The Pizza Man


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Moving to Las Vegas to open new pizza restaurants was a risky move for Tim. He had two children in Cleveland. He wasn’t with their mother anymore but he really didn’t want to leave his kids.
Just before it was time to leave, he’d heard from one of the drivers that one of the new general managers out there had gotten fired. His store was only bringing in $3,000 a week, which is very low in the restaurant business.
He packed his stuff, said good-bye to his kids, and flew to Las Vegas in about four hours. He was shitting bricks when he got there. He didn’t know anyone and he couldn’t help but worry about losing his job.
Four months later, all was going well. He’d met some people who knew some people and managed to get a lot of deals for school orders worked out, which didn’t increase business a whole lot, but at least it let them know he was serious about making it work.
His biggest problem now was finding a reliable staff. People called off or got to work late all the time. Sometimes he’d have to take a delivery to keep it from being late, and that’s how he met Angela.
Angela was a married woman.

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   Like Tim, her husband had moved to Las Vegas for business reasons, and his business kept him away from home all the time. She was lonely and horny all the time.
Tim was cute, so whenever he’d come by on delivery, she would flirt with him and tease him by dressing skimpy and putting herself in provocative poses while acting like she didn’t know she was doing it. Tim left with a hard-on every time he went there.
It was Friday, the busiest night of the week. The call came at about 4:40PM. It was Angela ordering a pizza.
The phone rang again after someone had finished taking Angela’s order. It was one of the drivers calling off as usual.
Normally Tim would have been mad but he was alright this time. He wanted to take the pizza to Angela so they could play their flirting games. He made the pizza himself and left just as a boatload of orders started coming in.
He and Angela were so cool with each other that he didn’t need to ring the bell. He just opened the door, walked in, and started looking for her. He couldn’t find her in the house, so he went out back.

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   She was in a bathing suit rubbing suntan lotion on her legs.
He ran down the stairs quickly. He handed the pizza over and waited for payment.
Angela put the pizza beside her and said, “Would you like to help me put some suntan oil on?”
“Well, I kinda gotta get back,” replied Tim.
“I don’t think they’ll mind,” said Angela.
Tim had never told her he was the GM. She thought he was a driver.
Tim took the oil from her and squeezed a liberal amount on his hands while Angela was turning over on her stomach. Her bathing suit fit nicely in the crack of her ass, so when she asked him to rub it on her ass, it made perfectly good sense.
He rubbed the lotion all over her twin mounds. Once her entire ass was covered in lotion, he started squeezing it while he rubbed it on. It was firm but very pliable.
“Like that?” he asked.
“Oh, yes,” Angela moaned as if he was already fucking her. “Can you put a little bit more on?”
He did, and her ass was seriously glowing and slippery in seconds.

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   He continued groping her along her ass cheeks and hamstrings.
He’d press down and squeeze certain areas, and then relax his hands as he worked them back upwards. It felt like an erotic massage.
“Oh, you do that very well,” Angela said.
“From kneading all that pizza dough. ” She chuckled and started moving her ass side to side very slowly.
Tim’s cock was getting hard. He wanted to call her bluff, see exactly how far she would let him take it before she made him stop. He slipped his hand inside of her bikini each time he rubbed in that direction.
She didn’t say anything.
He took it another step further. He grabbed hold of her bikini, moved it entirely out of the way, and rubbed oil on the remaining parts of her ass.
Still, she didn’t object.
He pulled her bikini all the way down. Her pussy lips were clean shaven, puffy, and swollen.

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   The sight of it made Tim’s cock stiffen to full erection. More importantly, she still wasn’t telling him to stop. He squeezed some oil in the crack of her ass.
“OOhhh,” she moaned.
Tim rubbed the oil all over her pussy and asshole until it was evenly spread out. Once that was done he used one hand to masturbate her asshole and the other to stimulate her pussy.
His finger would glide along her swollen outer lips until he got to the bottom. On the way back up he would let his finger brush lightly over her clit and then slip between the inner lips. He moved his fingers in small circles on her asshole with the other hand, applying a little more pressure each second so his finger would sink deeper into her asshole. Angela’s pussy and ass became extremely shiny and soaked, although Tim couldn’t be sure how much of it was suntan lotion or pussy juice.
Either way, it looked really sexy, especially when he spread her cheeks wide. He could see deep into her pink cunt, and the ridges of her asshole were stretching in such an inviting way.
He licked his finger and stuck it so deep in her ass that his knuckles touched flesh. Angela’s moans got louder as Tim gyrated his finger. The tingling sensation grew more intense and her pussy grew wetter.


   He stuck his tongue in her ass and she damned near lost it.
“Ohhh, ahhhh! Ooh, I’m horny. ” She looked over her shoulder and said, “Would you like me to suck on your cock?”
“Yeah. ”
“Well, why don’t you get it out?”
Tim wiped his mouth and jumped to his feet. He fumbled with his belt buckle, dropped his pants, and pulled out his throbbing cock.
It was thick and leaning slightly to the left. She stroked it until it was pointed straight ahead, and then she greedily latched her wet mouth on the cock head. Tim’s body trembled as the realization of what was happening finally set in.
He took his shirt off. He stroked the lower half of his nine inch cock and fed it deeper into Angela’s mouth. He looked down and his body convulses again when he saw his cock repeatedly vanish and reappear down this slut’s deep throat.
She started licking his balls as he masturbated, then she licked along the shaft, swirled her tongue around the head and stopped with her tongue fully extended supporting the sensitive bottom part of the cock head. She slurped it one hard time—which sent shivers through his spine—and let it fall from her mouth.
She turned around and bent over. Her pussy was a lot tighter than he expected.

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   He thrust into her a little farther each time, letting her wetness cover him inch by inch until he was waist-deep in her greasy twat.
Her pussy gave a slight pull each time he withdrew, which made for a feeling that reminded him of masturbating. He was breathing heavily and his legs were getting tired, but he rammed his horny pole deep in her eager cunt without hesitation.
“Ohh!” she cried out, which excited him more and he pounded her harder.
Her body started bucking against his hard thrusts. Her tits swayed and beat against her body. Her mouth was wide open as she climaxed and spilled her juices all over Tim’s meaty prick.
His cock came out and he told her to lie on her back. She raised her legs high, which put her hairless, glowing twat on display in the evening sunlight.
They made eye contact for the first time since he got there.
    She stared lustfully into his eyes while she fingered her horny snatch. Then she slowly fingered the ridges of her anus and said, “Do you want to stick it in my ass?”
    Tim didn’t respond verbally. Instead, he rubbed suntan lotion on the cock head and put it at the base of her asshole.
    Angela grunted and said, “Nice and slow. ” It hurt a little but she was dying to get butt fucked.

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    “Oh,” she moaned as Tim pushed his cock head partially into her tight ass. He pulled back and tried again. “Ohh,” she cried out again.
    His dick grew stiffer with each attempt because it was such a magnificent sight to see—a slutty house wife with a shaven, pouty cunt and an ass that glimmered in the sunlight was wincing from the pleasure and pain of his dick. It was all he could do to keep from jamming it in and wrecking her the violent way. But he kept cool about it and pushed a little harder each time until he felt the sphincter snap shut around his cock head.
    “Yeaaah!” moaned Angela.
    He stabbed at her ass some more, enjoying the feel of her anal ridges as he entered deeper into her tunnel. He let his cock sit and swell in her for a few seconds without moving.
    Once she was fully adjusted to his girth, she started thrusting her body in a way that let his cock slide around in her ass. He lifted her legs high and pinned them close together, which lessoned the space in her hole even more and made for a tighter fit.
    “Oww, oohhh, oh!” she moaned in ecstasy as Tim pummel her tiny asshole with his massive prick. “Oh, god, I love your dick in my ass. Oh, god, you have a big cock. Oh, god.

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       Oh, fuck. Oh, oohhhh! God, I love to fuck you!”
    She wasn’t making much effort to keep quiet. If anybody was watching, let them watch. She was too much into the moment to care.
    They fucked on their sides and fucked with Angela on top in a reverse cowgirl position. Angela rode him with equal enthusiasm, taking his massive prick deep in her ass. She bounced on him and relished the sound of her cheeks smacking his pelvis while her tits bounced just as hard as she was.
    “I love your cock in my ass!” she screamed, and the sensation in her asshole grew so intense that her legs shook and lost all their strength. Her body trembled violently, and though her mouth was open, all that came out was broken words, heavy breathing, and the sound of her sucking her teeth.
    She’d had an anal orgasm. Her whole body felt more alive than any time her husband had fucked her.
    She stopped bouncing and started grinding in long circles, which seemed to make her tunnel even tighter. Tim was feeding from her lust, a tingle in his prick that was getting more out of control with all the screaming she was doing.
    “You like your cock in my ass?” she yelled. “Ohh!”
    He couldn’t answer because the semen that was speeding up his shaft had taken his ability to speak away.

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       In one quick move, he lifted her off his dick and stood up with his cock inches from her face.
    She opened her mouth. He screamed, “Oh, fuck!” as three gusts of hot spunk exploded from his penis and landed all over Angela’s face and mouth.
    He stroked his cock briskly. Cum splattered everywhere. The entire lower half of her mouth looked like it was covered in blue cheese.
    Tim put his clothes on and left without collecting the money. After all that, he wasn’t about to ask her for money.
    Euphoria overwhelmed him as he sped back to the pizza shop. He wasn’t worried about his job or anything else. For once, he knew Las Vegas was going to be good for him…that is, if he didn’t get canned for getting back so late.
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