The Slutty Servants of Walter Carmichael - Love, Hate, Paris


I had never had sex before. I was already twenty-five, though, and was thinking I should get a move on. I had been waiting for the perfect man, someone I really cared about. But I always dreamed about being fucked, and I thought it was about time. But it wouldn’t be good for my career if I did. I was a maid for Walter Carmichael, a serious lawyer who lived in his mansion in New York City. If Walter (or even worse, his strict personal assistant Jolene) caught me fucking with a manservant, I’d be kicked out for sure. And this was a job that I needed.
But then one night, I got my chance. I was working late for Walter, and was cleaning in his bedroom. The chef had dropped the tray on the carpet, and was fired immediately by Jolene. Walter was sitting at his desk, typing on his computer. Walter was a fairly hot man, even if he was already forty. He had a full head of brown hair, and was wearing a light blue business shirt (untucked, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows) and pants. His eyebrows were pulled tight over his eyes.
I heard him sigh, and lean back in his chair.

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   I continued scrubbing and trying to pretend like I wasn’t there, but I couldn’t help it. I looked over, and saw him then watching a silent movie on his computer. It was “Love, Hate and Paris”, one that I loved as well. I couldn’t help but stop working for a moment and lean back to watch. It was a good scene, where the protagonist John was arguing with his father. That was when Walter looked over at me.
I turned away, blushing. “Sorry. ”
“No, no, it’s okay,” he told me, blushing too. “I’m just watching a movie. ”
“Love, Hate and Paris?” I told him, smiling.
He looked over at me again, and an eyebrow rose. “You’ve heard of it? Really? Not many people have. ”
I shrugged. “I liked old movies.

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He grinned. “What’s your favorite scene?”
“The part where John and Kelly decide to have sex,” I told him.
The word caught Walter by surprise. I blushed. “Sorry I said that word. . . it’s not proper. ” I looked down again, and kept scrubbing the floor with stain-remover.
“No. . . It’s not that. It’s just. .

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  . I haven’t had sex in a long time. ”
I figured. Walter’s wife, Laura Carmichael, was a total feminist, and believed that every relationship should be whipped. That includes sex, too, I believe. She wouldn’t like it if Walter took advantage of her in bed.
“I’ve never had sex,” I muttered absent-mindedly.
Walter looked over at me curiously. This time, I looked back. He didn’t looked shocked or awkward or anything, just. . . curious. I could practically read his mind. I dropped the stain remover, and got up.

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   Walter turned around in his office chair, facing me. He was smiling. I walked over to him, smiling myself, and stood in front of him. I let his eyes wandering over my chest.
Slowly, Walter stood up, pushing his chair away. We were very close, pressing our bodies together. His breathing was getting shallower, and I guessed mine was, too. His brown eyes bored into mine, and I could tell that he had been deprived of this for too long. Like a man on drugs, suddenly cut off. And I was more than happy to be his daily dose.
“Mr. Carmichael. . . what about your wife?” I gasped.

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“Screw Laura,” he breathed.
That was a good enough invitation for me. Slowly, we started to undo the buttons on his shirt. When they were all off, however, he left his shirt off. He was too eager to get my shirt off. He pulled it off, and then I unfastened my bra and tossed it aside. My J cup breasts pressed against his bare chest. Then I reached down and fumbled with his zipper and button. I could feel the bulge. I was breathing very shallow as I pulled down his boxers. Holy shit! His penis was about ten inches long. How could Laura not want him to fuck her?
I took my skirt off and my underwear. I was completely naked in front of a man. . .

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   and I felt sexy! Walter walked over to his bed, and sat down on the edge, gesturing to his erect penis. I strode over to him and got down on my knees. I grabbed the base and started to rub. He moaned louder and louder. Then I pushed it into my mouth. I felt it pumping inside of my mouth, my tongue lathering it. Finally, he jerked off, and I felt his warm cum flow down my throat. I swallowed it eagerly. Did it taste good!
I took his penis out of my mouth. “Maybe there’s a little more left. . . ?”
He smiled evilly. “Bend over, bitch. .

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  . brace for impact. ”
I giggled, and climbed onto the bed. I leaned over, facing my pussy to him.
“First, a little oral for you now, my dear. . . ” he growled in a husky voice that made me horny. I felt his hot breath on my pussy, then his tongue licking inside of me. I groan-ed. He licked me out, and I gladly encouraged him. “You like that, bitch?” he asked me, in between licks. I groaned again. Yes, this was nice, but I wanted more. .

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“Say it,” he whispered in my ear.
“Walter, will you fuck me?” I begged him.
“What’s the magic word, Alexa?” he whispered.
“Please?” I pleaded.
He laughed gently, and then straightened up. I felt his hands tickle my pussy as he straightened his penis. He rested the head on my pussy. “I hope you’re ready to lose your virginity,” he growled.
“Do it,” I whispered.
Then he did.
He pushed inside of me, but it was shallow. That was good. I needed it to be soft first, because it hurt like hell. But then, as he extracted his penis and then entered me again, it felt.

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  . . better. He did it again and again, and it started to feel like the thing I’d been missing out on. I groaned. Shallow wasn’t enough.
“Faster. . . deeper. . . ” I begged him.
He started to obey me, and I groaned and groaned. It felt like something inside of me was building up.

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   I felt the climax coming on as his penis throbbed. Finally, Walter cummed, bursting inside of me. “WALTER!” I screamed mid-climax. He kept pushing in, panting heavily, until he cummed again. I started cumming, too, leaking out onto his expensive bedcovers.
Finally, Walter stopped. I lay down as well, and he laid half on top of me, holding him above me. He was rubbing my back gently. I was feeling the best I’d ever felt. He was hot, and seemed to pulse above me. I didn’t care that I was only a maid, or that Jolene was probably in the building, listening to us, or that Laura would be coming home any minute like Jolene had told me. . .
My eyes flashed open as the door opened.
“WALTER!” a voice screamed.


“Dammit!” Walter swore, getting off me. I gasped and sat up, grabbing his covers and wrapping them around me. Standing in the doorway was Laura Carmichael, looking angrier than I’d ever seen her. “I’ll be back, Alexa,” he whispered, then got up and strode towards his wife, who looked him up and down.
“Laura, we need to talk,” Walter hissed as he pulled on the pajama pants resting on his pillow. Then he strode out of the door, pulling his wife with her. Then it was silence. And I knew that it was wrong. . . but I couldn’t help but smile. My virginity was lost, and Walter Carmichael’s semen was inside of me. I couldn’t help but feel the happiest I had in all of my life.

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