside for a few minutes we need to talk. "

Frederick walked behind her into the frontroom. "I want more money so we need to discuss it what else would you like from me? no sexual contact mind you. "

Fred stared in disbelief he was taken aback and was quite silent.

"Would you thrash me in your underware until I begged for mercy Ma'am?"

"Get over that chair little man I'm going to teach you a lesson," she glared at Fred and he just obeyed.

"Now drop your trousers and hand me your belt I'm going to put it to good use on your bottom and dont let me hear a squeal out of you. " Janet pushed him down she felt quite relieved and was enjoying the thought of punishing this male pervert, while being well paid to do it.

Janet then lifted her skirt and removed her panties, "just to make sure you are silent I'm going to gag you with my panties. She stuffed the sweaty panties into his mouth and tied them in with her stockings, and began to use the belt making him jump. Then she noticed his swollen penis and that he was holding himself.
Wack wack wack went the belt and his bottom began to go red; then he groaned with a mixture of pain and delight shooting his sticky white mess onto his underpants.

"No more please Ma'am ouch please stop I beg you Ma'am," in muffled cries. Janet stopped and waited while he sorted himself out, she untied the gag, "that will be fifty pounds she held out her hand and counted the ten pound notes.


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